Robbed by Police State Canada

Robbed by Police State Canada

I have to make this brief because I’m on a borrowed computer. I had my laptop, photo camera, video camera, MP3 player and all memory cards and flash drives confiscated by a customs officer in Vancouver, allegedly because an Edmonton Police Service detective requested it. I asked if there was a warrant for confiscation of my personal property and he said that there wasn’t one, but that there was a statute that entitled him to seize my stuff. I asked for him to quote me the statute or show it to me in writing, which he did. It contained the following:

The goods and/or documents may be seized under section 489(2) of the criminal code, if it is believed on reasonable grounds that the goods and/or documents will afford evidence in respect of an offense against the criminal code or any other act of parliament.

My obvious next question was: “Which offense against the criminal code are we talking about here?” The response I got was: “I was afraid you would ask this. The Edmonton detective will have to follow up on this.” With hands washed clean, the customs officer gave me the phone number on the detective.

What I got from it is this – there was no warrant for my arrest or seizure of my stuff, yet still my personal property was taken from me without explanation or reasons. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but to me this looks very much like a robbery.

This is for the n-th time why the only thing worse than a nigger state is a police state. In a police state, the tyranny enforcers can do anything they please to you because you as the victim have nowhere to turn except back to the very tyrannical enforcers who brought this upon you in the first place.

When Jewish Bolsheviks forced communism down Russia’s throat and later down much of the Eastern and Central Europe’s throats, they confiscated farmer’s tools in much the same way – they just took it without giving an explanation or having a lawful warrant, pretty much because the people had no one to turn to in order to fight back. And if anyone voiced their opinion in opposition of forceful confiscation, they were sent to a gulag. I see very little difference between the way the Police State Canada conducts itself now and the way the communists did throughout the 20th century.

I can only guess what exactly they are doing with my confiscated laptop (luckily it was the shitty Toshiba that gave me nothing but headache and cost me extra $300 after purchase) and memory sticks – it’s off my sight so I can’t monitor what is being done with it which means they can alter it in any way they choose and no one will have any means to prove that it was them who put shit on it? They clearly want me silenced, but since I have never engaged in anything illegal (it takes superhuman dedication and time management for one man to invest 18+ hours of each and every single day to keep the website that is read by 10 Million people a month updated as frequently as BG has been), they could use the fact that they have my laptop off my sight to copy shit on it.

Custom officer at the Vancouver airport spent 7 hours checking the laptop and storage devices for content and found nothing illegal, however all I have is his verbal confirmation. In a police state, it could happen that he will either side with the tyranny or will be threatened to deny his findings.

I’m trying to think what other reason there could be for confiscating items such as the MP3 player or the video camera. Would it not have sufficed to take the memory card out of the camera and keep it for examination, giving me the camera back? Or the MP3 player – it doesn’t have any recording capabilities. It’s a Creative Zen X-Fi – it predates BG by a few years. It can play back MP3 files, but that’s about all.

I guess we can start placing wagers on what they’re gonna use in their attempt to silence me. Perhaps the fact that I owned an MP3 player could mean that I must be a terrorist plotting to bomb a school? Or are they gonna copy/paste child pornography from their personal home collection (why do you think their line of work involves dealing with content involving child pornography?)? Or perhaps something more elaborate I can’t even fathom yet?

One thing is for sure – I have exposed the police state for what it is. I have exposed corruption, abuse of power, systematic lies and innocent people being incriminated with bogus charges. I have also exposed lobbying groups that control our governments, monetary institutions, media and education and killed Jesus Christ. They had themselves a nice herd of obedient sheep and I withdrew hundreds of thousands of them from the cage and set them on the path of awakening. They don’t like it, but the “democratic society” facade they broadcast to the world to keep it blind to the police state that hides behind it could be jeopardised if it became obvious that I’m being targeted for political reasons. Future will tell what exactly they come up with to get pass that.

As for me – you have always had my back and I know you quit staring at the tip of your noses a long time ago. I have not said my last word yet, but I embrace the possibility of becoming a political prisoner. I had my personal effects taken off me for telling we the people the truth “they” don’t want you to know about. I’m ready to have my freedom taken away for that very reason.

