Woman with Ugly Head Wound Seems to Be Still Alive

Woman with Ugly Head Wound Seems to Be Still Alive

This video is from a hospital in Homs al Ghanto, Syria. It shows a woman with really ugly head wound, but seemingly still alive. There is a bloody hole in the top of the woman’s head but it would appear that whatever blasted that part of her skull off, it did not affect vital brain functions. But what her outlooks are is anyone’s guess.

I can imagine Syria is suffering from extreme shortage of qualified surgeons and medical supplies. It’s a bad country to find oneself wounded in, but it’s exactly the one country where getting wounded is more common than anywhere else. At least for as long as the aggression of the terrorists continues.

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29 thoughts on “Woman with Ugly Head Wound Seems to Be Still Alive

  1. i sincerely doubt she will survive. how can those sand monkeys fix something like that? reminded me of “maggot head” only sans maggots
    allahu assbar!

  2. Damn, when I watched that video I thought, “my cock would probably feel real good slidin’ into that” but then I thought it would just make her a dickhead :( my bad

  3. If she lives on, after such a fucked up head shot. She would no doubt ,be a vegy!
    I think, it might be better if she is let, to slip away in peace (peaces)

  4. I wouldn’t wanna survive something like that, i just can’t imagine3 walking around with a hole in my head. Besides, whats the point, she’ll just get bombed again right after she gets fixed up.

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