Interview with The Sun About Murder of April Jones by Mark Bridger

Mark Bridger Was Found Guilty of Murder of 5 Year Old April Jones

On May 30, 2013 Mark Leonard Bridger was found guilty of abduction and murder of 5 year old April Jones in Wales, UK. I did not know much about this case until a few days ago after I was contacted by Julie Moult, a journalist with The Sun newspaper (UK) with a request for an interview. Julie Moult said she was in Edmonton and wanted to meet with me, except that I’m nowhere near Edmonton and haven’t been for a while.

Apparently, there is a connection between April Jones’s murder and Best Gore, which is why Julie Moult wanted to do an interview with me. I could not find any reference to the alleged connection on the internet or in press, but I asked Julie to clarify in what capacity was Best Gore connected to the murder and she said she didn’t believe it came out in the trial, but her understanding was The Sun’s crime editor was given a briefing by police and the analysis of Bridger’s hard drive was revealed. Based on this information I assumed that at some point in his life Mark Bridger may have visited Best Gore and temporary files created by the browser during the visit may still have been stored on his hard drive.

Ms. Julie Moult was very courteous and friendly so I agreed to answer her interview questions by email. I would like to share the interview with you here on Best Gore just in case it gets messed with before publication in The Sun. As we have seen during the Luka Magnotta charade whereby my answers to the journalists interviewing me were truncated, withdrawn from context or otherwise manipulated in order to misrepresent what I had stated, therefore I want to make it known what was really said and in response to what question.

This is however not to imply that Ms. Julie Moult would have any such intentions, or that any other member of the editorial team would interfere with what gets published and what gets left out (maybe everything gets published as stated – one never knows), but it is the unfortunate fact that The Sun UK does indeed tailor what they publish in order to manipulate the public’s view on the issue. They, for example published the article about mass graves with hundreds of Palestinians recently discovered in Jaffa, Tel Aviv but in order to downplay the severing of the massacre, the title of their article said that “dozens” of corpses were in the graves. And when it came to exposing the real number in all six graves, they chose to report that about 200 skeletons were found in two graves. That’s how public opinion manipulation works and this is specifically about The Sun UK.

Without further ado, here’s the interview with The Sun about the murder of April Jones, convicted murderer Mark Bridger and his alleged connection to Best Gore:

1. Are you alarmed to hear a convicted murderer viewed your site before killing a child?

I am alarmed that such horrific murder took place. An average internet user is rather active on the internet and visits dozen of websites each day. I’m pretty sure you would find countless websites that may have been viewed by convicted murderers at some point in their lives.

2. Do you accept there may be a connection between the murder and your website? That it is perhaps possible that Bridger was inspired to kill by looking at the graphic content you publish?

Best Gore is a reality news website. It reports on real life events that happen around the world. Newsworthy items are published with accompanying images and/or videos provided by eye witnesses. Best Gore is the most popular website of its kind thanks to its strict focus on exposure of reality without focusing on corporate agendas.

Over the 5 years of its service to humanity, Best Gore has helped to identify and bring several dangerous criminals to justice and continues to play an important role in helping police to identify perpetrators. Best Gore also has a proven track record of keeping our streets safer by educating drivers and substance abusers with hundreds of references to prove that former reckless drivers no longer partake in irresponsible driving or substance abusers in substance abuse or domestic violence abusers in domestic violence.

Best Gore is also considered to be the most trusted travel advisory source. To hear from a travel agency that a country or area is safe is one thing, but to see a video or photo evidence of a violent murder happening there every other day gives you much better understanding of what the place is really about. Millions of people rely on Best Gore for exposing the truth about geographic areas because corporate media fail in that regard and often downplay or misrepresent reality.

Speculations that there is a connection between Best Gore and the murder appears to be based on the findings that the murderer may have visited the website at some point in the past. One could just equally speculate that because the murderer visited in the past and watched a Tom and Jerry video whereby the cat slammed the mouse over the head with a crowbar, that he was inspired to kill by viewing the video.

Millions of people view Youtube, millions of people watch Tom and Jerry videos, millions of people view Best Gore – pick your own boogieman.