I knew all along that I’m fighting a fight that cannot be won, but I chose to fight it nevertheless. I could have stuck with being a sheep – do my 9 to 5 every Monday to Friday, come home, watch TV, troll the interweb, bitch about how hard it is to make ends meet and do it over again the following day. Like all sheeple, I would have been left alone but I dared to dare instead. Do I regret it? Not one bit.

Wise man once said that what we do for ourselves dies with us, but what we do for others stays with them forever. This is not a good bye, just a heads up. Like I said – I have not said my last word yet. They have the power, but we have the numbers.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I have a very bad feeling about this.

    That sounds like such a bunch of bullshit, dude. How can they just take YOUR stuff like that? Is there anything that can be done? It just sounds so…wrong… I hope this gets worked out quickly, and you get all of your shit back, and are left alone in peace. With none of your personal belongings tampered with…

    Fuck them authori-thieves…

    1. I thought I lived in a “FREE” country !! What I mean is that I was raised and have raised my kids that we were born in the greatest country in the world (Canada) and have Freedom Of Speech ,and Freedom to think and express ourselves without the fear of having our rights taken away or being fucked over by the Power Tripping Fucking Oinkers that should be busting the people selling crack to kids or shooting innocents .But no they gotta pick on hard working tax paying people .If I wanna look at pictures of people with their fuckin brains blown all over the place or beheadings that’s my fuckin right .I work in the movie business and I can tell u that highly paid movie stars log onto this site daily .Good luck in “OUR” fight Mark!!!

      1. That’s the thing, us Canadian use the word free so freely! Criminals batch about stupid shut. 3 meals a day, bedding, education, chiropractor, dentist, doctor eat and they still botch. Try south American jail where your lucky to get 1 meal a day. We have it too good. I’m sorry to say but people like yourself are spoil brats. See how you think of freedom being place in a third world country. Stop batching!

        1. This FUCKTARD tundra obviously didn’t read my whole comment and by the way I had 3 of my dearly departed family fight in both WORLD WARS and I’m an 9th generation CANADIAN so you’ll have to excuse me for being brought up in a family who fought for freedom and taking exception for the fact that the little guy gets fucked over by some piece of shit power tripping cop who probably just got off the fuckin banana boat last month and hasn’t quite got the memo about FREEDOM OF SPEECH thing yet .Perhaps tundra’s from a 3rd world country and wants to immigrate and join a local police force hhhmmmm……?

          1. RIGHT ON
            You are LEGIT.
            Death to socialists, tyranny, and everything on the left that exists because of greed on the extreme right. LIBERTY, damn it, is disappearing, due to jerks that vote for the traitor “blobama”.

        2. It’s how it is in a few first world countries. Canada, us, uk, Australia etc. the people born in these countries often don’t know what’s its like to not have freedom. Being a natural born American I can’t say how rough life can really be because I haven’t experienced the lack if freedom others have to live.

          1. NZ is Becoming more like a police state everyday I Believe its a World Wide Problem It does state in the Talmud that all goy property Belongs Rightly to The Jews They Believe That to Break Bread With a non Jew is the same as eating with a dog
            they also Believe jews to be the only Humans we goy are Animals & only Created so the Jew Dosent have to be served By Beasts

      1. @goyimsarmy…wow… I think a bg family meeting is needed..all the shit that goes on I believe is leading to a second civiwar…and mark I cant speak for everyone but I got your back…if you do get jammed up plz post your mail info to send you,mail and so I can get thousands no millions of people standing outside wherever you are…

        1. Thought y’all boys need a little cheering up here’s this good ol song by a band named Johnny rebel *My eyes have seen the glory of the trampling at the zoo,
          We washed ourselves in niggers blood and all the mongrels too,
          We’re taking down the Zog machine jew by jew by jew,
          The white man marches on!!* ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. I have been waiting for something like this to happen. Patriots are always in danger of being silenced. The truth about Hussein Obama and Syria riled someone up. More people are becoming aware of the truth. America now is arming our enemies! The Muslims dont even believe that we are human. Animals with no souls. I say trial by combat.
      Hail Odin!

