Meeting with a Detective Tomorrow

Free Country or a Police State?

During the day tomorrow, I will have a meeting with Edmonton Police Service detective who requested to have my personal property seized. I spoke with him on the phone today and we arranged a meeting so he could “explain to me why my things were confiscated“. Apparently, I have the right to know.

I must admit that on the phone, the detective sounded courteous and friendly but since I was not born yesterday, I realize that a “chat” with a detective is never a friendly sit down, but rather an opportunity for the system oppression enforcer to trick you into saying something he could use in a court of law against you to incriminate you with.

There have been no hints made as to whether I would get any of my things back. Having been without my essentials since, I have been forced to improvise, but that’s what I’ve done every single day over the past 5 years anyway so that’s not a biggie. My video camera is among the confiscated items and because of financial constraints I’m unable to buy another one so I won’t be able to record the “chat” myself, which means only the recordings made by the detective will be available and they will only be available to him, so he can edit it any way it suits him, but that’s something I will unfortunately have to deal with.

I suppose by this time tomorrow it will also be clear what they intend to frame me with. Child pornography seems to be a popular character smearing tool frequently utilized by the ZOG so that’s a very high possibility, although I believe they would have a very hard time proving it because I can pretty much account for every single minute of my life for the past several years. Terrorism is also a possibility, cause let’s be honest – owning an MP3 player to listen to music on the go is a clear sign that one must be a terrorist. Hate speech will likely come up but as far as I know, hate speech allegation would only stand if what you said was not true. That would make the allegation very weak and disprovable. I’m also prepared for the possibility that they would stuff my ancient, bulky MP3 player up with drugs of sort to perhaps try drug possession/trafficking charges? I really don’t know, but I expect to get either clear answers or solid hints tomorrow.

I will let you know tomorrow how it went. It didn’t sound like the detective was looking to have me sent to jail yet, but I can’t be sure of anything. It may sound strange, but at this point in my life, jail doesn’t sound all that unattractive. I have already done my part. The truth has been spilled and there ain’t no stopping it anymore. I wouldn’t mind taking a break from the world, knowing that the wheels are already in motion and will continue to move whether I’m around to see it or not. I’ve dedicated my life to fight against Evil and Lies, and I know that God and Truth are on my side. I do not fear the servants of Satan. One way or another, my life will end one day, and so will theirs.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Be weary, my friend. Don’t divulge anything at all. Anything! These guys play their interrogations by a precise set of actions and inculcations that are all part of a specific type of interrogation method. Yes, as you probably know, from the way they warmly greet you, right down to the friendly gesture of a wink or feigned smile; these are all actions to cause you to become coerced into some sort of admission.

    Look how hastily colonel Russell Williams was defeated by that interrogator, although in that case the sick fuck deserved his public humiliation. You on the other hand have nothing to hide, and therefore should remain steadfast and not give in to whatever these bastards want you to give. Fight the good fight, Mark.

          1. Thanks for the update. I really don’t see what he did wrong. Corrupting morals? That little faggot left the country before the Canadian police could catch him. How is this M’s fault? How is he being held for the failure of the police there?

      1. It ain’t easy to stop a fully loaded freight train. Especially one that is not prepared or willing to. I have been here for a short time and I see how most people are here. It isn’t over yet.

      2. CityGirl

        Seeing as he only managed to stay in control from October 2012, it will be just like the number 22 bus in London; there will be a similar bus with an identical number along, shortly.

        Whoever takes control, will want to mark their territory, quickly and publically.

    1. Hey guys I just saw in the news that mark has been arrested and charged with corrupting morals or some shit. You can see the story on they have out quite the spin on the whole story and haven’t even mentioned that luka wouldn’t have been identified as fast without best gore or that we reported it to the police before they even discovered any body parts.

      Just a warning if you plan on commentin on CBC website they are extremely biased and you will probably have any comments that support Mark blocked. Cheers

    2. Hay long time watcher. First time posting a reply. Um out of the hundreds of hours of footage and pics you hav and what’s on them you were bound to be talked to at some point and be investagated. I don’t think your brakeing the law just you either have evidence you don’t know about that could solve a crime or they are just checking to make sure you don’t have any home madesnuff tapes. I think you have nothing to worry about they don’t warn you a day in advanced if they plan to charge you or arrest you.

