Muslims Enforcing Sharia Law in the Streets of London

Muslims Enforcing Sharia Law in the Streets of London

Funny thing is – in Syria, thousands of people have died trying to prevent Sunni extremists from imposing Sharia Law upon the country, and in London they may get it without a fight. Sad thing is – it’s not just London. Every city and every country that allowed the Zionists to brainwash them into embracing multiculturalism is next.

From the report by Russia Today it is apparent that the goal of Muslims looking to enforce Sharia Law in London is to divide and conquer – which is a philosophy identical to that of Zionism, i.e. the philosophy that got these Muslims into the UK and made them so well established there in the first place.

Let’s hope that all the people seen harassed in this video were leftists. Nothing like letting the liberal sheep taste some of their support for multiculturalism firsthand. Still, I’m surprised everyone allowed the towel-heads to run over them like that. I think people realize what Muslims are really capable of and how real the threat of having them in their country is. You’d think someone would respond to the harassment by picking up their phone and dialling 911 (not sure if they have 911s in the UK, but whatever the alternative is) and report that they’re being harassed and are having their fundamental freedoms, including the freedom of movement and the freedom of appearance trampled on. See how far Sharia Law Enforcement would get these pricks if it was the police that walked into their “Muslim Area”. A response to “Move away from the mosque” should have been “I piss on your motherfucking mosque…

Props to Best Gore member d.i.y. for the videos:

Report on the issue by Russia Today:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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196 thoughts on “Muslims Enforcing Sharia Law in the Streets of London”

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          1. Mother fuckers trying to tell us that our country has a Muslim only area ! Fuck off back to where u came from then goat fuckers , and fuck alahur akber BULLSHIT , ooh I’m so mad ! These cunts could turn me into a fuckin rascist

        1. These Muslims have practically taken over. I work in London but live in Plumstead. I think the ratio could easily be 80% other ethnicity – 20% white, with 60% of those ethnicity being of Muslim religion. I have seen some of their “protests” and it’s a joke. This human rights bullshit and supported multiculturalism from the government has ruined the great country that England once was. All this violence and hatred over a sky Captian? who has less evidence to exist than Santa Claus! I don’t have much hope for the future of mankind :/

          It’s some bullshit!

        2. In Muslim areas of Birmingham I’ve witnessed billboards being whitewashed cuz they’re advertising bacon/womens underwear.. I’ve seen 2 women verbally abused and spat at for wearing short skirts… One guy beat up for wearing a union jack t-shirt…

          Copy cat retards will soon be patrolling the streets of Birmingham, I guarantee it. And all to get some supposed reward from the sky fairy…

          This crap ain’t gonna get any better, just worse. Much worse.

          1. Get on your politicos bro. Free nations and Christianity have always prevailed. muzzies cannot be content anywhere so we must “ban” their ideology (its not a religion) and send them back to the “wastelands”. I’m military, USA, and will help our Motherland of England in a heartbeat. Love you guys , fish/chips and pub companionship.

      1. Im USA. We are beginning to pass laws prohibiting muslim culture in public. Bros in England, please, band together and prohibit islam. My heritage is English and I will defend England as strong as I would defend USA. Our biggest pain in the ass is obama…traitor. I did not vote for the a-hole. Talk to me bros.

        1. Yes I am from England and I live close to where the Oldham race riots a few years back…We just snapped..and now in Oldham although muslims are still very much present, they have gone quiet, How long this will last I do not know, But certainly in this Area they know if they bite..we WILL bite back…America and UK must stand tall nd stand together in the face of this ideology which to be fair belongs in the stone age..It staggers me in what they actually believe to be True..Which in turn makes for a very dangerous enemy..One without fear of death.

