Half a Decade of Best Motherfucking Gore

Gore Is Love

On this day exactly 5 years ago, what was to become the best motherfucking gore site on the interweb had started humbly with a post of Eugene Armstrong’s beheading. In a strange twist of fate, the conception of Best Gore coincided with the beginning of my personal journey to spiritual awakening. Five months prior I rekindled my withering passion for travel with a trip to Cuba which started a rolling snowball of questioning the purpose of spending the best years of my life working for the man, solely so one day, when I retire, I can start doing things I have always wanted to do but couldn’t because I had to go to work.

The more I thought about it, the less it made sense and two months after the conception of Best Gore, during my absolutely amazing trip to Iceland, I reached the conclusion that my days of working toward retirement were over. Instead, I started working toward quitting work to travel. I realized that there were no guarantees I would live until retirement in which case all I would have known is work. And likewise, I also realized that even if I do live long enough to reach retirement, by that time I will have been old and likely unable to do many things I can still do now. It plain and simple made no motherfucking sense spending my whole days right now, while I still have two healthy legs going to work when there was so much I wanted to do with my life.

So although the two were not related, 2 months after Best Gore’s conception I started prepping for quitting work, and another 2 months later, I made it happen. I had no money, no income, no guarantees of anything, all I knew was I didn’t want to waste another day of my life working for the man in order to secure myself with good life after I’ve retired (ie after I’m old and immobile, possibly suffering from serious health issues and who knows what else). I would not recommend anyone doing it the way I did, but as for me personally, I do not regret any of it.

I went from having a good job with the government that paid nice benefits to being penniless, homeless and futureless, yet I felt alive. I was out of the golden cage, no longer “protected” by it, no longer surrounded by its luster, but also no longer restricted by it, no longer its slave. And at that time, only 4 months into its existence, Best Gore already experienced unprecedented growth and popularity.

It must have had a lot to do with people coming to Best Gore always finding inside what was advertised on the outside. When title said that this was a post about a beheading of a particular person, if they clicked that title it took them to a page with the beheading of that particular person. Pretty straightforward, but if you consider how much the interweb is flooded with deceptive pages wasting people’s time by not delivering what they promise, by simply delivering what is promised the website grew by the day.

As months went by, I met with many people who like me – quit work to travel, but they all considered it the ultimate achievement whereas in my case this was just the beginning. All other permanent travellers freed themselves from the slavery of the golden cage only to become slaves of other things, like their little gadgets and facebook and such. Whereas I went to see a sunset, they went to take pictures of the sunset to brag about it before their surrogate on facebook. Whereas I went to sample local cuisine, they went just so they can make their facebook surrogate feel jealous by reminding them that they had eaten some exotic food.

A slave is a slave is a slave is a slave – that’s the way I saw it. Yet my spiritual growth did not stop there. Being a slave to the internet is one of the hardest shackles to shake off these days. Using the internet for personal advancement is one thing, being addicted to it and wasting one’s days away on it is whole another. I recognized it as yet another form of slavery which none of the faux free “permanent travellers” ever had as little as cross their minds. Yet beyond that there is one more, the most difficult of all shackle to shake off – one I’m still working on but not gonna elaborate on it at this time.

Best Gore Today

Last year when Best Gore celebrated its 4th anniversary, the site was perused by half a million people a month. After the Luka Magnotta situation, the readership quickly grew to 7 digits. By the end of 2012, the readership was at more than 6 Million and by looking at the April 2013 stats, it’s more than 9 Million a month. That however has a lot to do with the recent Boston Marathon Bombings because during those days and the days following the bombings the traffic to the site temporarily sky rocketed which bumped the overall visitor count up by a million compared to the previous 2 months.

And then something happened 3 days ago – I’m not sure what it was yet. But the traffic grew by 70%. If you consider the readership of Best Gore, 70% increase in daily usage is an increase by a significant number of users. A very, very big site must have linked Best Gore because you don’t get several hundred thousand extra daily readers overnight compared to the long term average just out of the blue. A site much larger that BG must have linked one of the pages and it drives shitloads of people to Best Gore, but strangely enough, not even almost 4 days later has this extra load normalized. Usually when a spike comes, after a day or two it slowly starts coming back down to normal. But not in this case.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the site has been very sluggish since April 26. Server is just so heavily overloaded there is no spare resource left and I’m already caching everything that can be cached. This extra traffic creates loads our current server can’t handle so if it doesn’t normalize over the next day or two, I will have to start looking at an upgrade to hardware. My apologies for server frequently timing out.

The Mission Statement

Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong.
~ Adolf Hitler

If the above quote by the greatest man of the 20th century is right, then success of the site is a pretty solid indicator that Best Gore is on the right track. As such, I don’t anticipate any major changes to take place in the days ahead of us, however I still wanted to make this post an open forum for you, the readers to give me a hint of what you’d prefer to see more, what to see less, what to perhaps leave out, what to reintroduce, etc. We’ll get back to this later.

Since its inception in 2008, the unwritten mission of Best Gore was to expose the harsh reality of the world in its true colors. But that’s only half of it. The other half that Best Gore is first and foremost a thought provoking portal.

