The Most Disturbing Video Related to the Boston Bombings

Martial Law in Boston

… in the name of terrorism, thou shalt comply!

Check out the level of derangement in the video below. Of all the graphic and upsetting videos and photos leaked after the Boston Marathon Bombings, this one is hands down the most disturbing. Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the hook up:

I have never seen a herd of sheep comparably pathetic. It’s like cheering to the fake news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. Wait… Nevermind!

Here’s what’s wrong with this picture:

  • The deranged sheep are celebrating the news that someone had been murdered
  • In relation to the above point – it is the deranged sheep, who after they’re done cheering to murder come to Best Gore and whine like the sheeple that they are that we talk lightheartedly about the dead on the site
  • Kid whose alleged murder/capture the sheeple celebrated is NOT the alleged terrorist responsible for the Boston Marathon explosions
  • News they unconditionally swallowed about alleged murder/capture of the alleged Boston terrorists is fake through and through so they’re cheering to a made up shit – what a bunch of idiots

An important thing the sheeple celebrating the capture failed to realize is that the 19 year old high school wrestling champion and University of Massachusetts Dartmouth student Dzhokar Tsarnaev is still nothing but a “suspect”. Afterall… that’s what they called him – Suspect #2.

Fake Capture of Dzhokar Tsarnaev aka Suspect #2

Picture this:

Whole city of Boston is on lock down, nobody comes out cause, well – there’s a terrorist out there on the loose and he’s armed and dangerous. He carried out an act of terrorism which means that at this point he has nothing to lose. So everybody stays locked up at home, nobody comes out – nobody, except from one guy. That guy, despite the threat of a terrorist lurking in his neighborhood, he goes to his backyard to check up on his boat cause it looked like somebody may have messed with it. You know – cause it makes sense to leave the safety of your house to check and see if someone could be hiding inside your boat when there is a lockdown on the city cause an armed and dangerous terrorist who had killed before is on the loose.

So while all Bostonians remain locked up in their homes, this guy goes to his backyard and pulls off the tarp to check if someone is hiding underneath and lo and behold – there’s the armed and dangerous terrorist whose mug is plastered all over the city hiding underneath. So he goes inside and calls the police. Meanwhile, the armed and dangerous terrorist kicks back in the boat and puts his feet up cause he’s not bothered by the fact that he had been discovered and soon the area will swarm with the FBI and other police state thugs? He’s just gonna hang around in the boat, making no attempts to flee, waiting until the boat owner gets a chance to call the cops and they arrive and shoot the boat up.

LOL… Dude! I’d be laughing my motherfucking ass off if this was pure fiction and I read this in a novel, but for them to present it as reality… are you fucking kidding me? But it gets worse – are you fucking serious that the sheep out there accept this as what really happened? Is this really how low we have descended as a species? Aren’t we, Homo Sapiens supposed show something for being the most intelligent mammals on the planet?

Comon sheep. You give whole mankind a bad name. Aren’t you at all ashamed of yourself and how demented you are?

Someone made this video which also talks about the capture of Dzhokar Tsarnaev aka Suspect #2:

The Real Terrorists

Did you know that April 15 is Israel memorial day, e.i. day to remember Jewish victims of terrorism? It’s true, it’s called Yom Hazikaron – check it out. Just as a reminded, Boston Marathon Bombings happened on April 15, 2013. Quoting Jewkipedia:

In 2013, the observance begins on Sunday 14 April in the evening, continuing through Monday 15 April.

I reminded you earlier that the Israeli chief of police and a whole whack of Israeli investigators left for the United States to “assist” in the Boston Bombings investigation, like the American investigators needed a foreign nation to investigate crimes committed on their own territory.

May I suggest you click twice on this image to blow it up and look closely at the bearded man with a backpack?

Mossad Agent with Backpack at the Boston Marathon Finish Line?

You know who he reminds me of? This guy – Mossad agent who assassinated Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai:

Mossad Agent Who Assassinated Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai

Other interesting characters are the fellas in the photo below. These appeared at the Boston Marathon finish line with backpacks on their backs, sporting professional secret service equipment and stood there the whole time, but quickly disappeared before the bombs detonated:

Alleged Blackwater/Craft Mercenaries with Backpacks Matching Those Which Contained the Pressure Cooker Bomb

It’s also interesting to note that the backpack blown was black whereas the one worn by Dzhokar Tsarnaev was white:

Backpack Worn by Dzhokar Tsarnaev Was White, Not Black Unlike One Containing the Pressure Cooker Bomb

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Alive, Naked and Handcuffed

This interesting video appeared earlier today on Brazilian TV as part of the Boston Bombings drama coverage. It appears to have been shot at the scene of the Boston Police Department’s arrest of suspected Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev aka Suspect #1, showing the 26 year old being escorted to BPD vehicle whilst naked, handcuffed and not wounded. This is in total contradiction to official reports which claim Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot by police and then run over by his younger brother Dzhokar Tsarnaev in a stolen SUV in Sommerville, Massachusetts. Interesting how healthy he is seeing as he’s supposed to be dead, no? Props to Best Gore member IsItDead for the video:

Here’s a news report on the suspect being stripped naked and handcuffed. When was he shot and killed?

