Australian Journalist Seeks to Hear from Best Gore Members Open to Discussing Their Interest in Gore

Legless Girl Hanged While Giving Birth

I was recently interviewed by Australian journalist Jake Millar, who’s the Features Editor at GQ Australia. Jake is currently working on a piece about the popularity of graphic or violent internet content. Per his own words:

I’m not trying to make any judgements about you or the content itself – I’m simply looking to get an expert opinion on the kinds of content that attract people to your site, and the way trends have changed in recent years.

The piece is quite an impartial look at the trend towards more graphic content, what draws people to it, and why some people find it ‘addictive’.

Whether or not it’s ‘right’ to publish or watch gore is something I’m leaving the readers to make up their own minds about.

I was happy to answer questions Jake had for me, however I felt it was not my place to address questions about what draws YOU, the reader of Best Gore, to the site, what content YOU find most interesting, how often do YOU visit the site, etc.

Whereas only YOU, the S.O.B.’s can answer these questions, I decided to create this post in order to have the dedicated page on which we can have the discussion on the matter with one another. Jake will be reading this post, and YOU may end up being mentioned and quoted in Jake’s upcoming article.

Best Gore has 8 years of spotless history of protecting the users’ privacy and anonymity, so anyone willing to share their opinion without being exposed can do so by posting a comment here.

Jake would love to hear from you, and you’re welcome to remain anonymous.

Let’s talk,


NOTE: Out of respect for Jake and other BG members, comments completely unrelated to the topic of the article may be removed. If you have an off topic thing to say, start your own thread in the forums.


Thanks everyone for your emails. I have received an overwhelming response, so will aim to contact as many people as possible – sorry if I miss anyone.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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329 thoughts on “Australian Journalist Seeks to Hear from Best Gore Members Open to Discussing Their Interest in Gore”

  1. i like to watch the reality as cruel as it is, i don’t like to be filtered by anyone that pretend to decide whether is right or not or how do i have to watch or not, i come here at BG every single day and i helped out with money when Mark got caught by Canadian law for that stupid bullshit reason.

    i want to be informed in many possible ways and make my thought. thanks Mark

  2. I’m a fan of suicide videos because i deeply interested in the dark corners of the human minds and how actually turn them to self-destruction. I’m eager to watch all the kinds of gore because it gives me distraction and helps me to cope with the reality. Because everything in here is a consequence of the weakness of the human-kind and it shows me the real deal. Helps me do my study over occultism and helps me how to understand human mind in a large scale.

  3. I come to this website to face reality for what it is.

    We have been conditioned to distract ourselves from reality with entertainment & other things.

    Death is something that we cannot escape.
    And BESTGORE shows all forms a human being can die.

    Beheadings,stonings,hangings, vehicle accidents, suicides, bombings,ect.

    Also BESTGORE shows us what goes on around the world.
    We might of always wanted to visit Brazil because of what the movies show but BESTGORE has shown us what BRAZIL is really like and made us have second thoughts on traveling to curtain countries.

    Death is a facinating thing to study because since we are not in the dying persons position we truly won’t know what it feels like till it happens to us.
    We wonder what thoughts that person is having during an execution & we wonder when they’re no longer conscious and if their pain is as painful as we may think it is from our third point perspectives.

  4. I’m sure you already have figured out that most of the people on this site are men. I have a theory on the thrill or addiction to the horrors often potrayed on this site and their attraction.
    1) Although I’ve seen woman comment, I have to wonder if they are just men identifying as woman.
    2) Pornography addiction might lead to violence addiction and this site is the ultimate step up from sites like pornhub. Simply put, those who cannot get a thrill from porn might go here.
    3) Sex and violence intersect in general.
    4) From the comments section, I see a large percentage of people who are so dulled by the repeated horrors and violence on this site, they reply with jokes first of all. There are few who actually say what a rational person would as a result of a beheading, a horrible car accident, or as this site seems to call it, a “Lyching” which is just a death caused by violence.
    I hope that helps you understand what is going on here.

  5. I came across this site after feeling suicidal this site I feel helps me as when you think you have it bad the reality is most of us have life so easy.
    I think the Gore I have seen and like for some reason is probably due to an experience I had around20 years ago I had to identify a close relative who was murdered it plays on my mind from time to time.

  6. I came across this site after feeling suicidal this site I feel helps me as when you think you have it bad the reality is most of us have life so easy.
    I think the Gore I have seen and like for some reason is probably due to an experience I had around20 years ago I had to identify a close relative who was murdered it plays on my mind from time to time .I also find the older stuff more fascinated with.

