Charley Ramsey and the Rescue of Three Kidnapped Women

Charley Ramsey Meme

Charley Ramsey Meme

HEADLINE: Charley Ramsey’s 15 minutes of fame… and it’s gone like a Big Mac chased by a Four Loko; just another month in Cleveland.

It’s happy hour for Charley Ramsey and his neighbor Angel Cordero for helping Amanda Berry with daughter Joceyln, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight escape from Ariel Castro’s ghetto love palace on May 6, 2013 in the burbs of Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Notice, if you will, how heart strings have so-far been fondled throughout this unfolding drama by A-list carpet baggers (especially McDonald’s with free advertising thanks to irresponsible and/or diabolical journalism) like former host John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted” TV show, pop poof Anderson “Pegboy” Cooper and military brat college frat boy comedian Patton “The Rat” Oswalt.

Good old Charley the dishwasher has even earned public adoration from his employer and attention by Spreadshit (spreadshirt) to market tshirts with Ramsey’s instant classic quote:

I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms.

As the masses and gold diggers jerk each other off with skittle-stained rainbow pleasure, remember the fact that yet another poor street urchin (sweet little Joceyln… victim age 6 years with a curious numerical coincidence to other current events, conceived from rape, hmmm, wonder if that rings a metaphysical dinner bell) probably won’t be held ever again by her father, not to mention her grandmother (Lillian Rodriguez, Castro’s mother).

Maybe she will look forward to being a “dancer” to twerk and attract another freakish monster like Ariel Castro when she comes of age. Hopefully, though, this innocent will beat the heavy odds perhaps to mature with other sheeple and conveniently ignore the staggering numbers of women who disappear (and never to be seen again) from American streets every day.

Never mind the fact that American taxpayers will now be billed for the long-term care of four more souls in the Federal System. Imagine the hourly rates for child psychiatrists and kidnap/rape victim counselors. Way to go Charley for doing absolutely nothing more than being there in the moment, just like an empty McDonald’s bag rotting in the gutter.

Full version of the epic 911 call Charles Ramsey made (with subtitles):

Interview with Charles Ramsey:

Author: acme roman pet

The Possum's a mean little fucker, no doubt. Tammy's gonna kick him out if he doesn't stop singing Bartender Blues to her.

50 thoughts on “Charley Ramsey and the Rescue of Three Kidnapped Women”

    1. Might be a late answer, but if i remember correctly the guy forgot to lock the room she was in that day and at first she was scared to leave cause usually she would get punished, but she noticed he wasnt there and took the chance to leave the room.

    1. I just thought it was funny when he described how big of a testicle the kidnapper must’ve had to pull that shit off! Charles reminds me of another Antone Dobbs YouTube superstar! “hide yo kids, hide yo wives, hide yo Husbands- cuz they rapin’ everybody up in here!”… Please.

  1. can 1 of you guys help me out here ,we understand you have massive gang problems in the usa ,and its your culture owning guns ,but when a certain state is on here and its described like Atlanta as a nigger state ,or los angeles as a spic state ,and you say Cleveland is full of whites that try to be niggers,and Chicago is murder capital ,it seems almost every state in the US has big problems . can you name any places where its just decent and safe ? you know 20 years ago the states was admired by Europe and everybody wanted to go ,now its the opposite its seen as dangerous ,im just curious ,where is not full of niggers,wiggers and spics and gangs in the us ? .im from the uk and its not particularly nice here to be honest and if I was asked to name a decent place in the uk id struggle to help anybody/tourists also. I hope Canada doesn’t suffer the same eventual fate as the usa

    1. First, everyone is going to have a different opinion, but here’s mine for what it’s worth. There are still a ton of places/cities were it’s just as safe to live as any place else. Yes, bad stuff might happen every now and then, but even in the big cities, you can definitely tell when you’re in an undesirable area. In other words, I wouldn’t hesitate to visit Chicago, LA, Miami, etc. because I would use common sense. Take Miami, it’s know for cocaine, gangs, murder, etc. It’s also known for old, white retirees who probably have other goals than carjacking you. Take LA, gangs, drugs, violence again, it’s also known for multi-million dollar mansions, Hollywood stars, luxury vehicles, etc. No place is extremely black and white(pun sort of intended).

