Traffickers Deliver Punishment to Woman by Shooting Her in Hand with Shotgun

Traffickers Deliver Punishment to Woman by Shooting Her in Hand with Shotgun

In Brazil, resident favela drug traffickers punished an older woman allegedly caught stealing by shooting her in the hand with a shotgun. No pussy pass this time around.

We’ve seen multiple videos of alleged thieves being punished by being shot in their hands, but usually it’s done with a handgun. This is the first time we see them do it with a shotgun and trauma to the woman’s hand is evident. Brutal.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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88 thoughts on “Traffickers Deliver Punishment to Woman by Shooting Her in Hand with Shotgun”

    1. @illegalsmile55
      No pass can be given without a pussy and this time, probably a pussy could have been given to get a pass. Eventually, neither were given and hence, we don’t give a damn either. 😉
      But, I would give full marks to her for showing some strength. Yes, she did take it like a champ.

    1. She will suffer more from that than a head shot. At the least, that hand is coming off, and if not she will probably get gangrene and maybe sepsis, given the shit medical care available in Brazil. Didn’t flinch though, have to giver her props for that.

    1. “… like a champ…” maybe. Or she was stealing because she’s addicted and was getting a very hard time because of abstinence. Or was under some drug effect (robbed to sustain the addiction and since everybody knows what happens in favelas when one is caught stealing, it’s a good guess). Most probably, she was in the shock time and it hadn’t time to start to hurt a lot.

  1. Took it like a man, unlike that other skinny bitch excuse for a man in another video.

    Now, it seems that things catch on with these drug peddling vermin. All of a sudden now there’s a rush of hand shooting videos. Seems they keep trying to come up with creative ways to punish both criminals and innocents alike.

  2. I gotta hand-it to her, (no pun intended) cause she’s Tough, and has seemingly bigger balls than most of her boys, and nephews how get shot with a 9mm. handgun. I remember those thieving little bastards screaming, and crying, Like a virgin on Prom Night, Cunt-Sucking “A Woody-Mammoth” for the very first time. But This Black-Moma, on the other hand,(Pun Intended) Took it Like A Chimp,, oops Champ. But after Farting out 14 Future Crack Dealing, Favela Hood Dwellers, and that’s not including the one’s that were unable to Dodge Coat hangers, she must be used to dealing with a huge Hurting Hole, Shotgun, or Not, me thinks!

      1. Oh,,, i agree Mark, as i do not like to see Kids, The Elderly, The Mentally Ill, The Less Fortunate, or anybody not guilty, for that matter, have shit like this done to them. And fuck,,, who knows if, or if what she did, was even true. Cause i don’t believe that all of the victim’s
        That they shot, were actually guilty. And if she was Senile,,, then i disagree with any punishment whatsoever, and these sicko’s. should be shot, but with a 50 cal. this time around, lol.
        B.T.W. i resent that link this morning, if you want to check it out!

    1. Healthcare in Brazil is a Constitutional right. … Public healthcare is provided to all Brazilian permanent residents and foreigners in Brazilian territory through the National Healthcare System, known as the Unified Health System (Portuguese: Sistema Único de Saúde, SUS). The SUS is universal and free for everyone.

    1. Up a ladder the reason why shit is the way it is in Brazil favelas is because there is no family structure in their upbringing.
      It’s like if everybody was brothers and sisters to everybody and at the same time nobody is family with anybody.
      You wouldn’t be able to form a family tree spawning three, four generations back.
      Kids nowadays don’t know who their parents are and their parents probably don’t know who their own parents were so it’s all bad for today’s kids knowing their grandparents.
      Islam has taken this family structure destruction to very dangerous levels.
      Almost if not to the point of no return.
      There’s no family structure there’s nothing to care for in life cause at the end of the day family is the only thing that matters.

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