Hugo Chavez is Dead, RIP

Hugo Chavez is Dead, RIP

Hugo Chavez, one of the rare few leaders that did not bow down to the imperialist pressure, passed away on March 5, 2013. Under his leadership, Venezuela was one of the last remaining Zionism free countries. El Comandante dedicated his life to the promotion of equality, justice, truth and righteousness.

Hugo Chavez, as other great revolutionaries such as Che Guevara, was targeted by the ZOG assassins numerous times. He survived a number of previous assassination attempts, but it looks like they finally got him.

The world lost a great warrior today. RIP Hugo Chavez, the warrior that never bowed!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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60 thoughts on “Hugo Chavez is Dead, RIP”

    1. Hugo Chavez a hero? Che Guevara? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
      Blyme do me a favor and read something about the ruined economy of Venezuela, thank to this communist asshole. He destroyed Venezuela. A dictatorship wearing red shirts and acting cocky the whole time. Ridiculous man who loved to hear himself while giving extremely long speeches. A pathetic, crazy banana republic of a President. Any down to earth venezuelan will tell you.

      1. o.o I don’t know why but I always hated that cock sucking douche.. Maybe it’s because of his looks but whatever’s. wasnt he dictator or some sort of communist ..? O.o the only good communist is a dead communist right .? Or do we support communist someone enlighten me last time I checked starving your own people and throwing them in jail to be beaten, tortured and eventually murdered because one opposes the government was a bad thing o.o hmm lets pretend North Korea is a happy place even though thousands of people secretly disappear and end up laying in a ditch in a remote part of North Korea next to life less bodies. ^_^ Louie Armstrong how wonderful is this world now ..?

        1. No, not a communist. Thats what the zionists want you to think. While he did some brutal things, he was elected three times by his own people, in a democratic election. And there were others on the ballot to vote for. People there loved him.

          Just like iran, the main idea is that he was bad. 5 other south american leaders have died of cancer in the past 10 years, all who opposed the zionists. Coincidence? probably not. In a few months the next puppet will be put in there and oil will start to be taken from them too

        2. Comunist, populist, the truth is that he was a cunt, who wanted to convert Venezuela in another Cuba. An extremely vain man who loved to listen to himself., just like Fidel Castro. It was a communist in disguise……he wore red shirts…..and tortured guys from the opposition. There was no free press in Venezuela under his dictatorship. His trained monkey Maduro tries hard to imitate him.

    1. in peace? Hugo Chavez? really, do me a favor and go find out the real truth about that dreadful dictator. Worst Populism ever, his country is swimming in poverty…..even with all the petroleum Venezuela has.

  1. I would not be surprised if Hugo Chavez was not intentionally infected with cancer causing chemicals. As Mark states the Zionist are getting very sneaky in the way they assassinate people these days. Simple chemicals around your home today cause cancer. For example, some brake-pads in third world countries contain asbestos & other chemicals that when their dust is breathed in, or mixed with food can cause cancer. I hope that their people can continue with a zio free Venezuela. R.I.P. HUGO. 🙁

    1. Chavez himself felt that his cancer had something to do with ZOG and may have been caused by some sort of cancer causing weapon. These weapons are known to excist but they excist only in the shadows where the people who design and use these type of weapons operate. Let’s not forget the the CIA admitted to having these types of weapons back in the 70s and also admitted to trying to kill Fidelity Castro with them on many occasions. Recently there have been many cases of these covert illness causing weapons making headlines like the Poisoning of Ukraines President Viktor Yushchenko and the poisoning of people like Georgi Markov and Alexander Litvinenko. Even Palestinian President Yasser Arafat who died of mysterious complications brought on by cancer is said to have fallen victim to one if these types of weapons which was most likely used by Mossad. Covert weapons and chemicals that can give you cancer or even a massive heart attacks are very real and for those who know about these type of covert illness causing weapons Hugo Chavezs death comes as no surprise…hell even Chavez himself suspected that he might of fallen victim to one of these weapons. The strange thing and what made Chavez belive that he had fallen victim to one of these covert weapons was the fact that he and three other south American leaders were all diagnosed with cancer within 18 months of each other…coincidence? Chavez didn’t think so. It’s also kinda strange that wikileaks had published a CIA report to the American embassy in Paraguay asking them to obtain DNA samples from every presidential candidate that was running at that time. One of those candidates was Fernado Lugo…one of the three south American leaders to be diagnosed with cancer.
      Another one of those leaders to be diagnosed was President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner, wife of former President Nestor Kirchner who mysteriously died of a sudden heart attack before he was to nominated for a second term…both he and his wife are know for their anti American stance. The fact is that ZOG has these weapons at their disposal and using them is alot cheaper than waging war, its also the easiest way to get an unwanted leader out of the way without raising suspicion…the truth is these covert illness causing weapons are very real and are the perfect weapon to get rid of someone you don’t like. Cancer and heart attacks are things that occur naturally in the body to millions of people around the world every day…so how cam you blame somebody for giving you cancer? The only way would be to catch them in the act, and these covert weapons are built are to prevent just that.