  7. I always found medical interesting and real world reality. None of the sugar coat news. Reality is crazy things happen in a planet of billions. You can be a good human yourself but the bad and crazy will exist.

    Seeing the content helps me appreciate where I am in life not having to deal with allot. While it isn’t perfect it can be better then other places. Seeing this helps be more aware of surroundings and more cautious when it comes to driving or just taking a walk.

    It also let’s you see first hand the realities of anothers world on a daily basis in what media and other sources do not disclose. I always found detective work interesting and it adds to build the learning of what drives some to insanity or a end and the result mainly looking at other items within the content to understand a scene and motive. The medical interest also shows how fragile a life is.

    It has also shown how evil some can be without regard to others as well as some good people still care out there. Has there been content I don’t look at? Yes. Some can be disturbing depending on what it is.

    Over all reality is accidents to crazy individuals exist and the 8 o’clock news does not show reality and in many places, nothing at all or a small part of a freeway with vehicles driving by. It also shows the ignorance some have for others.

    What interests me is the reality, the medical side of it as medical has always interested me as well as investigative type of scenes and the clues or reality facts of the end result of a maniac. You learn to look out for those types, educate self of how not to be a victim, and the sad result many have to live with daily in there end of the world that news will not show. But there is things I choose not to view and like a tv if you don’t like just don’t go to that content.

  8. Mr. Millar I haven’t read a good majority of the above responses but would like to answer your question about why we have an interest in sites like this. Here however, I can only speak for myself. I started watching the videos because I felt like I had an obligation to the victim to not let their death or injury be in vein. Someone thought enough of the victim to record their death and I wanted to see what they gave up their life for. Whether it was a revenge killing from a rival cartel, a murder for being a member of the wrong religion, a lynching for a crime, a random killing or a myriad of other reasons, I wanted to honor their death by watching it. I also am fascinated by what people are capable of doing to each other and what the human body can endure. I have even submitted pictures of my own injuries. You can see it by searching for “Tannerite”. The only thing that I have a hard time watching or don’t watch at all are abuses to young children.

  9. What first drew me in, and I imagine others as well, was normal everyday curiosity. But what kept me coming back was how real it all is. Everyday we are bombarded by fake people, propaganda and normal everyday bullshit. People nowadays are afraid of their own god damn shadow, too scared they might offend someone, too scared somebody will have an opposite opinion and thus the frightened people become docile sheep, too cowardly to be who they truly are.
    BestGore opened my eyes to this and made me realize this truth. Just look at the huge increase of young people committing suicide over trivial garbage which they take all too seriously. This generation has become too weak and too indoctrinated and blinded to see the world for what it truly is.
    I came for the gore and stayed for the truth.
    There’s my 2 cents on the matter.

  10. I come here to learn to appreciate my life, where I live, and my personal morals and ethics regarding the life I live. It makes me appreciate the fact I can live a peaceful life and learn how difficult things are in other places on the planet in order to maintain my appreciation of being alive and where I am. Life can always be worse. Always.

    I don’t read many of the comments and do not expect anybody to read mine. Just wanted to share why I come here anyway.

    I often suggest other people who are complaining about ‘first world problems’ visit this site for a first hand slap in the face from reality.

  11. I visit Best Gore out of morbid curiosity. I don’t actually get off on others misfortune. I would class people that do get off on it as borderline disturbed. I simply find the videos fascinating to watch. I suspect 99% of mature adults on Best Gore do, It never ceases to amaze me how stupid humans can be, have lost count of the videos I have watched where someone death was totally avoidable. If only they had a bit more common sense. One positive to come from watching all these videos, I drive much more carefully, and pay more attention to my surroundings when out and about on foot. You could argue the point, that these videos are also educational.

    I avoid watching videos where children are hurt, and Iy i am honest don’t particularly like watching beheadings. Although “Yes” I am being hypocritical, because I have watched all the classics, Cartel chainsaw beheading, 2 men 1 hammer. (Morbid curiosity got the better of me.)

    I want to make it clear. If I saw some one run over in the Street, maybe being mugged, beaten up etc, I would be the first person to assist. I am a compassionate person, caring comes naturally to me. Ironically many of the videos I watch I am more disturbed by the lack of compassion empathy shown by large crowds surrounding the seriously injured, and dying. I cant comprehend why one would first reach for a cell phone to video, before taking off a jacket and putting it under the head of a person who is dying, seriously injured. Brazil appears to be a nation of heartless people followed closely by China.