      1. Tinkatang I beg to differ. You are INCORRECT. There are instances where the police will call someone down to the station with the intent of charging that person with a crime once they show up. If the person doesn’t show up under such circumstances a warrant is issued for the persons arrest. I witnessed such a situation. Don’t assume the police only break doors down or show up at your doorstep. They don’t tell you they plan to charge you on the phone. They asked someone I knew to come down to the district. They didn’t give any other info. When that person didn’t show, a warrant for her arrest was issued. She later surrendered to the police. She was charged at that time with criminal harassment and plead guilty. I am sure it all depends on the crime or circumstances involved. I hope mark is alright.

      2. It’s 2 days and no updates, did they get him? Fucked by the long dick of the law
        If people don’t get their gore fix they might have to go make some gore, if you know what i mean, I hope the police know this… Brb I have to go kill a chicken.

          1. Is anyone else going through BestGore withdrawal? I’ve got the sweats and crawlies under my skin and I feel I’m gonna vomit. Anyone know of something that will take the edge off?

        1. Mark is screwed, because in Canada to say that the Holocaust never happened is punishable with jail time . If the investigator come and check the site ,they might get a court order to close it and we will left with brasilians gore sites . They are good but brasilians are messy with their sites ,they are not as easy to navigate as this one with everything nice and neat.

        2. They arrested him in my province. He got bailed out but did something that didn’t comply with the rules the judge gave him. So they now claim he is a wanted man and is on the run. One of the obligations to be granted bail was to stay away from his site and the internet. They stripped him of his money all of his tech equipment…so he’s out there moneyless probably hungry and on the ‘run’..this whole ordeal sickens me!!!!!!!!!!

          1. I saw that article, he’s screwed now, skipping bail. If he’s still in canada, they are going to screw him up bad when he gets caught.

            I first thought he was some iranian guy when i was new to BG, then I see him writing he’s from canada, and now it appears he’s really from slovakia?

            wonder how he sounds when talking

    3. you may have the right to only have a copy of your data taken since the actual hardware does not contain anything. Revenue Canada (or whatever they are called this week) will send in a team of people with boxes of hard drives and technicians to ghost all machines, and leave complete copies of all data taken. Machines are left so as to not interfere with daily business. Perhaps this is available in this case as well. By doing this, it should protect you from any “tinkering”.

          1. Not banned from the internet, it’s merely a condition of his release; standard protocol in regards to his charges. If someone were charged with internet harassment while under the influence of alcohol, and had another person charged with them; until the final outcome of the charges; conviction, not guilty, or a plea agreement, Mark would not be allowed to use the internet, even through a third party(friend, family members or acquaintances) to reply, inform us on the status of his case or anything really. One of his family members or close friends could let us know what was going on, without him knowing about it and there is really nothing the authorities could do, because he’s not allowed to view the internet either(I would believe) so he’d have no way of knowing what people were saying unless someone told him personally face to face, which, I’m certain, has happened. He would not be able to get someone to say, Mark says he’s going to trial on such and such a day, for example. He also would be on a non drinking clause, because the charges(I’m simply creating a scenario here)were associated to his drinking while using the internet, again, this is merely a scenario, or be able to communicate directly or indirectly with his co defendant. This is only until his charges have been resolved. Yes, it is a very very old law, probably stems from the first videotaped pornography, back in maybe the fifties, or sixties. When men were men, and sheep were nervous. Hope you get my gyst. Someone is allowing the messages to go through anyhow, perhaps they changed Marks release conditions, or maybe his family or a friend is taking care of the site, because my statements are going through moderation anyhow….

          1. Because of him my MORALS are ruined. It’s hard not to bad-mouth a country that possesses such a pathetic law.

            [email protected] LAWS

            They will charge you with ANYTHING if they don’t like what you’re doing. All authority figures do this and have been doing this for centuries.

            It’s because they’re human. Humans are a sick species, and should be eradicated completely from the universe.

            We will never make it to a LEVEL 1 species, we are too unstable. We will kill our selves off eventually.

          1. yeah,im from Oshawa,ont Canada,and pigs once charged me with ACT WITH THE LIKENESS TO CAUSE MISCHIEF..fuckkking retarded bunch of p.c rat goof pigs…..illuminati`s puppets!!!!

