Parents of Dominik Neubauer Appeal to Yemeni Kidnappers in Video

Parents of Dominik Neubauer Appeal to Yemeni Kidnappers in Video

Devastating parents and brother of young Austrian man named Dominik Neubauer who was kidnapped by tribesmen in Yemen published a video in which they appeal to kidnappers with a request to release their son. The video comes as a response to a video released 7 days earlier in which teary Dominik Neubauer appeals to the governments to pay his abductors the ransom to save his life.

Because the video of the Dominik’s appeal was widely publicized, it’s likely the negotiations were ongoing without any details shared with the media. There has however been no indication of Dominik Neubauer being freed – whether through military intervention or, less likely through any money being transferred to the terrorists. Since it’s already February 28, 2013 in Yemen, the deadline for ransom has come. We’ll just have to wait and see what, if anything happens next.

Dominik Neubauer, it would appear was a pro international Jewry and pro multiculturalism character. He is said to have studied Arabic in Yemen. Whether he “studied” Arabic in order to gain understanding of culture “cruel westerners” fail to understand, or whether he was a spy sent to the Middle East under the pretext of studying Arabic, he’s being bitchslapped by the very ideology he appeared to promote.

Heartbreaking video of Dominik’s parents asking for his safe return is below. It’s somewhat comical that his mom would wear a head scarf – something I suspect she hadn’t done not once in her life before, but I understand that as parents of son whose life is in grave danger, they’re willing to make clowns of themselves if it helps their boy:

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41 thoughts on “Parents of Dominik Neubauer Appeal to Yemeni Kidnappers in Video”

  1. Not to be overly critical here, and I know they’re grieving and distraught, but why do they to reference a script as frequently as they do? The mother couldn’t get more than 2-3 words out at a time. English is my third language and I can still string together more than 2 words at once.
    Yes I understand they aren’t primarily english speakers and that they were most likely instructed on what to say/not say.

  2. i really do hope he gets released. its so sad watching the parents of this poor man weep for him, but what was harder for me watching this, was was the pretty lady to the right of the screen in the pink underwear folding her pussy flaps over each other.

  3. well the only thing we can do is wait…. for the video of is noggin getting lobbed off and lots ali snackbarr blah blah yellin and prancin. bet itll be grainy with high pitched habib tunes real good n loud, im waiting habibs,,,,,,,,,

  4. Parents should understand why violence exists. Remember that violence controls everything on face of the earth. Nobody can stop the violence like parents tried to solve problem with terrorists. Violence is powerful. That is why violence never die, disappearing, fading away or whatever else! Life is bitch.

  5. Well, this should do the trick. We know how compassionate the people holding him are! Seriously, I do feel badly for them. You know they probably can’t eat or sleep… much less think straight. All this grief was completely preventable. If only their son had accepted the truth, about how dangerous it is in Arab countries, and that he wasn’t exempt from possible violence because he was, “learning their language”……. RIP Dominik

  6. We must apologize to these arabs who kidnapped this infidel because that is what comrade obambo preaches with his multiculturalism doctrine. How dare we question islamscum and their liquid black gold. The congruent demographic of allah snackbar must be alacritously appeased at all cost.

  7. I am heartbroken and gutwrenched, and I am about to lose my mind if anything goes wrong (if I haven’d already lost it).

    I can’t sleep for a week a now, my sobbing every now and then and I am just a nervous wreck. I thought I was tougher, but with this story I complety cracked up!

    For all those suckers who are longing for his death to indulge themselves in, I want you to burn in Hell! Wishing an innocent person dead is the cruellest thing I can imagine. Just because the imagination of his beautiful head chopped off arouses you!

    I understand now, that it is not politicians who are evil, it is us the people. It’s not companies, it’s us the costumers. It’s not the media, it’s us the consumers.

    Homo hominem lupus est. Man is truly evil 🙁

    1. I agree. This is a horrible story. I can’t imagine what it is like for his family. And I don’t understand how some people here can be so detached. That is the whole problem with us people… once we get detached, we have no pity for each other and all diplomacy and respect goes down the drain. It’s the reason why shit like this keep on happening. If those terrorists have any part of their humanity still left somewhere inside, they now have the chance to demonstrate that regardless of all, we are all human and we are all equal. A gesture of good will can give them more than violence ever could.

      1. ”we are all human”
        and that’s the problem right there 🙂
        humans are the most evil and savage animal on the planet.

        i do feel sorry for the guy and especially his family but .. if he didn’t see that coming when deciding to go to yemen , then he’s just plain stupid.

  8. I’m from Austria and I must say it’s very difficult here to say anything about islamists, because they get a whole lot of protection from our government. And as soon as you say something against foreigners you’re instantly called a nazi. No media ever tells us here about what’s really going on in the world.There are still 90% of the people not knowing what’s really going on f.e. in Mexico – they still go there on vacation and if you tell them that there are narco gangs and narco related beheadings they make big eyes and laugh and say you’re crazy… well then peeps go to these countries and follow the other dumb sheeps into death…

  9. Austrian people in general are pretty restraint in letting the PC media and politicians wash their brains, unlike the Swedish people, who seem to wholeheartedly embrace brainwashing. Austrians feel that multiculturalism leads them nowhere.
    On the other hand, Austrians are too sluggish to change anything about it. Maybe it’s because they only care about their own lives and not so much about the others.
    It’s not ignorance, it’s just their cold mindset, why they couldn’t care less about the life of an innocent, like poor Dominik.

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