    I also find it fascinating watching when large crowds get whipped up in to murderous frenzies during lynching. You survey the crowds and they are all ages, sexes, old people, young people, even children. Its like mass hysteria takes hold. No wonder TPTB put Fluoride in our water in the West.

    I started watching these videos in the days of “Ogrish”.

  12. Hi Jake,
    I’ll speak to what draws me to graphic content. “Graphic” content is another way of saying true content. I’m drawn to it because it’s reality. I think censorship of “graphic” content is offensive. It insults my intelligence and frankly it pisses me off especially when people assert that there’s something unusual or even unbalanced about ME because I don’t prefer censorship. If a person can’t handle “graphic” material that means they are unable to emotionally cope with reality. That would mean that they were the one with the problem. Censorship is for children and mentally immature people that are reality-averse. A person that finds graphic content offensive is a person that finds reality offensive and that is insane.

  13. I made an account specifically to reply to this. I feel some embarrassment when trying to explain to anyone close to me that I frequent gore sites, so much so that I tend to keep it secret. Why am I interested in it then? I’m in my early twenties and I have struggled with suicidal and depressive tendencies. At my worst several years ago, I was looking for ways out. (CO2 was one method that intrigued me, and I recall finding this site through my research.) Clearly I’m still here, and this site has a part to play in that. I binge watched the suicide videos and stories and photos, and it humbled me and brought me back to earth long enough to get help and turn my life around. I don’t want to end up a statistic yet. Everything else on the internet and on the television is bullshit but this is true, real, unadulterated life, and that’s comforting.

  14. Iv always been interested in all the things other people are squeamish about. Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed looking at it along with anything that is considered taboo because these things are always misinterpreted and twisted while we are children to scare us away from it. Example being my nan would go on about how sick murders were on the news without caring about motive or their life story at all but i did. so I guess it all started with curiosity and evolved into enjoyment in my case but at the same time people are who they are and there is no reason other than our brains work differently everyone has opinions and that’s how the world works without people like us who would do the jobs other people would be sick at. Though this is just one answer I have the others would probably just be extra opinions because of my initial interest as this includes how it’s considered educational etc but this is not my reason for looking isn’t so use another excuse to

  15. Hello “Jake”. I was drawn to by watching a video on I am drawn to these websites & because it is raw & real. You watch the am, afternoon & evening news. But they will only show you what they want you to see.

    I open minded when I enter these websites, but I cannot stomach beheadings of any sort. Probably because the victim is suffering a slow death/the spraying of blood.

    Have you seen the man who is on his knees and is executed with a Chainsaw? That was unreal! that vid I can watch for an eternity, other beheadings, not so much.

    It’s very annoying to have clips that end immmediately after the fact of death. Have it end up to 30 seconds after the fact with commentary, even if it isn’t in english. Many times a vid is posted and the uploader mentions that they have no details of said video of any sort. Country of origin, Date etc.

    I do not enter said websites because I have a craving for deaths, humility etc. I like to see what happens in our world, that isn’t mentioned in the “Media Front”.

    P.S. I always been watching vids on this site as a guest. But when I read the post about a journalist named “Jake” who wants to listen to the very people who upload/watch sadistic material. I wanted my opinion to be heard.

    Good Luck

  16. Unlike every other person who is a member of this site, and others, i watch these videos with the aim of re-creating them using dolls, sometimes just paper animation.
    Mark sometimes posts images sent in by members of various accidents they’ve been involved in.
    I got a feature purely for being an artist.

    The links are dead now, but all the videos he selected and more can still be found

    My purpose in doing this is to give the ‘mainstream’ an option of watching what has sometimes been reported in the media and not being subjected to a very upset stomach.
    I fully support our fearless leader Mark and what he does. It’s been a very rocky road for me over the years but i continue on.
    The media have on a few rare occasions contacted me, but they have always run away.

    Jon E(vil).

    1. A person can pretty much get the idea from the ‘news story’ and the pix of what happened… there are probably lots of people who surf here who just read and don’t actually NEED to see the tragic footage unfold… I am one who rarely clicks on vids… I’d rather say prayers for the victims and casualties and participants and loved ones… the bottom line is it’s obvious the world is completely set up wrong led by money and greed and evil pigs from HELL in control for anyone to be involved in any of the incidents…

  17. For me it’s not so much that I “love” gore but it’s that it’s extremely rare that I see it in real life so it’s a novelty. If there were a website that exclusively videos of animals playing hockey at high skill levels, I would probably watch that too as it’s novel.