        1. I’m so bummed, it’s wrong that because a guy sent him a tape of himself killing a student now he is being prosecuted. That is not right at all, it’s not like the killer decided to kill the guy just to be on this site.

        2. Corrupting morals? Oh please. It isn’t corrupting morals in a country that beats people in police custody…… Right. Perhaps they should be finding perverts instead of chasing a guy that exposed the ineptitude of the police, Since when is it Mark’s fault that Magnotta sent a vid? They must really hate it being exposed like that.

      1. @grotesticle

        That 18 is his LIFE SAVINGS. He is planning to live the rest of his life away from this site and the internet completely. When the rest of his life is going to start I don’t have a clue.


        Bad-mouthing Canada is not going to help anything, people. The true SOBs will be here when he gets back..

      1. yeah ill be here lurking around too….might be a while, but hey its worth it….found the site almost 3 years ago and im not ready to give up on for it…plus im pretty sure if not everybody, most people have been in jail at least once for something

        1. I am still here as well hope at some point Mark comes back, it is actually good there is at least some media coverage so we know what is going on. An internet ban seems really silly for anyone. I mean why the hell would you ban someone from using the internet. Unless of course you don’t want them speaking out.

        2. I know. It seriously sucks but there’s no way in hell I’m giving up after only like 4 days. After the intial shock & excitement dies down is when you start to notice who is truly loyal. 500 “I’m with you!” people the first day turns into about 50 “I’m still with you” people the fourth day.

          1. I’ll stay with it as long as it takes to get cleared up.
            I fail to see what’s obscene about this site. Magnotta gave plenty of information for his arrest while he was in Canada.

      2. Mark, I’ve been reading up on everything going on with you everyday since you made this post along with signing petitions in your favor. I became a member in the middle of the ‘1 lunatic 1 icepick’ ordeal and I’ve been a faithful follower of yours ever since. You’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and this just goes to show that you were right, the only thing worse than a nigger state is a police state. I don’t pray much but for you doll, I most definitely will. I send you hugs, kisses & all of my best wishes. xoxox

        Oh & Brokeback, I always enjoy reading your comments. I always have! I just think you are such a doll and you never fail to make me giggle. I appreciate all the input you’ve given to this amazing site. hope to converse with you sometime for sure. best of wishes to you as well 馃檪

        1. Oh & P.s Curious as to how you broke your back? I’ve seen you mention it quite a few times and my father also has a broken back. He’s had 4 major back surgeries since I was born and he broke his back before I was born so that’s all I’ve ever known. I’m definitely sensitive to others with back problems (and ofcourse any other problems one might endure) with seeing how hard my father struggled my hole life with his pain, discomfort and disabilities. I’d love to hear your story

    4. I too have just went through this same sort of nightmare. No charges were pressed against me, everything was taken out of context. The police seized all my firearms illegally, 40 plus legal firearms. They found a knife in my truck and said I wanted to kill someone with it. Total BS. There’s more to my story, but Hollywood couldn’t make up this shit.
      I did get all my guns back after going above their head contacting the Mayor of that town and the Head Prosecutor of that county. Shit rolls down hill, and the shit did hit the fan. The police were anxious to return my property ASAP. If I had to relive all this BS, I would have said, ” speak to my attorney”. If they had anything on you they would not give you prior warning and advance. They love to intimidate and twist shit around. Find an attorney or at least have a business card of an attorney on hand when you meet with the detective. You have rights, make sure you enforce them, because they will treat you guilty to proven innocent. No one understands freedom until it’s taken away from you. I know firsthand, and after this senerio my thoughts and actions are defcon 4. Good luck my friend, and watch your 6.

      1. You just gave me an idea. Does anyone have contact with any holliweirdos? This would make a great story for a movie. If approved Mark would get some sweet royalties for it. Methinks I need to try to find one of my friends to see if this could be used as a premise for a movie……

      2. LOL, “keep six” – you’ve been there, hahaha, haven’t heard that in about seven years, and hopefully won’t ever again. I haven’t been in prison in a long time, but it’s a bloody waste of time, especially pre sentence custody, boring as hell. Some people get this “hollywood” image of prison being this huge, steel and concrete box, with a bunch of guys/women, carrying shanks and getting into fights everyday, being gang raped etc. It’s is soo not, that’s for the guys that have like 220 years/no chance of parole ever or headed for the death penalty, they don’t care/have nothing to lose.

