Young Man Cuts His Leg Jumping a Window

Young Man Cuts His Leg Jumping a Window

Young Man Cuts His Leg Jumping a Window

Today’s Best Gore is brought to you by the Best Gore member Anthrax who said the following about this picture:

My friend who is a huge fan of Best Gore attempted to jump through the window of our classroom after I had done it to make it to class on time. He slipped and the full force of his body on the aluminum caused this surprisingly deep gash. Without even realizing it happened, he sat down and was then brought out of the classroom when the teacher noticed the pool of blood beneath him. I begged and begged for him to take a photo, he didn’t manage till right before they stitched it up with 20 stitches, but we got it! Uploading it will be HUGELY appreciated.

Thanks for sending it in, Buddy. Hope your friend’s leg heals up fast. There are still many more windows to jump and many more scars to have 😉

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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11 thoughts on “Young Man Cuts His Leg Jumping a Window”

  1. i dont think this ones gonna impress too many,but i know its a fans injury and he wanted to put his ‘sore ‘ on Bestgore, why dont you have a section for people to post theyre worst injuries?

  2. When I was about 11, I cut my leg open in almost exactly the same location. My incident involved a piece of broken glass which somehow managed to open my leg up without slicing my jeans. As in this case, I didn’t even know I was cut until my sock became soaked with blood (apparently the pain receptors in this area are not that acute). With any luck he’ll end up with a pretty good scar out of it (mines still plainly visible 31 years later).

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