    2. That is totaly fucked! They are on a PUBLIC sidewalk! Fuck that shit! It’s happing here in New York where they have to “Pray” on the damn streets and close traffic, but you can’t make them move because of “Religious freedom”..
      But they want to fuck with cur gun rights!
      Fucking will soon be United Socialist States Of America! Fuck leftist Tards

    3. I wouldn’t put up with that shit if I was walking with my lady and these Muslim tried to threat me with head cut off and that bullshit I would of took my lady home and murked these dudes they try to scare people saying this Muslim area you people need to step up and make an example out of one of the video it and put it on bestgore they will cut that shit out protect your pride be a man not a coward

      1. they already in here man fuckers are from broadmeadows to banks town. flooding to here. go to muslim shop you see donation boxes. they building mosques every where. media is silent. no one can do ny thing. fuck multi culti culturalism. go youtube and watch what h e fuckers doin here. we going to lose australia at least by 2020

      1. Exactly.Why not go to a bust town centre on a Friday night if they are so apposed to booze..they would be beaten to pulps within the first five they choose their targets very carefully..Cowardice backwards race..thats them in a nutshell.

      1. these 2 packies will die soon!! there gna get a taste of the english way off getting rid of vermin. Nothing 2 bad , just gna beat there pea heads till there a bloddy pulp,then break there arms an legs on the kurb then shove there phones down there throuht an stomp on it. then set them alight simple. lets put are hands togeather an prey, dear god, halow be they name, may you give us strenghth to punish the muslim, may you give us a way to punish the muslim man, so they cant rpe our woman an pilidge our country and behead our sons on our fukin streets you FUKS!!! .this is a call to white english born men to come togeather an create a place were these rats wont want to be!! amen ps watch your baks!!

  1. I love this.

    Let these Leftist, genocide supporting, anti-White Marxists experience firsthand what they allow their Countries to turn into.

    Let our Females experience firsthand what the ideologie they bathe their minds in turns into.

    Well deserved, London, well fucking deserved.

    And of course these are Liberals/Leftist.

    There are no sane White men willing to live around these cretins. Liberal White Males are truly worthless – not even our own women want anything to do with them (Those type of Liberal/leftist women are generally sleeping with Arabs/Blacks)

    1. Its only a matter of time till they start blowing themselves up in front of shops or in crowded areas, until then, the UK govt. will not mind. I mean… Cant the british govt. intervene if they start to get too cozy to the point of making their religious laws their law on british soil???

    2. @Silenced.
      I am very suprised that you, of all people, “Love This”.
      I fucking hate it, that’s why I asked Mark to post it, (Thanks for doing so Mark).
      Do you honestly think that the UK, or for that matter Europe and North America, is full of Marxists/Leftists/Liberals who willingly accept what is happening to their countries?
      Do you think that, (like yourself), European and American people are thinking, “Well, I can always move to another country that suits me better once mine is fucked up?”
      Take a look at the comments regarding this post, that should help you with your answers.
      The vast majority of people in both continents have no idea what is really taking place in their countries. The fact that I had to go to a Russian broadcast company to find out what is happening in London proves that.
      If it was nationally reported on UK MSM that sharia law was being implemented in ANY UK city I can guarantee you that it would be a 24 hour news item and finished with. The indiginous population would do something it.
      Please don’t brand all members of a country as Marxists/Leftists/Liberals and say what they get is “Well fucking deserved”.
      Try spreading the message, the truth about what is really going on with ZOG, about the lies, diciet and disinformation it spreads about the joys of multicultarism. Talk to some sheep and tell them to scratch the surface of the news items they watch every night and never question. You may be surprised by their reaction.
      And don’t abandon ship just because the stats you quote tell you things are going ‘tits up’. Stand your ground and fight it.

      1. Nah Nah. I’m not saying well deserved on England as a whole, but London? Yes.

        But honestly.. Birmingham, Manchester etc. is going just like London.

        It’s VERY reminiscent of what’s taken place in the USA. Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Kansas City, Atlanta, Memphis, Atlantic City, New Orleans etc.

        Some of those places still have patches of safety within the City (generally White and Asian areas), but by an large they are shitholes with lots of Blacks, crime, ghettos, gangs, rape etc. The fact that there are still people willing to defend those cities shows one of the problems of the issues – People refuse to accept reality.

        Yet one after another they all fall to varying degrees. It’s very apparent what will take place in Chicago and Philadelphia for example, within 10 years.

        It’s VERY apparent what’s going on in London, and the English there continue to do fuck all about it.

        At this point, I can only summarize the only people still living in London are those people who support this kind of garbage (Multiculturalism, Multiracism, Race-Mixing etc.)

