4 Year Old Syrian Child with Face Burned Can’t Close Eye Lids

4 Year Old Syrian Child with Face Burned Cant Close Eye Lids

His name is Mohammed Eid, he’s 4 years old from Syria and apparently suffered a facial burn during a bombing. He needs a surgery to restore his eyelids. The cameraman asked him to look at the camera, and close his eyes. At the 0:06 minute mark he tried, but the best he could do was roll his eyes backwards to hide the iris from the light.

It was not specified what kind of bombing lead to his injury. Terrorists are highly active with car bombings, there was also that recent chemical attack by the FSA but I think that one was more of an attempt to kill people, rather than burn them. Brutal either way to end up disfigure like that at such an early age. Looks like Harlequin ichthyosis.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video.

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  1. The only thing this child is gulity of is being born in a fucked up country. Some people wonder how a seemingly normal person off the street could become a “terrorist”. Look at that boys face and tell me if that wasn’t your son, you wouldn’t join ANY group or organization that was combating whoever did that to him. If a family member of mine was seriously injured or killed, Id have NO problem being called one.

    • Yes sir same here@J-T-J-. I would be fucking fuming and would want revenge. poor lil dude all screwed-up for LIFE. And for what ? yea exactly, for nothing. Useless F.S.A and their masters spending OUR taxes killing these little ones every day. FUCK-ME !!

      • governments don’t see us as worthy ,just like when we walk past a nest of ants . means nothing ,an insignificance. just something there and wont affect our lives because were above them so fuck them and fuck their lives. its all relative my friend.

        • When I walk past a nest of ants, I think of a lot of stuff, mostly of PBS nature documentaries. and other ant documentaries. Then I’m reminded of all the things that they do.

    • you are wrong,man is born with the instincts, and with the shit in his blood, with the rage and despite. much depends on the fall of the gene. He is not guilty, he is condemned.
      i just do not understand this : I dont find that sad…

  2. Poor little sweet innocent children. Born into a fucked up world. Now this boy will never get the surgery needed for his eye lids he’s going to have on going eye infections because hiss eyes can’t close I bry you he’ll lose his eye Sight by ten years old. Because being outside and being sun exposed that alone will screw up his iris poor little guy may God, have Mercy on his wee itty bitty soul. I personally think he would of been better off dead. Because the humiliation and Bullying that hes going to endure growing up
    # pobresito

  3. One of the reasons I come here everyday is to hear the comment action from people who actually have the ability to set aside their emotions and see situations from other perspectives, a capability I wasn’t sure mankind still possessed. Exactly, the lower class Syrian civilians who’s biggest concerns is protecting theirs livestock, children, basic needs, they don’t understand the political propaganda that’s going on around them. They are bent on survival, and when you harm or kill their family, their friends, they want revenge. Wouldn’t you? Then some Al-ahwtfever comes to you like “Hey, buddy, we got like rockets and big guns man come fight with us to take the evil man out”. Its such a tough situation because there ARE true Syrian “rebels” mixed in with the drug induced paid al-assassins who, Allah forbid, may be fighting alongside the true murderers of their loved ones all along. Its so fucked. Anyone who has any opinion on Assad is a fool, it wouldn’t matter whos in office there if he doesn’t owe money to the Jews they’re taking him out. And yes, even if it means providing weapons to the “enemy” you just cost X number of your country’s young men fighting in your previous outing. How does that not make Americans sick? No wonder they were so hesitant to admit to the public there was al-quaida on the rebel side. Do you really believe a country would get involved in your shitshow because they care about the treatment of your civilians with no ulterior motives?

  4. Poor kid, if our governments insist on throwing money at these conflicts then this is where it should be going, to help the innocents that have been injured, not donating armoured vehicles and body armour to terrorists which will just prolong the suffering in the long run. Also, anyone have any ideas what kind of blast would have done this to the kid, I’m taking an uneducated guess here and saying it looks more like a chemical burn?

  5. This is advantageous for him as he wont be blinking on the family photo’s, but on the other hand he’ll be shit playing hide and seek.

  6. Normally the fact that this little guy will grow up into an alahahu akbar retard deters my sympathy but seeing someone so young having undergone such brutal trauma is just awful. Poor bastard can’t even blink and probably can’t contemplate what kind of a life now awaits him.

  7. That’s fucked up. As a mother, I can’t even tell you what I’d do if someone did this to my child. But I would share the photos with all of you.

  8. thank you,for this beautiful video of desecrated muslim scum, @DerSteppenwolf. but one disfigured muslim child isn’t enough. I want more more more! till their freak parents cut their own throats in anguish.

  9. Poor kid. If that was my son I would slaughter who ever did that to him.

    Fucked up world. This is why my mind is so fucked. Scum bags all over the place. My mind is gunna explode very soon I can see it.

  10. Poor little guy. Quite frankly I hate all these people but no child deserves this.

    He looks like one of the Garbage Pail Kids now.

  11. This wasn’t a burn from fire. This is a chemical or gas burn. I don’t know what the prognosis is for recovery from that kind of burn. Scarring, for sure. If they can’t fix his eyelids soon, he can ‘sleep’ by wearing a mask, scarf or other such item over his eyes.

    • I had a look elsewhere about this and apparently the same vid/child was used previously to ‘prove’ that Assads side had used chemical weapons, others are saying it’s a result of scalding.

  12. I’m sorry to say, but someone should end his misery and do it SOON. This is really fucked up. I know it isn’t the child’s fault, and he’s probably too young to understand what death means, but not being able to close your eyes or mouth because of some fuckwit terrorists ain’t exactly right either. =/

    • Bad call. You don’t know if he wants to live or not. I assume that he does, because even if I were in his situation, I’d still want to live.

  13. This has to be something other than a burn from heat. He still has a full head of hair, and also has his eyelashes still. His lower iris is damaged, and the way he moves his eyes makes me think he may already be blind. Regardless of cause, sure sucks the big one.

  14. I wonder if he wore swim goggles with some topical application to prevent too much bacteria build up and the such, if his eyes will be okay. The goggles should help him keep in the moisture.

    • Hm..hmm! There’re crazy folks in every religion & every culture…just sayin’!.
      Religious fundamentalism is the root to evil,whether it’s Christianity,Islam or…

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