One Second a Day – Putting the Suffering of Children in Syria Into Perspective

One Second a Day - Putting the Suffering of Children in Syria Into Perspective

One Second a Day - Putting the Suffering of Children in Syria Into Perspective

Our governments orchestrated the Syrian civil war, our governments have been training, funding and arming Assad’s opposition, our governments pulled off that false-flag chemical weapons attack in Ghouta as an excuse to bomb more children in Syria, and when that plan crashed, our governments created the ISIS threat that added our bombs to the bombs used by the terrorists, all to achieve the goal that our governments were after all along: to remove the democratically elected government of president Bashar al-Assad and replace it with a puppet regime that will lick Israeli boots.

The video below is only one and a half minute long, but I’d encourage everyone to watch it. It puts the suffering of children in Syria into perspective for us who are not getting torn apart by bombs… YET! Make no mistake, though. What you will see in this video is pretty much the vision of the future too. With police force getting bloodier by the day, and now also sporting military grade weaponry for use against the civilians, this will soon be our future too. If we let them.

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    1. Not just the USA supported those fuckers, also IsraHELL, some of ur EU countries, Saudi-Arabia, Turkey and Qatar financed them. But the truth is, that the USA financed them mostly.
      Let’s hope that these economists and politicians who stuck their dicks into this country gets a painful death.

  1. Well, that was a very professionally produced commercial that completely beguiles the seriousness of the Syrian situation.

    When the government of a country seems unstable, despite that government still operating and holding democratic elections, it’s doesn’t give rebel factions warrant to start bombing everything in their climb to power. Seriously, all the other nations of the world should put it to a vote in the UN:

    Should Syrian rebels stop fighting immediately?

    Yes or No?

    If they vote yes, then warm up the tanks, release the planes, lock targets and raid that country with everything we (the civilized nations) have at our disposal.

    If no, let the FSA continue to fight, but warn them that better than a billion bucks and a bottomless arsenal of weapons are being sent to Bashar al-Assad (Syria, President). Maybe once they’re reduced that county to a smouldering creator with zero infrastructure, no electricity, no fuel, no imports or exports, let’s just so how well they cope living as 2000 year old nomadic goat herders within the 21st century.

    Yep, war sucks, especially for the children who more often than not have no clues what the adults are fighting about.

    1. “Maybe once they?re reduced that county to a smouldering creator with zero infrastructure, no electricity, no fuel, no imports or exports, let?s just so how well they cope living as 2000 year old nomadic goat herders within the 21st century.”

      This an idea that bothers me, I think many of them WANT to live like this. Don’t some of them still live like this now, treating their women like dogs, while they fuck their goats, refusing to learn anything outside the quran or thinking for themselves? Look at how the taliban ruled in Afghanistan. I don’t ever see at least some of these ingrates not wanting to live as bass ackwards as they do today. As long as some of these shit bags are willing to live and fight for this, there will always be fighting. If these ragheads took over the world and eliminated all the infidels, they’d just turn on each other. Look at all the shit that’s been around and has just come around, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, IS, mujahadeen, taliban, shiites, sunnis. After what, a thousand years, they’re still fighting each other. What the fuck have they learned after all this fighting, you can’t teach them shit. Brilliant Bugger, I disagree about warming up the tanks and mopping up after airstrikes, I did that, I was there as a tanker, we don’t need boots on the ground if we’re serious about putting an end to their bullshit. Let them significantly kill each off on their own and then we’ll nuke ’em all with neutron bombs. We can still go in and take their oil and sell it to China or anyone who still uses it as we switch to the thorium we have here in the states. Sorry, Brilliant Bugger, I don’t mean to direct my frustration at you, I just wouldn’t want to go back there like that unless I really had to, or have to send anyone else in my place. I now know we never should have been there to begin with, something I was way to young to see long ago.

    2. WHAT the hell are you talking about, man? there no Syrians rebels, but mercenaries from foreign countries following orders of israel aiming to topple assad and put a pro-Israel government in syria! if there are any parents who should be invaded by western government is Israel and not Syria or any other country in the Middle East!

  2. “What you will see in this video is pretty much the vision of the future too.”

    Reminiscent of “1984”-George Orwell.

    I still find it hard to believe the sheeple are still asleep and refuse to wake up and at least arm themselves. I also find it hard to believe that there won’t be some kind of huge depopulation of the world (war, plague, famine) before we see a NWO…

    I’ll give it another generation or two before the shit really hits the fan.

          1. quick, name all the moderators (who have their own lives and day jobs) and compare that number to the number of members/comments per day on a website that is running 24/7/365.

          2. My answer is 42 Obli, but I must qualify that with the facts that I suck at word problems, and was caught off guard with this unannounced pop quiz.

            Perhaps a syllabus would be both appropriate and helpful in the future, prior to any testing. :mrgreen:

  3. Images of suffering and dead children won’t shock those people who view the world as just numbers on a spreadsheet, only those with a sense of morality would be moved enough to care and not many of them exist in high office.

