Syrian Soldier Wearing Uggs Returns Fire While Smoking Hookah

Syrian Soldier Wearing Uggs Returns Fire While Smoking Hookah

It’s Friday evening and I’m baked, so here’s a photo of a Syrian soldier who won’t let no Obama boys spoil his good times with flavored tobacco. I’d speculate he’s baked too, but probably not. Hookahs are not bongs, although some do put hash in it so it’s not completely out of the question.

The soldier appears to fire his AK style rifle while wearing Uggs. It’s one of those – I may be inches from death, but my feet are comfy – moments. He even has a padding there to puff in comfort when not firing. Awesome.

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        1. They say you should never judge a book by its cover , but those girls and women who clomp around in those ugly footwear , are downright sad . I’m guessing if it was brought to their attention that animals suffer for the sake of them being able to keep up with fashion , they would most likely rather bury other head in the sand or say ” la la la la la ”


          1. I’m good thanks love, been keeping myself busy lol still trying to get my sleeping under control saying that at 5AM haha!! Moving ey? Anywhere nice? x

    1. Although the boots look stupid, they are probably a lot more comfy than those military / construction type boots. Happy feet means happy soldier, especially if he is smoking good Afghan, green Moroccan, or Red – Leb hashishhh! 😉

    2. I’ve never even see a gay man wearing them! However, when your countries been in a civil war, not enough to eat scarce medical help…. I’d probably be wearing those and smoking whatever to get me through another night.
      I would have laughed my ass off if it had “pink or lavender”.

    1. The worlds most interesting mans mom is gonna be mega pissed when she gets back her sofa cushion with grass stains on one side and brain bits and skull fragments on the other.

          1. Yes,Sir. I had a cigarette hanging on my lips, Had to piss like a horse,rushing to opening the damn door .my pisser was ready ,unzipping as fast as i could ,then almost pissed on my self ,whoa and i shit you not,,,im wearing saddles,haha im really telling truth..haha friday is my good night …..

          1. Hey,badguy ,cool for the reply,im from san antoino tx ,born and raised ,my two young sons live with their mom,S.A tx home of the spurs and the Alamo, and fat chicks ,i would love to visit NYC man it would be a dream come true,hmm i sound like a sap,haha

          2. Nah man you don’t sound like a sap at all bro. You should come down to NYC and check it out. Its a beautifulcity with lots to see and do. I always wanted to go to Texas man. Always wanted to bang me a cowgirl with just her hat and boots on.

  1. Flavored tobacco my ass…that fucker is smoking some good ass shit in that there hooka. He was still able to shoot and kill 6 soldiers that day…unfortunately for him they were all on his side.

  2. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this yet. On one hand I’m kind of impressed that @ate knew they were Uggs by this 1 pic alone.
    On the other hand, I’m kind of disturbed for that exact same reason 😉

    1. I’m disturbed that there are metrosexual militants coming into the equation. This fucker must be a bit of a queen, ugg boots and a fucking cushion, a pipe and an ak. Imagine the indignity of gettin shot by him. He’d probably tweet that he just shot you too. “omg, sooo many infidels, sooo little me. Better throw a rag over my head before my complexion goes to hell! #allahu ackbar bitches!

  3. hang on, the syrian army can give its soldiers their boots,, and even a small amount of training would make them fire the rifle through that small gap alot better than he currently is.
    if i had to say, id think this is actually a terrorist who stole a syrian soldiers uniform, is wearing those boots to make them look bad and have that tall thing next to him (no idea what it is) to make them look like ill trained and ill equipped druggies

    1. What “that tall thing next to him” is the hookah everyone is discussing. You can smoke just about anything smokable in it, the best thing would probably be hash or weed. Just some help from the peanut gallery. : )


    there’s no way such an elite soldier, from some of the best stock of special force, trained warriors…

    This isn’t some fool just spraying bullets through a small hole in a wall and hoping for the best you know. Uggs? my arse.

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