Roma Gypsies in Berlin Offering Sex with Children

Roma Gypsies in Berlin Offering Sex with Children

I’m reposting the video Best Gore member Evillain suggested in the post with the documentary about Gypsy Child Thieves. The video was filmed on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Germany. A couple of young Germans were stormed by Gypsy kids looking to exploit them and as the caption in the video suggests, they are usually onto everyone within 2 minutes of showing up. A constant and repeat nuisance.

These Roma Gypsy kids appear to, albeit jokingly, offer the guys sex with kids. The guys didn’t take them up on it because their intentions were to expose them for the nuisance that they are, but make no mistake, should the guys in any way suggest that they may be interested to hear more about it, those Gypsy kids would instantly take advantage of it and if it came to it, sell themselves or their underaged sibling as prostitutes. There is no low too deep for a Gypsy to stoop.

This is the real face of the Gypsies, something those who have not had a direct encounter with them could never understand. And that’s what these Gypsies rely on with their constant complaints that they are discriminated against. But brace yourselves, my German friends, for they are already in your country and if you thought the Turks were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

While I have no doubt the Turks have been ripping Germany apart from the inside out, there still is such a thing as a working Turk. Even if they only set up Turkish restaurants as store fronts for organized crime enterprises, these restaurants still offer food legitimate customers are willing to pay for, hence there is honest income generated with honest work to be seen. But you will never, ever and ever see one single Gypsy earning their money with honest work. They only steal, rob, murder, exploit the vulnerable or otherwise resort to the lowest of low to come by cash. For as long as it doesn’t involve actual work and it cashes in big, they’ll go for it.

Gypsies also create a bad name for Eastern Europeans because that’s where they came to Western Europe from so westerners assume they’re Eastern Europeans. They are not. They are Gypsies. They are the very people who have been exploiting Eastern Europeans for decades and now they’ve expended their operations to Western Europe too. And it won’t be pretty for none of them has ever contributed anything to any of their host countries and only took as much as could be taken. They know every trick in the book about how to make themselves look like victims. They will destroy their surroundings in a manner of days and will display their dirty kids so everyone starts to pity them. Meanwhile, they’ll skillfully conceal the 10 kilos of gold that’s hanging off their necks.

Brace yourself, Western Europe for if you though the Turks, the Moroccans, the Pakis, the Nigerians and the likes were a plague, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I myself was almost stabbed by a Gypsy in Poprad, Slovakia. The scum tried to rob me and my Australian companion at knife point. Nobody came to help us because people have been victimized by these criminals for as long as they can remember and not only do they never get justice, they even got labelled racists by just being victims. The attacker for some reason left us alone after he realized that neither of us understood what he wanted. It was a hard learned lesson for my leftist Aussie friend who used to call the Slovaks racists because she’d heard the fake whinery that Gypsies were discriminated against. If you live in a country that’s been invaded by Gypsies… oh boy. All you can do is prey.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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100 thoughts on “Roma Gypsies in Berlin Offering Sex with Children”

  1. They’re not offering sex. They are harassing some guys on the street and as soon as those guys tell them to go away they gypsies say they’ll claim the guys were asking to have sex with them. They do this in order to extort them… “pay us money or we’ll say you tried to solicit”

    Good thing it was captured on camera.
    Disgusting people.

    And the leaders of Europe just keep letting them in.

      1. There is probably no helping these young kids. Even if you take them away now and raise them with loving families and try to teach them good values, they are just too far gone.

        This is not the beautiful Europe I grew up in. It truly brings me to tears to see what is happening to Europa.

        1. You decribe the prblem exactly it is: Money! They are craxy and will hunt you for money, or a little girl say toyou: “Give me money or I go to police and say youre a rapsist”.

          I can only imagine this, because I dont can understand their language in this video, I fear they dont even speak german or englisch, what a sad place my counry germany became. And no end in sight. There will come more and more scundrels in our europe cities πŸ™

          1. What will history books say of Europe in the early part of the 21 century?

            A pushover conglomeration of nations crippled into complacency by colonial and hippy leftist guilt and invaded in a stealth generational war by jews, black, islamists and gypsies.

