Hollywood Celebrities Speak Against Gun Snackbarism in America

Hollywood Celebrities Speak Against Gun Snackbarism in America

What a crock of shit. All these big shot Hollywood celebrities got together to make a video in which they preached against gun snackbarism. Apparently they’ve had enough after the Sandy Hook shooting. Everybody knows where I stand on the issue of gun snackbarism, but if there is anything more despicable than gun snackbarists, it’s two faced hypocrites.

I wonder how many guns each of the celebrities who appear in the video have at home. I also wonder what they security guards pack. I mean – really? You’re gonna preach against gun snackbarists because Sandy Hook made it a popular topic? That’s what sheep do – nod to everything majority nods to and bash on everything majority starts to bash on.

Gun snackbarists are hypocrites extraordinaires – that’s a known fact. No gun snackbarist should, for example have the nerve to point a finger at Doomsday freaks because snackbarism is exactly the same damn thing. Snackbarists say they carry guns to protect themselves against some unknown attacker which could happen in the future and threaten their family. Doomsday freaks prep for the end of the world to likewise protect themselves against some event which could happen in the future and threaten their family. Seriously – there is no difference between mental instability of gun snackbarists and doomsday freaks, yet you still get gun snackbarists pointing fingers at doomsday freaks. Hypocrites extraordinaires, the lot of them.

It is no different with Hollywood celebrities that participated in the making of that recently released video a spin-off of which is provided below. I agree with the message the video conveys because there is nothing more deplorable, than two faced hypocrites. Either practise what you preach, or shut the fuck up!

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the video:

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37 thoughts on “Hollywood Celebrities Speak Against Gun Snackbarism in America”

    1. I for one do not own a gun. Going to wait and see what happens with the gun ban then going to save for one. I do however support our 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms. If teachers were armed with guns then school shooting fatalities would decrease. It isn’t hard to train teachers even if it is just 2 on each hall how to aim and properly fire a weapon. They can keep it ina locked safe so the students won’t get ahold of it. People say that banning guns will mean less crime. That is total bullshit. In Australia the government disarmed their citizens and crimes with guns went up.
      Armed robberies + 69%
      Murder with guns +19%
      Assault with guns +20%
      Home invasions + 21%
      Switzerland has the lowest crime rate of all countries and the reason is because every adult or at least 90% of the are packing a gun. When was the last mass shooting spree at a NRA covention? When was the last time a gun store was robbed? When was the last mass shooting at a gun show? Hrmmmm.
      People make a big deal when someone open carries. I would rather stand next to someone who open carries than someone who has their hood up and hands in their pockets because when shit goes down the guy with the gun carrying legally is going to react while the anti gun people run or die like the victims they are. Rosie O’donnel and the nerve to give a anti gun speech when she has armed bodyguards protecting that piece of garbage. Diane Feinstein wants to ban all guns but she conceals carries and she has 5 armed bodyguards. This is total bs the gun ban is a violation to the constitution and the whole government and the president should be tried for treason.

      1. well fucking put, I do not own a gun myself and I will tell you the exact same shit goes down here in da silva land (brazil) – brazilian citizens have to have a damn good reason to carry a gun legally, the permit is only given by discretion of the federal police and armed robbery rate has never been so high. The only reason why I do not own a gun (be it legal or illegal) is because I do not live alone, otherwise, I am sure as hell I would have one for my home security.

  1. The most out-of-touch-with-reality group of cocksuckers once again using their celebrity status to tell the rest of us how we should be thinking, as though playing make-believe for a living somehow qualifies them to tell people what to do. The only thing more disturbing than Hollywood-types exploiting a series of tragedies in order to push their liberal agenda is the plethora of barnyard automatons who will actually fall in line because [insert so-called movie star’s name here] told them to.

    BTW, long-time viewer, finally decided to join in the fun. Happy to be here.


    1. @starry,
      I have to agree with you, actors and musicians sticking thier big fat beaks into politics and world affairs should be exterminated. Those c****s the Foo Fighters are a perfect example of how dangerous the stupid with influnece can be with thier support of the Aids denialist arseholes.