3. Do you have anything to say to the parents of April Jones?

I’m deeply disturbed by the news of the tragedy involving your daughter. I am not and have never been a great speaker and even though I believe my train of thought is great, I lack the ability to put it into words well. Still, anyone who reads my website knows how strongly I feel about children (as well as animals, or the disabled – in general all those without the ability to defend themselves efficiently) and what kind of strict and harsh stand I always take against those who abuses them in any capacity.

If there is any truth whatsoever to the assumption that the actions of the killer may have been motivated by the content I post on my website, then I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart apologize and will probably never be able to forgive myself. I know to you I’m just a random person from the internet whom you have never met, but if there is anything whatsoever I may be able to do to help you bear this immense burden, for as long as it is within my authority to do so, and if it doesn’t infringe upon the wellbeing of others, I would do my best to do it. Please accept my sincere condolences.

4. Are you aware of any other similar cases where killers have viewed your site?

I am aware that just about everybody out there has a computer with an internet connection and views hundreds of sites. Any high traffic website has probably been visited by a criminal at some point.

5. Will this make you think twice about the audience you are catering to in the future and tone down the images you post?

I have recently posted a video of a person who neglected their dental hygiene and his teeth shattered, exposing maggots in gums. Since then, I have received several emails from parents telling me that after they’d showed the video to their kids, they’ve been diligently and without being reminded brushing their teeth twice a day, something these parents were trying to achieve without any success for years.

Number of confessions I have from drivers who used to engage in reckless behavior on the road but repeatedly caught themselves not doing it ever since I’ve shown them a few truly graphic images of aftermaths of reckless driving reaches thousands. On a daily basis I hear from people telling me things such as – I never used to wear a seatbelt, unless police were around, but after I saw the video of that guy being ejected through front windscreen and breaking his neck, I have never drove unbuckled. Or – I used to push my motorcycle to the brink of its speed limits but after you posted that video of a motorcyclist who was cut in half and begged for someone to shoot him cause his upper half was still alive and suffering, I have not gone past the speed limit. Or – I used to race around the warehouse in a forklift but after I saw the video of that guy who was impaled and crushed due to fooling around with a forklift, I have never once done it and showed the video to my co-workers as well. We’ve never had a case of reckless use of machinery in our warehouse since. Nobody wants to end up on Best Gore looking like that.

I have literally had thousands of people confess to me directly about how they have changed from behaving recklessly and dangerously to being sensible and law abiding, all thanks to and solely because of Best Gore. Why do you think our governments make it mandatory to have graphic images displayed on cigarette boxes which are widely visible to people of all ages, including children? Because nothing else has proved to be comparably effective. As a deterrent and an educational tool, gore works better than anything else. Period.

People often realize that they are engaging in potentially dangerous behavior, but they have nothing to associate the possible outcome with. But shove it in their face in its full glory and all of a sudden it becomes all too real. All of a sudden they see with their own eyes how fragile human bodies are and how one can become a victim in an instant.

Best Gore has a proven track record of saving lives and keeping our streets safer. It’s an unconditional service to humanity I have been offering for 5 years. Will knowing that what I do saves lives make me think twice about continuing to do it? You bet it won’t. How many lives have you helped to save today?

6. How would you describe the people who view and have you ever feared the website may provide inspiration for sadistic killers?

There is one word that describes them better than any other – aware. Best Gore readers are aware individuals. As such, they keep our streets safer. They don’t live with rose color shades on their faces, they see past the tip of their noses and are not afraid to look up at the vast horizons visible only by those willing to unglue their faces from the ground.

Best Gore members live in reality, not in a fantasy. Best Gore members know what really is going on in the world, not what corporate interests want them to see the world as. Content featured on Best Gore documents real life events. This is not a movie, this is what really happened. Do you think that if Best Gore stopped its operation, that accidents and evil deeds it exposes would stop occurring?

