Welcome to 2013

So here we are, faced with the last few hours of the year 2012 (although some parts of the world are in 2013 already) and the world has not ended. Bummer. What a year it was for Best Gore, though.

This time last year, Best Gore was perused by just over 500,000 people a month. By now, the number has grown to over 6 Million a month. That’s a whole lotta newbies.

A lot has happened in 2012 – it’s been by far the most turbulent year for the most controversial website on the internet and if anything, it’s only made us stronger. At least “us” who’ve been part of it since before 2012.

Best Gore started in April of 2008. It wasn’t until the end of 2011 when I finally caved in, swallowed my pride and put up a donation form on the site. Until then, the site ran with no advertisements and no support from the users. I’ve footed the bill all on my own. For years I could not bring myself to asking for donations but as hosting costs kept rising, I eventually gave in and to my most pleasant surprise, enough was collected each month to pay for the server. What was even more surprising was the fact that 90% of donations were made by people who do not have an account to comment on posts, but have been loyal members for years. Only a few people who are recognizable commenters donated.

In exchange for help with hosting costs, I started posting far more content than I used to. For 3 and a half years I used to make one post a day. I felt that because people were generous enough to donate, I should provide them with more content than they used to get so I started dedicating my whole days to researching and writing articles to post.

This lasted for 2 months. I was welcomed to 2012 by a note from PayPal that a do-gooder whined to them about me using their platform for donations on a site containing graphic content and banned my account irrevocably, freezing all donations made with it. So that’s how 2012 started off for me. I was back to paying for growing hosting costs out of my own pockets, except that this time around I did not have any income because I spoiled the users with several posts a day (which required 18 hours of work a day, leaving no time for something that could generate income to sustain my life, however frugal it had been) and going back to making just one post a day would leave everyone deprived.

One of the reasons why I kept posting frequently was because I had a plan to shut the site down. I announced it almost a year in advance – after 4 years of running the largest gore site on the internet, I wanted to move on to different things and show the ultimate finger to humans by withdrawing from society and living as a recluse where there is no backstabbing, cheating, war mongering, raping, and other fine traits found solely among humans.

After several days of getting to a very remote area on foot, I decided to pull back because that area had just experienced a major burnout and it looked very depressing there. So I spent the following weeks looking for a new spot and after I found it, I was chased out of there by the most unmanageable enemy ever – mosquitoes. I was forced to return to civilization 3 times, each time returning better equipped to survive in a mosquito infested area, but survivability there proved impossible. More info here.

I was in no rush to do it on a specific day or in a specific year as I was not trying to prove anything to anyone, I decided to put it off until next year, dedicating the remainder of this year to more searching. And then Luka Rocco Magnotta entered the scene.

Being the owner of the largest gore site on the internet, I was sent the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video. Sure it was disturbing, but for us seasoned S.O.B.’s who’ve seen the real face of humanity it was nothing too special. The viewership of the video was not significantly higher than the viewership of any other video I had posted thus far and the life went on for the community without much turbulence.

But as the days went by, Best Gore community came together and showed once again how much power it wields. We identified the perpetrator and after also identifying where he was from, reported him to the authorities in Canada. Authorities did nothing and a few days later, Canadian politicians started to receive parcels with severed body parts. All of a sudden there was a huge interest in the mysterious man behind the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video.

By that time, the video had been on Best Gore for several days and was viewed the same number of time as any other video posted. But after mainstream media told the sheep that Best Gore had the upsetting video on the website, the sheep went out of their way to get on our site to see it. What was previously viewed regular number of times was all of a sudden viewed hundreds of thousands of times more and despite all the warnings on the page, the sheep really could not resist and hit the play button. They watched, they got offended and then they bitched at us.

I have been receiving death threats from the day I started Best Gore. None has ever achieved a damn thing. I have never let anyone push me around and at the end of the day, they all got nowhere. Frequency at which the death threats kept coming significantly increased after the Luka Magnotta thing. The sheep kept threatening me with every imaginable thing, mainstream media were trying too and so did the police, and that’s when I realized that my plan to go recluse on society will be put off indefinitely, solely so the sheep and the sheep dogs don’t get their way with me. They’d have to drop balls first to see me dance to their tune.