      1. @wicked mama woah the fucking foo fighters are you shitting me.. out of all the pussy bands in the world and its them !! -.- I hate hippie bullshit like that have you seen the new commercial on YouTube where all them kids say where they are from and to stop gang violence strict bullshit propaganda the funny thing about it there was a stupid commercial about a new cellphone where they used an Asian guy in a business suit I thought to myself O_o *hey I’m going to buy that phone because you know what a rich good looking asian in a business suit owns it and I want to be just like him !!* O _ O -.- Whoopie .. I’m telling you this fucking generation is spending money on bullshit stuff that they don’t need lets say you buy a new phone then *bam* a newer version of the phone comes out and you are fucked because the phone you thought was new and everyone bitched about is old as fuck -.-how is one going to ever keep up materialistic whores I tell you the fucking government wants us to be afraid they want us to spend money on shit we don’t need >.> it’s amazing how people are obsessed over mone they would do anything for it they would even kill for it I heard a case once where this fucking drug dealer *nigger of course* killed his costumer because he owed him 2 dollars and 50 cents

    2. I saw this Celebtard video in it’s original form a week ago and than this new version a few days ago. Pretty much preaching to the choir.
      They all have arm guards and having their hollywood gun shooting violent shit, but for the US peasants, NO GUNS FOR YOU!

  2. As long as there is emotionally crippled people that numb their emotions always with cheap booze and or pillscription pills or illegal drugs who know where the parents are hiding the guns there will be killings and suicides but there is the 1 percent that doesn’t do drugs or alcohol that everyone thinks *he/she was a good boy/girl * but really didn’t know what the kid was going threw and the bullshit his parents put him threw who finally cracks and does what he has always thought of doing o.o *taking the lives of others* It doesn’t matter what race they are or age whomever he sees will have to face his gun they say they say when you are angry your vision turns red and you loose control of your body you do things that you have never done before o.o *the red it filters threw..*

      1. @Jesus I know -.- she doesn’t know shit just don’t mention the bitches name on here. She tends to troll by on bg I hear she’s one of them people that takes everything up the ass and tends to get them boys in blue involved >.>

  3. It is kind’ve strange that what was created long ago by a peasant Chinaman, (along with his woman and good friend to defeat invaders of their land and ultimately create a dynasty), has now evolved to control all on the planet…

  4. I really enjoyed the video, especially the armed chimp and the little guy from Game of Thrones. I’m not too crazy about that Jaimee guy from in living color. Over rated in my not so humble opinion. I can’t take him serious in anything, I always see Wanda that ugly chick. So ugly Lestat the vampire opened up his window to let the sunshine in. Anyway back to the video, what a bunch of A-holes.

  5. It just goes to show how much contempt the media and our governments have towards us in that they believe as long as they get “celebrities” to speak on a issue that the viewing public will swallow it whole.

    The sad part is that they are probably right, a lot of our population have been so dumbed down that they no longer question anything and believe the word of celebrities to be true.

  6. There isn’t a more putrid entity than the American Celebrity. So transparent how most of them turned political when it was a black guy running for the Presidency. Also enjoyed so many of them making themselves look like retards pulling the ‘Racist’ oppression bullshit, then turn around and rip apart a Black woman for voting Republican.

    I’m eagerly anticipating how ignorant, fallible and moronic they make themselves look when “Hilary ‘Benghazi Dodger’ Cuckold Clinton” runs for the Presidency. I can’t wait for the massive amounts of confusion when the Republicans answer back with a Young Latino candidate. That should really confuse the drones in America (Is he Racist or a Male Chauvinist??.. Am I a male Chauvinist? Am I racist? I’m so confused!!) Should be nice to hear the amount of men bashing going on, though. Can always count on the Liberals/Leftist for the good ol’ labels, personal attacks and intolerance.

    When you’ve made people like Kim Kardashian role-models, you know your Country is fucked and running on borrowed time. In America, there exists no moral fabric, Family Unit or Values. They are a nation of drones in one form or another, constantly moving on the predetermined path set out for them, never stopping and taking a look around.