    There’s just a big curiosity factor – “what happens if _____”.

  18. For me, it normalises horrible events. It’s made me face the reality that shit happens and death can – and will – happen to anyone. It’s taken the horror and shock out of freak events, as it makes me realise that you can’t control everything; I’ve learnt to live with the fact that awful things happen and there’s nothing I can do about it. Sounds weird but that’s what I get from it!

      1. The bottom line is, you go to Heaven or you go to Hell. It’s that’s simple and it’s that cut and dried. How you die is irrelevant…

        How you die is irrelevant to your eternity… it’s what you did, what you said, in your life…

        Did you accept the Holy Spirit… or relish in the €vil, duped by the Devil himself!

  19. I like every single post on this website, some more than others, but the things that really turn me on are those posts involving dead and raped women that are still fuckable, I have spent hours and hours watching pictures and videos while trying not to ejaculate till I can watch the next one… I know there are many sharing this lovely mania.

  20. I have been a frequent lurker of BG for a long time. I come here everyday, maybe upto a couple of times per day to view its content.
    I am a Mother to a young daughter, so I find myself staying away from the children related content also the same for animals as an animal lover. There’s innocence about them and that makes it very uncomfortable to watch for me, personally, so I keep away from that.
    Other than that I feel I have become heavily desensitised to the stuff reported. My fascination lies with seeing lives ebb away, it’s a natural curiosity to see how the body reacts to death, to see it fight or accept its fate with different types of deaths. People who personally know me might assume my visits here are immoral and that assumption is totally down to them. I recall my Mother once breaking down in tears when she realised I’d like to come here and view this type of content, she thought I was sick, and wondered what she had raised that got to enjoyment from seeing this. I can’t say it’s a gleeful feeling I experience when watching these video’s, far from it, just a satisfied feeling that my curiosity has had its quota filled for the day.
    I also feel because these deaths have already happened, and I’m not witnessing them live that also sits a little better with me. I accept these personal moments that we watch when their lives are ending or have ended are someone’s sons/daughters/parents and maybe if the shoe was on the other foot, I might struggle with that but for me, as an outsider; I have no emotional attachment to these people. This makes it easy for me to watch.
    I get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea; totally understand but for me, this is my cup of tea and not everyone will understand that.

    So… That’s just my personal input.

  21. I really got into BG when my depression lead to disassociation. I felt completely emotionless so I’d come on here to try and uncover some of my buried feelings in order to feel something (free psychotherapy!)

    People that have been crushed or squashed by a truck or other heavy machinery barely phase me these days but beheadings and burning or otherwise torturing someone to death because even though the storyline indicates the people doing the killing said their victim raped/murdered/stole, I always have doubts that that is really the case.

    It’s also made me hyperaware of the brutality that some people are capable of. Makes me dislike people in general even more.

  22. For me I think it was Isis.In the papers in UK we were hearing of charity workers ,Brits being beheaded after being captured.It would always make the news,and I got fed up seeing just still photos of a captive in a orange boilersuit.I traced the beheadings to this site.Truely shocked at first,but after using daily for several years I think I’ve become desenitised to much.I enjoyed the banter on the comments,and some people I felt were similar in opinion to me about a lot of things.I joined after seeing some comments posted i go agreed with after lurking for awhile.Im only on here for minutes at a time,usually falling asleep reading the comments.I still cant watch the ones with kids but Marks headlines,they are the best!
    Look at any headline,imagine the worse.the image will be worse

  23. Its not the gore that attracts me to these sites its mor of wanting to know the truth of whats happening in the world and if i happen to wach someone getting shot or beheaded then thats lifeor in this case death the one thing that does get me though and i cant look at is anything involving childeren and babies it brakes my heart to know there are evil people out there willing to let a child die in the most fucked up way possible…

    Either that or im just a psychopath..

