Pregnant Women Drink Heavily to Harm Unborn Babies for Disability Benefits

Pregnant Women Drink Heavily to Harm Unborn Babies for Disability Benefits

In South Africa, pregnant women are deliberately drinking large quantities of home brewed moonshine type alcohol known as Kah-Kah to harm their unborn babies. Their intention is to ensure that children are born disabled. The reason – government welfare money is nearly 5 times as high (1,200 Rand) when a baby is born with a disability as when a healthy baby is born (250 Rand).

It has been reported that South African authorities found battery acid in Kah Kah. The brew is sold in illegal drinking dens called Shebeens. They are frequently raided by police and shut down with Kah Kah seized and dumped before the operator’s eyes, but as soon as one is shut, another opens.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is the most common birth defect in South Africa. Children with FASD typically suffer from speech defects, physical deformities, learning difficulties and behavioral issues.

This practise of spawning disabled kids as a source of income is most seen in the Eastern Cape, one of the poorest areas in South Africa. I hope Eastern European Gypsies never see this video else they’ll start doing that too. Their mentality is tailored for this type of system abuse and they won’t hesitate to harm anyone, including themselves or their children for free money.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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94 thoughts on “Pregnant Women Drink Heavily to Harm Unborn Babies for Disability Benefits”

  1. Literally/purposely destroying her baby for a few extra bucks, and her family condones this. Someone should tie her to a helicopter blade after the baby is born, so not to do the baby any more harm…wouldn’t that be a neat way to see someone go bye-bye? Spin away!

    1. Seriously man this shit is soo fucked up, and the thing is; you only ever seen niggers doing this kind of shit. Yeah youll have a few whities mixed in doing disgusting shit like this, but i would say its at least 90% black. As one poster said “time for mass castration” i agree completely. I mean the bitch is pregnant with her 5th fucking kid…at least fucking pull out, slim the chance down a bit at least. Whatever, its hardworking people like us who support these good for nothing fucks. Fuck them.

      1. I saw a family of white trash in Schenectady NY. They had about 10-15 kids and tried to pimp out their 15yr old daughter on me to get more grandkids and welfare. I turned them in for tire dumping before I moved out.
        The adults did nothing but sell coke, weed, and go metal stealing/scrapping everyday. They were ugly, stupid, costing taxpayer money at an alarming rate, and multiplying. People like that should be executed. It sounds bad but c’mon… people who have no use to society are being given more fucking money by the Liberals than the people they take the money from can earn!

  2. I never usually log into my account as I only ever read and look at the articles on here, but this I had to log in for. This is terrible, how people are harming babies, making their life so much more difficult and pain-wrenching…. for money. For fucking money… This world has gone to shit.

  3. shit o.o my moms whore friends do this too -.- there is this one lady in perticular 5 kids from 5 different guys and gets child support, she also abused drugs the hard kind like *coke and meth* that’s probably the reason why her kid is in one of them *special needs* classes , most women i know spend money on themselves instead of the kids. sometimes they *my aunt* drop the kids off at her sisters house and go out with her whore friends find a guy fuck them then come back 5 days later. This reminds me of the African version of moonshiners but it’s backwards instead of white men getting drunk as fuck on illegal alcohol it’s black ladies XD anyone know what moonshine tastes like O.o..?

    1. Moonshine is great, if the person making it knows what theyre doing. And if they dont, you get shit that will eat through fucking plastic. Best moonshine I ever had came out of southern Tennessee, (I live in N. Alabama) it was very smooth and would get you very drunk. On just a little. Lot of people around here make it but you have to be picky about who you buy from.

      1. This is also the reason for the popularity of the Mason Jar with us Southerners as with even most of the good moonshine will eat through styrofoam. The best parties are the ones where the jars are just passed around, no styrofoam or red solo cups, and much better for the environment ;-). And if it smells like turpentine dont drink it!! Btw, to all you football fans out there, Roll Tide #15!!!

        1. @rebelk holy shit Alabama is where I need to go to get shit faced then 😀 are the parties kick ass and the girls wet ..? O_o I have never tried moonshine only watched it in the awesome show *moonshiners* them good ol boys sure know how to make grade a liquor ^_^ sadly I live in California -.- I have to deal with keystone and tequila >.>

          1. Well, if you are ever in the south and someone invites you to a J&J, its a good thing you should definitely go. Stands for jars and joints, but, alas, usually only the locals are invited!