            Europa deserves better.

        1. Mental deficiency. A lack of morals. A lack of ethics. I lack of self worth. Who truly knows why gypsies are the roaches that they are?

          They arrived in Europe from India about 900 years ago, they’ve been a disgusting enigma since then.

          1. Razorthroat is right, gypsies are not ethnically white people. They came from india in the late middle ages and they were known for gambling, stealing, raping, etc. No wonder they don’t look like white people, they look like some sub-animal creatures that spread like cockroaches and make a living by stealing money. They should all be killed, alongside arabs, muslims, pakis, turks, nigerians, somalis, north africans, etc.

    1. Read this if you want to know what was happening and spoken in this video.

      Right and wrong, those kids were harrasing the two guys which were secretly recording them with the camera hidden under their burgerwrapping paper. As soon as the kiddos start to insult them, the two guys telling the kids that they are about to talk to the cops which had been very close. THEN those Gypsie kids threat the two guys that if they go there they gonna tell the cops that the two guys were asking for sex with sister whatever.

      Oh and dont try to tell me that im wrong, im german so you can be sure that i understood what they were saying.

    2. I don’t need that I fuck my sister and we have a child together samantha my sis walked in on me fucking samantha we share a bed samantha is so hot pisses our bed every day leaves pissy toddler panties and pullups all arownd so I can smell her little panties jack off as I lick her little hot toddler pussy and let her piss or bed day and night love fucking my child she’s my dream girl

          1. They usually do that here in Romania too, they beg for money and if you don’t give them anything they will swear you in their own gypsy language!
            Best thing to do is ignoring them! But be aware that they master pick-pocketing! Just walk away from them and hopefully they will die of hunger!

            Best regards from Romania!

  2. 0:09 “Don’t lift the camera!” (?)
    0:23 “I will leave you alone… bagels in your mouth” (?)
    0:24 “Satan will take you” -like: I hope Satan will take you in hell
    0:42 “I put my dick in polizei(police)”
    That’s all I could understand, the wind sound made it all worse.

    1. Sex is like oxygen, it only matters if you’re not getting any.
      However, Sex is overrated, your hand can grip it tighter than any 2 bit hoe, in your only mind (the only thing you can truly count to be real) you can bone anyone you like and you never have to take it out for a meal or talk to it (though sometimes I draw a face on my hand if I get lonely).

  3. Gypsies, Gypsies, Gypsies, a plague upon man more unwelcome than the black death, more unwelcome than colon cancer, parasites, disease spreading parasites.

    The reason why these Gypsy kids and indeed all Gypsies behave in the disgusting manner that we have come to know them by is because they know that we will do fuck all to stop them, they take advantage of our weakness.

    If the police of these countries, these once proud countries, refuse to act for the people then the people will have to act for themselves, but sadly the people have become rather placid in their empty lives, no longer can they or will they stand erect.

    The life of the sloth is a bitter one, the sloth live in trees because they could not fight the predators on the ground, the ground sloth was killed and made extinct due to its slow acting, slow moving way of life.

    The indigenous population of Europe are the modern day ground sloth and they will go much the same way, they have already been chased from certain parts of their own territory by invading predators and due to their slow moving, slow acting way of life they will be responsible for their own demise.

    Come on people, either you work together to protect your own communities or you bend over and take it in the ass, it’s not that difficult a decision to make.

    1. The Sloth analogy is very apt and scary.

      Though, we’re missing an extremely important component that you probably won’t find in the animal kingdom – traitors/self-destroyers within a racial/ethnical/species that actively work to eradicate and leave extinct their race/ethnic group or species.

      Which is what Whites are saddled with to the extreme.

      Would be if those of us who are aware and awakened could turn into the Tree-Sloth and break away from our weak, self-destroying counterparts and leave them to rot on the ground and wallow in their own self-destruction as they go extinct.

