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I Got Stabbed - BRB, Taking Picture

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Best Gore community for support over the years. It’s been an interesting, although at times bumpy ride. We have reached a cool milestone of one million unique readers a month and I thought this membership in the 6 figures club deserved a high five so here it goes. This is truly fascinating because I’m quite easily the worst writer on teh interweb. I have no writing talent, I speak senseless, incoherent bullshit, my grammar is worse than that of a third grader and my lame jokes never funny – so I resort to assholism cause that’s about the only thing someone this incompetent has left for him. I’m basically a keyboard warrior with no life yet it still attracts a growing number of readers. Go figure!

I have a confession to make: Those of you who have been reading Best Gore for a while would know that for almost two years, I’ve been travelling around the world. I reached a stage in my life when I realized that being a corporate slave was not for me so I quit work and started to travel. The site had already been populated with hundreds of thousands of readers so I continued updating it as much as I could. Sometimes I would come to places with no internet, or with internet so unstable I couldn’t get anything done – which made retention of the site challenging but I did my best nevertheless.

This long term travel opened me up to a whole new way of thinking and since travelling afforded me to scratch some of the lines off my bucket list, I decided to start taking steps towards fulfilling some of the bigger ones because you never know when your time to kick that bucket comes. Below three items from my bucket list are my main focus for the next few years:

  • Film an hour long documentary on any topic and take it to public screenings
  • Retract to the wilderness and live in complete isolation and solitude like a hermit for at least a year
  • Sail around the world in a yacht

I’m pretty committed to making each of these come true but as you can imagine, they would be impossible to fulfill or to take on all together if I had internet based obligations to take care of on the daily basis. When things get to such stage, there’s only one outcome – something has to give.

I’ve written this post to make it publically known that I’m playing with an idea to cease the operation of Best Gore. I believe that being straightforward and honest is what you deserve for years of loyalty you have shown to the site. It would be much easier to just work on my next project and when it’s ready for a go, shut the site down, or have it redirect to some other, unrelated site and leave everyone without answers, but that’s not how I want to end this.

Before I get any further, I need to clarify one thing – at this point, all I’m doing is being as straightforward with you as can be. Nothing whatsoever is definite yet. I’m just looking to take on some of the bigger things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime and should everything fall into place, I will go ahead with them which will likely result in some form of significant change to the site. If not, then I will pretend I have never written this and Best Gore will continue on with its regular programming.

I also need to make clear that even if things got to a point of imminent change, it will not happen in any immediate future. The site will normally continue on for a good while as I still have a lot to take care of to get any of the other wheels in motion. Plus… I do not know what exactly will happen with the site if I do move on with my other projects. There will be some major change as I will no longer be able to dedicate time to the site, but not sure what exactly it ends up being.

One of the options is to leave the site as is, but make it read-only. All old content, including existing comments would stay, but no new posts or comments would be accepted. Anyone would still be able to come and access all existing photos and videos (the same way it is at the moment), but nothing new would be added. The catch with this option is, that because of high traffic (15 Million page views a month with a lot of hosted media) the site gets at the moment, it takes an expensive server to run. So in order to keep the site on line, I would need to continue paying $400 a month for the server (provided traffic won’t grow too much, in which case an upgrade would be required).

Shutting site down completely would be much more economical, but there are options in between which I will be entertaining should it come to it. Let me ask you – what would you do if you were in my shoes?

Oh… to my fellow Canucks – Happy Canada Day, Eh!


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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129 thoughts on “You Heard It Here First”

  1. Mark, Ive been posting on your site for quite a few years now and like everyone in the previous posts, think that this is the best site ever for people like me with an interest gore. I would hate to see it go and hope you will keep it going but you gotta do what you gotta do. You have never once pulled one of my comments that might offend or disagree with others and I thank you for that. I love this site and everything it stands for and have turned many people I know from haters to lovers of its content. I wish you all the best in any decision that you make. Happy Canada day as well from your friend Johnson in Hamilton Ontario.

