Vlogger MarijuanaMan Robbed at Gunpoint During Live Broadcast

Vlogger MarijuanaMan Robbed at Gunpoint During Live Broadcast

This stoner has a vlog on YouTube under 2MarijuanaMan. There are viewers who appreciate his vlogs so he continues to make videos and stream live broadcasts. During a recent live stream, this MarijuanaMan was robbed at gunpoint as his camera broadcast the images live onto the internet. The video has all kinds of fugazi feel to it, but apparently it’s real.

And not only is the video real, but so was the gun used by the robbers so as a result, they are faced with a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 5 years. Scared the living shit out of the pothead, but from what I hear, this is not the first time he was robbed.

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59 thoughts on “Vlogger MarijuanaMan Robbed at Gunpoint During Live Broadcast

  1. That scream is what makes it sound fake but you can tell thats some real shit happening but they should have worn all black, panny hose over there head and a balaclava to cover your face, gloves.

    • Come on dude, he seems like a chill guy. Probably smokes out his customers before selling them weed. Would rather have him as a dealer than some crazy junkie.

  2. I saw this actually go down on live stream, he streams on justin.tv and stickam. This is quoted from MJMan “both guys were arrested for there crime and many others and 1 got 6 years in jail and the other got 7 years”. This actually happend about a 10 months ago. He has been robbed and beaten a few times before.

  3. The guy was a Liberal/Left pussy. He was robbed multiple times by the same people.

    Lucky for him, they all seemed to view him as what he is: A Weak, pathetic little man incapable of protecting himself. Which is typical of his ilk. The site of him disgusts me.

    The men in the video are all in Jail now according to an ‘update’ in another video of his. A video in which he expressed ‘surprise’ that one of them got 7 years because Karla Homolka (Canadian White Female Murderer who murdered her sister and others with her husband) only got 7 years for her crimes. Typical White female bias, I guess.

  4. Im always hoping these kinda COCK SUCKERS try breaking into my home so I can mow them down with ma sagia 12 ga assualt shotgun gotta 20 round drum with alternating rounds of buckshot & slugs!

    • Your best bet if you wanna hit a burglar or burglars at night is to get rid of the slugs and keep only the buck shot. Besides you can always keep a couple slugs or sabot rounds in your pocket and load them if you really need them.

      • I might reload it with 3 buckshot to every slug but the reasoning I take is if there wearing a bullet proof vest the shock alone from a slug will put them down and with 20 rounds in a semi auto Ive got plenty of chances to hit my mark!

  5. He sould have k2 mix like a first aid kit but for mobbing situations so the go happy with the “weed” and give the propper use ” smoke it so they could eat one a other in a feastty way” noboby would miss whitetrash aka “the sheed”

    • Word @mrosef! I practice that motto myself when i go to certain areas. I don’t bling myself out, but i did have some fucking bum try to set up a jack move for my cell phone! He fucking told me that he needed to call his house. He didn’t have no house! Lmao! I put that shit right down my crotch, no joke! Then i said- sorry, no you can’t use it. Its out of order! Lol. I was fairly certain he wouldn’t go for it in my pants, and he didn’t! Lol. “Out of sight, out of mind”!

  6. That totally sucks bro! its really hitin home seein a fellow smoker rob of his medicine and other belongings… from one Marijuana Man to another just roll up a fatty and let all this shit go up in smoke!

    • Funny comment. But did you see the crowbars they beat him with ? They gained entry with those.

      You wouldn’t make much of a criminologist. But the funny thing is, 45 minutes before this happened, he made a sandwich in the kitchen and scooped out a bowl of ice cream about and forgot about it. . .

  7. k i havent watched this clip yet but i had tocomment first about how it cracks me up when i see ‘stoner’ being used as a descriptive word since its my last name…lolol…oops shouldnt divulge such secrets but i cant help it…it freaks me out sometimes! lol

    • I know right…how are they gunna smoke the pot after? And why the fuck didnt they take the computer or any other valuable shit? Either this video is fake or these robbers suck just as much as the guy getting robbed

  8. I don’t know about this one being “real.” The last “crowbar hit” clearly sounds as if it hit the the floor. The first two crowbar “hits” sounds exactly as if you hit a carpeted floor with a crowbar/tire iron. The first two “hits” sounded exactly as you wrote, like it hit a cushion. Terrible acting by the hippie or as he’s better known “Triple H’s older, smaller and less popular brother” hahahha BS video it’s a fake imo.

  9. Little Pussy should have grabbed the glass bong & stabbed one of em in the neck with it then hit the other with whatever he could put his hands on. At least stand up for ya shit instead of screaming like a little girl under the table……. If it was my house they’d have to kill me before they walked out with with any of my stuff. Hope their next victim has a gun handy & shoots the fuckers ‘Dead’!!

  10. this is so gay – what the hell is wrong with his voice??? i don’t know if i had balls to stand up against two guys with crowbars and a gun either, but come on… oh wait, i kinda did… not to the gun, but i actually have been attacked by two guys with knifes, got pretty beat up, got knee to the head, but i was fighting back, and the result was, that those two pussies who jumped me in the end ran away.. i gave them nothing – as soon as i wrestled myself from the one holding me and was able to reach for my own butterfly, they just ran away… had nasty black/violet face for almost two weeks but the feeling standing my ground and fighting back was great! I know i was lucky that it happened in Prague where ppl don’t kill themselves over a wallet, but anyway – not fighting back AND screaming like a pussy… come on…

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