And so 2012 went on. The sheep kept bitching, even infiltrating Best Gore and raising their senile bullshit upon us, but at the end of the day, got nowhere. By now, Best Gore is stronger than ever and our ranks are growing. Before stumbling across Best Gore, many people had not realized how bad the world really was and had their eyes open. They went from being obedient sheep to becoming aware individuals and that’s the driving force that pushes me forward.

Best Gore exposes reality. It exposes the harsh truth not only about crime, but also about two faced and manipulative governments and institutions we readily rely on. And as 2013 draws ever nearer, I commit to keeping it precisely as such. They bitch, whine and threaten me all the time. They continue to look for the ways to harm me and/or the site. But what we have on our side is what they can never touch – for what Best Gore represents is THE TRUTH. And truth conquers all! Have a kick ass 2013 ya’ll.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Google is censoring access to our videos. Don't use their proprietary and dubious browser Chrome just because it's popular with the herd. Use an open source, user friendly and privacy respecting alternatives, like Tor or Firefox. Leave Chrome to the sheeple. Don't be one of them. Take the power to decide what you get to watch away from Google and put it in your own hands instead.

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      1. Non of my friends accepts this website either. I don’t understand why… For me, it started before bestgore. I was just curious, hungry for weird stuff and I challenged myself to watch the whole thing either it was a beheading video or a torture video. Curiosity grew to understanding when i 1st stumbled upon Mark’s posts. The articles gave me an understanding of what humanity is capable of and what is truly evil.
        Thanks for opening my eyes Mark. Unfortunately, I’m not as good as you at opening eyes. My friends will stay blind…

    1. This site has also gave me alot perspective.
      Thank you very much Mark, that you exist and put in your soul in this mission!
      And thank you other guys n girls for this year, the half joy here is all your comments.
      Best regards from Sweden;)

  1. Mark,

    I have seen every gore site the Web has/had to offer (ogrish, rotten, theync etc…) And I can honestly say without kissing your ass, that you have the created one of the most important sites on the Web. While I do not agree with some of your views, I truly believe that the world needs to be exposed to the reality of human natures primal side. In a world full of MTV babies and pampered, self entitled aristocrat wannabes, you have essentially given the sheep one of the biggest “fuck you’s” that a person can, and it shows with all the hate mail and death threats.

    As of right now, you are fighting a losing battle, against a better equipped and vastly larger enemy. Where most would have folded their hand in shameful defeat, you persevere, and carry on, despite the knowledge that victory is next to impossible.

    Fuck this dramatic bullshit.

    All I want to say is thank you, Mark. Thank you for having the courage to go where many others would fear to tread. Don’t ever stop what you’re doing, and let freedom ring.

    Vincit Omnia Veritas

  2. Happy new year to you too Mark and all of your efforts are greatly appreciated. If there’s one thing I can say about 2012 it’s that Bestgore has opened my eyes on the real reality that goes on in this world of ours and also to not stand too close to the platform edge at subway stations.

    1. @Brokeback DX this website has opened my eyes I know this is random but them niggers next door just stole my bike >=O I know it was my fault for leaving it outside in the back yard but goddam DX wtf my New Years spirit is ruind !! I can’t even leave my own things outside in the back yard v.v fuck you California !!

      1. Sorry to hear that @misfit :<

        My parents had both their vehicles stolen right out of their own driveway as less than savory elements overran a once secure and uneventful neighborhood.

        Halloween started to spell a barrage of eggs caked onto screens and windows (seems minor but the cleaning of such is an incredibly arduous and painful task for the elderly with osteoarthritis), the windows shot out of every vehicle lining the street, vehicles extensively keyed, shattered rear view mirrors, windows in homes shattered by large rocks or bricks (which left a lovely carpet of glass for inhabitants and their pets to stumble upon), garage doors graffitied, trees and plants hacked (which served not only as defacement but also a slow, pathetic death to even trees that had stood majestically for a century–irreplaceable, slow growing botany), window screens gouged and ripped up with knives, illegal fireworks raining onto vulnerable areas (during drought season this means insta-fire and decimates people, homes, wildlife, natural environments, etc. if the smoke chokes the air around water bodies long enough, aquatic life suffers too), mailboxes destroyed, bikes/vehicles/external furniture/even garbage cans stolen (city trash cans have to be replaced at the homeowners expense)…. Needless to say, I could go on and on. Every major holiday at least some or many of the above occurred. April Fool's Day, 4:20, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, and New Years Eve bring the most destruction there.