If all you seek are blood and guts with sole focus on the shock aspect of things, then you are probably better off looking elsewhere. There are many other “gore sites” that may be a better match for you. Best Gore set itself apart right from the beginning from bland shock sites with thought provoking commentary accompanying each post. That is what Best Gore has always been and that is what made Best Gore the #1 reality website on t3h interweb. Without it, all we would know about photos or videos is that this was a drug dealer killed by rivals in Brazil, but we wouldn’t know about the Da Silvas, Fiat Unos and Caruaru.

Likewise, we would know there is brutal narco shit happening in Mexico, but we wouldn’t know about how dangerous the popular tourist trap of Acapulco is, that Chiapas is the machete chop chop capital of Mexico, etc. We would merely discuss the splatter patterns of people who seemingly committed suicides by jumping off highrises in Thailand, but wouldn’t know anything about Thais teaming up with corrupt policemen and twisted prostitutes to mass murder vacationers in Pattaya.

Trust me, it would be far easier on me if all I needed to do was post a set of picture with a two sentence sum up of what they’re about, instead of doing thorough research and putting my findings in detail together. Vast majority of time I spend running Best Gore is spent on research and collection of data which is then put together into an article. If I spared myself of all that work, Best Gore would have more content, but it would be just another shock site with no thought provoking value.

I understand that Best Gore is not for everyone and never tried to be, but I’m not holding a gun to anyone’s head to read what it has to offer. Best Gore has purpose far deeper than sharing of graphic images and videos. If you prefer to live in a rose colored, or monochromatic world without wider understanding of what is going on, be my guest and go elsewhere so you don’t stand in the way of those of us who prefer to live in actual reality.

And that leads me to the Mission Statement of Best Gore – you can’t have reality without truth. Trust is such an integral part of reality, leaving it out of reality reporting would be like degrading an HD image into a Video 8. Best Gore has always been more about story than just about content. And this will not change. There is, has always been and always will be a lot to see in terms of gore on Best Gore, but to post gore for the mere sake of gore is not what this site is about. As students of Best Gore (I myself am a student too – I learn here every day just as everyone else), we work with the complete picture and the picture cannot be complete if you leave truth out of reality. Therefore truth reporting will not cease on Best Gore.

Fear of Reality

Unfortunately, floods of new readers bring with them many who prefer to live in a rose colored world and reality upsets them. They are the sheep – some so helplessly enslaved they can’t be helped, others hiding in the wolf’s clothing, infiltrating our ranks to destabilize our community from within. One thing Best Gore has taught me about the sheep is that they fear reality. It’s a type of phobia that may not have its own name, but is more prevalent than most that do.

Fear of reality is why the sheeple always threaten and try to get the site shut down. They are so terrified of reality, they can’t stand the notion of it being exposed. Anything outside of their rose tinted fantasy scares the living bejeesus out of them.

The sheep fear reality because in their rose colored world, government has their needs and interests in mind, police serve and protect them, gun owners are responsible, Thais are friendly, ZOG is a conspiracy theory, truth is a hate speech, Hitler was a bad guy and 6 Million Jews died. You take their rose colored shades off their mugs for just one second, it makes them see that everything in the rose world they praise so much is false and that makes them to freak the fuck out, curse you to the hell and back, call you any of the plethora of names their sheep masters conditioned them to use on truth speakers (the popular ones being a bigot, a racist, an anti semite, a homophobe or a misogynist) and attack you with all they have until you take that nasty reality away from their sight and let them have their rosy world back. They are so terrified of reality (and truth, as they are one and all), they’ll kill you if they have to to get back to living in their rosy world.

Unfortunately, the sheep are too many and their masters too powerful, therefore any truth speaker is always a target. I am however ready for whatever it takes to defend the truth – whether exile or prison. The former being my current reality.

Our Best Gore

I was waiting for this anniversary to hand the torch to you, the healthy core of Best Gore (sheeple, please stay out of it – you fear reality and with it you fear the truth, therefore you don’t understand neither). Let’s decide the course Best Gore will take in its 6th year of existence together. Tell me what you want to see more of, what to see less of. Tell me what would make Best Gore more to your liking and we’ll try to work out a way that suits the best to most.

I also want to make this another roll call for writers. If you’re able to do research on the internet, can write reasonably well in English and would like to be more than just a reader or commenter on Best Gore, hit me up. I would especially welcome those who have some experience working with WordPress. I will try to make this a bit of a more ongoing program because last time I made a public announcement asking for writers I got so much response all at once, I was unable to keep up with it but as time progressed, it would have been useful to get back to them, but at that time it was too late. I’ll try to work out a button in the menu to make this more of an ongoing call, rather than a one time occurrence. But yeah – anytime you read this and think you could write for BG, hit me up.

Your Call

To help me understand how ya’ll feel about certain types of content that are less on the “gory” side, cast your votes in the polls below. All these polls collect are votes – one per registered user. Therefore if you try to brownnose, it won’t be recognize because I will not know you voted in favor or against something. All I will know are total numbers of in favor and against votes, but not who voted for what. Unfortunately, anyone’s who has an account on Best Gore can vote, which means a whole lotta sheeple can do so too therefore I will also take into an account opinions expressed in comments by trusted members.

Would You Like to See More or Less Dashcam Videos?