    I’m sure the average American doesn’t care, though. To busy watching Real Housewives, or Pregnant at 15 (Or whatever that trash is) or being fed garbage and bullshit by some Mainstream News like Fox, CNN etc.

    At-least they aren’t as fucked as the British, though! Now there’s a really putrid Country. When you have an immigrant from the Congo in your Country, who rapes 3 women (one of them a 4 year old) and you are not allowed to deport him because of his ‘human rights’, you know you should just put a bullet in your head. You’ve got no right to even breathe letting your Country be hijacked to that degree.

  7. Nothing more useless on this planet than so called “celebrities” I swear to god if they by some miracle vanished my life wouldn’t change at all. Maybe a little for the better. I honestly can’t believe people are interested in those idiots. When have those people done something good without anybody knowing? Its always about publicity and its always about current events.

    Kids got shot in a school. GREAT Lets get some famous assholes to make a video about how bad that is and like how we shouldn’t allow it to happen…

    World is going to shit I just feel sad that I am not 80 years old and I can’t just laugh at stupidity and be happy I wont have to deal with it for much longer.

  8. Celebrities are just doing for MONEY for do anything good, stupid, bad, retard in video because they are not super rich for long time and easily to get broke from paying fuckin high taxes. I dont see any super rich celebrities in that video, so they don’t need extra money to talk bullshitting about guns.

  9. Hey wait a minute I thought all doomsday freaks were gun snackbarist, I know I didn’t go out of my way to prepare for the end of the world because the way i look at it by owning a gun I’m pretty much prepared for anything apocalypse, war, zombies, sandy hook…whatever, that’s what one of the perks of gun ownership is that you don’t live life in fear like gun blamers do some people will look at gun ownership and doomsday prepping as paranoia but the truth is its just being prepared for the worst whether for gun owners it be a mugging, break-in, or for doomsday freaks a hurricane, tornado, or the end of the world as we know it, the fact that we have taken our time to plan and prepare for the worst even tho it might never happen is a testament to our strong will to live and belive it or not that’s what puts us at ease knowing that we’re ready for anything, for gun blamers tgo things like sandy hook happen and they get their little panties in a wet wad because they don’t know what to do except be afraid that it might happen again or even worse it might happen to them…me personally I don’t have that problem cause I’m a man and as a man I know that I have to defend myself and mine at all cost and not depend on some stupid sheep to do it for me and if that means arming myself with a gun cause its my right and choice to do so then pass fucking ammunition this way cause I’m loading up.

  10. is it me or is it just ironic that 99% of all the pics of murders from third world countries on this site are by way of machet or knife? just because guns arent available doesnt mean murders will stop or even go down by any huge margin. besides if guns go away this site is doomed.

  11. This is because they want americans to be professional victims pathitic weinnies the lot…. if you cant protect yourself you deserve to be on here bloody mess and all.. this is not fantasy island the criminals have guns and use them daily and no law is going to stop it .. stop placeing blame on the guns for what the people do and again if you dont own a gun and live in america you deserve what ya get stop crying about being a professional victim who cant protect themselves and just die already……..

  12. I’m very much in favour of guns in our community. They are fun and cool and well-suited to an array of business and leisure-style applications. The president is fucked up and lacks both necessary clout and, most importantly, the permanency to trump the gun lobby.

  13. Just because something is no longer legal does not mean it is impossible to obtain. If one is willing to break the law and kill, what makes the government think one will not break the law to obtain a gun? School shootings are premeditated. Kids don’t just wake up in the morning and say, “Hey. You know what would be a swell idea? I think I’ll shoot up the school today!” If our youth are able to get their hands on illegal narcotics, the same is true for guns. All this does is leave the, for the most part, law abiding citizen protectionless against criminals.

  14. um, considering the amount of major A list hollywood attention it’s getting – i would guess a whole load more college shootings are on their way…just saying.

    celebrity is celebrity. doesn’t matter to some how they achieve it.

  15. I own a few guns! I’m sure they do to! Stupid ass people thinking thier faces actually mean something. I don’t care about them being celebrities. I care about making sure my children are safe when someone tries coming into my home to hurt them. Guns don’t kill people, people kill with guns. What a crock of Shit this is!

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