  2. This site has changed my life, and I would hate to see it go. But it’s your life and your site. I would hate to see it go and I think there’s no hurt in putting it in someone else’s hands. There are other hardcore gorelovers out there who I think WOULD take over bg, hell, I probably even would. Not everyone is out to change the site, we love it the way it is. Good luck Mark.

  3. Mark, you’re an amazing dude for making such a site of awesomeness. I found this site last year after a bunch of gore searching and I immediately fell in love. Not only does this site contain massive amount of gore, but it also contains written captions/articles by the poster that makes it seem serious. That’s what I really like, not to mention some of the funnier shit as well. I’d be really sad to see this amazing site go, but all I gotta say is that you gotta do what you gotta do. What you eventually decide will be fine by me despite being a bit sad, but like most…I’ll be with you every step of the way. Good luck Mark.

  4. So, I pretty much created an account to comment on this post. Dude, you’ve done an awesome job with the website. As many have already expressed, BG is the first thing I check in the morning (along with Gmail and my bank accounts!). I’d be sad to see it go, but think of the opportunity you have! Anyhoo, I hope things work out. πŸ™‚


  5. Oh no… I have been obsessed with gore since I was a child. I know it’s weird but nobody ever wanted to answer my questions about death so I wanted to know more. Ever since the fall of rotten and ogrish I’ve been lookin and lookin until I came upon this site. I do love the site man but I also understand the feeling of wanting to do something different… ahhh anyway, whatever you decide to do, thanks for the laughs and for helping me be thankful for every bit of oxygen I inhale. Good luck Mr. Mark!

  6. Mark,
    As sleep deprived as I am, reading this has sent me into shock. This is the one site where I can feel normal, that I don’t ave to hide my socially unacceptable obsession with all things gore and death related. I agree with the posters that have said “I’d rather have infrequent updates than none at all”. I completely understand needing to fulfill a bucket list. Hell, I’m 26 and I’ve started working on mine already.
    But please, for the love of GAWD, can’t you find a similarly minded person among your friends who’d be willing to at least keep the site going in your stead? If this site goes, I lose the ability to talk with like minded people about sick shit, politics, random stupidity and the like, without getting looked at strangely.
    Whatever your decision, I’m sure we’ll all understand, but know that if this site dies, a little bit of me, and a lot of the forum users and regular gore hounds will die with it.
    Best of luck, and thank you for the amazing pics and stories. You’ve made an amazing site, and I’m eternally grateful.

  7. just offer the whole website for sale, see what you can get-


    allow (certain) users to upload posts, and let visitors rate them. Users that receive a negative rating have their accounts closed automatically. Not sure if there is a plugin already that does that, but it wonΒ΄t be too costly to have it developed. Allow adsense on the site, plus perhaps some adds from porn or gambling sites, and hire a technician to manage the technicalities of wordpress.
    Done well, the website can make money while you sit on your ass.

  8. If you MUST go, at least search the web for other sites that may be similar, and recommend them to us. We are addicted to BG, and we need our daily fix. It would be cruel to just end the site and make us withdraw cold turkey.

  9. as few have suggested. get multiple admins to take in best gores stead. before you can fill the bucket of things you’ve done in life find worthy successors to bestgore and keep it alive. I doubt 7/8 people would use this site maliciously and if one did… well 6/7 admins left, this site is glorious with one you. the one leader. imagine a full crew. Think of the possibilities. Bestgore need not be shut down. This site would flourish. getting a small crew of admin to take care of the place/ constantly update would allow much more to be done. I understand once the second ticks you can never get it back (not unless we went faster then the speed of light) but the seconds that we, the users spend on this site are worthy of our time and bring laughter from the captions knowledge of the human anatomy and those good ol gob stopping moments making you rush for a nearby toilet/sink. bestgore is a very popular site and it’d be a shame to take down but then it begs the fact that. YOU have things you want to do in life. Things that are more important then letters and pictures but a site is like a goverment, you cant make everything just suit yourself. there are the people you need to provide for. However though this isn’t a goverment and i say if admin cant be provided then i say become one with nature. its not like this site cant be reopened eh?

