Violent Mobs of Teenagers Flash Attack News Stands Around USA

Violent Mobs of Teenagers Flash Attack News Stands Around USA

This has been reportedly happening all across the USA. Groups of a few dozen teenagers would assemble out of nowhere in a flash mob like fashion and ransack, steal and wreak havoc at newsstands and in convenience stored with no consideration for customers or owners. And then like a flash mob, as quickly as they assembled, they disassemble, leaving victims dumbfounded with what had just happened.

Where are all the feminist single mothers when videos with their kids they so vehemently claim turned out to be respectful show up?

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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74 thoughts on “Violent Mobs of Teenagers Flash Attack News Stands Around USA”

        1. I was going to say the same thing. These goons know that the store owners do not have guns so they are not scared. This would not happen in the south, because half of the time someone would be shot dead. (At least I hope we would not put up with this shit down here.)

    1. Silenced, I’m inquisitive to any physical actions you may resort to when faced with any such happenings as we see here. You reside in Canada and probably don’t find yourself anywhere near these types of trash but if you were in the unfortunate circumstance present during one of these flash mob events, would you take a stand against these puke’s and would it make any difference if the victim was non white?

      1. Would it matter if the victim was non-white? No. I don’t hate any particular race. The only thing I abhor is Islam. And that’s probably because of the era I am living in, and the damage they are doing. (I’m also not fond of Judaism because it breeds Zionism). I just don’t think we should be forced to live amongst each-other. It’ll never work as segregation is the natural order of nature.

        Would I do something? It depends. I’m not sure what one person can do against 10 rampaging Black American youths, so I guess it comes down to: Do I know the victim? If not, how much are you willing to put yourself out there for a stranger?

        To be honest – I never underestimate a Black persons ability to be aggressive/violent, and since all Humans suffer from Group Hive Mind (IE: Intelligence lowers the bigger the group) then I’m not sure I’d be willing to take the risk.

        If I had a Gun? Well.. That equals the odds a bit, doesn’t?

        1. Silenced, I hadn’t thought about the number of monkeys one would be faced with. I like your honest response and were in the same ball park there. I used to carry a Taurus 44 magnum and i pulled it twice while driving, both times involving nig nogs. I sold it before i could do something stupid. Reason i mention the gun…I would shoot these pricks in a heart beat, if i could get away with it.

  1. This is one of those reasons why being a teenager sucks, i can’t go into convenience stores without the owner watching me the entire time thinking i’m going to steal something. Most stores in the area i live in only let a certain amount of teens into there store at once because they have been robbed so many times by underage kids.

    1. Give us a break on the slave issue bs. Every country & every race has owned slaves & most of those Africans were sold by their own greedy people. At least back then niggers had the fear of the lynch mob in their minds,instead of acting like retarded monkey fish frogs these days.

      1. I don’t think that was Alberts point. I think he was basically saying that, if those lazy Whites didn’t bring Blacks over to the USA, they wouldn’t be here in such numbers right now causing the damage they do.

        Which I agree and disagree with. There would be less of them no doubt (45Million now IIRC), but they’d still be there in substantial numbers. Same as in Canada, England etc.

        You probably wouldn’t have the garbage that has spawned from Black America though.

        So his premise is right: Those lazy ass Whites should have picked their own fucking cotton. Now we pay for their sins.

          1. I wonder what it would be like if black people weren’t forced to come to America. Ehh, of course we have to give them some credit like the traffic light and peanut butter.

    2. Yes, please bring up events in the past that no one in this day had anything to do with. Sorry white people were ambitious enough to try and travel the unexplored ( to them) world and grow as a people. Did you know that when they gathered people from Africa, there were tribes that actually SOLD their own people for gold and other things? Probably not.. I know they did some fucked up shit too, however. I suppose all black people would prefer it if whites had left them where they found them. Anyone see one white person in the mix grabbing shit? I didn’t. And you wanna know what, this is how black people roll. In groups, too afraid to talk shit or walk the walk when they’re alone. If I were that shop keep i’d keep a nice knife ready at my side( never leave my house without her.) and start stabbing those fuckers in the hands the next time they wanna try this shit.

      1. You idiot! my point was that your ancestors could have saved future generations of white Americans alot of pain if they hadn’t of imported the monkeys to work the fields. I have no problem with the enslavement of negroids, it’s about all they’re good for. The problem comes when you get fat, degenerate and complacent generations a few centuries later who think negroes are just like us, free them and give them equal rights with humans.

        1. You’re too quick to pass judgement. I didn’t ever say that you were wrong, or that I disagree. You act like I don’t understand that it’s white peoples fault blacks are here. More or less, I was saying its not our fault how they act in today’s society. I doubt that when white people brought blacks to America, this is what they had in mind.

  2. no mention in the news cast to the fact that these kids are all black and hispanic, you dont see any honkies in the video, its because theyre raised correctly, i grew up with modest family but i never did shit like that, its called respect, cant even pick em out of a lineup they all look the same

  3. Just imagine your at one of these places grabbing something small with a loved one. All of a sudden a bunch of animals come in looking to cause bodily harm and frighten people. What should we do? Should we call the police and twiddle our thumbs as we “fear for our lives” until they get there? We can be certain they won’t appear faster then the flash mob disappears.

    One bullet , One time, at One of these places, in One of there hoodlum faces is all it takes to end a nation wide “flash attack”.