      1. @Silenced

        I am not to sure what to make of the traitors/self-destroyers among us, they view us in the same way as we view them as an aberration.

        History is written by the winners and so will we be right or will they be right, all I know is that I am white and therefore will not choose to destroy myself, whether history protects me or destroys me is a tale that time will tell.

        The present is however anyone’s game, let us play strong and to the best of our ability to the end I say.

    2. @empty soul, you are absolutely right. The libtard government have betrayed their own people by letting gypsies, turks, pakis, indians, north africans, arabs, muslims, somalis, nigerians, magrebs, moors, and other third world country scums into their countries. they are all subanimal savages that murder, rape, steal, and abuse Western people, and yet when you try to fight back they call you ‘racist.’ LOL, patriotism is not racism. All those savages are racist they hate white people and envy white people.

  4. I’ve only had one encounter with these gypsie’s and that was enough. When I was in London one woman was carrying a baby and shoving it in everyone’s faces and kept asking every one for money for milk/food. Obviously I said no, but then another woman came over, and another and another until they were surronding the people who said no. She tried to make out like the baby would die if I didn’t hand over my money. I said no I don’t actually care at all about you or your baby and to fuck off, then as they were getting no where, they went onto the next person and started harassing them too. Scum

      1. If I had a pound for every drunk Irish guy asking for a pound I would’ve been able to give that poor drunk bastard a pound.
        Instead I just put on a phony Russian accent and say “I..uhh no speak England…”
        I highly recommend it.

        1. Oh I gotta try that! One of my favorites is when they approach me, before they get their sob story going, I like to ask them for money first. It really blows their minds! Then I really put on the pressure by saying “come on man, my kids are hungry!” Or “my car is out of gas I just need enough gas to get to (some close by city)”. Always finish off with, “you don’t even have a dime man? Gimmie something man help me out.” Totally fucks them up every time. Always leaves them with a blank look on their faces as if I just wasted their precious time. Lol. God I’m a twisted bastard.

        2. You are a very smart man! Gypsies fear the Russians like hell … that’s why you don’t see them in Russia!
          Respect for Russia and everybody in it and my respects to you sir!

          With regards CAD_89!

  5. I’m not sure if they were offering him sex? It seemed liked they were trying to entrap him and make him out to be a pedophile? But as the reactions of the people around them this is a normal everyday thing and the foreigners not the Germans the ones offering sex are just insane.

    1. yeah, the romanians verbaly harassed the guys and as the guys mentioned the police car, they startet to say “I will say you wanted sex with childs”… that’s their way to awe someone

  6. Europe doesn’t need diversity or multiculturism. Only Africa will benefit from diversity and multiculturism. We should just deport all the immigrant arabs,asians,jews,blacks and others to africa from Europe. Africans doesn’t have any form of racial consciousness since they cannibalize each others all day and its not our problem anyway. Africa is a poor dark homogenous continent Diversity will be africa’s strength through race mixing and which will create hybrid vigor. Africa will become one big macrocosm through all the diverse culture and ethnicity and will be the most prosperous through enriching the genepool with better traits. Africa and may actually develop a civilization from within.

    1. Sounds like a parasite feeding off the life-force of another.

      Hey.. That’s exactly what is happening to us Whites in our Countries. We’re full of parasites feeding on our life-force, destroying us.

  7. i think its because (just like the jews) they never had a steady homeland. They were and still are a roaming scavenging people who learned (in the many many years of moving around the world) how to survive at any means necessary. If i have to compare it with a wild animal, the Hyena comes to mind first.

  8. So, what happens when African, Arab, Gypsy communities all come up against each-other in Europe?

    Do they all sit around laughing at the White communities? Or do parasites just avoid each other and only attack the Hosts?

    I know in America, apparently when Hispanic/African communities press up against each-other, all hell breaks loose and the Hispanics apparently push the Africans out.