        Fortunately my parents moved to a nicer home in a rural area, but it still irks me how much these kind, generous, harmless people had to go through for years and years.

        Even though you might feel weird about doing so, report the theft to the authorities. Law enforcement cannot accurately gauge the crime rate and respond accordingly for an area if they don't get the full data. When allocating resources, most cities require hard, documented info to prove need. Additionally, you just might get your bike back at some point. Both my parents vehicles were returned to them (albeit somewhat damaged) within weeks.

        1. @surgtechgirl no but these sons of bitches *niggers* bearely moved next door and they are already starting shit -.- last night a fucking gangbangers was high off his balls and threatend my mom >.> he told her first *what do you bang* in other words are you in a gang how the fuck is she in a gangs she’s fucking 40 years old then I find out my bike gets stole by one of them sons of bitches next door the neighborhood was great untill these fucking scum moved in all I are now I’d a bunch of niggers !! I can’t even workout in peace inside my garage or else these sons of bitches will be starring at me like they want a fight we’d call the cops but they will know its us and want to start even more shit >.>

          1. Don’t be racist. Niggers (Oh how I loathe the term) don’t have a higher propensity for crime, at-least that’s what some of the more Liberal (snicker) members of this community would have you believe.

            What you’ve encountered is reality.

            Who you can thank for it: The Liberal Dominated Government, The White Female, The Oppressive Media Sector, Lazy White Ancestors (Bringing Africans over to pick some cotton.. really? I mean, thanks a lot you idiots), Hitler (Unleashed the hatred of the Jews (Zionist) on the White World).

            You’re screwed, Misfit. Once they move in, they entrench, and the rot and decay follows them like an infection of Necrotizing fasciitis.

  3. Best Gore is great. To hell with the people who get offended by it. No one is forcing them to view anything on here. I appreciate all of the effort put into this place by everybody who has contributed to the site. I look forward to finally looking at all of the older posts, but also keeping up with everything new that gets posted.

    Thank you, Mark.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  4. I may have only commented a few times but have been a loyal visitor to your site for years. I am 30 years old 2 kids and a 9-5 respectable job . I don’t why I visit here or why I find seeing these videos of the breakdown of society so intriguing. I have never told anyone I view this site for fear of being labeled, In a society that must all do the same “sheep” sharing my love for your site would just cause me more harm than good. So I just keep quite and log on almost every night before I go to bed to be fascinated by the world. ThankYou for bringing this eye-opener to the forefront.

  5. New Years, a time where people recap and sum up their life during their past 365 days. 2012 was good to me and the lead up to the Dec 21st was fun. We survived doomsday guys. I wish you guys at Bestgore a happy and successful 2013. Thank you Vincit Omnia Veritas for your contribution to humanity, in an Era filling to the brim with sheeps, useless, and culture zombies.

    Praise you Mark, Champion of Truth.

  6. Happy new year, Mark, and thank you for this site. Like everyone says, it shows reality and what goes on in the world. It sure opened my eyes! I could go on and on about the necessity to show the real world, but I’ll just close by saying “fuck those hypocritical sheep!”

  7. It’s been a couple years since I first visited the website, but only recently I decided to register to the website and participate a bit more – with all the interesting content exposed here, even if we do not agree with everything, it is a great way to bring up discussions regarding certain topics. Keep up the great work.

  8. This is my first comment; your story of bush living lured me out of lurkdom. Just wanted to say that you’ve got some massive cajones.

    I’m an Edmontonian, currently living in Texas. I camped as you did (winter, minimal provisions, no humans, Albertan wilderness) since I was a kid. First, because my dad made me, and then later because I wanted to. That’s really f-ing hard. No way could I have done the duration that you did –
    it’ s so freaking cold, and you’re not kidding about the mosquitoes. Actually, the bugs here in Texas are their own version of evil.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, and for the great site. And Happy New Year!

  9. You know what’s annoying? there’s a lot of gore sites out there and they don’t do a damn thing about it they keep attacking and hating on BG like seriously? Mark don’t give up you have fans all over the world stay alive and keep it real don’t let the Zionists win pretty sure if something happened to you someone with money would open “Best Gore Reloaded” or “Best Gore 2.0” just to keep the legacy alive anyway Happy new year yall! had a shitty one but oh well hope next one will be better 🙂

    1. Best Gore is an exclusive community for the elite. If you don’t qualify, you’ll get the boot. Third grade BG rejects flock to third grade BG wannabe sites to badmouth BG there cause they did not fit among the elite. I consider it a flattery. Best Gore is only for the best. Waste that collects along the waste dumps does not bother me one bit.