    Responsible gun ownership isn’t so bad in times like that.

    Wait … Fuck theses people! They kill kids at schools and shot their family members, and they do that movie theater shootings to. Forgot to mention how defensive they are regarding their rights and amendments.

    If someone (a bystander, victim, witness, you at your computer) truly believes they would rather NOT have a gun in a “violent flash attack” involving themselves and a loved one then having a gun please do the following:

    step1. Find me the most gory dead person photo or video from best gore (the more thy suffered the better)
    step 2: Help me look just as the photo or video because I don’t want to live anymore knowing people like you really exists.

    We can only hope a “responsible gun owner” makes a guest appearance at one of these “flash attack” venues soon. Until its to late and someone we love gets hurt

    Brain matter, justice served, Another person dead, another lesson learned. Make a great best gore post.

    1. You know what would happen if this scenario took place in the USA:

      Black Flash mob attacks store. Maybe it’s during a hurricane, a big event (Superbowl) or some other nonsense that causes them to riot. They beat person at the counter with hands, feet, sticks while robbing store etc.

      Lone White guy there pulls gun and fires. Mob scatters, 3 dead Blacks.

      Victim is severely injured.


      You know what happens? A big headline about guns on CNN, MSNBC etc and all the other Liberal mouthpiece propaganda spreading Media. All headlines are anti-Gun ownership, condemning the White guy, Republicans etc.

      White guy is labeled a racist. Gets arrested and goes into a kangaroo court.

      Mob justice is out in force with Black Americans and White self-hating Liberals calling for his head.

  4. Wow i hate teenagers.i worked at a donut shop rite in the path of 3 schools.Hurds like elaphants would walk by shouting at each other walking in the middle of the street and pounding on cars that would stop and yell for them to move.I cant count how many fights were it was 4 or more against 1.i broke up alot of unfair fights with the sound of my taser.

  5. Wow i hate teenagers.i worked at a donut shop rite in the path of 3 schools.Hurds like elaphants would walk by shouting at each other walking in the middle of the street and pounding on cars that would stop and yell for them to move.I cant count how many fights were it was 4 or more against 1.i broke up alot of unfair fights with the sound of my taser.

  6. I watched this video four times, and still did not see ONE white participant in the mobs…
    Can anyone else confidently say that I am mistaken?
    Lots of faces on camera…but will anyone be able to ID any of these toads?
    “they all look the same to me” is not a racial slur…it’s a FACT
    If this is not brutally dealt with…what next? Where will it lead?
    My head hurts……..

  7. A criminal conviction over a hand full of chocolate bars, they could atleast wear something to cover their identities. I would like to hire one these flash mobs to disrupt a certain protest, a can of coke, the daily newspaper and some confectionary should suffice as payment.

  8. I am bi-racial and every day I find it gets harder and harder to defend my race. Sometimes I even feel like I don’t want to claim my black side. Reading over these comments makes me extremely sick, but in a way I completely agree with it. I hate that all of those kids were black. It just makes the stereotype more relevant and it is extremely annoying that I cannot go anywhere without someone having the same stereotype about me. My mother is a single parent and she raised me better than anyone. I would NEVER act like these pieces of shit. I feel really bad for the store owner and I hope that they at least figure out a way to get them to stop. That’s ridiculous.

    1. haha well when you watch this video, and you already do not like black people it is hard to not say that. I saw more than just black people in the video. But it does seem like black people are easily influenced by others. How many times do you see something like this with just one black person? NEVER

  9. Give those news stand dudes a big can of bearspray.
    Should slow them delinquents down enough to be caught.Then immediately take them to a sterilization clinic.When their folks come to pick them up,sterilize them as well.On a second offense euthanize them.
    …Meh wishful thinking!

  10. The blacks are starting to rise up. I see massive casualties coming in the near future. People are getting disgusted by their behavior. The blacks will lose and afterwards-slavery will be re-instituted. It’s the only way to keep them employed and out of trouble. They will lose all their freedoms and rights and America will blossom with pride and strength again.

  11. What is going on in this world? Why so much violence? Seriously when i was a teen ( 1984 ) the most trouble we got into was playing dead on the side of the road and when the car would stop, we would run. We would nick smarties when we were 10 yrs old but our mums always made us return them lol. Did i have a pathetic childhood or is this world just really violent? It’s sad and scary.

  12. I live in San Francisco, CA, USA and we’ve been having incidents where a group of 20, 40, even 60! niggers and niggettes storm the subway, rob everyone, and then scatter like cockroaches. Not only do they do this on the subway, they’ve done it to Apple Stores, the Louis Vuitton store, Best Buy, Target and many other places. If they want people to stop stereotyping them as useless, pathetic government leeches, they need to think before doing shit like this because pulling this shit just makes society hate niggers even more than the do now. Stereotypes exist for a reason and black people validate them through their ghetto nigger attitudes.

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. We need to ship all these useless pieces of shit to an island which they can call their own and let them do what they do best – commit crimes and kill each other off, hopefully until they’re extinct. Imagine: A world without darkness, literally! Crime, unemployment rates, people in the prison system and people leeching off the government would decrease significantly if these sub-humans would just disappear forever. The world would be such a better, safer, richer place.

    These sub-humans look like monkeys for a reason – they’re not as evolved as other races. Their genetics lean more towards primates than humans. Therefore, they’re inferior in every way and that’s why they act more like animals than humans.

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