    3. Seriously man doing the work the statists wont do. News that the rebels are freedom fighting good people most think but wont get the truth from,the state run propagandists. Man brings truth that media wont put up and by default put their own citizens at risk by telling thwm the da silvas are great and mexico is fun while saying islam is wonderful. Truth is what this Hero brings. True journaliam not just videos but excellent reporting

    4. Can anyone tell me how I can get ahold of Mark? I would like to see if I can help him out and send him some free stuff to help him replace some of his things that were unrightfully taken/stolen. I rely on this site for truth and entertainment everyday. I’m very poor myself and don’t have much, but if there’s any possible way I can help him out I’d like to.


  2. I too also live in Canada and have suffered much the same treatment. I ran an Irish Republican Army website for awhile. I too had my laptop seized and my house searched not once but three times because of anti terror laws much the same as the American Patriot Act. I laugh when I say that name because the CIA has a file called Patriot and its about PIRA and RIRA activities. I am banned from the U.S.A because I am a ” Terroristic Threat to National Security. Ok so I am a convicted Bomber but that was here in Canada and pre 9/11. I was 19 then fuck people grow up. Any ways Im here to support you in anyway possible just ask!

  3. I may not agree with every single one of your beliefs, but I really appreciate what you do. Just as your screename says, truth conquers all things. I wish for the timely resolution of your situation.

      1. Hi, Texas here. This sucks balls, I’ve been coming to this site for a while now, I was wondering what was up recently. And the truth must really hurt those piggy piggies. No matter, the mantle has not been relinquished. Those Jews sure get butthurt.

  4. I?m eager if they give you your agricultural tools back. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Regarding the coming accusation, it wouldnt surprise me if they suddenly bust a paedophile ring around Edmonton that was long overdue, because of the competition for the mounties, with you as the cult leader.

    Lets hope the best and prepare for the worst!

    1. Don’t know about cult leader but definitely won’t be surprised if child porn is suddenly found deeply embedded in your laptop, it is their favourite tool/weapon to smear somebodies reputation and alienate them from friends/colleagues/society, I mean come on, who the fuck wants to be associated with a nonce? I feel there are dark times ahead for you mate but don’t despair, there are many here who support you and as Coochie has said “let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst”.

    2. Hi coochie. If your interested look up the mohawke killings linked to the Vatican and royal cover up. It’s all related to our previous talks about pedophiles and santanic rituals. That’s if your interested !

      1. I?m on it Sweety, sounds horrible so far. The informations seem valid, since the Mohawk have not such a lobby like the jews or zionists, and the graves underpin that indeed.
        I find it almost naive, that the prosecutors want to hold the tribunal in Bruxelles, wtf?
        I?m sure there are thousands to be found under many churches, institutes and private properties, but it wont happen. Sometimes a mistake like this happens, but dont expect cooperation with any of them involved, the are too many intimidated participants. Still, most people will reject this reality and call it a conspiracy theory, but the actual conspiracy happen well camouflaged happens right before their with wool covered sheepy eyes. Thx for the info, I?ll go on to dig, if the time allows it.

  5. Goodluck Mark! The whole BG community is behind you. And I’m sure somewhere in the midst of these 10 million people who are SOB’s there is someone who knows how to help you get your stuff back. Strongs mate

      1. “Liberate our dear Leader” makes us sound like a bunch of fags.

        In all seriousness Mark, we are all behind you. Please keep us posted on your situation and let us know if there is anything we can do. Our numbers are strong.

          1. This whole issue is really a shame. I get the point that the government is jailing people for weed because of the blackmarket revenue for the state, but there has to be more, maybe within the substance itself and its positive longterm effects. I mean you can observe it everywhere, that those in charge are trying to cut out every beneficial asset that we have for the sake of control.

  6. Shitty fake democracy and police. I prefer living in a place where everybody violate laws than a place where only police is allowed to. I hate it just to imagine someone taking my private things by force. Thanks for risking yourself, Mark.