        London does have the highest amount of Race-Mixing White females in England.. Which leads me to believe that the vast majority of the White men there have to be Liberalized Beta Males.

        On-top of that, unlike the Americans, the English have a glimmer of hope in the political sphere with the UKIP. The Americans have no one. They get the Democrat party, which is responsible for this kind of garbage spreading into their Country (Every major city with a crime and Black problem is Democrat), or the Republican party that stand for whatever makes them the most money. In America it’s the lesser of two evils (Republican) but that’s not so (right now) for the English – You seem to have a very real option with the UKIP.

        Having said that, I’m sorry, but if what it takes is the sacrifice of a major capital city in Europe to awaken European Whites everywhere of reality and what truly awaits them in the present and future, then I’m going to have to support it.

        If London truly turning into Pakistan, Nigeria, Etc. is what it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Ottawa, Helsinki, Berlin, Paris etc. etc… Then it’s something that must be done.

        We can fix what they broke after.

        Nothing else seems to work.

        And honestly, that might not work either. Look at American big-cities. Pretty much every single one of them have a Black problem.. and no one says anything about it. And this problem is spreading into smaller cities.

        I don’t know. I’ve pretty much run out of hope.

        I know the future isn’t bright for my Country (Canada). We have a ‘conservative’ Government (right), and we still bring these people over by the boatload. We ‘need’ them. We ‘need’ their ‘skilled’ labor. etc. etc.

        Then again, you’re talking to a White man (Proud, might I add) who got fed up with White women and how they behave today, and wrote them off, pretty much. I’m flawed just like the next person.

        1. These Muslims have practically taken over. I work in London but live in Plumstead. I think the ratio could easily be 80% other ethnicity – 20% white, with 60% of those ethnicity being of Muslim religion. I have seen some of their “protests” and it’s a joke. This human rights bullshit and supported multiculturalism from the government has ruined the great country that England once was. All this violence and hatred over a sky Captian? who has less evidence to exist than Santa Claus! I don’t have much hope for the future of mankind :/

    1. The U.K. might not have guns to prevent a gang that exhibits violence towards others in the area if they don’t pay and stay away. I highly doubt that any of this would hold up in the U.S. unless it’s backed up by the local police force or the Government.

    2. Yo Pumkinhead, if these fucks tried this shit here in the USA i for one would become a vigilante and when i came across these fanatical pieces of shit they would no longer be able to walk or talk. I’m sure my buddy’s would be at my side as well as any true American. Fuck these muslim turds and they’re ass backwards thinking. Hommie don’t play that shit here..

  2. Stupid jawas (sand people) need to go back to their shitty sand pit and salah their faces in the fucking sand becaues even allah knew they were filth. Im america, we have to worry more about niggers than sand monkeys. It seems like the majority of black people want to be niggers; gangsters and douchebags. Nigger culture has ever rubbed of on some white people ( wiggers) which have not been destroyed by natural selection.

  3. What the fuck London? I don’t understand how Europeans can stand by and watch there countries become shit holes and muslims enforce there way of life on you. Eastern Europe and Russia seems to be the only white nations on earth anymore, but who knows how long that will last, a very sad day and age we live in.

  4. Sharia law in London, WWII Karma? Of course this shit was going to happen, If you want more British citizens, make more British babies!
    Not importing shiploads of 3rd world immigrants from all theseRagheads and Pakis and sandnigger nations!

    The British and Americans were already to heavily influence by Jewish media back in 1910- 1954, so I guess Britain is simple dying from it’s own kool-aid.

  5. no way in hell would i stand by and let some knat bastard talk to me like that. dont think you are going to take my beer and tell me not to come back to a PUBLIC place. hell i WILL see you tomorrow and i will piss on the side walk right in front of your fucktard mosque with my own camera and dare you to do anything to me. i dont push my religion on anyone and i sure a hell dont want dome third world back country sandscratcher preaching to me about allah who aint in MY BIBLE.
    freaking thumpers think that they can treat anyone anyway they want well i would like to see them try that shit on someone who will take them to school and make them eat their allah bullshit.

    1. alo42d, i like you, and the intensity you have for your right to freedom. I get incensed about this crap happening without any intervention by government or local authorities. What are they waiting for to happen before this shit is put down? I’m pissed and I’m not a Londoner…..