  4. Why on earth don’t they have these people sterilised, or at least force them to have contaceptive implants to be able to claim welfare. I’ve seen horrible shit in my own country, crackheads in the mid twenties on thier fifth child. Each one taken away at birth, they don’t attend any anti-natal appointments to check on the health of thier kids they disapear under the radar until they go into labour and give birth to babies addicted to crack and heroin. Those little babies are usually adopted at birth but they are litteraly time bombs waiting to go off as they were born addicts and the slightest bit of experimenting with drugs can trigger thier addictions again without them realising. It’s like they used to say about children contracting syphilis from thier mothers during Victorian times, ‘The sins of the parents are visited on the children’.

    1. @ wicked mama, while I agree with your point, I believe that sterilization and/or mandatory birth control are too good for these sheep, they just need to be shot in the head and exterminated!

        1. You confuse me, Wicked Mama. (Let me pre?empt you: Small minds etc. etc.)

          Regardless – Not sure what the Brits can do. Stop voting Left and demand a referendum on the EU for starters, but that will never happen nor would it be allowed.

          Maybe if UKIP comes to power, but the chances of that are rather small. You know, they are already painted as racists (Word of oppression and subversion of truth) etc.

          Nah, The Brits like the rest of us are doomed to stay under the cesspool of Liberal/Left/Marxist agendas and ideology.

          Meanwhile, more Government housing goes to immigrants, instead of Native British, more jobs are given to immigrants, instead of the native British, more tax-payer money goes to moving around a terrorist suspect who preaches hate for England and the West..

          More and more immigrants arrive into an already small island bursting at the seams..

          Around and around we go, right into the toilet bowl.

          At-least the Country-side is still beautiful… For now.

  5. Makes me sick, if I’m honest. I’d give them fuck all. Hell, I’d just take the baby off them, and send the mother to jail for life. Making their kids permanetely disabled so they can get a little bit of money? What the fuck kind of world do we live in?

    1. Seconded!
      I see a lot of commenters pushing for sterilization, but that opens a can of worms about reproductive “freedom”; which is quite the double-bladed sword. Mandating who can reproduce or how many offspring they can have rips a big hole in the abortion issue, because both are about 3rd parties dictating “reproductive rights”. And really, I can kinda see both sides of the coin on that one.

      What’s that leave as a possible solution? Not much… Jail-time is a great start. Any idiot can see chemically maiming another life for money is beyond wrong. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that not only does that happen, it works! ….condoned by monetary reward.

      Even if you contest the personhood of the unborn, it is still a living mammal with its own unique DNA and blood-type. PFCs were banned a few decades ago because they permeated eagle eggs and decimated the species into endangerment. People can go to jail for that.

      Applying the same rhetoric, these women could be construed as committing environmental pollution, endangerment, abuse, negligence, “emotional distress”, willful harm, and possibly wrongful death/manslaughter if the acquired defects ultimately result in death.

      Concluding reiteration; I’m still not sure how to reconcile such thoughts in a way that is distict from the abortion issue, which, really, is a topic I generally stay away from online. In summation; I said what I said with adressing/thinking about the specific women-maiming-for-$$$$$ in mind.

  6. I am from eastern europe and I must say that gypsies in here do something similar even now, only in different way – incest. You may be surprised, but it is relatively frequent behaviour between this “ethnic minority”. In any case it brings quite similar results – mentally/physically disabled children (look at this it’s recorded in a ghetto in eastern slovakia (I know it looks like some sort of post-apocalyptic-fallout movie.. :D). They are their whole life dependent on social system.. basically, their job is making (disabled) children

    1. Roma gypsies should definately be sterilised. They’ve invaded our beautiful Royal parks in central London. They drink all day and shit in polythene bags. I read a review on Trip Advisor where a visitor to London was complaining about them. How do they make our city look to tourists? it’s a fucking disgrace.

        1. Tourism is very important to our economy and creates a huge amount of jobs.
          You have no experience of Roma gypsies so you are not qualified to comment on them. Most come here from Romania and as EU members we can’t kick them out. (Although Berlusconi didn’t give a shit and threw a bunch of them out of Italy). Just look back at some past posts about Roma gypsies and you’ll get an idea what backwood child abusing savages they are.

          1. I didn’t say Gypsies weren’t a problem.

            I said they weren’t the only problem.

            Regarding tourism – If you came to the states, would you visit Detroit, Buffalo or Baltimore?