Best Gore increases awareness and helps people to become better humans. Unfortunately, I keep hearing stories of sick minded individuals using SEARS catalogues to satisfy their sexual fantasies involving children with. Or stories of sick minded individuals attending ballet school performances or figure skating events to watch children pose themselves in all kinds of ways. I wish I knew of an effective way to prevent them from taking it to the next level but I don’t. I do however and always have cooperated with authorities when suspicion was raised in my mind that a person may be up to no good.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. The Sun is renowned for talking shite…’Freddie Star ate my hamster’ is a very famous Sun bullshit headline…The Daily Star is even worse…I believe there was a headline that a London bus was reportedly found on the moon…They have to put a few words in, for the more intellectual of the demographic…Sun crosswords make you feel like a genius…

    1. Sorry to stea la bit your top spot @TheDeath2012, but just wanted to put into perspective the basic level of The Sun to other members who might not know…Anybody with half a brain in Britain, doesn’t believe the spins on news that the daily rags spew out. Wish I’d seen the edition with this interview…I bet it was taken so much out of context and pantomimed up (if thats a real word)…Nice one Mark for sharing…Ok, I’ll go now.

    1. people with a sick mind, have a sick mind, whatever we do, bad things will happen.

      i like this website because it shows what people don’t want to see: the horrible face of humanity.

      unfortunately, the truth is too hard to swallow for the average person, so they prefer to stay blind and go on with their mundane life, until that kind of things happen to them or a loved ones.

      being aware is a duty in my honest opinion.

    1. Ms. Moult was very courteous with her approach to me so I don’t consider her to be an evil journalist. She was probably provided hints from high up the ladders and assigned the job because she was in the area where they believed I still resided. That’s probably why questions were tailored the way they were. She didn’t sound hell bent on smearing the site, at least that’s the impression I got from her emails. I guess we’ll know when (and if) the interview gets published whether there were side intentions or not.

      1. I think people would be surprised how many MEs, forensic type people and autopsy techs hang out on this site because it is honestly pretty darn educational. Maybe you should offer college credit.

        1. “blurring the lines of truth” – you do them a service with that sentence. I’m no Scouser but I haven’t bought a copy of The Scum since ’89 and I guarantee this interview will be shelved or spun to make this site look bad, that paper thrives on senstionalism, the truth is just something that might come out.

      2. Understandable. Only time will tell. I’m just so jaded, and suspicious, of media types these days. It’s very difficult to trust who you think you can believe is reporting the facts. It’s more like information is becoming opinion rather than fact. It can be scary. I appreciate Best Gore as a bastion of Truth, though, so I must contain myself when it comes to these outsiders.

      3. Great answers Mark, but the Journalist was totally a bitch or at least trying to climb MainUrineStream ladder.

        That’s what main stream medie do to people and organizations they don’t like, trash them int he news into hopes that they change their ways. It’s call “The fear of Smear”

      4. Well played sir your answers really do leave nothing left to be examined or questioned. Find it funny how the average interview involves a question, answer then counter argument but with you its one question then an absolute bomb of an answer then a quick change of subject because of lack of come-back. Shame all sheep aren’t this easy to silence…

      5. You?ve put your thoughts well on the table. I agree, that that Miss just followed orders. Do you care about to correct the Sun, if they bend your answers? Maybe through further interviews with more honorable media?

      6. I have just Googled Julie Moult and it turns out she is somewhat of a laughing stock as far as journalists go. Some interesting stories on the web about her general incompetence. Well worth having a look.

    1. @dre,Off topic but curious.What is that in the upper corner above your right shoulder in your avatar? Cause if your on your knees it looks like a black wiener (for lack of a better word) or a microphone!!! lmfao

      **just teasing you**

      1. I don’t trust reporter they are manipulative and sometimes a backstabbing jerk who will tell bad publicity if you’ll not careful for the sake of Fame and righteous shit to the public sheeps. ๐Ÿ˜›

  1. He maybe visited the website, but he’s definitely not a member of the family.
    I fucking hate how the journalist asks you “Do you have anything to say to the parents of April Jones?” as if you were responsible for what happened.

