Scene with Woman Bashed with Baseball Bat

Scene with Woman Bashed with Baseball Bat

Turns out the scene from the gore compilation which attracted the most attention – the scene with the woman who gets her head bashed with baseball bat is… well… fake. That proves how awesome the area of special effects in commercial filmography has gotten. The scene is from a 2007 movie Frayed directed by Norbert Caoili and Rob Portmann. Props to these guys for creating the most realistic gore scene in a movie I’ve ever seen.

I’m pretty sure many would agree with me that the gore factor of the baseball bat woman scene is so high, the creators of it must have seen a fair share of real gore to make it so realistic. I wonder how many of the actors and production team behind Frayed visit Best Gore πŸ˜‰

Many thanks to NoSwag and ArcticFox for leads:

This is the full scene from the movie Frayed featuring the woman getting beaten in the head with a baseball head by her kid (German narration):

…and the official movie trailer for those interested in learning more about the motion picture:

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58 thoughts on “Scene with Woman Bashed with Baseball Bat”

  1. If i wasnt told that was fake i would have never belived it.Props to the special affects crew on that 1 amazing skill and for ppl who witness gore daily like we do that should come as a high compliment casue that was pretty brutal looking.

    1. I didn’t know this was fake nor would I have believed it coming from anyone but Mark. So I guess in that case, no, it doesn’t have to be real. The only thing I ask is no anime gore. I seem to remember a quick trial in the beginning and it….well…wasn’t for me.

      Did you change your pic? You looked angry and cracked out 😐

      1. angry and cracked out? listen, i was captured and imprisoned in dr. rudy wells’ lab recently. oscar goldman told him to make me better, faster, stronger. they have the technology. instead they made me meanier, nastier and most important HORNIER!

  2. That’s was crazy I’ve heard of it but never made any attempts to watch it, definitely gunna check this movie out now…another gore movie is “cannibal holocaust”, and the Japanese ”guinea pig & mermaid in a manhole” all some of the greatest gore films ever made

          1. i watched the movie last night….it fucking blows…only good scene in the first scene, which is on this site anyways…oh well…the movie did scare the shit out of my wife though

  3. I wasnt fooled @ all … the FACE aint gonna swell up that FAST (lol) it is good editing & special effects though … & for all yall PARENTS out their … sometimes your KIDS just dont wanna be FUCKED with … BAHAHAHA

  4. Yup, that kid did it…………….

    Pleeeeeeease suckers, did technology really suck you suckers in THAT much, guess so,,,,,,,,,,, suckers……… is that too many suc………. never mind.

    Maybe too much BG reality is not so good for you suckers……………… I’m outta here…………. DON”T SHOOT…………………… Su

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