This Had Great Potential – Part XV

Holy Heights - Ukrainian Kid Name Pavel Sky Walking

Remember Part V of the Great Potential? If that one didn’t make you lightheaded, this one surely will.

The kid in the video is from Kiev, Ukraine, his name is Pavel. Just as those crazy Russian kids on a crane, daredevil Pavel climbs frames high above ground and walks on the edges with no safety ropes.

Because the ground below him is vastly monochromatic, it doesn’t provide truthful perception of height but trust me – he’s high. The caption in the video says he’s 106 meters above ground, which translates to 347 feet (I believe word “pound” is a mistake caused by insufficient English language skills – whoever captioned it knew it’s gonna be one of those weird imperial units, they just picked the wrong one). Since one storey is generally around 3 metres (10 feet), the height he’s in corresponds to roughly 34 storeys. If you’ve ever stuck your head out of a 34th storey window, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Props to Best Gore member Yochan for the video:

115 thoughts on “This Had Great Potential – Part XV

    • Heck yeah, vertigo… Though how much you willing to bet that the kid had a safety harness, or safety belt [well hidden from the camera] that’s attached to the building?

  1. I’m terrified of heights so this video got my heart pumping pretty fast. I can’t even look out a window at that height…it’s probably the only thing on this earth I’m affraid of…except maybe my ex wife.

  2. Crazy fucker- but I love to watch it! I’ve got that other one on my favorites! This shit always amazes me. To know that you only get one chance up there has to be thrilling as fuck! I’ll just keep my ass on the ground though.. Lol

    • some says it is better than fucking.
      who says that this is suicidal and stupid, maybe, but he feels happy doing this.
      some people feel happy in asspicking and scraching :)
      i remember my first sky dive, damn. i never was so frightened in my life, that feelin took about 8 secs, till i realised what is goin on. after that, after you calm down, you get an amaizing feelings:)

  3. Now theres someone that doesnt care wheter he lives or dies,and all hes really doing there is proving it to the world! Theres no talent in what hes doing anyone could do that if they didnt care about living either! I used to go 100+mph everywhere I went on motorcycle or in car! And Im a pretty good driver too! But so what! Did i win money or fame?No just another idiot not thinking it thru!

  4. If that was my kid I would give thse little toerag such a bashing. All the sacrifices you make to bring a kid up, the sleepless nights, the things you go without so have everything they need. Then they just risk thier life in a second.

  5. I tried walking a ledge that was about 6in wide and about 30ft from the ground and as long as I didn’t focus on the ground I was okay. I would not try it much higher because the ground always calls my name and I don’t like that..

  6. First comment with the new password (from now on I’ll be able to post from every computer on Earth, isn’t that great?):

    Pavel won’t reach 20 y.o. You can trust me.

  7. The most fantastic exhibition of stupidity ever…I wonder if these fools have at least one buddy in the street filming (hoping he slips) in case he falls .

  8. Couple of buddies and I use to do stuff like this at the high rises around here. Pretty stupid I guess but when you’re flying on cocaine you really don’t care. Haha

  9. The only thing that cares me half to death is needles *shutters* i see one i fucking FLIP. Takes 30 people to hold my ass down just to get a shot.
    The last doc learned that the hard way:
    lost 5 teeth
    broken nose
    3 cracked ribs
    5 broken ribs
    and had a compound fracture on their wrist

    10 of the people were i’m guessing 300+ pounds
    you can do the whole doc/nurse thing just leave the fucking needle in the drawer i have a 6th senses when it comes to needles. *shutters again*

          • you need desensitization… I had the same psychopathic phobia for blood tests before, the matter was not the needle but the sensation of having all his blood pumped by a needle, couldn’t sleep for weeks before a blood test… Now, after 10 years of working in nursing filed, I even can make myself a blood test, with one hand

          • @J3Z oh i’m fine when they draw the blood but its when start injuecting shit in that i flip

          • Mmm…injections! I love morphine, dilaudid, any one straight to my vein…straight to my heart

            Every day twice a day I give myself injections into my tummy. But those aren’t fun as they dont make me “feel good”.

  10. It’s just a hop, skip and jump? I guess. I really wondered one time what happens to all those 8 year old child acrobatics after they leave the circus… well we got an answer?

  11. It seems that Pavel here does this crazy shit malarkey quite alot; his youtube channel is MustangWanted and he has 17 more videos much like this, walking across towering cranes, climbing up bridges, jumping along train carriages and list goes on. Guy really must not give a fuck about life or about death; one tiny mistake, one slight slip of the pole and he’s Ukrainian Pâté.

  12. These videos are the best.ive been looking at gruesome shit since i was a kid wathing faces of death and nothing turns my tummy like heights.

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