This Had Great Potential – Part IV

Hillbilly Silo Knock Down

Hillbilly Silo Knock Down

This long overdue update to our popular “This Had Great Potential, But Alas…” series is brought to you by New York hillbillies. Filmed in Lowville, Lewis County, New York, the video shows a guy trying to knock down a silo by collapsing the lower level panels with a sledge hammer. This was an incredibly dangerous undertaking and easily one of the most unbelievable cheats of death ever caught on camera. How he managed to avoid being crushed is beyond me, but he certainly earned an honorary Darwin Award nomination.

Props to Best Gore member FleshyVirus for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “This Had Great Potential – Part IV”

  1. Fuck i hate when he put the camera down geez am i the only one who would film anything without even blinking or showing emotion? videos gotta be good and not ruined like he did but yeah awesome lol 🙂

    1. hopefully all we missed was dust and ash. You are right tho, dumbass camera man should have stood back more. But you got to think, they are gullible so when one says they have seen it done before they all believe he is wise.

  2. Oh man! I laughed out loud when I heard where it was from! Lowville, is about an hour from the Canadian border, and the only thing there are farmers, Amish, and rednecks. My husband briefly lived there when he was first stationed in New York, lol. What a lucky fucker. lol And no, all of Upstate isn’t like that, I’m from the Adirondacks. lol

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