    5. He should have stuck around and used that money to get and good attorney. I spoke to a friend here in az* that is one of the top attorneys in az and he said more than likely he would have just gotten some small charge without jail time with and good attorney. Not to mention what he did is wrong just leaving. Honestly he is screwed becaue Canada has very very good ties with a majority of the countries in the world unlike usa which has burned a lot of bridges hence mr.whistleblower that’s been stuck at the Russian airport for over a month now. He can easily come in to America being there are roads that drive right in to America. I am betting he has a connection and he has packed his shit and left Canada,

      Something else I wanted to mention. He can not be kicked off the internet. Know one owns the internet. The internet is publicly owned by each individual that uses it and pays for it. So whoever told him he can’t use it is full of shit any attorney general or da8 can tell you that. He never did or created a crime is why I said they had nothing really against him.

      I Hope He Makes it.

      I am pretty sure he will post on here soon! I question how much longer this site will be up.

      1. Not to mention he could have posted a personal flight out of Canada no questions asked for about 7K. That being his freedom he could have very well paid for it. being he is not Canadian or American he clearly has ties overseas someplace if I remember correctly in a few of his statements. Shame Canada tried to make a mockery of him.

    6. I still show up here every day and read through the 1500 plus replies on this post hoping for an answer or response from or about mark.

      Anyone have ps3 want to add me, we can fake kill some people.

    7. It’s been a long time now, but keep in mind there are TONS and TONS of great vids on here, even without any new ones being posted. The site is still up, that’s awesome, so remain positive. Mark may never be able to come back, but his site is still the best by far. Keith from the high desert in AZ, USA.

      1. Hahaha, Naive Panda, you’re so cute, lol. Gross, for someones’ avatar, guess you haven’t been through all the pages of bestgore yet, if you had, his avatar fits the site perfectly, or her….lol….haha talk about a total oxymoron statement. I hope you were kidding, heeeeheeeeeheeeee. Don’t take offense, really. It’s like someone being offended by naked people on a porn site, lol….muah!!! 馃檪

  2. Regarding the hatespeech accusation, how are you going to convince the court that it was all true what you said? I mean a large part is for them a conspiracy theory, like the topic about the holocaust. I think even if they give you the time to present them your solid facts, they will ignore it and proceed with the show trial in the kangaroo court.
    I dont want to meet the trouble halfway, but what is the highest sentence for hatespeech?
    Good luck to you.

          1. JC, It was a murder that happened awhile back where this psycho killed and cannibalized the guys corpsewhile filmingit. He then sent different body parts to different people. I’m going just on memory here, but I believeone of the reciprecipients of said body parts was an elected officialof some sort. Anywho, Mark apparently postedthe psycho’s video for a short time, then chose to remove it later. The canadian gov. Is charging him with “corruption of morals” a chargeI personally have never heard of. Its my opinion that if mark indeedtook the video down then the charges shouldbe dropped.

        1. @CQ, Thank you for posting that link. I don’t wanna sound like I have my nose in your ass or anything, I just wanted to thank you for letting all the BG members in on the truth about what’s going on.

        2. You?re welcome. I just wanted to know if there are any photos of Mark that could?ve been used against him, and apparently there seems to be only the one showed in the video sofar.
          For that reasons I always avoid to show me in any place on the web, there is always a backlash someday.
          You?ve mentioned the word “truth”, but in this video there is very little of it (I guess) mixed up with some fabricated delusions as a consequence of the denial of reality.

    1. Same country that Zundel had to go to battle with on the Holohoax subject. I think his wife or both of them try and help people in this situation or used to. Not 100% sure but can’t hurt to inquire about it.

      1. Mark was just on my local news, they made him look like a complete monster.

        I really don’t see why they are so damaged by best gore, the news stations reported these story’s themselves, just because best gore provides a little more insight and some graphic photos/videos everyone decides to get bent out of shape.

        Hope everything turns out well for Mark.

          1. Yeah, remember the guest role in Bukakke Rogers? I saw that in a cut out scene hanging down your asshole covering it completely. Nice trick to keep Buck of penetrating your unlawful entry.