          2. No I wouldn’t plan an overseas trip to go to Baltimore, Detroit etc. as a tourist but I’m not really seeing your point. Unless your trying to say that London has no more to offer. I get the feeling your not well travelled but even so I’m sure I’ve misunderstood you.

          3. My point, Wicked Mama, is that at the rate of decay of London, not many people who are visiting England will even think it worth going to the Detroit of the UK.

  7. Um, simples. Don’t pay benefits after the first child. Stop these parasites breeding in the first place. Jesus, here in Kenya even the poorest of the poor have access to contraceptives. If you *choose* not to use them, that’s your problem – not the state’s FFS.

    1. @Izzy I couldn’t agree more. You have cunt whores that pop kids out for welfare and more foodstamps. There are people out there that can’t have children. If it wasn’t considered murder I would kick them in the stomach and throw them down the stairs.

    2. A-fucking-men to that!

      I have the extreme misfortune of working around those vile bitches every day, and I can tell you that the welfare abuse situation here in the US is far worse than most people imagine. I’m talking about freeloading whores who drive luxury cars and get their hair and nails done once a week receiving $1000+ per month in food stamps just because they squeezed out 10 Goddamn kids. Meanwhile, I’m out working my ass off every day, essentially paying to support these little motherfuckers, many of whom will probably end up in prison when they turn 18…where I’ll continue to support them. And yes, a vast majority of those to whom I’m referring tend to be of a certain ethnic persuasion (use your imagination).

      Getting back to the post to which I’m replying, this shit doesn’t happen by accident or because of a lack of birth control education…it happens because these worthless cunts who can’t even support a goldfish on their own get knocked up on purpose because they know our liberal, ass-kissing government will give them “free” money. I’ve heard this firsthand from a dude I used to work with who would go around fucking bitches for the sole purpose of impregnating them so that they could collect more welfare. Absolutely disgusting.

  8. This reminds me – Why do you have a lack of gore related posts about Whites being exterminated in Africa?

    You post pretty much anything – So I’m guessing it has to-do with a lack of material being given to you.

    I’ll poke around and forward some. It’s a bit hard, as this stuff gets little press. Not that it would matter if it did, the Western world doesn’t care about the genocide of Whites in their own Countries, why would they care about it happening in Africa? The Governments today would probably smile and cheer.

    The mutilated Family of 5 (Farmers, I believe.. with the wife raped and butchered) still haunts me.

    1. This actually gore in the beginning stage try imagining sleeping in the same neighborhood these knuckle draggers live in. I’m Hispanic all my life I’ve worked since I was teen for them to create mongrel babies that’s nice I see where our money goes as the working class

  9. Typical niggers!! doing anything they can to get welfare and mooch off the government…i wouldn’t be surprised if American niggers start doing this soon…they already give their offspring the worst life possible..they only breed so they get welfare to support their drugs, alcohol, and guns…

    1. Honestly im not surprised and im not judging considering Africa is poor as fuck and *80% of people have eatin human flesh and 70% of women have been raped I mean their living like shit for them everyday is hell. beacause of the war they had and we didn’t help cause we were so dick happy with bin laden we *US*just let a how continent fall into proverty.

    2. Honestly im not surprised and im not judging considering Africa is poor as fuck and *80% of people have eatin human flesh and 70% of women have been raped I mean their living like shit for them everyday is hell. because of the war they had and we didn’t help cause we were so dick happy with bin laden we *US*just let a how continent fall into poverty.

      1. They didn’t fall into poverty. They’ve been in poverty pretty much since the beginning of time, and its their own fucking fault. They are a huge continent with vast resources and, if you believe that the earliest humans originated from there, a head-start on the rest of mankind of quite a few millennia, so why the fuck should they need anyone’s help? They should be living like Star Trek…but, instead, they’re living like 1,000,000 BC. No excuse, except that they’re a bunch of ignorant, unproductive assholes.

  10. kah-kah sounds a lot like ca-ca, which was slang for feces when I was a kid. Not much difference from what I’m seeing, truly fucking disgusting I don’t think I want to live on the shit hole of a planet anymore.