Martial Law

All it took for Bostonians to voluntarily submit to Martial Law was to be told that a 19 year old “suspect” was out there in their neighborhood and could kill them. This only proved what I had said before – that after submission to the Zio media machine, it will matter not if the broadcast threat is real or fabricated, the sheeple will not only submit to Martial Law voluntarily, they will clamour for it. The thing is – before the Boston Bombings, it was only me suspecting it. But after this charade, the new American police state knows it to be the case for sure. For when the sheeple come out to the street to show how indebted with gratitude they are to the police state for imposing Martial Law upon them, you know they have them by the balls.

I will quote Best Gore member AshesToAshes who put it the best in an email to me:

Martial Law shown as a “cooperative effort” of “law enforcement” and “intelligent” citizens to capture the standard Jihadist terrorist. In other words, an entire country made to accept, approve of, obey, and willingly partake and bow to Martial Law. The media is truly genius.

What you can expect to come out of this charade is new jurisdiction given to the Jews controlled Department of Homeland Security over all significant sporting events, whether professional or on the college level, but also over other larger public gatherings, such as festivals and concerts.

Another thing to expect are laws or executive orders that will give the state additional power to spy upon people’s private lives and/or to seize their property/assets under the banner of “national security”.

I know we have lots of sheep running all over Best Gore so unless something uniquely significant happens, this will be my last entry on the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Bonus Video

FBI agent takes a shortcut:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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150 thoughts on “The Most Disturbing Video Related to the Boston Bombings”

      1. The second photo taken from above of the two contractors was taken before the bombs went off…they’re standing behind the spot where the first bomb exploded. The top photo is the same two contractors standing across the street after the bombs went off. The guy on the left is wearing a Craft International cap…military contractor company that employs Navy SEAL operators like that dickehead Chris Kyle. Looks like they were part of a team tasked with watching the patsy place the bag before remotely detonating it.

    1. I was just watching E News about the bombing and they said, another person died in the blast at the seen? and that the first brother to die was denied the place where his family wanted him too buried. Also it showed a video on Vice President Biden, that they were wannabe “Sunni Soldier” that bombed the marathon, because they hate America and that they were planning for this for multiply years. Then E News said, that their friends and 1st brothers GF said that they hated American, gays, would threaten them, would call his GF a Whore etc… As so America is going to have structure policies on foreigners and have more cameras set up too watch people to make sure that something like this will never happen.
      That is a bunch of bullshit. We may be a small group compared to the rest of society, but the old saying you may be small but with numbers your bigger then the rest around you. It’s time to take back what is rightfully ours, and make those in our ways fall and bring reality back too the sheep. BestGore for Eternity.

  1. Wow…i saw some of this about the men with the backpacks and ear pieces before they started after the brothers…..i feel sorry for these boys – i will be greatly surprised if the young brother lives. This whole thing stinks more than that decomposing body that was washed up on a beach in Brazil!

      1. I too get starred at like I’m a crazy person when I try to explain it. I’m not surprised that today in the news the 2nd suspect may never able to talk about it due to being shot in the throat. How convenient.

        1. They guy was still alive at the time of capture, but nobody with multiple bullet wounds and possible crush injuries would survive for more than a min. Plus the video was of one of the guys friends thought to be involved (police took in a lot of people not involved).

          1. the one thing that bothers me is all these stills are pretty clear of the accused… but what about the video? i thought everyone had high tech high def devices and NOBODY got clear video of what happened? i call bs

          2. that’s a different guy. They stripped him naked to see if he was wearing explosives. He was released without charges…

    1. the whole world is violent. From the Chinese man stabbing 21 students in China to that nutcase in Norway.

      We just happen to have the best army and weapons to protect ourselves from this violence..

      Trying living in Syria for a day

      1. FFS caper9b……syria was ok until every bastard government decided to poke their nose in,libya,egypt,syria were stable….well as stable as camel jockey “dictator”can be and they had technology as well,do you see the pattern??….your poxy sheep infested country is next lol,this is the start of something much bigger,dont you see the patten???