Example: Dashcam Car Drives Up To a Pack of Hungry Stray Dogs Attacking a Woman

[poll id=”17″]

Would You Like to See More or Less Police Brutality Videos?

Example: Barrie Police Officer Jason Nevill And His Thugs Beat a Man

[poll id=”18″]

Would You Like to See More or Less Posts Exposing Crimes of International Jewry?

Example: Brendon O’Connell – Jailed for 3 Years for Speaking Truth About Jews

[poll id=”19″]

Would You Like to See More or Less Educational Posts On True History?

Example: 1994 Markale Massacre in Sarajevo

[poll id=”20″]

I’m Chatting Too

I will take a temporary break from posting too much and will hang out with you guys here. Let’s talk about anything you want to talk about. It’s our anniversary so let’s kick back and have a fun day together. Maybe get to know one another a little better. I hardly participate in comments much so this will be my opportunity to change it. I think it’s OK to do it once a year on a special occasion. So let’s chat – ask me anything, although I may not be able to respond to all. And will definitely ignore trolls and the sheeple agent provocateurs.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Google is censoring access to our videos. Don't use their proprietary and dubious browser Chrome just because it's popular with the herd. Use an open source, user friendly and privacy respecting alternatives, like Tor or Firefox. Leave Chrome to the sheeple. Don't be one of them. Take the power to decide what you get to watch away from Google and put it in your own hands instead.

179 thoughts on “Half a Decade of Best Motherfucking Gore”

  1. Mark,

    I was curious if you were ever intending to come to Australia for a best gore meet up like you have had done one once before (can’t remember where), you do seem to have a few fans down under, it would be nice to shake the hand of the man who delivers my daily dose of reality πŸ˜€ I haven’t completely read this article just yet but i am making my way through it πŸ™‚

    – Nathan

      1. Well done on the milestone Mark! Absolutely awesome site, really opens my eyes.

        If you ever do come down under, you should pop over to NZ too. I bet there’d be a few SOBs here who would love to shake your hand!

        1. I agree. I love the site aswell. It has opened my eyes too. Never before have I valued my life like I do now. I make sure to be nice to people, making peace with people and take care of my friends and family..

          If I were to tend to a bestgore fan-gathering, I’m hoping to meet people with the same view on life as I have, and discuss things about life that is worth remembering.

          This is the best news page ever made

      2. I completely understand what you mean. It is quite a far distance to travel and would require months of planning and preparation, and I will look forward to the day when it comes that we can officially hold a tour down under meet up.

        Thank you for all of your hard work and I can’t wait for another half a decade of exclusive content

        – Nathan

      3. Hi Mark, it would be great if you could come back to Australia. I’d love to meet you and meet some fellow bestgorians.

        Congratulations on the BG anniversary.

        I love my daily dose of BG. It keeps me sane (funny that) and I have learnt so much. (Must not deal drugs in brazil, must not go to Pattaya)
        Who needs the local newspaper when I can come to BG for an update on real life events.

        Thank you for all of your hard work over the years. It’s the one place I know I can come to and it’s as real as it gets. There’s no bullshit and in this day and age that’s hard to find so well done.

        And thank you for your little spurts of humour. I always have a little bit of a giggle whenever I hear the last name Da Silva, so thank you again.

        Cheers! πŸ™‚
        (Did I mention you should come to Australia?)

      4. Hi Mark, it would be great if you could come to Australia. I’d love to meet you and meet some fellow bestgorians.

        Congratulations on the BG anniversary.

        I love my daily dose of BG. It keeps me sane (funny that) and I have learnt so much. (Must not deal drugs in brazil, must not go to Pattaya)
        Who needs the local newspaper when I can come to BG for an update on real life events.

        Thank you for all of your hard work over the years. It’s the one place I know I can come to and it’s as real as it gets. There’s no bullshit and in this day and age that’s hard to find so well done.

        And thank you for your little spurts of humour. I always have a little bit of a giggle whenever I hear the last name Da Silva, so thank you again.

        Cheers! πŸ™‚
        (Did I mention you should come to Australia?)

  2. I am off to Cuba on Thursday! I would love to leave work for good and be able to just travel. I love this website, it’s truly unique in it’s posts and I can spend hours on here reading everything, plus the people are awesome too πŸ˜€ Thank you Mark for making this site possible.

  3. I recently Joined. Congratulations! Sorry it took me so long to get here. Better late than never I always say. My friend asked me a couple of days ago why on earth I would visit such a site. All she understood was the graphic nature of it and dismissed it as brutal and too graphic to watch. I felt sorry for her. I simply said this to her and I believe I opened her eyes just as you have done for so many. “I want the truth and I’m tired of being lied to”. “This site sugarcoats nothing”.” I am a part of this community because it makes me appreciate the fragility of life and makes me want to be a better human being”. “That’s it”! She smiled. You make a difference Mark and I appreciate you.

    1. Welcome to Best Gore, in my opinion the best community on the internet, all the discriminating comments are often removed so that this website can be a genuinely kind community that you can feel comfortable in. I am so glad you could open the eyes of someone, where I couldn’t even dream of that happening where I live, People here are blind to reality that when there is one shooting in a capital city some act as if it is Armageddon.