  2. this was expected

    sarcoma is a rare cancer and a bitch to treat

    and not only did his cuban doctors make a series of mistakes in his treatment, they also did not have the latest equipment and experience to handle such a case, and he declined the brazilian offer of being admitted to the syrian-lebanese hospital there

    1. Cuban doctors are actually some of the best in the world not to mention that foreigners with the cash to spare are provided with the latest in medical treatments. The hospitals that provide care in Cuba for foreigners are fully stocked.

      1. You, my friend are absolutely right. Thousands of Americans, YES, Americans travel to Cuba through Canada for major surgery every year.They treat these Americans for about 65 to 75% cheaper. GO-FIGURE. Pretty sad that these poor souls (Americans) , so proud of their country have to travel to Canada, then board a flight there to get life saving surgery without loosing their fuckin life savings getting ripped off by their own. SAD BUT TRUE.

    1. they love American shit over there

      chavez’ daughter even posted a video of herself flashing a thick wad of $100 bills

      of course she took down that video a day or 2 later, cause the buzz over the internet was, how’d she come across the dollars in tight, currency controlled venezuela?

      that’s right, she’s the dead president’s daughter

  3. why is death considered a bad thing? the only true peace a man has is when he’s dead and his consciousness is destroyed. this is by design. but remember God loves you and so he makes sure that YOU do of something so that you may finally be at peace.

  4. RIP Chavez you showed the world that a 3rd world Latin American nation can stand up to the US empire. He stopped the exploitation of his countries natural resources from US and foreign companies and fed his people,he stood up against the New World Order and won freedom for his country. He even gave free oil to poor Americans citizens of the country that wanted to destroy him because he knew the poor have no control of their government. It is sad that Americans think he is a communist or a socialist he was neither he was a Christian Socialist. Christian Socialists are very different from Atheist immoral Socialists like Obama.

      1. @GAME4WAR To me Hugo Chavez reminds me of a media whore o.o so communism is a good thing right ..? What Stalin did to his *own* people wasn’t really a good thing you know I’m pretty damn sure you wouldn’t have lasted in the communist Soviet Union back then when shit was really hard.

        1. Dude stop drinking all the gatorade the media gives you to drink its all lies.Chavez was NOT a communist he was not even a Socialist he was a Christian Socialist they believe in God and have morals unlike homo loving,baby killing Atheist Socialists like Obama. Chavez freed his country from the New World order and got killed for it may he rest in peace. The USA needs to fight and free itself from the New World order themselves so the US can be for the people again and not for the international bankers and corporations. There are different types of Socialism. 1-Socialism which is left wing and atheist 2-Christian Socialism which is more on the right and believes in Christianity 3-National Socialism which is extreme right wing these were the Nazi’s and were extremely against the traditional Socialist and communist. The US keeps saying Chavez was a leftist Socialist or a communist this is disinformation he brought the people on the right,on the left and in the center together to fight against the international New World order.

          1. @GAME4WAR oh great so not only did he believe in dumbass economic policies but he used a God That Wasn’t There for justification. Awesome! Rot in Piss Hugo.

  5. I’m more shocked at the fact that old crusty ass Fidel Castro is still alive. Mark my words Castro will eventually become the worlds oldest man, at which point he will reveal that aside from drinking human blood from sacrificed virgins and worshipping Satan, that he has secretly been using a custom modified dialysis machine to mix his blood with cockroach blood and that is the real reason why he has managed to out live every single one of his enemies and allies.

  6. Indeed one of the rare and great leaders is gone, and even when our government tried to make him look like tyrant, because he simply decided to take a stand and refused to bend over to the big boys. i admire that he decided to refine his own oil instead of selling it to us and then buy it back in form of gas like mexico and Canada do, media made him look like an evil dictator, when in fact he reduced the poverty in Venezuela by 40%, cut the infant mortality by half and put his country in 5th place with the most university students, heck his people only pay 6 dollars to fill up their gas tank. Funny that today US announced that he’s open to start a business relationship.

  7. It is difficult for me to believe that it is President Chavez, because photos of him just prior to his death showed a bald head Chavez – he had been undergoing chemo-therapy – not one with a full head of hair. Of course, morticians are skilled at dressing up a person after death, so maybe the hair was placed on his head during his preparation for public viewing.

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