        Two “suspects” get a whole city locked down,reliant on technology?..its pathetic,thousands of rounds fired,people’s rights striped away WILLINGLY by their elected officials??..for two young men!!!!! god forbid an actual terror attack happens,imagine if it was a whole squad of “suspects” the technology would herniate and cops would be shooting the neigbours cats,each other,ems personel,fire brigade,citizens… would be chaos…technology never won a war,but i guess you will find out soon enough,hope your technology works well for you in the near future eh?

        By the way…..your comment is the dumbest comment of the centuary……apart from WMD!!!

  2. Yes, that chanting certainly is sick but then again the American population in general tends to be very patriotic, I assume that they get taught from an early age in school about feeling proud of their country, It’s a type of brainwashing, so when good old uncle Sam informs them that something is for their own benefit, out comes the chanting, It’s a western version of Allah Akbar if you will.

    Not all Americans mind you, a lot of you can see through all the crap, but I would say a large proportion, I apologise if I am wrong.

    On a side note, The parents of the “Bombers” when interviewed said that the FBI had been watching those two brothers for over five years and that they told the parents and the brothers that they were being watched and would be continued to be watched.

    It therefore seems very odd that two people being watched by the government would plan such a thing knowing that were being watched and indeed get away with it whilst being watched.

    It also seems odd that the FBI failed to stop them whilst watching them, it also seems odd that FBI took so long to figure out who could have done it, when they were fucking watching them.

    The conclusion, lies upon lies upon lies, if this was Pinocchio his nose would be halfway across the world by now, nothing but fucking lies, and I truly feel sorry, actually no I don’t, for all those that would allow themselves to be fooled by such kindergarten level story telling.

    1. Not true that most Americans are jingoistic, at least not today. Maybe 60 years ago. Plenty are self-loathing Americans that say worse things about the country than does Al Qaeda. A good portion of the rest live in America are really Mexican and couldn’t give a damn. I would say the most nationalistic are the Chinese.

      1. Hi CptnMorgan75,

        It is an odd one, since I have never lived in America I cannot make too many assumptions however pretty much all of the Americans that I have met tend to be jingoistic and when Americans are interviewed on tv or when you see crowds they tend to always come out with jingoistic remarks.

        The above may just be an act when in front of people or when on tv, I cannot say for certain, the American members of Best Gore however tend to be the reverse of the above stereotype but then again I expect that anyone who would view BG would be someone who doesn’t agree with normality in the sense of a social construct.

        I therefore apologise if I jumped to conclusions on this one, I expect that maybe the media and news reporters only film and interview those who are jingoistic in order to give the impression that there is a solidarity between the American people and its government.

    2. @Empty~

      First off love your posts as you always put alot of effort and thought into it and I always look forward to reading them.

      I strongly agree with you that it feels alot like brainwashing, and you can even go as far as saying peer pressure, when it comes to people wanting to show what i like to refer to as ‘Guilt Patriotism’ as it seems that the only time people actually show (aka pretend) like they give a shit about their country is when something bad happens. Its funny how I never saw any of my neighbors or neighboring towns hang up American Flags until after 9/11 (we won’t even get into that discussion as thats a whole other topic)…

      As someone who lives here in Massachusetts I can say from my own personal opinion that I’ve seen many examples of Guilt Patriotism. For example I work in a hospital and they actually sent emails, webpages, and departmental notices today reminding staff that at 3:50pm there was going to be an observed moment of silence…? I’m sorry but personally (as example only) if you had a family member that was rushed into the emergency room with a life threatening injury forgive me if i fail to observe this Guilt Patriotic moment of silence as my job is going to be to do whatever i can do to help that patient out even if it means me screaming down the friggin hall…

      Its moments like this that I actually feel ashamed to live where i live because when i see videos like this where people care more about ‘good PR’ and chanting their heads off to show their Guilt Patriotism…and i’m sure that some of those people actually felt pressured into joining the sheep…afterall you don’t want to be that guy / girl that doesn’t scream ‘U.S.A’ at the top of your lungs everytime something bad happens…you might be labeled *looks over shoulder*…unpatriotic….

      Again, just my opinion so i welcome anyones feedback 🙂

  3. The FBI agent taking shortcut, is as retarded as the sheeples chanting USA. The Zio- world so assfucked. When I retire, I just want to retreat from the world like a hermit crab, up into the wilderness mountains and live the simple life. The rest of the US could dive into it’s own self made hell hole.