  24. Hello there,
    I’ve just created an account to comment on this thread. I am a law student and find it very interesting to confront myself with the barbaric side of humanity. The worst thing to watch at are the beheadings in my opinion. i don’t know why but that’s just something i am disgusted by. I started visiting the site regulary since last year. I feel privileged to live in a somewhat modern society and because of this site i am extra aware that that should not be taken for granted. Humans are by far the worst species as they can kill their own species in the most unrespectfull and brutal way imaginable.
    At first i kept the fact that i was visiting this site regularly to myself but nowadays i even suggest this to my friends as i think it can affect your life in a good way. Your behaviour gets influenced by the things you get to see on this site. It doesn’t necessarily makes you scared but certainly reminds you of how easy your life can end and how graphic someones death can look like. So yeah… Keep up the good work and never visit Brazil


  25. Powerful antidepressants gave me this uncontrollable urge to watch gore videos because I felt so strong willed not to turn away or cringe from it. Now it’s a daily routine to check best gore and liveleak for new gory videos. High Voltage electrocutions are my favourite. That fast instant death and loud explosion of current smashing the bodies resistance is impeccable.
    – Alex

  26. What brings me to this site….hmmm idk, I guess for me its kinda interesting to see someone go from being alive one minute then lifeless the next. Its interesting to see their body and to know that person was just a living, thinking human being with a soul but then all of that is gone forever in a instant. I really don’t care for videos and pictures of persons who are already dead but videos that shows accidents taking place or even a beheading is what brings me here…I’ve just always wondered what it feels like to die and these videos kinda show what it is like. This site basically gives me a reality check and i am more aware of whatever happens around me. I also like the videos which shows gore injuries from bike accidents where persons may lose a leg or arm but they’re still alive and suffering…i usually watch and imagine the pain they must be feeling and the thoughts going through their head…its oddly satisfying and addicting ( its hard to not click on another video after watching one)…maybe i’m just weird lol.

  27. Why do I come here?

    Simply, to complete the human experience. As people we see many things during our lifetime, this is (like porn) an extreme. You can read about rape, murder, suicides and atrocities all day long but watching it gives insight that cannot be equaled (until VR at least). I have become more of a pacifist from these viewings as ironic as that may seem.

    Does it affect/effect me?

    Yes and no, it’s profound. Children suffering or murdered is almost unbearable but everything else not so much. It’s part of our world, like places I’ve never been to on vacation, this site is a form of traveling or sightseeing to places not often visited.

    So far the two videos that stayed with me the most are the Russian beheadings and a more recent cartel video with a man’s face ripped off, hands severed and repeatedly stabbed but he still fought on – even biting the knife stuck into his mouth to prevent further use.

    In all I think exposing myself to this type of media has made me a better more complete person. If I come upon a bad accident some day I know what to expect and instead of starring in shock, could be of some help to someone desperate in need.
    Simply though the most important lessons I’ve learned from this site are to never self immolate, use an escalator or elevator in China and NEVER travel to Brazil for any reason!

    Ttyl, AB

  28. I’m 21 and I’ve always gotten a thrill out of graphic images, even back when i was an innocent catholic highschool girl. I used to get obsessed with the sensation of being genuinely disturbed. I would spend weeks of sleepless nights, lying there, thinking of people getting their heads chainsawed off by a Mexican cartel. Within the last few years it’s escalated rapidly enough that I cant find much that really shocks me any more. I can list off plenty of things that disgust me, but personally its not about being grossed out. Perhaps its a masochism thing? But it could equally be sadism? I have no idea.

  29. I watch it because at my 32 years of existence i saw these things at about 5years old and it happened infront of me and my 16 yr old brother helped take out corpses out of the wreck and ever since i have always been interested in death wich is id say in my opinion the most creative existing thing…. death, unbeatable and so creative nothing can be exactly alike….. like having and infinate amount of finger prints…. aint it weird?

  30. First time posting-

    I would like to compare coming to bestgore with many other things I do online that are not productive. I might watch a compilation of car crashes, a pilot flying a fighter jet via cockpit view, beautiful landscapes, porn, bestgore, and many other things on the internet. All these things have something in common for me and it isn’t some twisted sexual thing. It is that I want to visually experience things that I most likely will never experience in person. I probably will never: be in a more than mild car accident, fly a fighter jet, visit far away places, screw a really beautiful woman very well, or as I just saw on bestgore -fill in the blank-. All these things are happening right now SOMEWHERE in the world and in my tiny short experience I would never be exposed to most of it. The world and the internet within it can be stimulating, funny, sad, gross, and I suspect everything in between. Why not see it all?

  31. Gore as it was described. To me this is about the reality of life. For which is hard for some to confront. This is the real world without the dilution and the manipulation of the mainstream media.