  3. Someone you know has to have a recording device you could borrow, right?! You are obviously intelligent enough to know not to fall for the fake passes. A court appointed attorney should go with you though… I don’t know how the law works in Canada so my advice may be short sighted. Crossing my fingers for you!

    1. how about buying just an audio recording device (I assume they still make them – like at Radio Shack or similar) — if your funds are low, buy one and use it, save the data and then just return it the next day. Good luck man!

        1. In Canada, NO you can’t just leave. We don’t have miranda rights as you may have in the US, we don’t have big lawyers that get millions of dollars for wrongful accusations, imprisonment, or charges, you’re lucky if they even apologize. They have 24-72 hours to either charge you or let you go. Julius Grey, is the lawyer for you, he’d do this case for you as it’s a groundbreaker, and for that, he works pro bono. He’s a human rights attorney, and it’s already in the headlines everywhere here, so try him. It really wouldn’t surprise me if he took the case. If he takes the case and he doesn’t unless he’s assured he’s going to win, which I’m certain he would. All the best, Mark.

      1. Olympus makes a small recorder about the size of a pack of gum , very very good toy , its digital and can record for hours ! cost about 50 us dollars ! I have one and it works great ! ( Olympus digital voice recorder mod.#vn-6000 ) I used it in court for my divorce , judge accepted it and all recordings were clear even through a shirt pocket ! got it @radio shack . god and luck be with you !

        1. I have the same Olympus one, indeed sound quality is very good.
          Just wondering whether a detective wouldn’t notice it.
          There are also key ring cameras/ recorders, tiny cameras in a ballpoint , small recoring devices especially for cellphones…
          I agree it’d be wise to get some recording device asap and take some law expert with you…prison wouldn’t seem to be the best place although it offers free food & shelter…. also (selfish ) what would become of us when BG is discontinued?!

          1. but if they are aware he is also recording the interview then they won’t try to doctor their own tape. – which could weigh heavily in marks favour if he could then prove their tampering in court with his own evidence.

          2. Only a dingbat would feel like they could openly record a cop and everything would be just fine, maybe go make your boyfriend a sandwich and leave the decision making in his hands too

          3. @thekillabye after you and pavement ape quit sucking each others dicks you can make me a fuckin’ sandwich, bitch! Only a dogshit eating nuisance to society like you would stoop to such a level. Mark has all the decision making power in his hands, nobody here is forcing him to do anything. Mark is in a situation where everything ALREADY isn’t fine! He has the right to openly record dipshit and seeing how he got arrested any secret or non secret recording would have been confiscated anyway fucktard!

      2. Unfortunately there probably isn’t enough time now but your government offers grants for legal help and many lawyers who work pro bono. grantfundingexpert(dot)org lists links depending on where in Canada you live.

          1. It’s shitty I agree. I turned to legal aid cause i had no other option when I was being divorced. I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. It was a pain, and i can not stress that enough. i still got hosed in the end but not as badly as I could have been without at least some help. Mark says many times that he is the most broke man on earth and so it might be worth it to try something, rather than giving up. I don’t support all of his beliefs and find his writings to be offensive sometimes, that aside I believe most in his right to have his opinions and to express them the way he chooses any day of the week. All people are free to leave here if they can’t handle his opinions. I am appalled that this is happening to him and I am inspired by his standing up to it. Every person who fights for their own freedom also fights for the freedom of others. I don’t know how to help him but I just can’t sit here and just say “Good Luck Mark”

          1. Woah thanks, Too kind 馃榾

            I love everyone on here! I’m going to be devastated if it all goes down in the end, I hope we can all keep in touch some way! I’ve got to know a few members and they are fucking awesome.

            Long live best gore!

          1. You let us know, through email or whatever and I’m sure many of us wouldn’t hesitate to do a direct deposit. Poor as I am, that includes myself.

          1. unfortunately yes .they should just receive vouchers for bananas if you ask me . and may be a watermelon for christmas and a piece of fried chicken for their birthdays if theyve been good in the cotton fields

  4. As someone who has been tricked by the police in my younger days I recommend having some form of legal representation with you (although they are often as corrupt as the state anyway) but at least you have a witness who can shoulder some of the technical legal responsibility.

    Does your mobile phone have a recording feature?