        1. There is a old ass lady on YouTube I think she has her own radio show she’s been talking alot of shit about best gore o.o the stupid thing about it is that you can’t post comments on her videos because she disabled commenting I felt like expressing my anger towards her but she acts like one of those Christian smug ladies the *1lunatic1icepick controversy* video that’s what heated her ass hole up I told the bitch nicely why does she hate bestgore so much the bitch tells me because of the video and that death isn’t entertainment I told her there were other websites showing it not just best gore and she didn’t reply back she is also an Amanda Todd kiss ass -.-

      1. I have to admit, this is the best gore-site (this site deserves his name), so chapeau to you for a great job, but “an exclusive community for the elite”?…Haha! What are the qualifications to enter these elite?
        The ‘elite’ is probably the most gore word in history.
        Hopefully this reaction doesn’t bother you (too much), so you don’t give me the boot.
        Happy New Year to you, funny man.

  10. I’m sorry to say that I cannot wish everyone a happy new year because this world is shit and will only get worse before, if, it ever gets better.

    Therefore I shall wish you luck for your continued survival.

  11. Although I’m am not very active commenting in best gore, I’m a great reader that enjoys a lot your writing and work of research. I only wanted to say you thanks a lot for making this site and the great amount of work you do for keeping it up. Very appreciated and by the way happy new year!

  12. We will never win this fight. We were doomed right from the start. And deep down in your heart you know this. We are too little and definitely too late. It would have been very easy to say fuck it and just run off into the wild. And for a bit there I thought you would. But here you are. Thanks for not abandoning us Mark. Hope this year brings peace to soul.

  13. Thanks for your time hosting this site Mark. You have a lot of followers here and I will be more than happy to donate if you tell me how. Keep it comming mate and if the sheep can’t handle the truth…. fuck’em.

    I’m a South African and has seen what bullshit there is in the world. Been hijacked 3 times and shot once. My dad shot and killed two robbers in our house. They tried to rape my sister and shot my brother in law 3 times. It’s out there. It not all as above mentioned MTV babies. You only report on the truth and we thank you for this.

    Have a great new year mate and we are here if you need us.

  14. We will never win this fight. We were doomed right from the start. And deep down in your heart you know this. We are too little and definitely too late. It would have been very easy to say fuck it and just run off into the wild. And for a bit there I thought you would. But here you are. Your evolution has been as fascinating as the website’s. Thanks for not abandoning us Mark. Hope this year brings peace to soul.

  15. A year ago i wanted to join the marines, i thought it would be cool to shoot people; i thought i wouldn’t care about killing people or the blood and gore involved in doing so. I was in essence a CoD fagget who knew nothing about the world around him. When i found this place it opened my eyes to what war and life in general are really like. And as i began to realize my ignorance in the subject of war i began to notice my ignorance in all aspects of my life. This site has caused me to reform my life for the better, so thank you for all you have inspired me to do.

  16. Very true. I have lurked around for a year or more before ever commenting, and who knows where I would be without BG alerting me to how shitfucked the world really is.

    Hope 2013 is good for everyone.

  17. I was a newcomer to BG in 2012, glad to say im apart of the SOB now. So much truth here, this is the only news site with any credible realness to it about the world. Thanks for everything you do Mark, and Happy New Year everyone!

  18. Yes Mark, you have created the “Michael Jordan” of gore sites……something to be very proud of..To pull off a feat like that, you’ve got to be a pretty bad ass dude…
    You’re on your way brother!

    1. Well said Drccoco, but it is also because of loyal members like yourself that contribute vast amounts of good gore that also help Mark , and keeps us coming back. Mark & yourself are both bad ass. Happy New Year brother DRCCOCO.

  19. I don’t even know how long I’ve been signed-up, I lose track of time easy. I don’t think it’s been a year yet, but it feels like a lifetime.

    This site is so much different than anything else in its genre. The members are respectful, the stories are fruitful, and the gore is top-notch. Mark, you’ve done something here that hasn’t ever been done before, and in today’s world that’s not easy.

    I hope everyone gets fucked this year! And I truly mean that..

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