    1. -_- I wish to move to Canada. I can’t stand Obuttfuck and the rest of our so called government. Granted Idaho doesn’t get action like this. Because lets face it, Idaho is the most bass-akwards state to me and others I know that live here. For the last 3-4 years I’ve gone from “our government rocks” to “fuck their shit and all the lies” it makes me ill to say I’m from the u.s… I hope that kid can find a way to tell his side…I really do…now back to lurking …

      1. @shadowkitten, CANADA, would never turn away smart, and pretty girls as yourself. Come on down , our economy is pretty good right now and good jobs are still around. Come with us & chill for awhile, bet you would stay ! 🙂

        1. I do have a friend outside of bestgore that resides in Canada, he has offered a roof to stay under. However my only kink in a plan for that kind of move is my ex husband and Idaho’s ridiculous child custody BS. I’m actually waiting to see if his pictures ever hit bestgore if by chance he again pisses someone off(he isn’t a wigger, just a white thief and con) he caught me as I was a sheep. And his rouse fell apart once I earned my true sight of the world. But when by chance I see him here ill be quick to relocate. 😉 also to make things clear I’m not planning it rather hopping haha. And again, I do hope that kid may tell his side of things. But knowing our government the chances of that are slim.

  4. It’s sad really, I thought only the snackbars would go out to the streets, chant and celebrate the death or capture of someone they consider a threat to their people. To say we are worse than animals would be an insult to the animals as they don’t cheer the death of others. Americans are out on the streets as if they won some damn sporting event, it just shows how our society has devolved

    1. Agreed….like a jewish cock in an american sock….fly it high and proud america 🙂

      you ess eh!!.. you ess eh!! ess eh!!……….*supplimented with various grunts and flag waving*

  5. I’m a firm believer that this World suffers from false flag operations but this ‘Evidence’ is pointlessly contradicting! Look at the video of suspect 2 still having his backpack on it was easily his arm also it was black his backpack was WHITE the video of suspect 1 naked and being led away could of been a million people and I never seen Boston on one cop car. I love best gore for showing me the true unedited version of our frightful World but I hate being led down a sensational trail of bullshit! Plz keep it simple why be political just be gore!!!!!!

    1. Amen to that, JoePesci! As a resident of Cambridge, MA who was on lockdown all of Friday, who heard the police chase from my bedroom window as well as the explosions, I am offended by the suggestion that this was a false flag operation. Can’t these people take ANYTHING at face value?

      1. Nope, if there any proof that they set up these chechens, with an explosion drill , it deserves to be questioned. I went to.Boston the day after this happened and something didn’t feel right regarding how it was portrayed with the stupid media

      2. Nope, if there any proof that they set up these chechens, with an explosion drill , it deserves to be questioned. I went to Boston the day after this happened and something didn’t feel right regarding how it was portrayed with the stupid media. Copley square was used for a drill. When you get a lot of people questioning it, you have the burden of proof.

    2. @JoePesci well said! I come to this site to see uncensored gore, but all too often I feel as though I’m watching FOX news. What a shame. The term “sheep” can apply to many. Some would see some commenters on this site as “sheep” having dissent when ever possible to any form of order! PLEASE BestGore keep this site impartial!

      1. I don’t hate Americans, got nothing against them, just the way they were all cheering and celebrating in the first video I thought they were being a bit gullible, just giving my opinion on what thought, I respect everyone’s opinion on this site and never disrespected them even if I don’t agree with what there saying.

        1. The internet idea came out of the pentagon wanting all arms of the military to be able to share information via electronic devices with out time consuming paper work. The actual idea of information sharing via computor’s all over the globe was introduced by Australian CSRIO scientist.

      2. I think you will find it was a British man called Tim Berners-Lee and a Belgian called Robert Cailliau who created the internet, Maybe your just confused, you must mean the USA created the computer, … oh,… No that goes down to Alan Turing … A british man … 3rd Try do you mean like in historic times the first try at a computer.. that must be America right? Oh no sorry British man named Charles Babbage in the 1800’s.

        The problem here you see is your a Sheep, just like the North Koreans, being told how great their leader is and being told about all the great things he invented, but this is the American version, we’re America were number one!! we must have invented it…

        1. Well, not that I care either way, but yes and no. Arpanet, a precursor to the modern internet, was first developed in California 20 years before Berner-Lee’s HTTP work. It should be noted Europeans worked on Arpanet as well, so this whole “Europe is better!”…”America is better” whargarble is insufferable nonsense.

          What is true is that the western world (Europe *and* the U.S.) are responsible for most of the significant advances of the 20th century.

      3. HAHA, I love this absolutely humiliating ownage the caper9b sheep put himself through. Imbecile is as imbecile does. If I were an American, I’d be ashamed MORANs like caper9b were my countrymen

      4. Wrong arrogant caperasshole,the WWW was invented by a brit,it was taken over by a greedy filthy jew in america,get you effing facts right numbnuts…….end of discussion….go blow obama or jaajaa.