    The general population are far too placid and socially fractured to act against government policy and mostly only care about living an easy life hence why they are called sheeple.

    My conclusion, instilling a sense of self empowerment and hope into the mindset of the public is the only way to create change, which is easier said that done.

  4. It’s a fuckin shame there isn’t a neutral bubble zone of immunity/normality for the children at least while the insanity rages everywhere else. While I don’t see an end to the manufactured violence, and at this point it’s going to take a lot of violence to stop the giant chimera of evil, corrupt terrorist governments/corporations; forcing children to be subjected to this is just beyond abominable.

  5. How dare, you make my eyes water, this early Saturday morning. ( joke ). This video is by far the best way to show the Sheeple what our tax dollars are doing to the worlds innocent children on a daily basis. Sad,,, but so true!

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  7. Ha ha what is this bullshit video?
    And what about the daily kills in syria or iraq why do I give a shit?
    Does the people know what is the core of isis and who funds them and who sell them weapons?Do anyone in this website know who warn the usa and russia don’t do this shit?

    1. Err…Hello…HELLO!!
      I’m talking to you ALL who are IN THIS WEBSITE.
      Are you guys stuck in there or what?

      If ya need anything let me know, though I see you’ve got plenty of humour, irony, wit and sarcasm, but anything else needed just say so.

  8. I’m sorry Acneska, but I contradict you in a big point..
    Since when Al-Assad’s government is democratically elected ? My last comment about the truth of this president was not published, but please listen to me.

    Please read this, Assad along with all the Arab leaders didn’t come by elections, but either by military coups supported by foreign countries, or they took charge because their parents were in power.

    So everybody doesn’t know, that Bashar Al-Assad inherited the country from his father “Hafez Al-Assad” ?
    Al-Assad family ruled syria for years & years, when was their last conflict with Israel ? back in the 70s ? Bashar didn’t fire a bullet towards Israel !!

    He murdered his people when they started protesting (yes, this whole syrian war started with peaceful protests !), it was Assad’s brutal army who started shooting, not the people.

    ISIS was no more than an american scout in the region, to direct the war as they wanted.. another secret : do you know that the kurds in Kobany-Ain Al Arab- are not receiving support from the west ? most airstrikes hit thin air & never reach isis ?

    Notice that the USA doesn’t also want real resistance to overthrow assad & reach power..The chemicals were used by both parties ; there was a false flag but there was also scud missiles used by assad containing these chemicals..go ask any syrian with a small amount of conscious.

    I’m more than sorry for these children. But Assad is the main source of their misery.

    1. @Arabic

      Bashar al-Assad is most certainly a democratically elected president of Syria. A fair and open election was held this year and he won by a landslide.

      However, more important than election results, which are not necessarily reflective of the entire nation, as some people don’t vote, is undying support for Bashar al-Assad from the people of Syria during the time of war.

      Syria has been under severe attack for over 3 years. The whole country is in ruin, thousands of lives were lost, economy is devastated, infrastructure is destroyed, yet the people of Syria still stand unilaterally behind president Assad. If it wasn’t so, he would never last this long in time of war. There is simply no argument anyone can make to counter this.

      When those alleged “protests” started, they were the same as “protests” in Libya, Ukraine, Venezuela and elsewhere. Criminals were identified and trained by the CIA, then armed and sponsored to cause trouble. Mossad trained them to carry out false flag attacks, which we have ample evidence of on Best Gore. They killed people, then filmed their dead bodies on video claiming that Bashar al-Assad’d people did it. The internet was flooded with these videos, as that was their primary job at the time, but thanks to websites like Best Gore, they no longer do it, because we have proven each and every one of them to be fake.

      We have videos of them staging aftermaths of attacks, we have videos of the same actors used over and over, we have videos of them killing children and later releasing videos of these same children dead and claiming Assad did it.

      Honestly, your attempt to manipulate the fact would likely work in many places, but here at Best Gore we have evidence. We don’t just take someone’s word for it. We look at videos and photos which tell us the story and draw conclusion from that.

      I have never been to Syria, don’t have family ties in Syria, nor do I feel any emotional attachment to Syria. For all i care, if Syria didn’t exist, my life would not change. However I will not ignore blatant evidence of what is happening in Syria when I see it with my own eyes. That is what makes us here at Best Gore different. And that is why the website is hated and attacked by shills who seek to hide evidence we publish on the site here.

  9. They could of at least used a little fake blood on her fingers when she pulled her hair out, or somewhere on her face but that would probably cost more to get rid of the stop and record bounce look of the screen or blood is to rated R for that commercial?

  10. They played that video right on the TV here in the states. It’s good propaganda to get people to give money to people they don’t know.

    17.5 trillion in debt and still has enough money to fund wars we have no right to stick our noses in. I say “we” and “our” because my tax dollars paid for it, therefore it’s partly my fault too.

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