  4. I’m definitely not the only Irish person here that would enjoy a meet up. Damn you Iceland……
    Anyway, one question for you Mark. How can we help with server demands and donate? I don’t have loads of disposable income but surely if a even a small percentage chip in it would help out considerably

    1. Thank you for your generous offer. Unfortunately at present time it’s not possible to donate. One and a half year ago, when Best Gore was getting about 300k monthly readers I had a PayPal donation form on the site. And indeed, people donated so each month enough was collected to pay for the server. And then a dogooder whined to PayPal and they banned my account. I have not been able to find a viable alternative since.

      While I was in Canada, I was able to receive checks or money orders mailed directly to my mail box and several people did go through hassle to do that. Many are still active on the site though others may not even know how much they’ve done for the site. But with me being gone, I have no means to process donations. The only way would be for those able to foot the entire monthly bill for the server, which is currently $600 by paying the webhost directly. But that’s a lot of money for a donation.

      1. I would be willing to do that Mark, but once I can get myself a suitable position where I can afford that I will send you a message and let you know my availability on the matter πŸ™‚ and I am sure others would be able to step up to the position and help out

      2. maybe you can use bitcoin? There is more privacy in that world. Just a thought mark, dont know how you stand against that bitcoinworld πŸ˜‰
        Keep up the good work mate.
        and congratulations with the 5 year anniversary

        Greetings for the whole awesome community here

          1. Here is short order form of bitcoins and how it works.
            The true genius (my opinion) of this is no centralized banks nor government involvement. I also like using the Tor network:
            Both let users enjoy anonymity while online. I would never post links on this site, but given that I believe in the system they are trying to create and that these links may be of great interest to this particular community, just a little info on the future of helping create some online anarchy. In true BG fashion, these are not spam and do not contain anything malicious, they are for informational purposes only. Maybe a .onion account for best gore may help keep you out of the pokie? I appreciate what you have created here, but sometimes shutter at the fact that being shut down at some point is a reality, just look at some past gore sites that are not with us any longer. Kudos to five years, making of your life what you want it to be, and not becoming complacent or greedy. Thank You

          2. Bitcoin is also unstable and has recently experienced a collapse. We need to get away from zioFED notes but Bitcoins is not looking good.

  5. Great work, Mark. And thanks for using my submissions. I enjoy seeing the stuff I send you. Like I’ve said before, I’ve learned a hellava lot from this site, including all the bullshit that goes on in Brazil and Thailand. Keep up the good work, and the more gore the better. I must say, though, it’s not easy for me to watch the Mexican beheading videos. But life goes on. And speaking of retirement, I retired in 2009 when I was 62, and now I’m 65 and not old and decrepit by a longshot. I have my health (though I do smoke cigarettes) and I too have a lot less money than I did when I was employed. I’m poor but much happier not having to work for the man (in my case, lawyers) and put up with all the unfairness and political bullshit. Keep up the good work. Buffsmom

  6. Just as our queen is resigning, and our new king is getting ready to accept his crown, i am on Best Gore. I have been for quite a while now. It was upsetting at first, and it didn’t feel right to watch people die.

    But then Best Gore started to make sense. Zionism, and governments hiding reality from it’s people were just a few things i never knew about.

    It absolutely changed my life. I do not have the need to go out and work on my ‘career’, be an outstanding citizen and be an active part of our ‘glorious society’.

    Instead, i am aware of conspiracies that took and are taking place (Hitler, Libya, Syria among others) and i don’t see the world the same anymore. All i see today is deception, lies, cover ups.. I see the real world, and it makes me sick.

    Nevertheless it makes me feel alive and aware, it makes me feel smarter then the typical sheeple.

    Thanks Mark, for bringing the truth to us. For showing us what the world is really like. Thanks for warning us about da Silva’s, pointers and flip-flops, corrupted Thai police and many, many more.

    I would like to take this opportunity to say to you on behalf of the Netherlands:

    A job well done!
    Best motherfucking Gore is embedded in the media redefining tool we call the internet, and for that we thank you and the entire community

  7. You got me hooked from moment I came upon your site looking for info on Magnotta. Always been a fan of gory movies but nothing compares to real life footage. Thank you for putting this information out there and letting people see what really happens…no censoring….no trying to protect society from evils…just real and raw. It gives me a whole new understanding of the human race, and to see a darker side people thinks doesn’t exists. I also love that you will have videos on your site that you seriously can’t find anywhere…or even know where to begin to look like the medical training videos. Everyday when I take a moment for myself, I jump on to see what new videos you have posted. Thanks again.

  8. Hey GoreDaddy!!! I wanted to extend my congrats to you on the 5 year anniversary! This site is awesome! I’ve learned so much in just a short time- shit i had no clue about! Talk about eyes wide open! I thank you for your daily dose of content and i appreciate everything you do for us here! Mostly, thank you for your time! I thought I’d have a bunch of questions for you, but being up in the middle of the night, dealing with strep throat, my mind isn’t as sharp as usual. Lol. One thing that I’d like to know what your favorite type of gore is? Beheadings, horrific car accidents, suicides, etc?? Such a general question, but i do wonder..