        1. Well the way the UK works, murderers serve a few years in jail and then are given a “promise not to do it again…” And are released. Glass houses sir, glass houses. The US is not perfect, nor is the UK or any other nation. As long as humans run things all governments will be corrupt, fallible, and subject to criticization.

  6. I sincerely doubt the video of the naked dude is Tamerlan. Probably unrelated video of some streaker getting arrested for public indecency. Also, it is implausible the cops would fabricate a story about what happened as this all went down in residential neighborhood with plenty of citizens and reporters around watching it who would call bullshit on anything the BPD said that wasn’t true.

    1. Amen to that, JoePesci! As a resident of Cambridge, MA who was on lockdown all of Friday, who heard the police chase from my bedroom window as well as the explosions, I am offended by the suggestion that this was a false flag operation. Can’t these people take ANYTHING at face value?

      1. Definately not accepted by anyone with a questioning mind,your yid sucking govt have proved beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt they are tools of the zionists,$130million to the FSA???……….its not effing beer money for them,us is bent beyond repair,usa citizens are fine,but are a tool of the rothschilds,and you dont even know it ffsol.

  7. Here we are people blasting my country..The same people blasting my country through the internet that invented in USA…

    Some are probably posting via an (Ipad) also invented in the USA.

    Some are socialist Canadians, who can thank USA for never needing to build a military..

    I get it the world is jealous of us. After all our inventions have their life happy and lazy..

    If you hate America so much please don’t use IE, Google, of Mozilla to log onto Best Gore website..After all they are American products created by Americans…

    If you all have real balls to stand on your hatred of us, then by all means go get your damn web browsers

        1. i’d prefer to leave my ass out of this if that’s alright with you. but once again, what business is it of yours to question what is said here? we here at Best Gore are like America, we have the freedom to express ourselves without ridicule or censorship. how dare you come here just to blatantly attack those of us who do no follow blindly. we are the aware.

    1. America is a decent place with an interesting history. I’m definitely not going to blame America for this sort of behavior. Wherever there is life, humans especially, there is going to be violence…and that’s why I love people.

      1. then you will love me..

        I have had an opportunity to travel a bit..Including to brasil, thialand, Singapore, Canada ( I actually moon-walked across the border), and Colombia…At the end of the day America is still the greatest place on earth.

        Unlike other Empires, it is the culture of America that has conquered the world. The culture of capitalism that breeds innovation.. When was the last time China ever invented something? Or Russia? Or hell even Canada?

        That is why the world is jealous of us..

        1. i don’t know where the hell you’ve been for the last twelve years but every country on earth hates america at the moment. they are currently the biggest cog in the Zio war machine. and blind patriotism like yours is only adding to the lies, deceptions and bloodshed. be American, but don’t be a fucking sheep. also, who gives a shit who invented this shit? its here, so it will be used.

          1. @Obliterator chill the fuck out if you don’t like America who cares -.- you don’t need to express your hate so the whole damn world could see. You are just wasting your time on hating the U.S, I’m pretty sure most Americans *mature* ones don’t give a fuck about what your opinions are and yes we know every other country hates us but we can care less we have our own problems and shit to deal with we know the government is full of shit but who cares the rest of the world has shit governments too >.> freedom of speech is a real good amendment but sometimes people tend to abuse it so much that the rest of the population stops listening and eventually doesn’t give a fuck !! So keep using your freedom of speech in different countries especially in the Middle East they don’t have a freedom of speech they would kill you for speaking wrong about the government especially if you are a women. -.-

        2. caper9b,

          I agree, a lot of people do make angry, hateful comments about the American public in general which is pretty pointless and only creates anger in return and I will admit that I do not like extreme patriotism which I find tends to be present in quite a few Americans, however;

          A person doesn’t need to abandon all technology that originated from a particular country just because they disagree with that country’s government in the same way that a person does not need to return to a stone age barter system just because they disagree with extreme capitalism.

          There would be no internet if it were not for the inventor of the modern computer, British mathematician Charles Babbage and there would be no computer’s if it were not for British scientist Michael Faraday who invented the first electric motor, who would not have been able to study and learn their skills without the alphabet system created by, I think, ancient Egyptians, the point is that most inventions are the prolonged progress of many countries and people over thousands of years.

          Also capitalism can be traced back to Western Europe during the middle ages and Amsterdam had the first ever stock exchange, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange was established in 1602, so capitalism cannot be used as a system for which to be jealous of America over.

          1. those are very fair points…The problem with my country and that many are disappointed with our current president is that we became the “world police”.

            The people that currently hate us are islamic jihadists.

            Now going back to patriotism…Patriotism is in our blood, it was since the day of our founding fathers..For you see they wrote a peace of paper called the Constitution. A paper that has never been replicated anywhere to close to perfection as ours..