      1. yea it really pisses me off that some people try to shove their beliefs and outlook on other people. you live your life and i will live my life. if you dont agree with the way i live just shut the fuck up cause i dont want to hear it.
        the more i watched the video the more i thought the only one who had any real balls was the hooker everybody else just walked away and didnt say anything. cant stand a man who wont stand up for his or his womans rights to walk on whatever side of the street they want to. ball less piece of shit.

    2. These sand niggers think they can enforce their law on me they are gonna find out what 8 years of chemistry does, hit me, take my beer, or infringe on my freedom and i will wipe your entire community out with chemical weapons. lol think i give a shit about your armed enforces tell it to the chemical taking your life. Test me bitches you have no idea what i can do.

      1. make a little home remedy for them huh? nice to see them go up and start their shit then someone throw liquid on them then watch them start to just melt and bubble or some other painful shit. lol

  6. Ahh, too bad we don’t have those nice warm multi megaton thermonukes to eradicate the sources of this freekin’ nonsense. Maybe we should re-institute MAD, but instead of standing for mutually assured destruction, it can mean muslims all dead. loll

  7. This shit gets me MAD, I’m from London and I know for a fact those people those Muslim cunts were speaking to were not real Londoners.
    A real Londoner would NEVER have taken that shit, either called the Police or smashed the shit outta them.
    If they tried this bollocks with me they would be the ones going in that Ambulance.
    Dirty fucking Muslim cunts!

    1. EastLondonPrincess, its time for you and your fellow Londoner’s to go out and protect your friends and family from these dirty pussy’s. I know i would be out for blood knowing this shit is happening in my yard. This crap has to be put down before it really gets carried away there. I’m in the US and i feel for you Londoner’s..

      1. Thank you babe, that means a lot. I’ve never personally experienced this kind of stuff ever but I know if I did, heads would roll. I know of Muslims, Sikhs and black people that have voted BNP (British National Party) cos they hate those Muslim cunts too so it ain’t just the white people that hate them…..even some of their own kind do.
        These are just extremist fanatical nut jobs you see here. The sooner their all brown bread (dead) the better.

  8. England is totally screwed! The civilians (natural citizens) were disarmed years ago by their government. Soon the English will wish they had firearms, the Muslims won’t have that problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are better armed than the police! We shall be seeing some good gore material straight outta the UK shortly. The citizens deserve every bit of what is coming their way, it is first your responsibility to protect yourself! Don’t expect others to immediately protect your pathetic pansy ass. Bye bye UK

  9. He sounds black to me, I hate that annoying fucking accent he’s speaking with. Probably one of those black Brits who turned to Islam in prison after being banged up for a violent crime. They have become the ‘muscle’ for these radicals. The only glimmer of hope is that blacks can be notoriously fickle. They’ll soon get bored and look for something else. Thirty years ago they were all Rastas, quoting from the bible and pretending to be so spiritual while thier commiting crimes all the time. When women started to get bored of them they all cut off thier locks pretty sharpish and started listening to hip hop. The sad thing is they all think thier Malcom X. They think Islam is the religion of the black man, they don’t realise that muslims outside of Africa treat blacks like shit in thier own countries and can’t stand them here either.
    They don’t realise that the vast majority of the worlds muslim are caucasoids, the same race as whites. South Asia, Middle East etc. They are so stupid they think someone with a brown skin is the same race as they are.

  10. He sounds black to me, I hate that annoying fucking accent he’s speaking with. Probably one of those black Brits who turned to Islam in prison after being banged up for a violent crime. They have become the ‘muscle’ for these radicals. The only glimmer of hope is that blacks can be notoriously fickle. They’ll soon get bored and look for something else. Thirty years ago they were all Rastas, quoting from the bible and pretending to be so spiritual while thier commiting crimes all the time. When women started to get bored of them they all cut off thier locks pretty sharpish and started listening to hip hop. The sad thing is they all think thier Malcom X. They think Islam is the religion of the black (African) man, they don’t realise that muslims outside of Africa treat blacks like shit in thier own countries and can’t stand them here either.
    They don’t realise that the vast majority of the worlds muslims are caucasoids, the same race as whites. South Asia, Middle East etc.