    I’d like to also tell you that i think you’re a cutie! Not that, that’s really important to me, but i just wanted to put that out there and tell you. Compliments can do no harm! πŸ™‚

    Here’s to many more years of happiness and success for you personally and the site! I hope that at the end of the day, you go to sleep with satisfaction! Most people will never chase their dreams or step outside of their comfort zone! I really look up to you for the way you live your life and i especially think you’re as smart as you are handsome! I love how you can keep me interested on topics I’ve never even given a single thought to! You’re always going to have haters- but know you got a lot of people that have got nothing but love for you as well! Let me know if you ever make it to sunny Cali! I’d love to shake your um- hand, too!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you for the compliment – as for my favorite type of gore… I don’t actually think I have one. There’s so much juicy (no pun intended) stuff in each different type that I think in my case it’s gore as a whole, rather than specific types.

  9. Can anyone direct me to posts about ZOG and how it all works? I understand everyone has an opinion about jews but frankly i dont know any up in my part of OZ. I have viewed some doco’s on Israel and the jew lobby in American congress, but would like more info. The thing about facts, events and such is that there is always two sides to them, i’m smart enough not to believe a whole lot of mainstream media that is fed to us. Need more info and some research done before i can make a post on this ZOG/evil jew thing.

    1. Based on poll results from this post, I may end up posting more on the topic of ZOG so you’ll be able to get a lot of info from here (with references to back up my statements), however if general interest is elsewhere, I will limit posting about it.

      1. First of all, Congratz Mark!
        I’ve been a visitor (and a member) for severall years now.
        I am aware of ZOG all the time, since I live in the Netherlands, ZOG is ruining all of our beloved (Germanic) Europe!
        I enjoyed reading your post on the ZOG matters.
        While the j00z stirring shit to block these informative sites, you’ve kept your head high!
        Keep on posting Gore and your(our) opinions;)


    1. I did Cuba with a companion because she spoke some Spanish and it was helpful. I also did Scotland, parts of England and Slovakia in Eastern Europe with then Australian girlfriend (it was during my trips across Europe more than 12 years ago). Other than that I travel solo.

      Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but at present time I prefer to be on my own.

      As for dangerous countries – I actually intentionally avoid them, with which I avoid chances of stumbling across juicy scenes, but there really is so much to see in safe countries, going to danger zones makes no sense.

      I went to Thailand because I didn’t know any better. Info you get from leftists on the internet is completely false cause they don’t have the wits to recognize scammers and murderers even if they announced themselves as such beforehand. I know better after seeing the truth with my own eyes.

  10. Well fucking done, 5 years into any project is to be commended, I’d like to see less gore and more porn advertising, I think there’s tonnes of screen space that you could pimp out with hot chicks……naaaah, I honestly think if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it, leave it as is.
    Keep traveling Mark, it’s given you aspiration and always will, just don’t fall in love in Pataya.

    The only thing I wish,is that I was here since day one but unfortunately I didn’t have a computer or laptop back then,I was really in the stone ages back then. I’m not sure how long I’ve been coming to this site but my guess is 2-3 years, and that’s everyday, multiple times a day. This is the #1 site in my opinion,period. Besides the great content,gore and of course THE TRUTH, the majority of commenters is fuckin’ a! A salute to the commenting members also for making this a kick ass site to live!!! Congrats Mark, thank you, and here’s to many more years to come!!!

  12. Heads off to Eugene Armstrong! His death sparked the idea to start up this great website (if I am correct) and a big thanks to you Mark for giving me the social life that I lack in my day to day life. It took a broken back to get me here but it was well woth it.
    Keep up the good work and we’ll see ya here in five more years!

    1. P.S., thanks to all the great people who make this site such a fun and informative place, I am happy to have you all as friends.
      It’s true what they say…you meet the nicest people on a gore website.

  13. Congratz! I have been a truth seeker my entire life, thank you for giving me a place to witness it with my own eyes. “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

    ~Marcus Aurelius

    1. Mark, or Margaret or Vincit πŸ˜‰
      Makes no difference just keep up the hard work. I have a lot of respect for you doing this site for all of us. Thank you much! /|\/|\

      “Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.”

      “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”
      Oscar Wilde

  14. Happy Anniversary! This is your creation, it must be amazing to see how much the site has grown in five years! People come to Best Gore for different reasons. For me, its a reality news site. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into the thought provoking articles and I read them all, even if I don’t comment on every post. You’ve proven that you have integrity and aren’t afraid to tackle controversial subjects that the lame stream media never will. Thank you, for opening our eyes and our minds to the realities of life!

  15. 5 years, dam! where has all that time gone? so fast to.When i not in jail you can bet that, i be on your site every day mark!
    peace out bro!
    I will roll a fat one, and smoke it with love , and respect from all of us , from ENGLAND!!

  16. I wouldn’t change a thing dude – just keep it coming. Oh and maybe repost the Luka Magnotta vid. I am dying (maybe a poor choice of words on this site) to see his “slicing and dicing” up close and personal. And thanks for all your hard work. ps fuck the sheeple!!!

    1. I really want to see it too!! But moreso, I would love to know the whole story of what happened?? Seems to have caused a load of shit. It’s so weird but last night I ended up on youtube & some bitch was moaning about BG, and it mentioned the Luka M thing, so to read this from Mark today is kind of a brain fuck and makes me want to see it even more! Maybe someone can help us πŸ™‚ not sure if Mark can repost it, but here’s hoping.