            We love guns…guns is based on our patriotism..

            Did you know the reason why Japan during WWII never invaded America and yet Japan invaded Russia, China , and other Asian countries?

            Historically documents have shown that Japanese military leaders were certain they could not have a successful American invasion because the populace of America was armed. Hence they went instead for Pear Harbor.

            That is the American spirit. Patriots with guns..

        3. Caper9b…….you are an arrogant,indocrinated dick-wad…..the world does not hate america,it hates loud mouth offensive little twats like you,usa invented this and that you say???….you are in error,america has not invented all the worthwhile stuff in the world,grow up a bit….its your zionist controlled govt that starts wars with a foreign policy that reeks of profit that the world hates,the corporate greed of the jew knows no bounds….this is what the world may dislike…..not the people per se.

    2. And who exactly the Americans are? What nation are they and where they come from? Do you mean indians? I think most of Americans have their roots in Britain, but they are actually mixed with all nations around the world and that’s a fact if you like it or not.
      Additionaly, I think almost nobody here say something bad about Americans. For example, I like USA as a country, I like American folks, but not US governement and his activity… and this what many people don’t like about USA, not people.

  8. Just need to say that since I come across best gore a couple of months back, it has opened my eyes so much to what is really going on, I cannot believe people believe the shit that is fed to them. I read a few facts that get said, do a little bit of research, and am gobsmacked what I find out, I think my girlfriend is getting a little bit pissed of with me now with all the true facts am trying to explain to her, I tell her look yourself, but I think best gore is a little bit to hardcore for her, bless her :).

    1. Did you read those few facts by going on the internet?

      Let me educate you my young unwise grasshopper..

      The creation of the internet was funded by American Taxpayers via the USA government. The government then in turn used that tax payer money to help contribute to research and technology that aided in rapid creation of the internet.

      That very same internet that you use and probably you jerk off to too.

      So it was the American “sheep” who gives you the ability to post on this website

      1. Can’t lie yes I did, but also watched a couple of documentery’s that have been suggested on this site which lead me to watch other documentery’s, am not saying I know everything, just saying my eyes have been opened.

  9. There is no doubt that among the jews are extremely intelligent people, so it is astonishing how obtuse fake terrorist act they have mounted.
    I only hope that the owner of the site is now in a ZOG-free country.
    (if the “owner of the site” trick doesn’t work, I will be near to give up. But who knows… I’m so persistant!)

  10. The two guys with the backpacks are apparently National Guardsmen.

    Look, again, this doesn’t smell like a false-flag.

    The perpetrators don’t match up with the current Administrations agenda, the damage done was rather small time, and the actual perpetrators are pretty much every thing this current terrorist supporting regime would hate to be involved.

    If this was a false flag, the perpetrators would be White, American, NRA supporting, Right-Wing Extremists.

    If it was going to have a Muslim overtone, it would have been Iranians to further the agenda of War with Iran.

    It was neither. It was Chechen Sunni Muslims. They can’t tie this to Iran (Iran is predominantly Shia). Not only that, but it comes at a time when the Immigration laws are set to be ‘changed’.

    Now, they will try their hardest to spin the White angle (Even though it’s more likely these two are closer to Iranians or Turkic peoples), and they’ll no doubt use the guns and gunpowder they had to further their anti-Gun agenda.

    But overall – this was a pretty bad result for the Obama Regime. The only way this could have been worse is if they were of the non-White Sunni Muslim variety. You can already see the Left-Wing Liberal media trying to spin it away from the Muslim plot, and toward the fact Chechnya is ‘war torn’ and so on, and trying to drag Russia into this negatively. Trying to drum up sympathies with the American population toward these two. Just more appeasement for the Islamic shit-stain the current Regime is in love with.

      1. Well I tried like 5 times to make my own comment and it won’t go through. I’ll try to sum up a few here.. @ Silenced You are correct, the naked man is the person who was carjacked.

        And this entire thread is such bullshit. I’m sorry but I see nothing to support any of this. (not yours Silenced, this whole posting)

        That video is so ridiculous talking about how “this black area is his elbow and his shade black area behind it is his backpack” .. oh, you mean that WHITE backpack is that BLACK area? That guy who made the video is a fucking moron.

        Also, another note.. The locked down was LIFTED when the man came outside and checked his boat. And “Martial Law” was optional, said by the Governor himself on TV. My city was on lockdown and I went to work, completed my shift and went home while STILL on lockdown.