  10. mark,

    first – am the twit who started haiku as an art form on here, annoying some and amusing others. I took great delight in never getting drawn out by the arguments or commentary one way or the other, because I did each piece for myself, not for the attention. It was FUN! it was art practiced for art’s sake, on a twisted and lurid canvas.

    Second – I’m a sailor with the same dream of sailing around the world. Quasi-obsession with the concept lead back to when I was in high school and read books like “kodoku” and “Around Alone”. If you need some advice on that dream, let me know. Raratonga, Fiji, Cape Horn, the Roaring Forties. Might see you out there some day!

  11. dude your site has made me a bettter R .N. student. even when classmates have come in and caught me looking at your site, they are so facinated. you throw up twisted parts of humanity not many people want to see. very coo anatomy lesson. rock on boys.

  12. I literally just got my account, been on this past few days. Living as a hermit? Looks like we have common interests. I am planing to live as a hermit myself also, just more permanently. I am already fit for it mentally, but need to learn how to built a log cabin and how to live off the land.

  13. Hi Mark,

    I’m pretty new to this site and have seen every video and pic. When I got to the entry of those assholes who beat that dog to death, made me think “What the fuck am I doing looking at this shit?” I unbookmarked it and planned not to return. (I didnt watch the video; I’m an avid animal lover.) FYI, I suffer from trypophobia. There are trypophobes like me who say they can look at blood and guts and not be fazed by it, but as soon as they view a trypophobic image, they go apeshit. Anyway, I did come back and continued with my viewing adventures (sans the dog one).

    In case you already don’t know, there’s a website on Xanga run by an EMT named Mark called “Trauma of the Week.” Most of his stuff is of the accident variety, such as car wrecks and impalements. Also, most of his weekly traumas appear on this site. I sent him a message asking whether he’s the Mark who runs Best Gore. He answered that he is not and is aware of Best Gore. Even though it’s called “Trauma of the Week,” he seldom updates it.

    When I heard that you’re planning on pulling the plug on this site, I felt a little disappointed, but glad that I had seen all of the entries. I did not care for the nasty porn on the right side. Whenever that appeared, I hung a rag on my screen over it. There is good porn and TMI porn. The porn on this site is of the TMI variety. Anyway, from going through this site and seeing dead bodies from car accidents, including the gory accidents where guts are spread all over the street and decapitations, I, at least for now (lol), am trying on being a good driver. Also, after viewing what goes on in Mexico, Thailand and Brazil, it makes me feel that I’m glad I live in this country, even with all its faults and problems. I’m 64, and had no idea what was going on in those countries (lots of beheadings and street justice). It makes me realize on how much censorship Americans deal with. Every time someone on commercial TV utters a four-letter word, it’s bleeped out, even though we know what was said. Even YouTube takes down videos on this site and LiveLeak sometimes takes over. Puuuuleeeez!!

    The most chicken shit murder is that Mexican drug lord who killed his phony-titted girlfriend for cheating on him. He even killed her new fuck. WTF? Typical double standard bullshit. I’m sure he sampled other pussy while he was dating Miss Big Tits. And to have her killed? He didn’t even have the balls to do it himself. If he really loved that woman (which I’m sure he didn’t), he woulldn’t have killed her and have her thrown on the street for all to see. Doesn’t he have other shit on his plate to deal with than cheating phony-titted pussy? Just sayin’.

    Good luck on whatever you decide!


  14. And being a 7 figure club as redx111 has pointed out, there should be no reason why the support for the site should be lacking.

    Come on everyone, dig into those pockets and give the man just a little bit to help him keep the site going.