      1. @Sweet-I myself just saw it thanks to a fellow member here. I couldn’t find it anywhere and he got it to me. @seedy- can you post the link? I’m not sure about posting links. They never work when i do. If you message me, i can send the link directly to you.. you can find my addy in the April Fools Prank post. I wanted to see it sooo bad and actually just recently did! Crazy stuff!

  17. I read a 1950’s book in high school called ‘On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac. Your story is very similar in the sense you both wanted more authenticity in your life, to free your shackles from this perverted society.

    I have true respect for people like Kerouac & Mark, they are not afraid to write their own moral code, ask questions instead of conforming mindlessly, but most importantly find yourself spiritually – find their OWN meaning in life. While I write this I’m sitting in my dorm at university, wondering what the fuck am I going to do with my life.

  18. Thank you and congratulations Mark on an awesome website, and to the Best Gore community for their Post submissions and comments.
    It must have been an incredible 5 year journey for you, no doubt full of threats, bullshit and intimidation that we never get to hear about.
    Are you ever planning to write a book about your experiences Mark?

    1. Because I know too much, I anticipate ZOG to have a special prison cell for me. At present time, I’m way too busy posting for millions of people on Best Gore so there’s no time left for anything else. But if ZOG were to lock me up, I’ll use the new gained time to write a book and get a cyanide pill πŸ˜‰

      1. aye yi yii dont you start with the cyanide pill talk…im getting worn out trying to save all your butts …lololol …anyways i just would be devastated without my fellow canadian in this world keeping me informed of all the crap the fleshy viruses are pulling and of course the added frustration of defending my sex…one of these days i just might convince you that we all arent as bad as you think we are…well…perhaps one or two of us are still keepers…anyways till then keep your lips AWAY from the cyanide pills…i may just need your advice one day soon…thinking of removing myself from civilization somewhere in an isolated cabin…perhaps spending my time making pine cone friends to talk to…maybe you would like to join me in my isolated bliss?? we shall see….anyways..love you lots mr. mark – congrats on your anniversary – gropes and kisses ~alison~

  19. This site has opened my eyes to the harsh reality of daily living and the darker side of humanity.
    It’s humbling to see what can happen in an instant – a squashed skull, severe limb damage, organ garage sales- which doesn’t even begin to describe the possibilities of how a person can get fucked up.
    It also delivers a certain peace of mind. The knowledge that every person will eventually bite the dust and it won’t always be pretty aids one in the realization that all that matters is that we live a life of honour and truth, until we too must meet our maker.

    Here’s to the BestGore king himself, for standing up for truth and reality, maintaining an open mind and most of all for staying honest and true amidst all the ignorant bovine devil bitches which plague humanity.

  20. Hi Mark. I’m sure you will be fed up hearing ‘congrats’ over the next few days but I say it again… Congrats. I only signed up 6 or so months ago but was an avid visitor since 2010. The growth and expansion of videos, back stories, updates , open posts etc is what sets you apart from any other site . You are more than just simply a “Gore” site as the education you bring to the table challenges us all not to conform to the norm. Life would not be the same without a daily visit to BG and long may you reign sir .

  21. I’m a new member and only started checking this site out two weeks ago. I had a real misunderstanding of what the site was about. I haven’t gotten to the animal cruelty section yet because I think that will anger me and I’ll go off my meds and go outside and find people to interact with and thats a violation of my parole etc.. naw, joking, but I really don’t like animal cruelty, sets me off. Anyway, Congrats on 5 years and thank you for offering the uncensored video and pics. It’s important to see things for yourself, as they are. A sensationalized description from a cnn reporter is an insult to peoples intelligence.

  22. Congrats mark..I’ve been a member for a couple of months but have been on best gore for over 2 years.at first I was skeptical about this site and other gore sites that gave me nothing but spam and like you said promised me a video on one topic and led me to another site when clicked.soon I noticed that BEST GORE had or HAS something that the others didn’t have.one was NO SPAM and the other was a great writter who actually took the time to write an article based on the video.so I created my profile and checked my email account and to my surprise there WAS NO SPAM.keep up the good work and live free.I too quit my job last August and have been the happiest person ever since.I’m following my dream of being a slave to music.hey we all are slave we just have the power to choose what type of slavery we want.and I want to be a happy slave.tommorow is my birthday..I was born at 7:00 in the morning..7 less hours of life and I would off had the same birthday as BEST GORE! Keep up with current and past events with your good insight and historical events and you got a member for life.the sheep will come and go but the strong will stay.congratulations once again and I wish you a healthy life because there is no best gore without mark.

  23. I stumbled onto Best Gore looking to see the Mexicans beheading each other and that was about a year ago. From there it took me another 2-3 months before I became a member. Boy did you wake me up to all of life’s reality’s, lies and misconceptions. I actually had nightmares for two days after seeing people getting beheaded, after you broke my cherry I was hooked on the reality of the world I live in. I’ve always known in my heart about 911 being an inside job and that my government is the worst enemy out there. Thank you for giving me the information to confirm my gut instinct. Once you see the truth its impossible to ever return to the land of the sheep. I strive to inform others and most notably my children so that they may become free in mind and body as I have. Thanks Mark.