        1. Agreed,and the man who’s boat he was in didn’t go out there and look and see someone was in there and then called the authorities.He simply saw a blood trail and blood smears on the white boat cover and then called the police for them to check out.And even then they didn’t just walk up to the boat and look in,they used thermal imaging to check it out first.So please!!!

  11. It’s funny that people are called sheep and morons for supporting their city and country. REGARDLESS if you believe it’s a set up. This was NOT an attack on the government, It was on innocent civilians, so forgive those of us who show sympathy towards those who lost their lives and those who were injured.

    NOT EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IS A CONSPIRACY. There really are mass murderers who want to commit these type of acts. I mean, why wouldn’t they when they get this type of support. Everyone screaming their innocence from the getgo, when they really know shit.

    The city was NO LONGER on lock down when the man left his house to check his yard. The lock down was lifted before that confrontation with Dz took place.

    That video is so fucking ridiculous.. “that’s his elbow right there and that’s his bookbag” or you mean that BLACK shading behind his elbow is the WHITE bookbag? No, the whole thing is his fucking ELBOW and he does not have the bookbag with him. The guy who made that video is a damn moron.

    The “naked guy” is actually the man who was carjacked, they made him strip down.. He is NOT suspect #1.

    Of course people are saying they are NORMAL guys, normal lives.. That’s what they do, they blend in or else they wouldn’t be able to accomplish what planned to do.

    Not all Bostonians took to this “Martial Law” it was optional as people were still coming outside and going to work. My city was under lock down, but guess where I was? AT WORK and I left to go home at the end of my shift while still under lock down. My friends were out and about and the governor stated they would LIKE people to stay put for their own safety but it is not mandatory. I had friends uploading pictures while outside during the lock down.

    I still see nothing substantial in this posting or any others that I’ve come across online and I have come across A LOT.. Just people continuing to try to make conspiracy out of this act of terrorism. Shit there were conspiracy postings minutes after the bombing happened..

    If i saw that I was considered a suspect, my immediate thought would be to clear my name rather than go on the run. why would Dz and his brother go on the run?? this makes them look guilty.. Some news publications showed photos of two different two men with backpacks on Thursday morning. They came forward and cleared their names..

    I for one am not blinded by the media or some of the past tragic events that have taken place. However, until I see SOLID fucking proof that these 2 assholes played no part in this bombing, I’m not buying it.

    1. Guilty until proven innocent, right? Let’s pick on random two guys, kill them or maim them cause we “suspect” they could be dangerous. Once they’re dead, they can start proving themselves innocent. Stellar. You realize that today it was them, tomorrow it could be you who will get shot down simply because your government decides that you are suspicious and the sheep like yourself supported them?


      True, but you can’t get angry at people for questioning these events. It’s just a matter of which ones you, personally, believe should be given a closer look.

      1. @slicer – sheep like myself supported them? No, how about sheep like YOURSELF who claim their innocence yet has ZERO evidence to support it..

        Let’s look at the facts..

        *They were BOTH at the marathon.
        *Pictures and video of them with the backpacks.
        *Picture of Dz fleeing the scene without his backpack.
        *Dz updating his twitter, going back to school acting like nothing happened.
        *Neither turned themselves in when they were named suspects, yet other people falsely blamed went to authorities.
        *Carjacked a person
        *Killed a Cop, shot another.
        *2 shoot outs

        Do you think the marathon runners, victims, friends, family, co-workers, strangers, police, EMT, firemen, doctors, nurses, media, feds, military, the entire fucking CITY was in on this? There is WAY too much evidence that points to them than against..

        Whether or not they were PART of some conspiracy.. or did this on their own and NOW the government can use this for their own bullshit cause has yet to be seen.. But seriously, If they didn’t place the bombs there, then who did? Why did they do it? Explain please.

        @FD – I am not angry at people if they question it something substantial to support their theory. When this happened, I had family and friends at the marathon, running the marathon and family waiting at the finish line.. So while people are frantic waiting to hear from them and you look at facebook to see if anyone has an update.. and IMMEDIATELY seeing false flag bullshit all over the place, yeah it can make you angry, because it JUST happened… If you want people to believe you, don’t act like an asshole and start posting how the government did it without 1 piece of information to back your claim.

  12. I’m not going to lie, some of the open posts on here (namely the endorsement of Hitler) really piss me off. However I do believe you are correct in the assessment of these bombings, got set up written all over it, and the fact that all most immediately after anouncing the suspects were ethnic Chechens Russia called on the US to expell all chechens only adds fuel to the fire.