  7. Was wondering where you were for the past few days. Sorry to know this about your predicament, Mark, within the police state of Canada… North America. The United States is just as bad, nowadays. My condolences to you. Though I disagree with some of what you have to say on some threads here, I respect your freedom to give your voice; to communicate your thoughts to others who choose to receive such communication. You are not good to the government-sanctioned mass media. Thus you are being targeted. They will take your property, even your life, to grind you down into submission. I’m new to this site but would like to make a contribution somehow, how little bit I can. As a libertarian, a principle is to always be peaceful. Yet, another principle is to protect yourself and your property. Best of luck to you, Sir. I hope you win against the statists… those friggin’ assholes…

      1. He’s not wrong though. A friend and I saw the real men in black staking out a guys house. Really was them. Two guys each standing perfectly still just staring, dressed in trench coats and fedoras and pale as paper. They had a driver in an old black car but we couldn’t make out what it looked like. Scary shit.

  8. this one guy who post all sorts of weird conspiracy type shit on youtube was corned by armed men coming out of regular unmarked vehicles. then one of them actually told the guy that his “hobby” could get him into trouble.

    off topic: has anyone seen the death pic of that trayvon kid? don’t really think it looks like him at all

    1. Those must indeed be false pics, as anyone can judge for themselves. The unedited 911 call Zimmerman made before the shooting has surfaced, and it shows a willful attempt to discredit his motivation for action has been made. Quite successfully, I might add.. Why all of this? We are so obviously being lied to, but for what purpose? I ask this in earnest and I’m no conspiracy kook.

          1. I don’t mind it here in Canada so much other than the fact the guy who immigrated here yesterday gets treated the same if not better than I do…and I was born here.

  9. Mark, I love your site, there is one thing I disagree with you on, gun control. We have guns so we can kill the tyrants, and to protrct our lives from violent criminals. It looks like both America and Canada are being overran by these bastards.

    1. That’s a point to disagree with Mark on, also, and like said here, most other communications were neat. Yet, Chizzlethizzle is correct. Firearms don’t cause violence. The cops and those who don’t know how to respect nor handle them are the violent ones.

  10. Hey Mark I’d imagine you’ve got a lawyer in mind who hopefully understands the cause. If you get stuck for a few bucks to get out of the shit I’m happy to help. Hit me up if you need it. Sounds like you didn’t have your passport stolen which is a good sign.

    1. During the Magnotta fiasco I spoke with a local lawyer who showed a lot of understanding and willingness to assist even though I didn’t have money to pay him, but the problem is that with confiscated laptop, I don’t have his contact information available to me anymore. I can’t even remember his name anymore to try to look him up. I spent last two days trying to dig his name out of the memory but it’s been more than a year and it’s just not there anymore. I can’t access any emails that were sent to me or that I sent in the past. It’s all on that laptop.

          1. @MARK, please, listen to me ! My neice is a criminal lawyer in EDMONTON , I will call her today & see if she can get you & your stuff out of there.

      1. I was questioned about Luka as well. There is a lot that people do not know about him. My manager refused to sign him to a talent contract and he broke into his house and left dead animals in his floor. He did alot. I had to get an order of protection against him because he’d stalk my manager and I and wait outside our NYC condos. He went by Eric then. That blonde tranny chick “Barbie”, NEVER dated luka. It was just a publicity stunt to promote her “career”! Lies lies!

          1. I’m up for donating some cash to Mark via PayPal or similar to get him up and running again and assist with any associated legal costs; I’m sure he knows the trolls on the site and those individuals who are possibly state spooks, and can email a disposable email address to the rest of us.

            Good luck Mark; invitation still stands.

  11. seams like a lot of ( ? trolls ? ! ? ) commenting ? but we all wish the fucking best too you ! and remember two things ! ” glory to the brave who answered the call to the path of honor and courage ! may they live forever in the halls of valhalla ! hail the venir ! hail the aesir ! hail to the ancestors ! ” Vincit Omnia Veritas ! and ” in the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man , and brave , and hated and scorned , when his cause succeeds , the timid join him , for then it cost nothing to be a patriot ! ” Mark Twain ! … much love my brother !

  12. I’m so sorry to hear about this! Out of all the members on this site, there has to be at least one who practices law in Edmonton, or a member who knows someone who does, who could possibly give you some legal advice about the best course of action to take.

  13. You sir, are a champion of the people.
    A lot of people readin’ this may or may not remember that the YVR is the nightmare that saw a Polish man murderedd by 4 idiots masquerading as law inforcement.
    look it up.
    Kinda like a bad joke- an alcoholic hit and run artist, one nigger n’ two fags all dressed as cops walk into an airport….
    Fight the good fight and beware the machinations of monopoly capitalism!