  24. Well, I for one like the open posts the most because I can debate the matter at hand whilst gore footage alone tends to leave little to talk about other than a few jovial remarks about the corpse itself, which I find rather amusing I might add.

    Therefore Since this is Best Gore and gore and violence being synonymous with reality and reality being one of the main purposes of this website I can conclude that having an open post at the end of a group of postings that relate to the same matter would be a preferable format to follow.

    That way you can capture peoples thoughts at peak interest, an example would be, maybe four or five posts showing the carnage of the Syrian war followed by an open post on the how and why of the situation or four or five posts on police/security services brutality followed by a open post on state control, state your own opinion and related evidence and then ask others what they think, this will hopefully get them to look at the evidence and respond with evidence of their own if they disagree because at the moment I find that there tends to be a lot of agreeing and disagreeing without any actual thought going in to it and debates are a good way to learn how to look at the broader picture.

    As far as what content to post, the best indicator of that would be how much people engage with that particularly post, I enjoy the documentaries but I find that they get little participation but I find that when the documentary is about child abuse or similar it does get attention so maybe it is not the medium but rather the topic that matters.

    To end my arrogant , self serving rant, I conclude that gore is the needed element to keep it all going however it would be a crying shame to leave it like that and so, for the sake of increasing peoples understanding of the world around them you should most definitely post more types of less gory content but you should try to post them when the irons hot, when there has been related matter already recently posted because I find that people in general do not like to participate in subjects that they have no interest in, therefore that interest has to be developed through relating aspects of the topic to previous posts.

    Oh, and well done keeping the website going.

  25. Many congrats.

    I like the balance of content you have at the moment to be honest. The only thing I would never want is stuff like animal cruelty? I find that more upsetting than a lot of the human ‘gore’. What can I say…? Animals can often be a lot more likable than a lot of humans! I don’t think I’ve ever seen nasty animal stuff on BG, but yep, keep it that way πŸ™‚

    Here’s to 5 more.

  26. @Mark,
    I think you need to find a way that people can contribute money to you anonymously. The amount of time that some of us spend on this site for free we would be more than happy to offer a small amount. I know you see this site as a ‘mission’ if you will. But you shouldn’t be scrabbling around to survive and be worrying about paying basic necessity bills.

  27. Happy-mother-fucking-birthday-BG!! Here’s to many many more!! I came here looking for the 3 hammers vid after a friend told me about it out of morbid curiosity and fuck were my eyes opened. I was in no way wrapped in cotton wool or wearing rose tinted glasses before I came (used to watch Faces of Death when I was a kid and had a copy of Executions before it got banned) but there was a lot of shit going on that I had no idea about and for that I thank you. I have voted on the options but as others have said ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. Regards.

  28. Thank you for all the hard work, time, and effort into BG. I don’t agree with everything (gun snackbar) but I really enjoy coming here. I take time to read all articles and watch most of the videos (children too hard to handle) I am grateful especially to know what is really going on in Syria. Well Mark keep it coming as long as you can. Your efforts are appreciated. Congrats. Oh and have you lost any weight since leaving the work force herd? I have been really porking up the last few years.

    1. Unfortunately, when you’re on a super tight budget, you’re mostly stuck eating high carbohydrate food – in my case it’s a lot of rice with a bit of meat and veg. It’s hard to maintain healthy weight when your diet is shit. Eating healthy is more financially burdening than eating white carbs with very high glycemic load.

      1. I thought in your picture that you have a nice look all the way around- to my liking anyhow. That was one of the first things i noticed! I don’t like skinny guys and you just look a little thick to me. I know what you mean about eating the cheaper carbs, etc.- that’s what i grew up on. Anyhow, i think you’re just fine and a guy version of juicy! Nice and mighty squeeze-able! πŸ˜‰

  29. Thank you very much, Mark. I stumbled across this gory site by chance. And I love it! It’s straight to reality. Your posts have changed my view on what I used to know. I love everything here – your posts and members’ comments. When I wake up, I come here first. After work and lunch, I come here. At night, I also come here. Perhaps I’m addicted to the truth. I come here whenever I’m free. Hope we’ll continue on this site till the end of time…

  30. Congratulations on maintaining one of the last uncensored sites on the internet. We’ve seen gore site come and go, but BestGore persists because its creator does not allow himself to be intimidated by thugs who want to limit the free exchange of information and ideas on the internet.

  31. Hi Mark
    I was just wondering what your thinking was when you decided to create this website? I love bestgore and everything it stands for. Keep doing what you do best, so that I can keep doing what I do best, reading what you have to say every day of my life. Congrats on the anniversary! Bravo!

    – Daniel

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Unfortunately I don’t have a big story to tell you. I wish I had something cool sounding to say – such as that I’m a demon worshipper, collect human skulls, sleep in a coffin and wear rubber clothes which lead me to clearing a gore site to satisfy my craving for blood, but none of it is true. Nowhere near to it.

      As a matter of fact, when I tried to watch my first gore video – a few years before BG – I couldn’t finish it. It was Chechclear, BTW. It literally took me a few years to take the whole video on.

      Before I started Best Gore I used to watch videos on Nothing Toxic. Guy who used to run it was really cool (Scott, if I remember correctly). He had this great way to make intelligent remarks in just one sentence. I loved his sense of humor. But then, without any previous hints, the site was acquired by someone who didn’t posses the same wit and it instantly showed. None of us who perused Nothing Toxic were hinted anything that the old host has sold the site so someone else will post stuff now. The site quickly lost its luster even though content hasn’t really changed. It has simply not been the same.