  2. Excellent responses to her somewhat leading questions! I’m afraid it will be like the Luka case, and this site will be flooded again, when the article comes out. Your message for the little girls parents was very touching! I hope that murderer is given real justice by the other prisoners!! RIP April

  3. Only cheap tabloids rely on sensationalism to increase their circulation.

    All men who view porn are potential rapists, male junior school teachers are potential paedophiles, all poor people are potential thieves and all those who view Best Gore are potential murderers, it’s a game of connect the dots for the intellectually stunted.

    I am sure that this Mark Bridger visited a great many websites in his time but the reason why the Best Gore connection never came out in trial was because it had no relevance.

    If I were to hit somebody in the head with a baseball bat would It be the baseball World series fault for showing the games on tv?, if I were to run somebody over in my car because I was speeding would it be the fault of the Fast and the Furious movies?.

    Computer games and action movies influence people to be violent and murder, no they don’t, before that it was Rock n Roll which influenced murder, no it didn’t.

    The conclusion, the world and it’s mistress are always looking for something to blame for the actions of mankind, logic escapes them however, they fail to realise that murder, rape and violence existed long before the internet, long before Rock n Roll, long before computer games and will exist long after they’re gone.

    Journalists understand this however, they deal with murder and crime everyday in their jobs, they know such connections cannot be made, they understand that human beings are capable of such behaviour without any precursors to that behaviour, sadly however they also understand that sensationalism sells because the intellectually weak love bite sized information without the burden of facts.

    Oh well, it would be a crying shame to let facts get in the way of a good story now, wouldn’t it..

    1. Tell it like it is

      If things like bestgore were held responsible and got banned, they’ll be banning the video games, tom and jerry, etc etc etc next, and bad things will still happen
      “There is no good without evil”
      Something is always to blame, By the time we’re living in a bubble and all we’ll ever see are rainbows and butterflies, there will be nothing else to blame – then they’ll be blaming the butterflies

      1. The world gets more and more censored, yet murderers still murder, rapists still rape
        If anything, censorship increases the chances of it happening because the victims have no idea about the bad things that could happen

          1. That’s okay. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Normally, you’d be right. By the way, you mentioned you were somewhat new, if I haven’t said so before, welcome!

  4. Very well and sussinctly put mark. That interview shows that we are the sensible ones and not all mass murdering freaks as the media happily tries to portray us as. We know the content and I for one dont always feel comfortable watching the things we see but feel it is pertenant as I want to know what the worldis truely like , not what the media try to fluff us with!!!
    I feel that this site is a usefull tool especially now having a child. Being prepared is a duty I feel I must perform.
    Forewarned is forearmed.
    Dont let the bastards grind you down: )
    A thankful fan from the uk

  5. I, too, do not like the way the questions were worded. To me it seemed as though the question writer was trying to get different answers to the same questions because several of them were essentially the same. I guess that’s all part of it though,. None of them clearly outlined why B.G. has been involved, aside from the fact that she kept making it seem as though if B.G. didn’t exist then the murder would not have taken place. Because obviously the sick fucker has never seen any of the thousands of other images on the internet, seen gory movies, or read stories of other sick, child murdering fucks. And, of course, there is no way this person could have drawn the inspiration from their own demented minds. I’m tired of people telling me that there is something wrong with me because I choose to read B.G. instead of rotting my brain with the retarded babble of those who post every detail of their lives on facebook, sharing stupid shit such as memes about the opposite sex, or crying that the person that they are seeing set their status to single. But I’m sick because I choose to educate myself about the world. I’ve never been one to follow the herd, but B.G. has opened my eyes even more. And I, for one, appreciate the hard work Mark does to make sure we have access to these stories.

  6. Since I?m here I?ve murdered 3 cats, 63 rats and I dont even start on the roaches. I?ve raped my mom, my dad, my dog, twice, and I?ve abused my budgie. The cemetary in my town isnt a place quiescent anymore as well.
    I?ve shot all the cops, so there no more 911 to dial, instead they call me now, if the shit hits the fan.
    The retirement home closed, they all hanged temselves, cause of my constant visits. No use for that anymore, people dont get old here anyway.
    I`ve let out all the jailbirds and loonatics and confined them again with all the greasy politician in the zoo.
    I?ve played Vlad on the ruskies, IRAN over all the jews and I?ve akbared all the head rags.
    The streets are painted red and empty and now I have plenty of time to asphyxiate myself and fap to some good animal porn.
    Viva Best Gore!