    If you really cannot find a way to record the interview then at least request a copy. Although depending on what the real situation is they may not even be recording it in the first place.

    As everyone else has said don’t get lured into a defensive situation where you feel you need to justify your views and beliefs. They love it when people try to explain their actions only to let slip various tidbits which are later used against you.

    Let them do the talking and just listen. After the interview you can digest what was said and plan your next move from there.

    Good luck.

      1. actually, pavement ape, it’s nicely vertical. since i doubt you’ve seen a vagina in real life, i can show you a diagram of one, complete with labels and give you some pointers so you won’t be forever alone.

          1. i do some anime/manga-style amateur drawings, but i’m not an actual manga artist (not sure if you mean actual manga or just the style XD)

          2. thanks 馃檪 i did submit a fansign i drew (before my several months-long absence), but since it was never posted, i assumed it somehow got lost somewhere in mark’s mountain of mail. i’m not sure if i would call it guro though.

          3. I see. I heard that Cantonese is harder than Mandarin because of the extra tones _-_ I enjoy learning the writing system, but I probably know only about 15 characters asides from numbers 1-10. I find the stroke order difficult at times especially with the more complex characters. Traditional Chinese is fun because of kanji and hanja so you could have a gist of what’s written when reading Japanese and Korean.

          4. yes, cantonese is harder than mandarin. mandarin has 4 tones, while cantonese has 6-7 (depends on where it is spoken). i prefer the canto that is spoken in hk not only because i think it’s a better place than the mainland, but also cos they use a lot of english loanwords and frequently throw in english words in the middle of a sentence XD easier for me >.>

          1. Do you speak any Chinese language? I am seriously contemplating on learning Mandarin seeing as how PRC is slowly taking over Southeast Asia….

          2. i speak cantonese, though at a basic level, just enough to hold a simple conversation. i am considering taking mandarin lessons though. i can read a little chinese, but only in traditional chinese, not the simplified chinese writing system used in the mainland. learning mandarin would be a good way for me to improve my reading and learn to write in chinese.

      2. @Pavment Ape, when you are being murdered, which is bound to happen given your ignorant and just plain fucking stupid comments to people, please, and I cannot stress this enough, please ask them to record it so it can be posted on BG. Thanks!

          1. I’m gonna miss you most @Coochie. All those obscure references you throw in my face and force me to jewgle. Not quite sure if you’re trying to enlighten me or fuck with my head.
            +++ for you today sir as you gave me earlier. Three plus’ are good right? Again, not sure if you gave it as a compliment or just to confuse and fuck me up.

    1. As do I . Very bold of you. As others have said I may not agree with all your opinions but it doesnt take away from who you are as a man of integrity. You have inspired me to stand for my beliefs even if im the only one standing so I thank you. It doesnt seem to me like they got shit on you so try not to get trappes or too angry (emotional etc) be strong and dont let them push your buttons. Im confident that youll be ok. Theyd have arrested you if they had anything by now i think they are trying to show you whos boss or some shit.

      1. @ Pavement Ape

        Your a fucking spastic that’s a dead set embarrassment to handicapped people.

        Shut the fuck up already.

        As has been said, why havn’t you been banned.

        I’d love to meet you to smash your kneecaps and elbows.

        You certainly are a deadbeat which I guess your username explains for real.

    1. Yes, ive seen thatbone before and highly recommend it. He points out that you should never talk to the police as anything you say can and will be used against you, but also that it cannot be used to help you. That would fall under heresay, so if it can only hurt and not help, you are better off not saying anything. Not sure if the same rules apply in canada, though. Best wishes, Mark.

  5. Never talk to the police. Never answer any questions. Listen only. Don’t explain yourself. Ask them why they took your stuff and ask for it back. If they start asking questions, tell them on the advice of a lawyer I have nothing to say.

  6. They will try good guy bad guy on you. Don’t fall for friendliness and don’t start talking if they try yelling at you. They use different psychological techniques trying to get you to talk. They want you to TALK….TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK. It’s simple, don’t talk.