  15. Mark.. I don’t even know you, but I would be sad. Anyone that shares my interest in gore is hard to find in contemporary society. I know the deviant entertainment and face-scrunching Best Gore has brought to me is irreplaceable. Ive come to feel at home here, and check in as often as I do (Best Gore is way better content, though.) The loss of this site would be a sad day for me indeed.
    At the same time, I know you have a life outside of this site and respect you pursuing it.

    1. I haven’t, yet, but I have fantasized about it many times. Can you imagine it ? Stick your hard dick into a hole in the rib cage and let the beating of their heart massage you to orgasm. I’ll most likely never act on this fantasy but who knows what opportunities the future holds. πŸ˜‰

  16. Seriously man, after every thing you have done for us over the years you don’t owe us jack shit. I know I’ll never finish my own bucket list but if you have the chance then go for it. As sad as I will be if you go I’ll get over it. To be quite honest if you pass up an opportunity that you might not get again just to keep all us sick and twisted bastards and bitches happy, I’ll lose a lot of respect for you. No matter what you have a life to live SO LIVE IT!!! As we all know, hell you better than any of us there are no garuntees in life. It can all come to a bloody screeching halt in any number of horrifyingly dismembered ways. I can’t remember who said it but my favorite quote is ” More often than not it is the things we don’t do in life that we regret the most.” By the way, we love you and the way you write because you are simply being yourself and not trying to be something you are not, and that something is like us. We true gore fans respect you and all you do for us, we will not deny you the right to live or die on your own terms. Anyone who disagrees is is a shit stain that should be ignored. So says I estep3453

  17. Well at least I got myself a rare collection of gore now, it will go well with my horror, & hard core porn collection.
    Not that I want to boast of course. I just sit there in the knowledge that when one of my ‘so called friends’ are showing me their collection of action adventure films, I can quietly chuckle and say myself ‘get a life bird brain’

  18. I’m so glad I found this page, thx for all the incredible stuff you posted and for all the time you invested in here. I’m from Europe and like so many others here to see the truth, hardening myself against cruelties and looking at things from a different (real) perspective ok and to train my english a bit ;). Thx for giving me the oppurtunity to learn about what’s really going on out there ^^. Hope you will be back and bring us some new stuff .
    Greetz from the “right now unbelievably cold” Austria πŸ˜‰

  19. I love my gore as much as anyone else, and have a strong stomach, but the Ukrainian snuff film where those three ‘zloy’ malchiks viciously and slowly torture and kill a gentle and kind man who just recovered from throat cancer is, even for me, beyond – it is snuff. I looked for just long enough, and felt guilty be the act of even looking – his family doesn’t want his death replayed over and over I’m sure, and I’m sure we’re not repaying the victim with respect by watching it. Again, I looked for a minute, was enraged, and shouldn’t have.

  20. I’d like to help. If your not opposed to the idea of having somebody step in as interim best gore steward, please email me at [email protected]. I’m an aspiring journalist and have morbid curiosities galore. In any case, you’re really not that bad of a writer, however sometimes it is evident that you attempt to top your viewers comments with your own wit. Completely understandable… constructive criticism. Please consider continuing this operation under assisted management.

  21. I am pretty clever with a turn of phrase, but the deformed, necrotic vagina section I won’t go near, that’s more a man’s territory (if that’s what you like, guys). I am available to assist with writing, but don’t want to leave my email here as I prolly pissed off many black market producers on the snuff film thread… ;>P…If I can be of assistance just let me know here if you can. I am oddly fond of this place, kind of getting my anger out at the dark side of the world and all that – and my degree in Criminology makes me interested in ALMOST all it has to offer. You need advertisers, and you have a following, a following is very good for business and advertising!

