Arm Severely Burned by High Voltage Electricity

Arm Severely Burned by High Voltage Electricity

This photo was sent to me by a Best Gore member from Canada who wished to remain anonymous. Electricity is a mean ruler. You enter her reign, you better know what you’re doing and wear protective clothing cause one wrong move and you’re entering a world of pain (or a grave). Fellow in this photo survived, but had his hand and forearm severely burned. His hand in particular took severe beating. In submitter’s words:

A friend of mine works for a power company. I was told what happened but I can’t really recall all the specifics, but – apparently he was testing power with some sort of apparatus that failed and this power ended up entering through his hand and exited through his hip.

This happened near Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. He was taken to Regina Hospital where they slapped some polysporin and gauze on him and said he should be good in a week. His wife is a nurse and made him go to the hospital in Saskatoon where they air lifted him via helicopter and admitted him right away.

I think something like 240 000 Watts travelled through his arm. He was told by the doctors and people he worked with that they can’t believe he is alive – something about that if his hip wasn’t grounded or touching something that he would have been dead for sure.

The plan for him is skin grafting, debridement and muscle/tissue therapy so he’s got a long road ahead of him.

Thanks a lot for the pic, man.

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  1. I think its this asshole from down in Texas. There is video where he tried to cut a high-voltage power cable and it wielded the bolt cutters to the wire in a big ball of flaming sparks.
    Westway Baptist Church is without power after the unidentified men apparently attempted to steal the building?s main electric cable for its copper and set off an explosion.

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