    1. With a name like Zimmerman there’s got to be something jewish going on there don’t you think? And there are those who are saying this Martin/Zimmerman farce is being exploited to incite racial tensions. ‘Niggas be killin niggas’ every day of the week and it doesn’t even make the news, never mind getting a prime time show trial, but this purportedly white (he isn’t) Zimmerman has got the media into a frenzy reporting ‘he’s gonna get away with it’ to stir up the black communities into taking to the streets in protest which will then escalate into civil unrest. Divide and Conquer is a mantra to those in power, we need to see beyond racial hatred and see who is creating it to see our true enemy.

  14. Hey Mark, you know we all got your back. If you ever get really stuck just make sure you let us know and we are all here for you like you are for us everyday! Money, shelter whatever you might need, we are always here so just lets us know! Like you said they have the power we have the numbers!

  15. Dumb assholes still can’t appreciate that seeing this shit time after time reported on the internet only serves to further undermine the society values they supposedly support and are sworn to protect. No doubt there are extremists everywhere be they in a mosque, Christian church, boy’s club or corporate management but one on one there has to be more extremists in the police than any other group. Just watching some of these overweight, steroid pumping morons enjoying their latest internet video gig at the expense of those like us who pay their wages makes me cringe. What I would like to see is a campaign to launch “sheeple free” zones whereby the owners of various groups or establishments could display a sign depiecting a sheep image inside a circle with a red line through it. No need then to align yourself with left, right or anything else, but just display notice that those connected are educated and “aware” of what is really happening around them.

  16. I can’t use the words I want to use right now but those Canadian Customs officers are even worse than street cops. They abuse their power just for their own enjoyment. I once got strip searched in a private room before getting on a flight because I looked “suspicious” to them. When I raised a stink about it after returning from my travels all that became of it was that my name got put on a list of people to watch out for and now I get hassled every time I try to cross the boarder. The last time I tried to cross into the states through Niagra Falls I got searched along with my passenger and my car. Then when I voiced my opinion at them I was refused entry into the states and was told I’d be arrested if I did’nt leave right away. Boils my blood when I hear other people’s stories now.
    Congradulations…you are now on the shit list. Good luck getting your stuff back.

  17. i suggest you confer adminship to at least 3 other people, none of which in the same country as others, give them info on where you get the videos and pretty much everything you do, itll keep this site running smoother

  18. If Mark is prevented from posting, we all are prevented from learning about reality the way only Mark can put it. Censoring BG is against everything internet stands for. We must protect the internet. We all are anonymous. We all are legion. We all are Mark. We all are champions of information. Let’s not forget, let’s not forgive.

  19. Was wondering why there was a stall in gore content. Thats a bummer mark. Real bummer man. Hopefully nothing comes of this but your definitely on their radar now,(if you weren’t before). best wishes man.

  20. This is the kind of shit that happens when you operate on the grey area of the law where you are within your legal rights but the opinions of people in high places don’t like your morals. A certain other Canadian was also doing things within his legal rights until the authorities found something to put him behind bars. I wont say who that was but his seeds yielded me the best shit I’ve ever grown.

  21. i’m a huge fan of BESTGORE, i read it like the daily newspaper.dont bend over for the idiot, or the canadian police or anyone who is clearly in the Wrong. dont sit and rot in their jails, they will waste your life and your time.get back to giving us the daily news uncensored.

  22. I will be infuriated if they plant evidence on your computer and this ends up on the news as something like, “KIDDIE PORN FOUND ON BEST GORE OWNER’S LAPTOP!”

    All of the fucking sheep will celebrate. Sometimes, they piss me off and disgust me more than the elitists.

    1. Freemasonry is a clever disguise for the practice of Kabbalistic Judaism for the Goyim. At one point, Freemasonry was outlawed in the U.S., so Mormonism was formed as a disguise for practicing freemasonry.