  22. awwwwwww…the gnomes ate my first try. πŸ™ It was very heartfelt and poignant..;)
    Mark, live your life, hun. Don’t look back and say “I wish I had done that” go do it if you have the chance. Life is too short, as we have all seen numerous times thanks to your dedication.
    Follow your dreams and be happy! We will miss you.
    Oh yeah, if anything gnarly happens get lots of video!!! just in case…;)

  23. ….And I finally got around to an account just 30 minutes ago! AWWWGH!!

    But the money question is the biggie- even if ya find a handful of suitable mods and stick an eye on em to keep this place running, $400 a month is a helluva lot! And even though I was just a lurker till half an hour ago, I don’t think my fellow goregorians will fork over enough donations each month (I wouldn’t be able to do that myself)

    If I were you- and keep in mind, I barely know ya at all- I’d follow my gut on it. I’m a bit of an emotional gal, whutever, but you’re the only one who knows what ya really want. The decision is your’s and your’s alone at the end of the day. If ya choose to keep this place up, however that may happen, then awesome! More gore for all! And if you don’t? Then all I gotta say is congratulations on building one of- if not THE biggest- gore sites on the interwebs today!!

    No guts no glory, right?


  24. Well bud, i’m only recently a member but it’ll be sad to see the site go if it’s what you choose to do. Hope you achieve all your future ambitions! Best of luck and thanks for the gore!

  25. Hey, Mark, I was reading the comments here and every body has a good thing to say, I personaly do not want to see this site go down, if it does my tattooed scarred half chopped off finger will actually cry. Can we, if we can , figure somethin’ out. anything out, to keep this site going on?I understand ya, who can ya trust? To keep it going the way it is. I unfortunately do not have an answer for that. But whatever you choose, you gotta to do what ya gotta do. Without this site, I will, again, be lost. But whatever you choose, my man, I lov:(e you!! Be safe if you go and once again, DON’T GO!

    1. I’m open to suggestions and always listen to what you guys have to say. I will be around probably until mid June cause I really need to wait until all snow melts before I entertain getting into the wild again but what happens after that I don’t know. I’ll try to get a smartphone and use it to post here and there. How often would depend on how far I’d have to walk in order to have signal. I’m constantly thinking of ways to keep the site going and hope it will be possible after the retreat. You guys are making me do it, hehe πŸ˜‰

      1. ive seen a few people saying put bestgore up for sale… me thats a big no no…..bestgore is your baby….

        a few days ago you mentioned 4 or 5 people that really help you run the site (slicer,jack etc) try leave them as mods…….

        i dont think you should freeze the posting though because as weird as it may sound i really enjoy chatting with the people here and have no other way of contacting them except through here…….leave us able to post on the topics that are already here

        or freeze the posts but give us an option to message each other on this site….i would hate to lose contact but some people here that i dont have on my fb

        but most importantly please stay safe on your travels xxxxx

        Love – Razor

  26. So many people mark, you made an impact on so many peoples lives, you let them see the truth ! FUCK. Don’t, (and I don’t mean this in a bad way) but don’t abandon us mark don’t do it.

  27. ”I got stabbed, BRB taking picture” lol. Kinda reminds me of myself. I had an accident with a razorblade and cut myself when I was just about to turn around or something, I don’t remember it all went so fast. All of a sudden I see blood just pouring out my finger and my first thought was ”OMG, I gotta take a picture! :-D” haha. I was in the mental hospital at the time so I had to hide the razor afterwards. I still have the pic :p

  28. Mark:
    Hermit for a year ..Appalachian Trail …2,000 miles of beauty and daily challenges against

    Confession: First I was embarrassed about registering for your site. But we have to accept who we are. I have always been interested in people and their perception. We are the most dangerous animal on the planet, for we are predators naturally.

    I agree with your philosophy: realism is only embraced by few. Keep Truckin ..Thx

  29. The site can’t be closed down I’ve been on this site for close to a year, But sadly I’ve not made a profile until now, I just made one to post this, Please find some way of keeping the site up, But I know if it can happen it will, But if it can’t then it wont.

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