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Is Birthgiving Painful - This Woman Disagrees

Shorty after this post has been published, I will start working on switching the website onto a new server which I hope will improve performance during traffic spikes like the week and a half long one during the 5th anniversary of Best Gore. In order to streamline the process, I may need to disable writing to the database. During that time, Best Gore will be in the READ ONLY mode. I will do my best to ensure there is no actual downtime, but I anticipate that for at least a few hours, making new comments or creating new accounts will be disabled.

It may take up to 48 hours for the update to the domain name registry to propagate all over the world. During that period, if your ISP was still redirecting you to the old server, your comments would not be saved in the database on the new server therefore they would not exist once the propagation has gone through on your end. Most of the countries are pretty swift updating the registry so some of you may start getting the feed from the new server soon. USA is very good at it and usually only takes an hour or two, Canada is one of the worst and usually takes 2 days. Once everything has been set up and tuned up on the new server, commenting will be reopened.

I apologize for this temporary inconvenience but in the long run, this should help by preventing the time outs many of you have certainly experienced after posting a comment. Stay with me 馃槈


PS – here’s a video of a Japanese girl playing an electric guitar to keep you entertained while I’m busting my ass with transfer:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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89 thoughts on “Best Gore in Read Only Mode”

  1. After viewing that, I’m ready for the server transfer… Wow… I’m going to sleep. Too much whiskey. Good luck on this whole thing, dude! I hope it goes smoothly! I’m sure all of the S.O.B.s appreciate your hard work, which enables OUR craziness. 馃榾

    1. @Juicy..I had that basketball as a’s a cheap plastic ball that comes with a small basketball net that you can nail to the wall.I use to love that little thing that my mom purchased for me at a yard sale..hahaha I cant believe I still remember that day.guess this girl loves it more than I did.

        1. Haha, I don’t hate myself, on the contrary. Actually, I don’t hate anybody of any race unless given a good reason. I do however thoroughly enjoy a good racial joke directed at any ethnicity. After all, whats the point in being so serious? Haha, especially here on BG!

          1. Can’t say the same. I have a strong hate for Sunni Islam and a strong dislike for Islam in particular.

            I also have a strong dislike for Africans (Blacks).

            Other than that, I’m okay with everyone else.

  2. That basketball isn’t crammed where I think it is,is it???The grossest thought is imagining what that asshole looks like when that ball is removed.When that person fart’s that’s got to sound like the sails of a sailboat whipping and flapping in a hurricane!!!!!

    1. Omg- i laughed so hard at the thought of those “panty whispers” you speak of! Lol

      Seriously, where’s her ass cheeks though?! This has to be a baby’s head crowning and they played with the picture.. I can’t imagine in my wettest dreams that this is real…

      1. @Juicy and chicks say child birth is shit ^_^ that chick with the basket ball up her butthole proved you wrong and I’m pretty sure she has a big ass smile on her face 馃榾 that’s what you call taking one for the team !!

    2. The asshole will became a bottomless crater.
      Maybe she had previously swallowed the basketball and now she?s just trying to poop it out.
      It will take me three days to be able to admire a woman?s rear end without picturing a perfectly rounded basketball in it. Shoot, it took me a whole week to get rid of the Blue Waffle image in my head, damn it!
      One thing for sure, after seeing the photos inside the vagina on the last post…*think happy thoughts, haaapppyyy thoughts*

  3. Wow that’s some creativity there with the basketball. I was thinking how does one wake up one morning and say “hey, here’s an idea for a good picture let me shove a basketball up my ass” but great work on the site

        1. @Brownman o.o I understand that they are your kids but what I don’t understand is that why take a picture of both of them naked in a bathtub together and put them as your profile picture.. It’s just a little weird we thought you were one of those creepy motherfuckers that’s into child porn -.-

          1. @misfit-don’t bother man, don’t push your self to understand coz you don’t have the ability to understood. Hehe…and I’m not the type of guy of doing that child’s porn stuff. I’m not like you dude.

  4. Yesterday I read your post but yeah the life of a lurker is hard hope you understand i just gotta stay underground like back in the day no more games but keep the posts coming we would be nothing without you buddy and the past months you’ve been upsetting a lot of agencies and governments i’m glad to see you’re revealing all the truth and waking up a lot of sheep you could even have a little competition with Alex Jones though he’s just a money maker unlike you which makes you a really nice decent human being! i’ll keep watching over BG and such though most of the time I don’t read the comments section anymore sorry for that now gotta back to the shadows and keep lurking take care Mark 馃槈

    1. Spot on @Jesus.
      Without Mark and BG most people would be poor sheep, thankfully most of us know the real world.
      Same here about comments – seems last few months all the comments turn to sex and well off what the actual content is – such a shame, as you, Mark, work so damn hard bringing us all this and I hate seeing it spoilt. Keep up the excel work, know you have many fans and admirers who appreciate everything you do.

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