Best Gore Exclusive Interview with Estiben Schweinsteiger

Estiben Schweinsteiger Exclusively for Best Gore

Do you remember recent video of a guy who cut his femoral artery live on ooVoo webcam? His real name is Omar Alonso Ortiz Pérez, though he’s best known for his internet moniker Estiben Schweinsteiger. Since he prefers to be called Estiben Schweinsteiger on the internet, we’re gonna call him that. Estiben is from Mexico and is a member of Best Gore. You can find his comments under a username EstibenOrtiz.

Shortly after his femur cutting video went viral all over the internet, Best Gore member Playboy666 got in touch with Estiben to ask a few questions about said webcam session and life n general. This interview is presented exclusively on Best Gore:

Playboy666: Hello Estiben how are you?
Estiben: I’m fine, just chilling right now, cut to the chase (get it?) I don’t lose my sense of humor xD

Playboy666: What made you to cut your femoral artery live on webcam?
Estiben: Because I love 4chan, they gave me so much lols, so I wanted to give them something epic.

Playboy666: Many people think you died owing to massive bleeding, what happened after the camera cut off?
Estiben: The transmission cut because the blood fell on my laptop and killed it.

Playboy666: Did any of your relatives catch you in the act?
Estiben: My ex-girlfriend had a hunch because I missed school, called my parents, went to my house, found me and called the paramedics.

Playboy666: Did you painkillers before cutting yourself?
Estiben: I took some Aspirins and Diclofenac. Oh yeah, and delicious wine.

Playboy666: Are you a gore lover yourself?
Estiben: Yeah, I love gore. I’ve seen a lot of videos and photos and shit.

Playboy666: Did you receive any hate mail after your live webcam cutting?
Estiben: Not yet, but maybe I’ll get some from reborn Christians.

Playboy666: Was this a failed suicide, or did you know what you were doing?
Estiben: It was a failed suicide – they found me in time.

Playboy666: Would you ever do it again?
Estiben: Nope, I realized life has its up and downs…

Props to Playboy666 for getting in touch with Estiben on behalf of Best Gore and thanks to Estiben Schweinsteiger for being a good sport and doing the interview with us.

His name is Robert Paulson… Keep in mind that anyone disrespecting contributors of exclusive content will get on the gnomes’ black list and there is no getting off of it.

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75 thoughts on “Best Gore Exclusive Interview with Estiben Schweinsteiger

  1. “The transmission cut because the blood fell on my laptop and killed it”

    har har har, so the video had a casualty after all….

  2. He,s lucky he didn’t live in one of those countries where they don’t know what a tourniquet is, he’d be dead for sure the way those arteries bleed out.

  3. Dude glad you figured out suicide wasn’t for you! Not that I really give a shit if some one wants to end their life, but you chose the harder path so cheers.

  4. Estiben, dude, you’re so young, life is full of ups and downs, but in the end, it isn’t that bad. Keep your chin up, things get better! Thank you for sharing your experience with best gore. Good Luck in all you do. Lisa. :)

    • Hey Lisa, thats not always true, my life has been crashing down for ten fucking years. I ask myself all the time if I’ve had enough, I fear that one day the will be to much to like with, but I always try to hang onto some hope. I take things one day at a time, but after ten years of pain and loss I don’t fear death, I welcome it, should it find me. I really hope your right and one day life will get better.

      • @phatman,what you say is
        true,and sometimes it can
        be overwhelming,have
        circled the drain many times
        and gone down it (catatonic)
        still circle the darkness,often,
        except now after 14 years it
        has got better,know it sounds
        glib and patronising…..but it
        will get better for you if you
        hang in there,an old guy told
        me this and i got pissed at
        him,but he was right.
        The human brain is amazing,
        it has the potential to heal
        your heart.

  5. Btw, Aspirin is also an anticoagulant aka blood thinner; prevents blood from clotting and not just a painkiller. Becareful with those.

  6. How attached must this girl have been, he wasn’t at school for one day so she calls his parents and goes to his house.
    I mean an ex-girlfriend that seems weird.
    Although I’m glad he lived to tell the tale.

  7. Sounds like BS to me, and exactly the type of shit these 4chan retards (not being a dick that’s what they like to be called) like to pull for “lulz” the video looked kinda fake and I’m still waiting for some pics of the cut or scar or some type of REAL gore other than “I did it for lols” “and m till then for me its fake.

    • I second this comment.

      The interview just seems too generic… No emotion… No reason… Just ‘hey, I wanted a laugh so I cut myself on camera! I wanted to die… But then I didn’t! LOL!’

      • We’ll know he’s lying if there’s no update showing the scar, as a S.O.B. he should know that posting the scar is a must. Makes ya wonder.

        • True, true.

          As he admits… He is a 4channer.

          We all know what those bastards are like.

          On this website. We are often cold and callous… But we still have Hearts… Well, most of us. And are honest to boot.

          I guess one could call us Pragmatists.

          4chan is evil.

          They set out to cause Human suffering. Such as creating fan sites of dead children on that other bane of humanity… Facebook.

          Fuck them.

  8. I believe that Diclofenac is against infection and not a pain-killing medication, and you are right that life has his ups and downs, it is not worth it to die for, live your life the best way and enjoy it

  9. Yea this is all a little fishy to me. Theres no way he missed school for one day and his EX called his parents . If anything wouldnt she call him? And id also like to see some proof. Acting isnt funny unless someone really gets hurt(:

    • Anyone can fake this kinda shit so they can draw attention to themselves and get people to fuss over them which is a real bitch move (faking a suicide attempt) if he took time to take a pic for best gore I think he had time to take a pic of the epic scar/stiches a cut like that would have left…I thought the video was bull shit fake and that would be the end of that, but now this crap..common, just cause you try to fool me doesn’t mean im gunna fool my self, if Mr.Perez really did what he says he did then I feel sorry for him but if he didn’t well that’s just fucking fucked ain’t it I hope no one thinks I’m out of line with this but if I think something bull shit I’m gunna call you out on it.

      • Exactly fellas.

        All a bit dodgy if you ask me.

        To have a laptop that conks out after getting a splash of blood on it? Convenient.

        I have dropped untold amounts of Tea/ Coffee/ Semen on my lappy and it is still soldiering on.

        So yeah.

        • In the video he was sitting on a couch, away from the computer, so how does he get enough blood on his computer to kill it, I’m pretty sure he’s full of shit.

          • And let us not forget that he was BLEEDING THROUGH A SEVERED FEMOLAL ARTERY for an entire school day (roughly 8 to 8 1/2 hours) and was stil alive when he was found……. I would sooner tell you with all possible conviction and sincerity that i rode a rainbow-rail on a fucking glittery unicorn named Sebastien with a leprechaun to Santa’s house and we had tea with the easterbunny before i could honestly say i believed this shit. Its called liquid latex and fake blood. I use that shit to make it look like i gouge my eyes out every halloween. So im calling bullshit on this as well.

  10. Dude, I say this with an unblemished record of hederosexuality, you are a good looking guy with smarts and a sense of humor. A heck of a lot to live for so don’t go cutting any more arteries and if lifes got you down then come chat with us here at BG, we’ll set you straight. Also helps to masterbate at least twice a day..

  11. Some of the dumbest one’s always live….Thanks for sharing the interview and following up on that story i was kinda wondering after i saw that video.

  12. He will forever be enshrined in the lore of Best Gore … so I guess the whole cutting episode and playing games with the Reaper wasn’t in “VEIN” …

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