Leaked Video of Steubenville High School Students Joking About Girl They Raped

Leaked Video of Steubenville High School Students Joking About Girl They Raped

Back in August 2012, two Steubenville, Ohio teenage football players and high school students were charged with rape and kidnapping of a 16 year old girl. Now the video has leaked of one of them joking about “a dead girl” being raped and pissed on. The video was filmed by a retard with an Iphone and what happens when you combine an Iphone retard with a football player? You get a rapist.

The laughing prick from the video was identified as Michael Nodianos, a former Steubenville student. The references he makes sound as though the girl was raped in the house where the video was filmed. Whether any rape actually took place or whether these kids are just filming a prank is left for an investigation. Falsely accusing men of rape has become a favorite past time of many a woman in North America so who knows. In the video, Michael Nodianos sounds drunk, maybe even drugged. Teenagers say all kinds of wacky shit. Add alcohol to the mix and this type of narrative is not all that surprising.

Rule of thumb is – never trust a woman who sleeps with football players. The victim was reportedly a former girlfriend of Cody Saltsman – allegedly one of the involved. Could faking rape be part of her “vengeance” for the break up? But then again, it may have just as easily be his “vengeance” cause raping someone you’ve slept with countless times before makes so much fucking sense…

Other names associated with alleged rape are Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, each 16 year old. There is talk of disturbing and graphic photos posted on social networks but I have yet to see them if they really exist.

Trial date has been set for February 13, 2013. The allegedly raped girl was examined at a hospital one day after alleged rape but no evidence that could support the accusation of rape, such as traces of semen were found. If there is such thing as “Gold-Digger’s Bible”, I’m sure on page 2 it says:

If no matter what you do you don’t end up knocked up with his kid and attempts to get him marry you fail, your last resort is to claim rape…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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77 thoughts on “Leaked Video of Steubenville High School Students Joking About Girl They Raped”

    1. This sounds to me like they are making jokes because she falsely accused one or all of them of rape. It is probably just a fear reaction on their part. They are unsure of what is gonna happen so they make light of it. Typical of jock teenagers in America. I am a woman so I am not just siding with the guys. This was just my perception and opinion. If they had actually raped the girl, I think their reaction would have been much different.

  1. Whether any actual rape occurred is something to be established on a later date however I think we can all agree that for worthless, shit for brains cretins like these to be produced the Ohio education system must have been raped many years ago.

    1. especially underage girls. and the fact they pissed on the girl and prolly proded her with something in the butt(most rapists do that when there willies stay soft like a lame duck). i hope they actually go to jail, this tape is not something that should be argued is a joke. You can hear the guy off screen upset about what happened.

    2. Whose bitch would you choose to be if you were in jail for rape? always watch movies about this gangs, the latinos, the white supremacy stuff, the black dudes or even the piggy cops. I would go for he triads , they say asian have small dicks, that would make it less painful for my asshole xD

  2. I’m all confused about whether or not the girl is alive or dead, raped or un-raped…but I do know that there’s nothing more annoying than watching some douche-baggy teenager trying to act cool in front of his friends while he plays with his balls and makes no sense.

    1. The girl is very much alive. This is actually happened about an hour away from where I live. The girl was drugged, transported across state lines, sexually abused by multiple males, urinated on, photographed and videoed. Stupid asses were actually laughing about it on facebook and posting pics/vids via twitter.
      They’ll definitely go to prison as the Feds have gotten involved due to the local authorities not wanting to prosecute due to the fact that they will lose half of their football team. There’s likely to be repercussions all up and down the rosters, judges, prosecutors, coaches. That’s why its finally coming to trial in Feb. The local (corrupt) officials tried to sweep it under the rug as this actually happened in Augist 2012, just prior to football season.

      Bunch of sick fucks, hope they get their assholes ripped out by all that prison cock.

  3. Personally, in this case, I don’t think there ever was a rape; I think it was the boys bragging about what they would like to do and the drink/drugs were making them sound off. Something tells me they were trying to seem ‘big’ to impress their friends, but the whole thing backfired.

    1. I had to stop watching about a minute into the video. Even if they aren’t guilty of rape they should be thrown from a train, hanging on only by their ass and ball hair (if they have any). I fuckin hate morons like this that seem to live only to prove to their moron friends what their definition of a man should be. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all drive big ass trucks filled with beer cans and bullet casings. Sorry, maybe that’s a little too much but I went to high school with pricks like them. About as worthless as, if not more worthless than, carrot cake to a rabbit on hump day.

      1. @UgFeedsSlugs, I totally understand where you are coming from, my high school years were filled with pricks like that who thought that boasting about arson, rape, killing etc was fun. Back then we didn’t have internet or social media (oops showing my age) so the ‘boasting’ was more direct. Even so I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them are now in prison for making that boasting a reality.

        1. @gunkgirl Yeah the odds of that are worth a hefty bet. I always find it amusing to hear guys like this grow up and have a daughter themselves. Only then do they realise what douchebags they were and become over-protective to shield them from the next-gen fuckwads. Or they don’t change at all, and nothing is creepier than a dad hitting on his own daughter.