  13. Pretty disturbing. A lot of the things that were pointed out in the video, I noticed as well. I just don’t believe anything in the media anymore. Just a competition for ratings. Herd of sheep will believe anything. I am too skeptical. Alas, I’m new here. Well, been on the site a while, just now decided to log in. Never mind my crooked picture. Will fix later. Glad to be here. 🙂

  14. A quick point I would like to check: It was claimed that the city lockdown had been lifted because they thought the suspect had fled the area. This caused the man to go outside and see blood leading up towards his boat where he discovered Dzhokar hiding. Now I don’t know if any of that is true or not but I wonder why they guy would seemingly risk his life (after all the suspect was “armed and dangerous”) rather than just call a cop to investigate for him where they could have easily arrested the suspect instead of lobbing an unnecessary amount of flashbangs at him.

  15. I agree with you on this one. I don’t understand how his brother was supposedly shot down in a hail of gunfire and somehow his brother somehow got past the hundreds upon thousands that were said to have the area secured? I call fucking bullshit on the entire event.

  16. The holes in this story are huge we knoew the media is not to be trusted. Whatever the story is …I don’t understand the need for eveyrone to turn into instant mega cheerleader. The reality is it took them days to find a 19 year old kid and they had to shut down the city to do it. How does one kid outsmart all the years of experience and investigative education the Boston Police Department had?

    1. And on the topic of who is or who isn’t a sheep I have no time. My free time mainly consists of debating if I should shoot myself with dope of shoot myself with a bullet. Everyone is a sheep, you talk don’t you? Sheep! You weren’t te first to talk.

  17. Folk can second guess all they want, but there is a reason why sort of shit is pretty rare in the USA, but is very common in other parts of the world. If someone wants to import it over, it gets taken care of pretty quickly.

  18. Hey all, this is one of my first few posts.
    Its overwhelming thinking about all this propaganda that has been happening in this country. I was a sheep too, but a couple of years ago I started to do research. Since becoming open minded I feel completely different, look at things different, act different. Living a life at what you thought it was supposed to be, then suddenly realizing the truth is astonishing. Every day I go on, surrounded by sheep who don’t know anything and are delusional including my friends and family. Question one thing about the suspects from Boston, you’ll get your head chewed off. It makes me sick of how much has been going on. I think I will enjoy it here, talking to those who feel the same as I. I have rather few relationships so communicating with people about this daily is hard.
    Amurica, fuck no

  19. avert your eyes children. believe the official lie, like a good zombie. back packs change color when blown up. men get up and walk around naked after being shot and killed. keep chanting your slogans until it’s your turn to get mutilated. like a good little american idiot.

  20. I’ve been saying since I saw this story after it happened that they will hang somebody for this even if its not the right people. There is a lot that does not add up here but the common person will over look this and believe what the media says about it and anything really.

  21. As I have left the United States during a time when my mental faculties were too juvenile to comprehend Anti-Zionism and the reality of Zionist domination, I admit that my knowledge on these topics is extremely limited. Would anyone care to share any links or resources which comprehensively explain such? I would like to partake in these discussions on BestGore. Thanks.

    1. The deaths caused by the IRA aren’t even close to the millions of Irish lives lost due to the British. We have yet to get our land back. Our culture is ruined for the majority of Irish people. You came and killed, you came a starved, you came and raped our women and our land. You’re the hypocrite you pathetic cunt. I could only wish your great grandmother had been killed, for such a fool as yourself, should never have been born.

  22. People willing to give up liberty (freedom) for security deserve neither! Ben Franklin said this and it was a concern 200 years ago. Little did he know it’s slowly coming true! We got cops in school now, you can be arrested for not openning your door (as seem in ealier video), etc.

    Reguardless of if these kids were the bombers or not, or just pawns in some bigger game, what Americans should all be asking is why the hell is it so easy to give up your freedom for the sake of fighting terrorism or looking for the “bad guys”?

    They locked down a big city for fucks sake! If you lived anywhere near the action and walked outside, you could of been shot, attacked, arrested and hauled off for interogation. This is a problem, the bigger problem really, that people need to be looking at in the United States.

    How many homes were searched without search warrents? How many people questioned without any evidence? How many people were threatened with arrest for simply walking outside of their house this last week? How many American citizens were terrorfied not by the bombers, but by the police force that were everywhere like roaches on an old piece of french toast?

    No, we need to not be worried about being blown up in the United States, we need oto be worried about the majority sheep slowly allowing all of our rights to be shit on for the sake of security!

  23. Why do americans have to chant USA USA !! all the time fucking annoys me and makes them look like twats i thought the snackbaars where bad but at least it make sense what there saying ive never seen a brit chant UK UK UK ! so why the need for yanks to do it please explain

  24. I won’t lie I’m ashamed of my country I don’t like the untied states. I remember hearing that while this whole marathon going on that fbi and other organizations were having training for a terrorist attack a mile away. coincidences like that are not real in this world.

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