        1. Yea, I’m sure there isn’t a lot of crime in the Dakotas and they are also predominately white. As far as traveling there, they aren’t on the news much because there just isn’t a lot excitement associated with the Midwest and colder states. I mean with tourist cities like Vegas, you’ll have scams and crimes of all sorts, but there’s also the glamour and glitz that come with the Vegas shows and upscale accommodations. As for your last question, no, I don’t think it has spread all overall yet.

          1. Vt also has extremely lax gun laws, meaning just about any gun is legal. Hell even non residents are allowed to open/conceal carry a pistol. Without a permit of any sort. Yet, VT. Is not known for gun crimes. Simply, when criminals know everyone is potentially armed, they think twice.

    2. Go some where reallly cold all year long. Where I live niggers are non existent in the winter months. But when summer starts and its hot as affreeca they are every where. I guess what I’m saying is cold repells.

    3. Scotland is a nice and enjoyable area in the UK.
      Here in the USA, Idaho is great State and its citizenship consists of more than 99% white people.
      That’s because it’s too damn cold in the winter and their are now jobs.
      So we grow, eat and live off the sales of spuds.

  2. So let’s see, if anyone of us would be living where Charley is living, eating McDo on his porch seeing or doing what he did, I don’t have a problem giving him common-sense-props to helping someone out.

    He did more than a McDo bag in the gutter IMO because the bag wouldn’t have called 911…

    It’s not his fault that the fucked up media needs to meet their viewer quota to sell enough commercials to rake in the big dough so I probably would try to milk this cash cow myself like he does.

    He is not a hero like he says himself. Everyone should do what he did in this situation. But it’s nice to see that a black person is admitting it out on public TV that there is something wrong about a white girl running into a black man’s arms. I think this statement is deeper than than a white woman seeking black cock…

  3. Fucking stupid racist computer warriors. What the fuck does it matter if he is black? He saved her damn life. Me personally I never pay attention to peoples problems if that was me walking by the house and there was some lady crying I would just think she was drunk and keep walking.

  4. The answer to all of your questions is this – everyone at any point in time can be a hero or a monster. There is no safe haven anywhere because not all whites are genial and not all blacks are malign and vice versa. But I personally am not a big fan of multiculturalism and Charles Ramsey’s statement confirms that fact “there is something wrong ..” blah blah. Sadly it’s not something we can escape so always be on your guard wherever you reside.

  5. The man is a living hero! He interveined when he saw Amanda franticly trying to get out the door. Most people would have ignored the incident as none of their business. The man is a natural in front of the camera. The comment about running into the arms of a black man was hilarious and somewhat satirical in a dark comedic way. He should get his own television show, “Charlie’s Angels.” This time we get to see the Angel’s keeper.

  6. Making fun of Charles is ok. It was pretty funny what he said.

    But the rest of the article is pure shit. Those girls and the 6 years old kid did not ask to be there. They were abducted and abused. Don’t worry it won’t cost you anything to get those girls back in society. Generous people with open hearts are giving there money to cover the costs.

    You try to sound like Mark in your writing… pure fail!

    1. Sunray Hello and thank you. As this is my first post here on Best Gore, I appreciate your criticism. I hoped others might approach a deeper level of human interest in the welfare of those girls (thank you Mordum too). Yet, I am not disappointed.

      I believe we all have known one or two things about misery, especially if we feel it important enough to communicate directly. That said, I suspect you, Dear Sunray, are not alone. However, my sympathy for those women is jaded mainly because they are nothing more than the flavor of the moment until the next disaster…

      “19 wounded in New Orleans shooting”… not enough punch.
      “As Ohio women remained in captivity, alleged abductor’s life crumbled”… boring.
      (10 minutes later)
      “Mother’s Day turns into nightmare for mass shooting victims’ families”… yahtzee!!

      Who do you suppose may really want to know more about ANY unfolding drama? You? Me? The mainstream behaves stupidly like a bull moose in rut from every drop of cow piss in a 10-mile radius. In a year, who will give a fuck about 4 women locked up by a sex fiend moron? In a month? Now? It all depends on ratings, perhaps on how popular the Dead Giveaway remix eventually becomes. Given enough play, Hollywood will make a movie about how the movie was made In Utero!

