Syrian Child with Wounded Head and Severe Leg Trauma

Syrian Child with Wounded Head and Severe Leg Trauma

Since I think you’ve had enough of Syria for the time being, I stopped posting frequent updates from Syria, even though a lot of content is coming from the war torn country. A couple updates a week at the most should not be too overwhelming.

This video is from Al Bou Amr Om Al Shuhada (that’s the name I got – sounds all kinds of long, but I’ve never been to Syria so what do I know). It shows a child with blood on the face and truly horrific upper leg trauma. It looks as though the leg was nigh amputated mere inches from pelvis. The child is in pain and stressed out, but the FSA propagandist care not. They just want the video so the child is manhandled to expose the leg wound.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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38 thoughts on “Syrian Child with Wounded Head and Severe Leg Trauma”

    1. The kid is a human, not a muslim, (education makes us what we think we are) it’s like you said that Newtown School shooting it?s ok as long as they keep uttering the God bullshit like the mindless zombies they are.

  1. Poor little boy..this is heartbreaking! He looks like he’s in deep shock and his leg is barely attached. I hope he survives, but the odds don’t look to be in his favor considering he’s lying on a back board, on a floor somewhere…in Syria.

    1. yes, self-taught doctors in make-shift hospitals under rubble-strewn streets. i don’t really see how they can actually help injured people let alone get the right medical supplies and food and clean water. most of these unfortunates prolly die from infection of wounds that aren’t really that serious. and severely injured are as good as dead?

  2. The worst thing is that if the little survives, he will probably grow up with anger and hate towards almost everybody, that will make him a very suitable candidate for snackgunbarist to recruit, they will promise him he will get a thounsand virgins and a flat somewhere near allah’s mansion. And now we will be asking ourselves what could have made him do such horrible things.

  3. That poor little child. He looks no older that 8 or 9. He looks like he doesn’t know where he is or what is going on. This is exactly why I pray before I go to sleep at night. I pray that god will protect and keep safe all of the children on the world :(. Hey some of you might be against it but it is worth a shot.

    1. @cgartist18, their god did this to them, if you believe in all that. Allah this and Allah that and it don’t make a difference. People who have faith in something is nice for them, it can be a positive influence. Personally I’m not a believer, what happens in life is going to happen no matter what amount of prayers are said.

    2. @cgartist, I’ve always been on the fence about religion whether there is a higher power or not, I just don’t know.But I have seen the power of prayer first hand and do believe there is something to it.So ,where some people think that praying is futile, there are others who believe in it with all their heart. I for one prefer to believe that prayer can help and it certainly doesn’t hurt!

    3. Maybe it’s just because my measuring standard is based on the early growth development in American children, but…. This boy looks so incredibly young to me. He doesn’t look all that much bigger than my (nearly) *four year old* daughter, amplifying this atrocity to me.

  4. I can’t believe how they manhandle this little one for a camera shot. What an asshole. He should be rushed into treatment immediately. But I do know it is Syria and all their hospitals are in the shitter.

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