    1. they already do… serbs and jugos, greeks and turks, turks ans albanians… they always want to beat up each other and they don’t even know why πŸ˜€ maybe mom and dad told them to do…

  9. THese are just tricks.. The real aim of these parasites is to rob you. I know Gipsy scums as good as my hand. I live in a heavily gipsy infected country, gipsyngary.. The assaults, robs cable- robbings, stabbings are their daily routine.. The so callad “national gov” with the gipsy orbΓ‘n do nothing against them. The gipsy and jew asslicker “police” beat the life out of the demonstrators of Jobbik… If you try to utter a single true word about them your are titled as fascist and nazy.. There is no day without a death of an old hungarian ccitizen.. Every year at lest 50000 old and/or single habitants killed by these pests.. I could say stories about my “experience”. Till i Hadn’t had my engineering degree I worked on 3 shifts, so sometimes I went home at 23 o’clock.. I purchased a 500ml bear pepper spray, and 2 pcs 6 inched bladed knives, 1 planted at my ankle in my shoe the other sewed in the arm of my coat.. I was almost arrested by that worthless gipsy protector “police”, when I had to use the pepper spray againt 3 “hidden-resources” ( this is their new name in Hungary), who wanted to rob me out.. I think one day our patience will be gone, and that day gonna be the judement day. We will take revenge for our lost innocents, who were murdered by these plague.. The cruelty of these animals are undescribeable. A 71 year old pensioner’s head were crushed so brutally, that his brain and skull pieces were on the ceiling.. The hidden resource robbed only 10 Euros.. and got ridiculous 8 year old wellness “verdict” among his brothas.. If killed 1 of these scums I would get at lest 20 years or a life sentence.. This is the reality in Jew and gipsy owned “hungary”..

  10. where I live now, you cannot walk the shop without hearing 5-6 different languages. People with multi coloured African dresses on, Arabs with 3-4 kids and not speaking a word of English. It truly disgusts me and it’s only going to get worse. Worst thing is, there is basically nowhere you can go now that is not either already like this, or going that way.

    1. Welcome to Europe today. Same here, what can we do, really? They hate us…if they didn’t, I would have no problem…But they do, they keep shitting on our country yet they keep taking the money for all the kids they have and so much more…Ahh, disgusting…

  11. I’ve seen some of these gypsies in the NYC subways, very interesting. I don’t know much about gypsies but I thought they were just women who do black magic that know how to belly dance.

  12. I have learned from my experiences with these cunts that the only way to deal with them is violence. There’s an infestation of them not far from where I live and I caught one of the fuckers robbing the badge of my car. After a swift and vicious kick to the bollox, I dragged him into my house to meet my dog, let me tell you they are fucking TERRIFIED of dogs. I didn’t hurt him, just scared the fucking daylights out of him. Then I dragged him down to the shithole hive where the rest of them were and told them id petrol bomb the lot of them if there was any more drama, and I fucking meant it.. Only thing they understand, plain and simple. They won’t even look up at me after that little episode. Fucking pack of wild cunts, it’s a pity there was no gypsy holocaust. Might start my own one if my back’s to the wall.

  13. I fucking hate gypsies, in 2009 (this happened in my city, a little hole full of illegal immigrants from neighbour countries and crap somewhere in Great Buenos Aires, Arg.) a bunch of female gypsies (4 in total) stole my grandmother’s wallet inside her shopping bag (with 400$ and ID papers included) by pushing us out the sidewalk. That pissed me off because when we realized about it, my granma grab the whore’s arm (one of the whores, hidding with her free hand the wallet under the dress), and we yelled to the whore “where the fuck is the wallet?” and she just said again and again “I didn’t rob anything!!” (WTF? Come on!!! whole world saw you!!!!), and another bitch-sy behind us said “Hey, I’ve saw a wallet on the floor”, and we, my gandma and me, as a pair of innocent idiots looking for the wallet in the floor when the whores fled away with the money, but, who the fuck cares about money when they stole your ID papers and credit cards??????
    We ran to police station to make a statement but unfortunately for us, they said that they couldn’t do anything about it ’cause there were around 1500 cases waiting to be reviewed in the office (and by the fact that gypsies work in little “herds” distributed in every part of the city so they can’t be found easily), they just gave us a paper of the statement of the robbery to make another statement to recover her ID papers and credit cards…

    This video just represents a little part of what gypsies are disposed to do, even blame you of rape.
    Europe isn’t the only victim of this bastards, whole world is full of them.
    Sorry for my hideous English, but is the only way I have to express myself about this aberrant events.

