Meth Lab Explodes Inside Bayou La Batre Motel in Alabama

Meth Lab Explodes Inside Bayou La Batre Motel in Alabama

Got to say that renting a motel room to set up a meth lab in is a new one for me. Quite an ingenious way to avoid being suspected. In a motel, people come and go and don’t make a big deal out of strangely acting people or suspicious smells. Certainly so as opposed to doing the same in a residential neighborhood full of old ladies with nothing better to do whole day but snoop around.

This suspected methamphetamine lab blew up in room 110 of the Bayou La Batre Inn and Suites motel in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. After the explosion, 3 people ran into the woods. One of them – Carlton Parmer reportedly suffered burns to 35% of his body. He was picked up and taken to a hospital. His wife Brandy Parmer and their friend Dereck Robinson continued on.

At the end of the video the reporter says that this was Bayou La Batre’s first meth lab explosion and the resident hoped it was their last. Funny thing is – another meth lab set up in a trailer home on Satsuma Street blew up mere two weeks after this one.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “Meth Lab Explodes Inside Bayou La Batre Motel in Alabama”

    1. Prices for meth never really go up or down due to the fact that if there is a shortage they can just as easily cook more besides for every makeshift meth lab that blows up there are still dozens more in operation…not to mention the giant ones down south in Mexico that are starting to supply tons of it to the U.S.

  1. Mark people have been using cheap motels to set up small meth labs probably since the beging of meth itself…motels and meth just go together like socks and shoes. Although I’m not surprised that people don’t hear about this method since it does work pretty well…I am however very surprised that an explosion that big would come from a makeshift lab set up in a small motel room

    1. If you really think about it its pretty fucked up that these scumbag people rent these rooms and cook meth in them all the while contaminating the shit out of the room and releasing extremely dangerous toxic fumes into all the other adjacent hotel rooms thru the air vents and letting all the unsuspecting people inhale those toxic fumes not to mention the whole exploding factor….just another reason why people should stay away from cheap shady looking no tell motels

  2. explosions happen due to low airflow, the solvents used such as ammonia will build up in the air as it evaporates, a single spark will set the air on fire… So to speak. Also once heating the start solution (large percentage of highly flammable solvents) or near final product (purification with solvents) a single leak will explode in your face like a bukkake blast. The more you know.

  3. Lol what a mess, in the netherlands you buy a gram of amphetamin sulfate paste for 7 euro, and still not that much crystalheads overhere as in the USA. High for 12 hours and no sleep for at least 48 hours… now that is fun.NOT! don’t do drugs if you’re allready enjoying live!

    1. @ kuma-san, As a Southerner, let me explain. A lot of curious people came to observe the aftermath of the meth lab explosion. They got hungry. They ate chicken. 😉 Or, maybe you were talking about the accent? Myself personally, I love to hear a man speak with a southern drawl, y’all… Are you a new member? If so, (and if I haven’t already said it) welcome!

  4. It happens all the time in Cleveland. They pick the most ghetto apartments or the most dodgy motels and do their thing. A year or so ago an entire apartment building caught fire because of a meth lab in Mentor Ohio. No fatalities that I’m aware of.

  5. I jus joined yesterday …. This video is nothing compared to what Tennessee has to offer the dope is everywhere why risk your life for this stupid shit it will make you bat shit crazy the paper over here is full of meth makers and doctor jumpers for drugs jus stupid morons

  6. About a year and a half ago i was really big into doing coke… then it escalated to Meth. I was only doing Meth for 3 weeks when I COMPLETELY lost it. Thankfully i didn’t commit any serious crime other than fucking up my body (especially teeth).

    Case in point, everyone needs to try Meth at least once.

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