      1. Thanks, let me quote our beloved and dead George Carlin :

        I?m new wave, but I?m old school and my inner child is outward bound. I?m a hot-wired, heat seeking, warm-hearted cool customer, voice activated and bio-degradable. I interface with my database, my database is in cyberspace, so I?m interactive, I?m hyperactive and from time to time I?m radioactive.

        R.I.P. Georgie ya old fuck.

  7. I think you’re very well spoken and that your answers were very thought out but also from the heart! At least that’s how I felt reading it! The questions she asked seemed fishy to me. I don’t know, I’m not trusting in any case so maybe that’s why. I truly hope what is said is said in the way you said it! Why do people just assume that gore-goers are sadistic and heartless people?! That couldn’t be further from the truth! I’m sad when I step on a rollie-pollie! Guess it’s just like everything else! Stereotypes! I felt like her questions tried to blame this site and in turn- you in some way for what that monster did! Maybe that’s just how journalism works- but I don’t like that!

    When most people are here, they’re different people. Most have generic avatars, we don’t know their real names and all we know of them is what they post. Then there’s the many that just come to read. They know us but we don’t even know of them! Personally I think every single one of us humans has the ability to kill. Most all of us never will. If that guy came here for what they claim, it’s because he already had it on his mind! No right-minded individual goes to a website and decides their going to go kidnap and murder a child because they just stumbled on an article with photos! Not anymore so than I became a cannibal after watching ‘Silence of the Lambs’! Like you said, everyone is online! People from all walks of life and with all kinds of various pasts, etc.

    I hope that you don’t feel badly. You’re a person like the rest of us and underneath it all, you have real feelings. We all joke and play and say funny things but you didn’t take any part in what happened to that little girl! People are always looking for scapegoats! Blaming something or someone makes many people feel better! I just don’t want you sitting there with this weighing on your mind and or heart! BG has opened my eyes in MANY ways and I’d never kill a soul! Even if your site didn’t exist, that monster would’ve still done what he did!

    1. Well said @ Juicy. I think that most people visit gore sites not because of a need to see blood and guts (although some might) but certainly for curiosity.

      Humans were always fascinated by death. The whole Victorian era was so fascinated by death that they started to understand the consequences. This had the consequence of people starting to love their kids. Today we love our kids so much that we deprive them of the simple freedoms we had when we were young when we would play outside until after sundown.

      In any case, visiting gore sites is a good slap in the face to help and remind us that life can be short and should be precious.

      The advantage of BG is that it is not only gore porn but real people interact with each others and although full of comic relief, there are a good amount of human interactions here to help each other in troubled times.

  8. Superb Mark well done. I have followed this story in the UK as is has been main news since the poor little girl went missing in October. I hope they don’t let the sick fucker sneak his suicide in jail and he rots! Also I look forward to reading the article to see what makes the cut. I wonder if Murdoch will take a look at it?? Yeah right ! Top man Mark.

  9. *BIG FACE PALM* I think you answered her questions very well and use the highest restraint, I myself could never keep. But it was obvious she was on a witch hunt and based all her questions on your site. In turn about play the same could be said about how they report the news and how that inspired the killer, since there is no evidence that the killer viewed their news channel/Paper they fly under the radar and avoid scrutiny.

    1. Just wanted to add, I have been a Bestgore visitor for the last 3 years and I can tell you I find the information on the website enlightening. I have NEVER had any interest in hurting anyone or anything based on the content viewed here. Anyone with intelligence would not accept any form of death as a reason to harm, quite the opposite, you appreciate life more and condone those who do harm. It saddens me that so much life is lost.

  10. Fantastic retort. She was trying to be a sensationalist. Her baiting was checked by your direct answers; and she uses the ploy of this monsters (there is not enough slow peeling of his skin, while sprinkling it with fire ants, to make amends for his atrocious act) taking the life of this innocent child as an intro into her asking those questions….. Mark, you did good.