    1. Omg, your grandma? I would have killed them. I’d kill anyone who fucks with her…Swear, you can be five, even ten, I’m waiting…You’d be surprised what a bitch I can be when my back’s against the wall ( or one of my family members… ) Yep…You might win, but I won’t stand there without fighting, oh no…Nobody wants to see me mad…This must be a terrible experience, though…

  14. Hey germans and all europeans, do as Vlad “The Impaler” did. In a winter day, set a delicious banquet in some close place, like a warehouse. Invite those filthy gypsies and give them all the food they can eat and winter clothes and alcohol, and when these “Hypsies” are the most joyful, close all the doors and set them on fire with some flame throwers!!! It’s gonna be awesome seeing them running like desperated rats with no escape!!! And if you video it and post it here, will be exciting!!!

  15. Really sad, for the Non-ex-colonial countries, to be infested with foreigners. Some countries, though, brought this upon themselves when the conquered another peoples. Ever heard of [insert country here]’s chickens have come home to roost.

  16. There are gypsies that do that in America, too, then they try to blackmail the victim by claiming they are child molesters. For once I can see why the nazis were bent on exterminating them, they are crafty folk with no moral compass.

  17. these gypsies are just like the ‘african americans’ in the States. I’m in Atlanta – because Martin Luther King Jr was from here they think it’s some kind of Mecca for them. Some black idiot female driver ran a red light at hit me a few years ago… no injuries but my car ended up being totalled. Right next door was a housing project where these rats live… There were no witnesses, but since I’m white and they were all black, they came out and said they saw ‘that white boy’ run the red light. It was clear that she hit ME… I told the cop “officer… these people were NOT witnesses, they just came out after this woman hit me” The cop nodded and said “I know… but officially they are the witnesses. Look, come to your court date, i guarantee they won’t be there and you’ll get your charge dismissed” —- he was right. They didn’t show up, it was dismissed, and nothing went on my record… But, i wasted an entire day sitting at the court house trying to clear my name because a bunch of black people thought they were going to “win one against the whitey” by utterly lying and saying they saw me run the red light. Bunch of bastards…

  18. The two kids like eastgerman (nazi ? ) kids are idiots who laughing at the gipsys. After a while they said something like, there is the police we`re going to told them blablabla…
    Tja typisch deutsche Dummk?pfe eben.

  19. Very few know about the fact that gypsies are nearly related as races. They religion is also almost the same.
    As you all know(I hope) jew’s god is the satan they call it jahwe or jehova, there are no blessings in their “religion” only curses! The jews are satanists.
    As you don’t know(i think) gypsies are also worshipping satan they call it devla. They have no blessings at all just curses just like jews. They master is the devil and they act for his/her pleasure. The only difference between jews and gypsies that jews are standing in a higher stone in the pyramid of satan. Gypsies do the dirty work for them, but they are controlled by jews.
    That’s why jewish leaders of Europe like Merkel, Hollande, Rayoy, Letta, Cameron, Barroso, Schulz
    protect gypsies ’cause they are their siblings.
    These “leaders” are not puppets in jewish hands, they are full-blood jews.

  20. They are speaking romanian…. anyways, my coutry, Romania, is full of those fucking pieces of shit ! And most of the people think they are ROMANIANS, this really annoys me, anyway, there was a little gypsi girl who came and told my sister to give her money, my sister did not, so the little girl insulted her, and i puched her in the face as hard as i could, and she felt down, then i just kicked her in the face again.I am really happy that i did that, i also bully gypsies everyday because in my city they cant kinda do anything to me, i got a really big mob family, so they know what i got in store for them.

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