    I do

  11. I’m surprised they found any white people in London to harass. London is such a filth pit now it’s been taken over by these parasites any self-respecting white person has fled the once great capital of my country, except for all the poles of course and that’s because they can’t afford to live anywhere else in the country.

    1. That’s the thing – Those White people are definitely the type of people who agree with the disgusting ideologies that allowed this cancer in their countries, and allowed it to grow.

      Beta Males, and Liberal Left Females. Basically they’re worthless. The Males couldn’t protect their families if their lives depended on it and the females are fucking and sucking Arabs and Blacks.

      They deserve to live in that cesspit called Londonistan.

  12. do not worry infidels. each muslim cow bitch is producing 10 additional ragheads in her lifetime if not more to establish a world wide caliphate. soon you will all fall to the sword. no need to concern yourselves. just let it happen. Allah Akbar. repeat mindlessly 1000x.

  13. It’s all good, eventually those Raghead patrol will get a sucker punch and worse, going around preaching their rubbish to everyone else. This kind of video only makes everyone else who isnt islam more pissed off, stupid of them to make this video, good for those who despise them raghead because someone somewhere in not so great britain will give them what they’re asking for.

  14. All I can say is: take political action yourself, people! Don’t leave it to others if you feel so touched. Because of the human nature politics are always one step behind of what is happening. I wonder if there is any number of bodies needed to force people to do anything. However, seeing how developed our society is compared to theirs, I see future bright.

    1. These people depend on the Police.

      What they don’t realize is that Police are against them, not for them.

      They let a rape-ring of Arabic Muslims operate on White Children in England and didn’t arrest them because they were afraid it would be considered ‘racist’.

      And then a White woman tried to make excuses for the Arabs.

      England, like many White countries, needs a civil war and a complete overhaul of their Government and Politicians.

      The people in charge have lost the pot and no longer represent the people, and the Police will be the main vehicles of oppression.

      1. I agree on police. I’m pretty young and just begin to understand the situation. From what I know it has been like this for a long time in Europe. It feels like it takes too long to solve this issue. Here in Germany people can’t quite deal with an existing “nazi” party as they wish they could.

  15. The reason this wouldn’t happen the US is because of all the responsible gun owners.

    The reason the UK allows this to happen is that you can’t say no to the ethnics or you’re being racist.

    My point of view is that there is no such thing as racism – just difference in opinion. If a Muslim called me a whitey or honkey, I’d be like fuck yeah, its great being white. Are they ashamed of being Muslim/black/etc?

    I don’t phone the police cos some yank kid on Xbox live said I had bad teeth or I eat tea and crumpets or insulted the Queen etc.

    1. I think there’s a culture of fear about Muslims now. People are scared they’ll bomb you, shoot you, cut your throat, cut your head off, rape you or yours etc.

      So people take a “Let the Police/Government handle it”. Only.. the Police nor the Government have no interest in doing so.

      The Government is bringing this vermin into your Country, while the Police are scared of arresting them due to ‘racism’ or perceived ‘racial profiling’.

      This is what Leftist/Liberal Governments and policies get you.

      I imagine the fast majority of Londoner’s who would spit in these scums face, or knock their teeth out, aren’t living in London or anywhere close to that area. It’s probably overwhelming Beta males, who are known for being weak, spineless and cowardly (Also, generally support this kind of garbage) or race-mixing Females.

  16. Multicuturalism the modern day trogan horse. While the islamic belief is a minority in england there’s no way sharia law will became legitimate, even in a small public area eg outside a mosque. If this was to change, it would open the door to other religions to try the same thing and its not hard to start a new one.

  17. Yeah the muslim invasion is happening here in Australia too, makes me sick! I think my fellow aussies arnt paying attention to what is really happening, probly because our days are full from work, you know, actually doing something productive and contributing to socioty unlike the muslim scum. All they have to do is say there life is under threat in their country then we grant them asylam here and pay them $600 a month per person, now if you add that most muslum scum have 6 kids or so thats alot of money, it just pisses me off! african immagrents are the same too but atleast their not trying to blow us up or behead us every chance they get. And I dont want to hear anyone saying im a racist, cause im not a racist im a realist

    1. Muslims will be easier to get rid of than Blacks, honestly. (Not that I think either will be easy)

      Muslims are pretty much anti-Female. Their entire philosophy oozes the subjugation of Women, so once it reaches the boiling point, I’d imagine even our liberal Women will wake the fuck up and realize what they’ve allowed into our Countries.