  7. You don’t need a video camera to record the conversation. Most smart phones nowadays have a decent audio recording function. I make sure that I record any official phone call with insurance companies or the tax office for the very reason that I have been burned by them so many times. Even if he does record and manipulate it, you could still show your recording and professionals would be able to prove that its the exact same voices, speeches and tones and if there are any missing or altered bits from his end would prove gross misconduct

  8. Hope they will return your things,and leave you alone. I always thought if you follow the rules all is well,but now I know you can become a target for those you annoy.When they cannot find something negative on you they simply make things up.Scary.

  9. Stop M, do not speak to them unless u have an attorney. The police are not your friends. Anything you say can only harm you. Seek counsel and have the attorney represent you. Don’t go near them. That friendly act is bullshit.

      1. Obvious troll is obvious. You are trying way too hard to be noticed. At some point it just becomes slightly retarded. I think that point was about 20 posts ago. Move it along buttercup.

    1. If he’s done nothing, he’s got nothing to worry about. lol

      They are going to try and stick something on him from back then with that icepick bullshit. They don’t understand, he’s a fucking hero, not a criminal. There’s a thin line between hero and criminal. He should be fine though.

  10. Certainly do not go without a lawyer. If they ask for you to speak, say I would like to exercise my right to remain silent. If at all possible only answer is yes/no format. They are required to record the conversation. Make sure the detective acknowledges the fact that the conversation is being recorded. If not simply state that you would now like to exercise your right to leave, as long as they are not placing you under arrest.
    Best of luck Mark. We will certainly be rooting for you man. Don’t be dumb

  11. Hello, BG! Been visiting this site for four years. Decided to make profile so I could share my morbid sense of humor with like-minds.

    Good luck tomorrow, sir. Just tell them tha truth. You spread tha truth.

    Anybody heard about Varg from Burzum? Tha black metal musician that killed tha guitarist from Mayhem and saved a piece of his skull for a necklace. Today he was arrested supposedly for aspiring to commit a massacre.

    As an avid metal listener I was intrigued and read tha article. I recommend you all do tha same if you agree with even a fraction of what Mark says. Varg discusses tha Oslo bombing etc. and for a on to speak about Zionists.

    One quote from him I remember is, “if you work for Christianity in any way, you work for the Jews.”

    Give it a read and let me know what it invokes.

    ——–?– Pterodactylmann

      1. nice neighbourhood you have! how is bergen these days – and i can recommend where he writes alot of good stuff. and it was euronymous who saved skullsplinters of death, the singer of mayhem – afaik.

        and btw good luck mark!

    1. Hello peeps, long time member, just decided to become a lurker. I will remain in the darkness that surrounds these reply boxes but you have heard the last from Brokeback.
      Nah…just fucking with ya’s. I gots no place else ta go.

  12. NEVER, EVER, say anything to law enforcement until you have an attorney at your side. do not even chit chat. always say ” i want a lawyer present i exercize my 5th amendment right to remain silent” at that point by law they can no longer question you. it has worked for me every time since i was 14 years old. no matter what they say to you never talk to them they will lie to you and say we have you on video or someone said they saw you etc. just say i need an attorney.

        1. Canada takes in around 250,000 Immigrants every year. Thankfully, for a long awhile, most of them were from East-Asia or White Countries.

          Unfortunately, now they are from African and Muslim Countries.

          The people won’t be so ‘nice’ for long.

  13. I just joined BG, after a long time lurking and laughing my ass off at all the witty comments. I missed an earlier opportunity to read up about why your stuff was taken. You should demand it back. Keep your eyes peeled!


  14. Police has nothing against Mark. If they attempt any action they will face embarrassment. The best thing they could do is to offer Mark apologies, but this is not going to happen, neither would Mark accept them.
    Tomorrow we will know.

    1. I don’t know. He’s made some pretty thorough exposes on Jews. That kind of thing might get you in horrible trouble if it comes to the attention of the right folks.

      The whole Icepick thing might have put BG on the map for just such a thing – and now Marks being targeted from comments he has made on Jews or Jewish policies (Multiculturalism, Massive Immigration, Holodomor etc.)

  15. Thinking of you and this whole fucked up situation! Hope everything pans out or I’ll have to come bail your ass out and then we can discuss repayment that isn’t monetary. On the serious to though, please let us know what happens and what they tell you. Canada cops are some messed up individuals especially if all this is just from operating a website and your personal opinions! There’s real criminals out there that they could be putting their time into! Much love your way @GorePapa! <3

  16. I am very serious. If Mark goes down, we take action.

    and Mark, get yourself a shitty mp3 recorder from any electronics store before the meeting. You’re gonna want to have everything that happens on tape. You can tape it to your chest so they don’t become aware.