  11. The Sun is not a true newspaper. It is more of a comic than anything with some soft porn thrown in usually on page 3. It rarely has any real news in it. They mostly concentrate on so called celebrities private lives and mundane topics like that. According to them, who Katie Prices latest boyfriend is, is far more important front page news than stuff like wars or elections. I’m surprised they could actually find the space to print the Bridger story in between articles about what’s happening in tonight’s episode of Eastenders.

  12. Well done Mark, superb answers…and they are the truth, but still be aware of the fem reporter. Based on the questions you can see she’s up to no good. Always remember to keep a tight neck when up against a reporter, let alone a female. On what you said about your judgment of her, its just a farce to get her story. A little girl was killed, so the fem is out for blood.

  13. Aye, a right bitch she was. She might have come off friendly, that’s all part the shtick. You wouldn’t never bite if she comes off nasty. She puts blame on you, she sure does. To her that mans crime was on you because he visited this site, liberal as it can get. Maybe give her the benefit of doubt, she was just following orders, what do I know.

  14. Nice answers @Mark.
    Bridger is a fantasist, a paedophlie and a cunt who won?t even divulge what he did with April Jones? body, therefore depriving her parents of an appropriate place to grieve. He is pure fucking evil and for the sun to even suggest that Best Gore in some way might have influenced him is ludicrous.
    Maybe Ms. Moult might want to do some ?investigative journalism? and interview the hundreds of police officers and volunteers who turned out day after day in all weathers to search for April immediately after she went missing. I?m sure she would find more than a handful amongst them who have also visited Best Gore!

    RIP little April.

  15. I love how everything is responsible for a murder except the murderer. now, I know the human mind is weak as fuck(I prove it everyday by saying shit I don’t even mean and i’m able control members blood pressure and drive them to anger so easily over just fucking words I don’t even mean), but accountability people. personal fucking responsiblitly. yes, I make jokes about wanting to kill muslim children but do I really mean that shit? no, of course not. children are the closest thing to purity a human being can ever achieve aside from the freeing event of death itself. the murderer is responsible for the goddamn murder….not cause his mommy hit him when he was five, not because a girl turned him down for the prom not a goddamn video game or fucking movie…the man who killed her is the only person and thing responsible. the fucking media makes my fucking blood boil I cant even watch tv anymore…..fucking Christ

  16. Its like Ozzy Osbourne said after his trial over stupid american kids who shot themselves in some kind of pact the stupid parents thought they would blame it on the Osbourne`s song ” Suicide Solution” although Osbourne never wrote it Bob Daisley did about Osbournes drinking but thats another story though

    .Ill quote O.O ” No one is going to commit suicide because of a song unless they were already likely to do so”

    In my opinion the same logic applies to anyone who listens to Music, watches Violent films, and “Porn” ….Neither of these things make a person a killer a pedophile or suicidal….

  17. Hello guys and girls:

    I am so very sick and tired of people justifying their “troubled” past, and influence from outside to justify their sickness…I want to ask them to just grow some balls to have the courage to stand up for their doings…just cut the crap…once and for all.

  18. classy interview. i take a lot out of this site personally. the way i see it, this site, for me, keeps in perspective how dark the world can be. its a constant reminder of how hard i have to work to keep the scale at the very least balanced, and i do think the world is headed in a brighter direction despite a lot of the cynicism i hear. while i don’t always 100% agree with your stances mark(namely my uncertain on all this jew stuff i see), i do listen and question my stance often. i think that’s the important part and something more people need to do. a lot of the stuff i see on here is extremely interesting and doesn’t even really involve gore. p.s. i, pet goat II was the greatest thing i think i’ve ever witnessed.

  19. Well said Mark these people always have to have someone to shift the blame to they can’t blame you and they can’t blame us its life and one sick motherfucker who needs to be hung my heart goes out to her family don’t worrie hes going to get absolutely owned in prison they will tear him apart if they can get to him.