      It is my concern that a worse kind of Hell for those girls has only begun to show its face. I’m talking about the “generous people with open hearts who are giving their money to cover the costs”. Free lunches? Sponsorship as they rebuild their ravaged world? Why the hell not? McDonald’s would love that idea, as well as Charles Ramsey’s employer. Put them all on a pedestal, lock them in an ivory tower and ask how they like it.

      Instead of conforming to blindness, maybe these women will rise to the occasion and summon their “inner courage” and “willpower” to fight the good battle, to overcome the adversity of street odds, and to live long enough to become fat and happy. Or, maybe the three older ones are just twerking whores who scored a sugar daddy.

      1. acme, I am not against you exposing the hypocrisy of the media and the fact that sheeple will eat that stuff. But surely, in the same breath accusing those women of things they haven’t done yet, that was going too far for me.

        How can these women live something even worst than that? So far they have proven that they are survivors, real ones. They asked for privacy. It is not those girls that you could criticize, but some of the people around them, yes. If anyone exploits this situation, I don’t think it will be the women, but some of the family members, yes.

        I agree that in a few weeks, months, that will be news past. However, could we learn something positive in all this, I hope.

        Don’t judge before the crime, else you fall right into the government propaganda. Let’s wait and see.

  7. Mother’s Day 2013. Thank you all for your valuable compliments, encourangement, and/or insight regarding my first Best Gore post. It is an honor to serve.

    To date, there’s at least 3 different YouTube Dead Giveaway interview remixes including the Schmoyoho Colossus at almost 10.5 MILLION views since 5/7. A catchy tune, yes it is; a testament to the shining prowess of a responsible American citizen, undeniable. Enlightened and entertained, we all seem to be. Shedding a sliver of light on urban law enforcement and emergency services in general? Well, just wait for the 3 out of 4 remix. Happy Mother’s Day especially to Amanda Berry and daughter, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight.

    Certainly, the sheeple must relish this opportunity to praise viral superstar Charley while being able to mob all over Cleveland’s abundant deficiencies. Among the most heinous, the apathetic 911 dispatcher seemed almost annoyed that Amanda was bothering him; gotta love cities, snackbars for all “civil” servants.

    Soon enough, there will probably be books, a movie, a dramatic true-life television series, and perhaps a new McDonald’s Dead Giveaway thrill ride at Six Flags. Events will be forgotten… unless Schmoyoho gets his hands on a Castro interrogation interview, complete in every detail.


    Juicy – Antoine Dodson’s classic words were assimilated last year by Schmoyoho into the Bed Intruder song. Now filing Schmoyoho under Annoying Spineless Parasites.

    Worzel, Pumpkinhead, OFS, Cemeterian, Straygraycat – Thank you, the Dakotas and NE Montana are experiencing a big oil boom; creates a destabilized local economy and housing shortages… an all-you-can-eat buffet for black market overlords to send their hungriest dogs. It’s only just begun to hit the locals; fortunately, most of us are very well-armed and keep clean lockers. In southern MT where I’m from, the massive Crow Indian Reservation (about the size of the U.S. state Connecticut) is effective psychologically; and, the legendary Billings Police. However, the Bakken Boom, increased regional oil fracking, hordes of dispossessed zombie families coming from absolutely everywhere are changing everything, here. And, yes it would take only 1 real winter to freeze just about everyone out; too few truly have met Lady Winter. I believe she’s acquainted with Ms. Karma.

    Klonker – Your criticism was said well and is appreciated. Indeed, anyone could have heard and responded to Amanda’s screams for help. Yet, Charley alone got hit with the spotlight like a runaway bus. The crowd went wild when he inserted the old Dead Giveaway coin into the Pop Machine. I believe he knew exactly what to say; even if by proxy he acknowledged his low standing in society. Props to him for having enough street to swagger in front of the camera.

    MawlinRogue – Multiculturalism is an infinite maze of mindfuckness. Where does color end and thought begin?

    1. Hi! Since you’re from Billings, you must know my oldest cousin, Kathleen Benoit (now her last name is Whitely and before being a Benoit her last name was Jones). Right?
      She’s been a tv and ad lady ever since she graduated from the university in Montana.

      So I reach out to you, expressing our commonalties because I want to see the picture(s) of Ariel Castro’s hanging dead body. Got em?

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