    Best of luck my friend.

    1. Just hard to take your posts serious after I saw your penis. Lol. Though I know your serious and we all do need our gore. I have been lurking here also and will keep doing so. You have a ps3?

  17. Jack and Jill went up the hill so Jill could suck Jack off,
    Jack dropped his pants,
    Jill gave his dick a glance…

    Anyways…that’s why it’s called Jacking off. Just thought everyone could use a chuckle.

        1. A guy goes to his psychiatrist and says “you gotta help me doc…I am under a lot of stress lately and I keep losing my temper with people”.
          The psychiatrist says “tell me all about your problem”.
          The guy turns to him and says “I just did you f**king asshole”!

          1. sheeit nigga? Brokenback you be uh funny motherfucker whitey Bo. Keep da jokes comming. Sheeit nigga, ah can’t wait fo’ da 1st ta cash muh motha fuckin check. sheeit ah need some colt 45.

          2. Ching chong chinaman tried to milk a cow,
            Ching Chong chinaman didn’t know how,
            Ching Chong chinaman pulled the wrong tit,
            Ching Chong chinaman got covered in shit

          3. @Diesel, if China man pulled the cow’s dick then how did he get covered in shit? Is it because cum and piss don’t rhyme with tit?

          4. @Diesel, this is how it should go…
            Ching chong China man went to milk a cow, ching chong China man did’nt know how.
            Ching chong China man with his head in the bull’s bum, ching chong China man got a face full of cum.

        2. Ha! If and when I ever hear a tornado moan, I might stick around to watch. Nah! I’m gone! Although under the right conditions they result in a damage path a mile wide and cost a shit load to repair the aftermath. 馃榾

      1. Ifcreation is a concept of a higher deity then how can one explain the out come of dogmatic experiences? You can’t because creation is a concept of this existence! Hahahahahahahah

  18. Mark, don’t you think this has more to do with some sort of open case that might have had pictures leaked and then posted on the site? Maybe it’s more about the source that supplied some of the sites content?

    If they wanted to really nail you I’m sure they could do it… if it’s a frame up you’d already know it.

    Be cool and cooperate the way you have been man I really think this may not be as bad as we can imagine.

  19. Don’t let them lead you down a rabbit hole; unless they arrest you then simply decline to answer or give them a ‘I’ve been advised not to offer an answer without benefit of legal advice’. Do request the return of your confiscated items and the comments, above, regarding purchasing a cheap voice recorder and then returning it later that day, are good.

    Incidentally, it appears that Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, head of Los Zetas, has been arrested by the Mexican authorities whilst driving along some back road with $2,000,000 and a stash of weapons in his car; bet he didn’t see that one coming.

    Can I have a BestGore star, please; like they give to MacDonalds staff after they have crammed away their 300th burger and fries.

    Seriously, though; a lot of people will be thinking about you, keep your head up, listen carefully to the questions and think about your reply before making it. If necessary, ask for the question to be repeated if you didn’t hear it fully or you need to think about your answer for longer; just like Finals vivas!

      1. PA

        Hardly lengthy; my training and dissertations were lengthy.

        Diatribe ‘a bitter, abusive denunciation or criticism’; I hardly think that my posting fits any of those criteria.

        I’m guessing that you can’t manage to process to many words in one go; short attention span, ADHD, and lacking possession of a Dictionary or Thesaurus?

        If you wish, based on your previous postings, you want me to provide a psychological and social profile on you, let me know.

        At the moment, based on your negative input to BestGore, it’s not looking good; why don’t you just buzz off and find some other people to irritate?

          1. As for pavement ape he makesme laugh sometimes. And those of you that cry when he hurts you wee wittle feelings make me laugh harder!Are you reareally crying about words that some unknown avatar postedat you? Life is hard bitches and bastards, get hard! OK ape I will dance with you, and I promise no tears 馃檪

        1. @nastypersuasions, I’m with you man. Some people are just being douche bags to show low they are. They are just poor virgins, living in their mother’s basement and are molested by their house doctor.

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