      Blacks on the other hand weasel their way into our family tree’s and bloodlines through our race-mixing Females, which unfortunately.. we have a lot of those (I’d estimate over 70% easy). They end up having like 3 kids from 3 different black fathers and we end up having to take care of them (via benefits etc.). That’s going to require getting rid of them and a sizeable chunk of our female population.

      I’m okay with that. If that’s what it takes to save our Countries, our race and our women.. then so be it.

      Hit the reset button and start over again. We’re resilient. We’ve rebuilt our cities after World Wars, etc. We can do so again.

  18. arse hole muslims mean fuck all in the uk, any fucking idiot could do what these numptys did picking lone victims while they are ganged and tooled up , tell them to do it on a saturday night when all the english teenagers are out on the town getting pissed,they would get kicked around like an empty pair of overalls and their muslim fucking blood would be smeared across the road like an emptied tin of red paint.
    these wankers pick their victims.

    remember glasgow airport when the terrorist fuckers got their heads kicked in by john smeaton.
    a simple baggage handler.

  19. Amazing, these Zionist pigs try to control an area outside a mosque and bully locals trying to impose Sharia law. People don’t seem to realise how dangerous these people are. They already believe in a religion that justifies “beheading those who oppose Islam”. Thanks for imposing multiculturalism into the UK, now because of this “we should all just get along” attitude you have a mix of different people all believing in their own faiths and ready to get violent with those that don’t agree. This country really needs a social revolution, the people need to take control to fight against these fairytale believers. Fuck the law, where will the great British police be when another station gets destroyed, or an innocent citizen gets decapitated for simply just having different views. We stand there screaming and shouting in “protest” which does effectively nothing, they are also screaming and shouting difference is they are ready to kill, torture and eradicate all based on the idea of a Sky Captian. If you see these groups and they try to in-force anything on you, I urge you to stand against them. Fight back, or just lay down and let the UK become a “Muslim state”.

    We need to really rid the world of alot of shit, starting with religion as a whole. Everybody always hated on Hitler along with the bias views you where taught in school. Let me ask do you think a world united under one great leadership is such a bad idea? our governments promote multiculturalism and diversity yet look at what it is doing to our world, let alone the UK.

    Countries have gone to war since the dawn of society, however usually for good reasons. They also usually don’t go to the extremes to get their point across, where as Religion that has been a major cause in wars and responsible for countless deaths throughout history, shows the darkest side of mankind, the torture and horrific executions of innocent people all over a belief of a figure that has no more evidence to exist over Santa Claus


    1. this makes me laugh.

      remeber john smeaton at glasgow airport, when he kicked the terrorist cowards heads in a simple baggage handler.

      these bastards play the race card, but there is someone in parliament fighting to protect the british public against these people using that card, soon you will see these fucking scumbag cunts getting attacked because they will then only be seen as another uk citizen in a court of law, and then you will see the buggers eyes water.

      i didnt see them say much during any of the english city riots, did you?

  20. FUCK ISLAM!! FUCK ALLAH!!! PLEASE let them try that with me I would LOVE IT!! Stupid fucking arab losers. GOD I wish that whole religion would just die off along with every one of these fucking losers behind the camera. hey dumbass, why not show your face? COWARD!!

  21. This is scary. I mean, do freaking authorities ignore this pre warnings? They will love to behead all “those white” in praise of Allah. I know, i see hate in their eyes, they will be outnumbered and killed if they try something but they will try to kill many as possible, i feel’em strongly, they are fanatics and they hate all different then “AllahUekber” shit.

  22. I’m Moving to the Falklands, seeing as all these Raghead fucks have moved here!

    If you don’t like Britain, Fuck off back to your godforsaken sand pit!

    I’m going to brainwash a load of Jews and make the blow themselves up inside mosques in the name of God, because that is what these old peado muslims like to do.

    All in all: FUCK ISLAM!

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