      Then at the same time I watched big drama develop over the internet regarding Nikki Catsouras’ photos. Ogrish which still existed at the time took them down and admins made it absolutely clear that anyone reposting these pics will be instantly banned. Soon after, Ogrish was also sold and with Nothing Toxic having lost its cool host for some weirdo, there was no place to go for reality vids. Nikki Catsouras’s pics became impossible to find, beheading of Eugene Armstrong took hours upon hours of searching till one found a working link – I just thought it was ridiculous and there should be a place where this type of content can be found without much headache. Like with porn – if you don’t want to see porn, then don’t go to porn sites. But as for those who want to see porn, there should be porn sites out there.

      One thing lead to another –> BG

  32. Damn and crap… There is so much posts already, my brain just committed seppuku.

    Anyway, I was wondering when you started getting interested in racial matters, especially what opened your eyes to the realities of what Hitler really sttod for? I read Mein Kampf and was so impressed by the frank, no nonsense views contained therein, that I haven’t stopped educating myself since.

    How much is not kept from us.. The children of the white race.

    1. It actually hasn’t been that long for me. The first time eye opening experience from my standpoint was about 10 years ago. I had an online chat friend from Israel. Like every other obedient sheep mesmerised by programs on TV and brainwashed by reporting in the media, I was mislead into thinking that the people of Israel were “protecting themselves”. I can no longer recall what precisely lead me to suspecting that it was otherwise, but I do distinctly recall chatting with my then friend form Israel on MSN while Israel was bombing the shit out of the Palestine and she showed absolutely no remorse for innocent lives lost. Instead, she kept repeatedly bleating about how disgusting the Palestinians were and how she had hope they all would be killed quickly. Needless to say, it gave me a pretty slid glimpse of what Israel is all about and I have never ever spoken to her since.

      A few years later I somehow found out about all the people who had done independent research on alleged WWII concentration camps and how they were either imprisoned, assassinated, disappeared without a trace or one day decided to drop all their research and never touch it again, while expressing completely opposing views they had acquired overnight. It became clear to me that the latter had been given an offer they couldn’t refuse and it sickened me. The more I looked into it, the more it became clear that only historians and researchers who based their research on the same, pre approved WWII accounts had their findings (which literally concluded the same as pre approved literature they followed) published, no researchers were ever allowed to revisit the sites of alleged concentration camps and those few who did – and found proof to the contrary of the official story – were prosecuted.

      In the meantime, western government opened up to policies clearly directed at systematic eradication of the white race – which you would have to be blind to not see – and as one thing lead to another, I became as aware as I am today. Learning about real history of WWII was a big slap. I can’t find the words to describe the nerve they have to teach us blatant lies. To describe criminals as good people and good people as monsters. But the saddest thing of all is that our biggest problem are our own people – the sheeple. We are being targeted and our own zombified people are the most integral part of our demise, yet not only do they not see it, they attack everyone who tries to wake them up to reality. How do you cope with that?

  33. Damn and crap… There is so much posts already, my brain just committed seppuku.

    Anyway, I was wondering when you started getting interested in racial matters, especially what opened your eyes to the realities of what Hitler really stood for? I read Mein Kampf and was so impressed by the frank, no nonsense views contained therein, that I haven’t stopped educating myself since.

    How much is not kept from us.. The children of the white race.

  34. Congrats Mark!! This site is awesome and I love reading every single post. I was a lurker for a while and recently signed up. I love the community spirit, and the fact that you’ve opened my eyes up to so many things. I actually love that it’s not just pure ‘gore’, it’s gore, education and truth. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing, here’s to many more successful years on BG!

    Ps, I was wondering how old you are and where you’re from etc? If that’s too personal then feel free to ignore me πŸ™‚ thanks again!

  35. Hey Mark. Have been a fan of this site since the first months, and a gore junky since the 90’s. love it better than Ogrish, goregrish, rotten, etc. which I only go to those sites on rare occasions. Anywho, my young second cousin had her face torn up by a pit bull last week, and it is pretty brutal. I have the pictures of her in the ER, but currently only own a smartphone. Would you be able to edit the pictures to blur out a bit of her face so incase a family member sees this, I won’t get my ass sued or something of that nature? I have no idea how they will react, but I believe it is important to bring a little awareness on the danger of these dogs (not advocating killing pit bulls, just to be cautious) thanks!

      1. Will do, I have to go to work where the pics are. Btw, would dental shit make it here? Next month I have to get three crowns put on. I would like to share this to show how damaging drugs are. I always took care ofy teeth like any other person, but the tweak and opiates just was the more powerful force. Also for awareness. I am ashamed of it and my lifestyle, and wish no one gets hard into it. If I can deter one person, my goal is accomplished. 1 month sober today, so I guess we both are celebrating an anniversary!

  36. What a great time for a first post – on the 5th anniversary. Ive been a lurker since the beginning, but never joined the chats. I really enjoy the site and check in almost daily. I love the site Mark, and thanks from another Edmontonian. Keep up the awesome work.

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