  23. It’s unlikely they would try to frame you by putting something illegal on any of your hardware or software. It’s not as easy as just changing the time/date on your system and then installing some kiddie porn and then changing the time/date back. The way information is stored and “dated” is much more complicated. Plus, just as much as a computer forensic expert would be on their side, you would have one on yours as well. Throw in the fact that everything you did online with that computer and storage devices is very much also time stamped and dated, it would become very obvious if they attempted to destroy your stuff and substitute new ones with a copy of your previous hard drive. For example: Every post you make on this site (a site they hate, but would help you a ton), would have a trail both on this sites sever and the computer you made the post on, and the two would have to synch (for a lack of a simpler term). You computer forensic expert would eat them alive. If it were easy to frame someone for computer crimes like kiddie porn, there would be way way more arrests and convictions made than what there actually is right now.

    They are probably trying to rattle your cage and possibly, if they are retards, looking in to someone’s claim that you may be responsible for some of the images and/or videos on this site, which would explain why they took your camera if it’s digital.

    If they were trying to jail you and needed to frame you, the easiest way to accomplish this is with a drug bust. They would get you in the back of an unmarked with an undercover narco or ICE type of cop and place you under arrest. Then magically, by the time you got booked in, a kilo of cocaine and/or 1000 MDMA pills would appear and you would be charged. This amount is easy enough to carry on your persons. This is more likely as they have plenty of that shit in storage and then it becomes your word against their word. You would lose most likely if they set you up right.

    Though you should not let your guard down obviously and you should try like Hell to get your stuff returned, I would be more worried about them contacting you wishing to meet somewhere or for you to come in and “talk”. If they want to meet you somewhere, do it in a crowded place with plenty of cameras, not a place they request. If they ask you to come in a talk, try your hardest to come in with an attorney; do not come alone if you can help it.

    1. wouldnt it help his case if they tried to use drugs against him if he were to take a drug tests as soon as possible or match the lack of drug residue (if its a certain type) on his clothes or even his physical/mental condition as many drugs affect one or both severely

      1. Not all drug mules, smugglers and dealers use drugs. The best dealers are the ones that don’t use the product they sell.

        Police know this which is why I’m pretty certain it’s the #1 form of framing someone in many countries World wide.

  24. Mark crap news about what happened to you. On a serious note though…when and if you get your stuff back, remember to wipe everything, most important your laptop! Format it and load windows/linux or whatever operating system you use on it again. I am a devil when it comes to hacking and I know the software (even written a few myself) they will most probably install keylogger software to track your every move/keystroke…they can get all your personal info and passwords (I should know I have done this before), so remember to also change all your details! Goodluck buddy. Oh and fuck the jews!

          1. @lagreeneyes- nice set! Would like to see the reverse of the photo as well, our BG boys love a nice pair of labia, and some of us girls too! (No homo, lol) Nothing like a good fapping, or rubout, with your gore, makes the night complete, add some grilled fucking cheese sandwiches, and a happy BG’er I will be <3 ๐Ÿ™‚ @broke @coochie, maybe we can schedule a wide spread GORE-gy, everyone bring your toys/weapons/rope, ill bring the liquor, @broke can bring the oxys, I forget who had the Xanax and acid, but whomever it was, bring that too, and plan on a long, fun filled weekend, so we can have some exclusive content for Mark to post when he gets his bearings. Oh, someone bring condoms. A lot of em.

  25. i was alreay confused about where you now reside Marcus, i thought since the Luka Magn. case you didn’t want to be in Canada anymore and had recently taken up ‘voluntary/temporary exile’ in China…so i thought you might be going hiking somewhere in Asia…why entering Canada again anyway while you know they want to give you shit ? I don’t understand , pls. forgive my stupidity.
    Anyway, on another note, there have been difficulties before and people then suggested to donate some money to you . It turned out that only very few actually gave something. I must admit i was one of those who didn’t donate then ; i wanted to, but had very, very little to spare at the time. Yet still feel kind of guilty about that. So, in case you will need money for a lawyer or to replace your things or whatever, i will donate this time, though i can’t afford to give much , it’s better than giving nothing.

  26. I’m totally in support of you Mark, the UK is behind you all the way. The fascist police are no better than the criminals they claim to protect us from.
    Keep us informed of any way we can assist you in the retrieval of your property. We will stand by your side for your rights to be honoured.
    Don’t ever let them get you down. Its the only way they can think of stopping you showing the truth.

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