  11. I support welfare and disability, but I think it needs to be stricter. Like in this case, if you were drinking to ruin an unborn child’s life you’d get no benefits, its sad but then child would taken away, you get no benefits and thrown in jail. It’d stop 🙂

    1. I also support the govt. helping low income families… But theres a fine line between helping a family in need and a family abusing tthe government’s welfare and social services. To those who wants apply for disability checks & welfare, there should be strict quota for them to meet and a’lot of paperwork for applicants to go through explaining valid reasons for them to receive govt. benefits. Well, I know they already do that… But I’m just stating that they need to take a tougher stance for families in dire need and families intending to abuse govt. services.

        1. Definitely. I’ve known some people that abused the govt. services just so that they can get their habits going. One sad case I remember is a family that my mother knew were using welfare & disability checks to fuel their drug and alcohol habits… It got to the point where their 4 children starting getting sick and hungry that someone took notice and notified child services and a few days later their mom and dad got a rude awakening when child services arrived and took their children away for evaluation. A few days later the court deemed mother and father unfit to provide their child with the welfare and care they needed. The father was extremely pissed and mother was crying her eyes out saying that ” boohoo its not fair they took my kids away”, My mother responded to her by saying: “Well what the fuck did you expect you dumb bitch…. You were pissing away all the money away by fueling your stupid habits while your children were getting sick and hungry”. To this day the children that child services took are living with well meaning families giving them care and support.

    1. mankind has failed its purpose. we are lost, we just consume and reproduce like a fucking virus, all we want is more more more! more, noise, more sex, more anything so long as you dont have to face YOURSELF for too long, just late at night when you suddenly wake up shaking and afraid for seemingly no reason. that fear, that fleeting memory that we should have been so much more.

  12. they should do this, they should do that…let’s face it guys, this is a problem that, given the state of things, is beyond mankind’s capability to actually solve.
    no, i’m not talking about god, or allah, or whatever the fuck scientologists believe, i’m talking about a pandemic concerning a vicious strain of flu or polio or something crippling and fast-acting; i’m talking about a global famine so severe it will force first world countries to focus on themselves and let the third worlds die off; i’m talking about a geological cataclysmic event that would threaten all life on the planet. or…an invasion from another sentient form a life from deep within our own oceans or deep in space.

  13. If the baby is diagnosed with FAS the family really shouldn’t be getting money for poisoning their kid. I mean, really, why reward bad behavior? In fact, they should just take the kid right away. If you want to poison your child then you don’t get to have a kid.

    South Africa is fucked up anyway. The rate of sexual violence there is evidence enough.

  14. Who needs humanity, when all that matters is the almighty $…you don’t see a blessing or a miracle of life anymore…by the time you’re knocked up the umpteenth time, the only thought in your mind is: “drinking kah kah and blaring whitney houston, just waiting for them dollars to roll in” …this sorry excuse of a human being only makes my gratitude towards good mothers everywhere that much stronger.

  15. FASD babies should be taken into government custody. You really want a woman who can’t abstain from drinking for 9 months to raise that kid?

    People who abuse disability money sicken me. There are people who actually NEED that money. People doing it for a quick buck should have been aborted by their mothers.

  16. Wow, this is some pretty fucked up shit. If you’re willing to put your child’s health and livelihood in jeopardy for a couple of dollars than you don’t deserve to have children, let alone breathe for being such a shitty parent. Makes me wonder if she’s tried before with her other children…
    My good friend lives in a predominantly Hispanic apartment building (we’re both Hispanic) and the tenants are usually Mexican (we’re not) and she’s told me there’s so much children in the apartment building that they can circle the entire building. The women will breed like fucking rabbits

  17. I’ve sifted through a lot of bullshit on this site, from both the content itself and the people responsible for posting the content, but I have to say, I think I’ve finally found rock bottom. This has to be the absolute rock bottom dregs of human consciousness right here.
    No. Wait. There’s rock bottom, then 100 ft. of rancid horseshit, then there’s THESE Africans. Apparently, blacks trying to milk the government benefits system isn’t just an American problem. At least here they *might* rot in jail or *maybe* get the death penalty, depending on which state they were in, if they tried this shit in America… One could only hope.

  18. The solution is easy: STOP GIVING THEM MONEY. Just stop it. Take the children away and let the freeloading asswipe adults starve to death or find work. Welfare would work within strict confines: A person has to be able to prove that they legitimately need help, then would be awarded a certain amount with NO room for negotiations: you get X amount and that’s it, and you MUST be actively looking for and find gainful employment. The problem arises when we repeatedly award bad behavior. These people should qualify for nothing except a one-way ticket to hell.

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