Thieves Caught Stealing in Favela Punished with Hand Shots, One Gives Hard Time

Thieves Caught Stealing in Favela Punished with Hand Shots, One Gives Hard Time

A pair of thieves got caught stealing in a favela, and it was out to the backwoods for punishment. As has become popular in Brazil lately, the punishment was administered by shooting the thieves in their hands with a firearm.

The first thief took the shot, for the most part, like a champ, but the second one kept giving the punishers hard time. The hilariousness of him avoiding getting shot makes the whole video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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67 thoughts on “Thieves Caught Stealing in Favela Punished with Hand Shots, One Gives Hard Time”

  1. Hahaha cry baby, don’t fucking steal if you don’t want local justice. Wish they’d have shot both hands on the little thieving cunts, maybe their feet too n give them the Holey Jesus look ‘Gratata’

    1. Second Guy: aaye aaye aaye…! No no no, please no, I don’t wanna get shot, please, no no no no no. Here, let me suck your cocks, I’ll swallow your load. Aaye aaye aaye…!

      Shooter: You son of a bitch, you WILL suck our cocks, but after we shoot in your scrawny hand, you lil shit!

      *To be continued: Cock sucking in next episode. FBO! Favela Box Office!

          1. @itsplaster πŸ™‚ You know I like you, even more today. πŸ™‚

            *Oh shit! I hope, liking a woman is not going to ring someone’s inner-fag-bells. If it does, go to hell! That’s all I care!

  2. Fucking brilliant. This Glee Club Member was simply not happy about getting shot in the hand for stealing a pair of flip-flops with his friend. The first guy (who stole the left flip-flop) took his Justice like a champ. Mr Glee Club (who stole the right flip-flop) was not happy about this summary Justice especially when his sister/girlfriend got a free haircut for stealing 2Kg of Cocaine from the same local heavies.
    At one point we hear…
    Glee Club Member”I have beautiful hands, I don’t even bite my nails. If this was Syria you would expect me to quietly lay my head down for you to chop off. This is Brazil my friend and I wouldn’t even let you trim my toenails Bitchface! Shoot my hand..? In those shorts? Are you kidding? That is sooo Old Testament. Like something you read on Myspace.”
    Shooter “Shut the Fuck up or we’ll shoot your feet and make you suck our cocks whilst Vogueing.”
    Glee Club Member “Okay then.”

  3. To get into an argument with these guys……
    Is the last thing you want to do….
    To immediately dispatch this guy would make him……. a flavor
    To the environment and rid the planet of a thief……
    For my part….. in my comfortable living room I have to say that
    It’s great not to have to put your life on the line to steal shit……!!!!
    If am not stealing…..I have to admit that the unique reason… that I don’t have to…..!!!!

    1. Yeah your right there were not redos needed. Shoot he must feel like Brazilian dirty hairy huh, with his chrome pee shooter avenging the acts of evil … especially little cry baby motherfuckin fucks…. lol

      Strike a pose!!

      1. They actually threatned to shot him in the head if he tried to flee, they also suggested to shoot him in the thigh instead rather than the hand since he was whinning alot about “how he loved his hand too much”… πŸ˜†

  4. 1:26 – It hurts a lot! (Doi muito!)
    – Let’s do it! (Bora so!)
    – It hurts a lot! (Doi muito!)
    – Let’s do it! (Bora so!)
    – Open your hand.
    – If he runs, shot him in the head.
    – It hurts a lot!
    – Let’s do it!
    – Wait! Wait! Wait!
    – Let’s do it!
    – Turn your left hand! Put it at the gun!
    1:04 -Ai! Ai! Aiii! Ai!
    – Shot him at the head!
    – Shot his leg!
    – Let’s do it!
    – Ai my god!
    – Let’s do it!
    – Ai! Ai! Ai!
    – Shot the leg! Shot the thigh!
    And the comedy goes on until they put the guy on the ground and shot his hand. But hearing the tone of voice of some guys in the video, it seems that they found quite humorous the way the guy showed fear…

  5. They should do this in my hometown of Magna , Utah… There are way too many meth addicts out there… And way too many people stealing to support their dope habits… And I figure if just a few of them get shot in their hand over stealing petty shit maybe thieves who call themselves friends won’t be anymore

    1. Yea I think that’s the main reason for all his whining.. He seemed to enjoy them pushing him around and getting grabbed and whatnot by the bigger boys.. Notice him grabbing his junk a few times, also? Bet he had a hard-on! LMAO!

  6. Poor bastard. In that instant, he was regretting being a thief.
    It must be a really shit life there. Basic education, no job or prospects, what else to do?
    But then he could have mine if he wants. Yep he can report to my Nightmare Boss and take my wages.

    I bet he’ll soon decide unemployment, thievery an handshots were a better risk to take! lol.

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