  4. Im all for making sure the girl is not crying rape for no reason, but this seems legit as fuck. I was a 16 year old before and the convo would not have lasted that long unless it was real. They probably talked about it all night like a bunch of school girls. Im glad at least one of the players had some sense to tell his friends they raped someone.

  5. First time I heard the story all I got from it was this.
    A girl was “raped” multiple times while she was extremely drunk. And they were charged with kidnapping because they took her to different parties to “rape” her.

    That really sounded to me like a whore who just went to a party to get fucked and of course as stupid whores are she got herself so drunk she was even more helpless so a few douche bags took advantage of her. Than after people told her she got fucked 10 times she was so surprised of how big of a whore she is she said she was raped (even though she was so drunk I doubt she remembers what happened)

    After this video I am more inclined to believe she was “raped” but I still think she went to that party to get drunk and fucked. So in a sense she got what she wanted.

    However whore or not and whatever happened those who did it to her and those in the video are just an example of what future generations we are gonna have. I can just imagine in 10 years time how many stupid adults we are gonna have. And how many people are gonna die because of peoples stupidity. Well I guess the more gore for us.

    1. the girl was legitimately raped it is an actual even that happenedt they drugged her and raped her how about looking into things before jumping on a chance to cry false rape and call a girl a whore you piece of trash.

  6. i don’t usually like stressing i really don’t 🙁 but!
    I’d twist his balls till they bleed he is such an asshole he isn’t one bit funny nor are his friends im sure they are atheist obviously not all atheist have immoralities but these coward rich or middle class spoiled germs got none! he can shove his sinister giggles up his anus with a cock! “oh look at me i am such a big shot braggin anus with my 40 dollar tshirt uhuhuhuhu i rape a girl” JERKS!

  7. From what I’ve read she didn’t report the crime for over week as she only realised what had happened to her when she saw the evidence online. They refer to her as ‘dead’ because she was unconsious, and it has been said that they drugged her. The suspects were protecected by thier sports coaches as they were members of the footb

  8. sorry,
    football team. I’ve seen a picture of her online being carried unconscious by her ankles and wrists. Apparently she was carried this way to several parties, unrinated on, raped repeatedly and then then dumped at her home.

  9. Football is not a sport. Bunch of fat, over-padded no-skills morons, who only get in the game to touch other men’s asses.

    He’s ‘confessing’ just in hopes of becoming Bubba’s girlfriend. Typical high school football types.

  10. I had a hard time listening to this. Not because its about rape but instead for the worst dialogue and dumbest fucking jokes I have ever heard in my life. My ears need a rape kit. I hope this shit didn’t really happen to that girl.

  11. What else is to be expected from jewish controlled world ?
    This is what the drugs and pornography produced by the jews do humanity.
    This is was Hitler was trying to prevent, unfortunately he lost WWII and the holocaust is a lie.

  12. Thanks to those of you who posted links (and those who tried), you have certainly opened my eyes to this story. I admit I was skeptical before, but i’m fast changing my mind. I’m not surprised something like this would be covered up because it involves members of a football team who believe that they can do whatever they want. I’m also not surprised that ‘outsiders’ were part of the cover up. Anyone who puts money over humanity needs to learn a long hard lesson on what it is to be human, because they sure need it.

  13. She went to a party to get drunk and fucked (Normal white female behavior) got blackout drunk (also normal for ’em) and then the guys she wanted to fuck.. well, fucked her while he was blacked out.

    Meaning, yeah.. she is probably less than savory, but she still didn’t give consent considering she was blackout drunk, therefore it is rape and all involved should be prosecuted, along with the Coach and the Prosecuting Attorney herself for covering-up this crime.

    1. Probably got drunk and passed out. I saw this alot in highschool, with the latina broads, then in college, with white and asian chicks (mexicans dont go to college). I think ive personally seen at least 20 or so gang rapes of said passed out chicks.

  14. I’m glad they have at least one kid there that has some morals. He should get up though and go save that poor girl. I say cut the dicks off the two that did it and that fucking idiot jokester, then kill them by pushing a broom handle up their ass until it exits their the mouths.

  15. No, sorry. This is too fucked up for even my own viewing. He’s congratulating himself because he thinks he killed her??!

    True or not, this is screwed. He is screwed in the head and I hope that his next “joke” victim is a more far stronger gal who has more self respect for herself than to become a worldwide laughing stock on his behalf….cuts off his dick feeds it to the pigeons ; whatever. This POS is not worth our attention. Fake or not. Fuck you attention seeking cunt. And congrats, you have probably verified everyone’s beliefs of who you are by videoing it all. Nice. Now drink my pussy juice.

    Cheerio 🙂

    1. They should have gotten more time then what they received. Oh that’s right we can’t say anything bad about the Steubenville Big Red because it’s a powerhouse in football. Shame on those punks involved in this horrendous act!!!!!!

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