  32. My name is Kalvin and i am from Antwerpen, I am currently a resident surgeon at ZNA Sint-Elisabeth. I have always had a profound interest in the human body a major driving force for me getting into medicine. I had never really seeked out gore or “trauma” related sites until recently. In mid 2016 i was interviewed by a local psychologist after my hospital put me on termporary leave after comments i made towards a mother whose daughter had been diagnoised with cancer. Over the course of six months me and the pyschologist talked about various things such as my narcassitic traits & my parent’s mental health. My father has been diagnoised with Narssastic Personality Disorder since he was 24. My pyschologist was almost certain that i suffered from a personality disorder. Long story short i was diagnoised as having Anti-Social Personality Disorder that lies between pyschopathy & sociopathy. I still work at that hospital to this day.

  33. For me considering I’m a doctor watching these horror stories , keeps me some what sane. When the real shit happens during my daily life working as a pathologist-student(cutting people up to figure out the cause of death on a daily basis). All of us are now more realistic , that anything can happen. Which is the reason why we follow this lovely website. Desensitising at it’s best. Sleep like a baby , knowing nothing can stop what is coming.

    But I will be honest as kid i was very violent , this website has helped me to realise the consequences of violence.

  34. For me considering I’m a doctor watching these horror stories keeps me some what sane. When the real shit happens during my daily life working as a pathologist-student(cutting people up to figure out the cause of death on a daily basis). All of us are now more realistic , that anything can happen. Which is the reason why we follow this lovely website. Desensitising at it’s best. Sleep like a baby , knowing nothing can stop what is coming.

    But I will be honest as kid i was very violent , this website has helped me to realise the consequences of violence.

  35. I stumbled accross this website after another one was not updated any longer. Stumble… I actually searched for it. Fearing death, the fear of suffering, the pain you feel when dying, I wanted to find out all the shitty ways you are able to die. And I’d like to see in how much pain people are when they die. Are they alone or are the accompagned with friends/family? Or do they die in a hostal environment. Is it quick (how many minutes does it take?). If you get decapitated, does the video show the severed head and if so, do they eyes tell you something whether these people still now what happened? I really hate the video’s where people die of torture, but nevertheless I watch them, just in case I might die that way some day, I can tell myself that the worst is yet to come, and what to expect when it happens. I sure hope that I myself or my children and my family never have to die the way people do on best gore.

  36. I view death as as much an important part of life as birth and how you go is irrelevant. I find watching death has brought me closer to terms that I will die and regardless of how it won’t be too long, the pain won’t last and I will be gone so I won’t be upset, angry or regretful. I love most gore but I hate to watch children or animals being hurt and I don’t like to watch injuries.

  37. Well, there are many who have a peculiar attraction to gore, and many of these individuals are also those who enjoy the occasional binge of bloody horror movies. There’s something satisfying about seeing things like this. Many use it as a satisfyer for something more gruesome and menacing, like an alcoholic taking a shot of whiskey to settle their cravings. Me personally, I enjoy the fan art and an occasional blood bath video. Maybe its a way to cope with the fact that life isn’t always pretty, for how many of us don’t see these things in person and forget that a man can loose a hand?
    -Gavin R. Jones

  38. The behavior of people is one the things that intrest me in the videos. Why do they do something, how do people react to their certain death.
    The medical part is also quite fascinating, for example I’ve learned that being on fire almost never results in a quick death. I’ve also seen videos where people have been cut in half but still were alive. Or the effects of electrocution on the human body. As well as several of operational video’s which give a interesting point of view.

    I don’t have interest in all the video’s/article’s offered however. Motorcycle crashes from Thailand or another video of ISIS cutting off someones head don’t really get my attention. I prefer freak accidents or video’s with a good background story.
    Only a small amount of video’s actually give me a good feeling. For example thiefs/robbers being beating or ISIS members who die. The other video’s and story’s simple fascinate me.

  39. I have been fascinated with death and gore ever since I was a young child. I don’t know why. I just find it interesting. Death is hidden from us. Mark shines a light on something that will happen to everyone one of us eventually. I have a dark sense of humour and enjoy making jokes about the clips in the comments section. I quite look forward to my own death sometimes and often think about it. I have no desire to harm others or see people I know in gory situations and I would not want to see these things in real life, only on a screen. I often think about killing myself in a very gory fashion. I am excited to reach base reality as I believe we are living in a virtual reality system designed by a technologically advanced race. I have suffered with depression most of my life but consider myself mentally stable otherwise.

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