  20. Great answers on the interview….seem like most of the questions were similar but just worded differently like questions 1, 2, 4, and 5 were pretty much the same trying to get the blame on you because he visited the site before he did such a awful crime. Question 3 came off like it was your fault that it happened and would like to say anything to the parents.. pretty sure a lot of killers use facebook and google lets ask them those questions as well. Good answers again really enjoyed reading the interview….R.I.P April Jones child killing is senseless

  21. I’ve been lurking since November, 2012, I think, and have just recently begun to comment. The only thing BestGore made me lust for was a dashcam.

    BestGore does not make me want to hurt people; in fact, I won’t watch some videos (old man having throat slit with dull knife) because it would bother me too much. BestGore provides information I cannot acquire otherwise; provides historical pieces, information regarding foreign countries and their cultures, and the occasional article regarding news of the stupid. I consider myself to be a contributing, sane, sober, employed member of society, and I like learning new things. Show me something I don’t know, and you’ll have my attention.

    Checking BestGore does not make me a sick, twisted pervert, but I prefer to keep this site’s viewers above 18. There are some realities that kids just don’t need to be exposed to—yet I do not have a solution for the wee ones that have to live these misfortunes in their daily lives.

    In short, BestGore has helped me appreciate just how undeservedly lucky I am. And yes, I’ve wandered onto Amazon looking at dashcams! Haven’t made the plunge, though.

    Nice job, Mark. I thought you represented what you stand for very well. You did not come across as a rabid hick or over the top buffoon — you were just so reasonably *normal*. Bravo!

  22. Mark

    Well done for accepting the interview and for providing such intelligent and non-provocative answers.

    ‘The Sun’ is not a newspaper that I would normally purchase; see comments above, but I will certainly keep an eye on what they publish over the next week.

    Mark Bridger was a fantasist and a paedophile; I’m sure that he visited many more websites than BestGore, but ‘The Sun’ does love to sensationalise.

    Anyone who claims to have been in the United Kingdom’s Special Forces is very, very unlikely to be telling the truth; it’s simply not form.


    PS I can no longer log in via my laptop as I get a pop-up message asking me to confirm that I’m 18 etc. and nothing happens when I click enter. I’m now reduced to using one of the hated Apple products.

  23. Nice interview. I was wondering if in your wildest dreams did you everbelieve that best gore will have such a large inpact on the net and in real life. It’s one of the best ” reality bases news website” out there.

  24. Journalist unlike politician, they like to twist wording. Some of them is even better than a dicktionary.
    Best story, my relative die in a purely accidentally yet they can come out 4 relative different story in 4 different newspaper. Die by mobster-money related, die by suicide-girlfriend problem, die by family pressure and die by business failure.

    So good luck to bestgore!

  25. As a UK resident – and even though I don’t take interest in reading the newspaper, I’ve been around for a good twenty years (which is long enough to understand) – The Sun is probably the worst one for manipulating interviews and information for the benefits of ‘shock’ and ‘media coverage’ in the UK.

    With that in mind, I admire your honesty and perspective that you’ve shared with us. It’s a ballache when press attempt to connect one thing to another through means of stereotypical bullshit – “A man visited a gore website which made him kill a little girl. Derp.” – these are the kind of people I detest.

    Once again, much appreciate and very well handled, I may add. Well done, Mark.

  26. I immediately searched for the Sears catalog. Ty.

    On a serious note, watching gore in general made me more paranoiac. I double check to see if my door is closed, I always cross the street if on the sidewalk some dubious characters walk towards me, and anything you may imagine, including not taking unnecessary stupid risks by engaging in retarded “sports”.

    I often try and educate the ones around me about these things, and how to possibly avoid them.

    Even if BestGore is not the first one on the webs, and I am watching gore ever since I can remember, I play anything in my head before acting because of these sites. I never though seriously to harm others thinking at the consequences, even if by some miracle I walk away, my consciousness will probably kill me.

    That beings said, I agree that Gore can make a better person out of you, and can regulate your awareness to a comfortable alert level, that in general can make you taste a safer life.

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