Body During Cremation

The Chamber Where the Body is Placed for Cremation is Called the Retort

During cremation, body is reduced to ashes – from whence it came. Commercial crematoriums use furnaces which expose human remains to temperatures ranging from 670 °C to 980 °C. The process of disintegration during cremation has been described by the maker of crematorium furnaces as follows (it takes less for a body of a child to turn into ashes, but these give rough idea as to what happens at which stage of cremation):

  • 10 minutes – pugilistic attitute; heat contraction in flexor muscles
  • 20 minutes – charring of face and extremities
  • 20-30 minutes – fissuring of exposed outer table of the skull, suture separation, torso and extremities consumed with charring of underlying bone
  • 30 minutes – calvarial fractures widen and extend to inner table, internal organs are exposed and shrink, forearms destroyed, facial bones fragmented
  • 40 minutes – calvarium destroyed, facial bones fragmented
  • 50 minutes – arms destroyed, femoral ‘stumps’ remain, skull base exposed
  • 1 hour – vertebral column calcined
  • 1 to 1.5 hours – fragmentation
  • 2 to 3 hours – cremation usually completed

Gallery of photos showing what happens to the body during cremation is below:

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22 thoughts on “Body During Cremation”

  1. Sounds like Hell fire to me:)I’m kind of surprised the body takes that long to bake to ashes. But, if you’re dead you don’t feel a thing anyway. So, what difference does it make if you’re burnt to a crisp? Just something else for a family memeber to put on the knick-knack shelf:)

  2. you eventually get forgotten about anyway, who really thinks about theyre great-great grandparents, theyre immediate family but soon they die too, life goes on and frankly its scares me(to die)

  3. There is worse and they are fighting it in Ohio!
    It or the dead get flushed and we end-up drinking them!

    Just search “Dissolving bodies” in lye and flushing the brownish, syrupy residue down the drain.

    The following is from 2008 and it now is or is trying to be used in the USA!

    The process is called “alkaline hydrolysis” and was developed in this country 16 years ago to get rid of animal carcasses. It uses lye, 300-degree heat and 60 pounds of pressure per square inch to destroy bodies in big stainless-steel cylinders that are similar to pressure cookers.

    But because of its environmental advantages, some in the funeral industry say it could someday rival burial and cremation.

    Getting the public to accept a process that strikes some as ghastly may be the biggest challenge.

    Psychopaths and dictators have used acid or lye to torture or erase their victims, and legislation to make alkaline hydrolysis available to the public in New York state was branded “Hannibal Lecter’s bill” in a play on the sponsor’s name ? Sen. Kemp Hannon ? and the movie character’s sadism.

    Alkaline hydrolysis is legal in Minnesota and in New Hampshire, where a Manchester funeral director is pushing to offer it. But he has yet to line up the necessary regulatory approvals, and some New Hampshire lawmakers want to repeal the little-noticed 2006 state law legalizing it.

    “We believe this process, which enables a portion of human remains to be flushed down a drain, to be undignified,” said Patrick McGee, a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester.

  4. Anyone read or watch the video in the recent news from “The Guardian” out of the UK about the two guys who robbed a grave in Pakistan, made curry and ate the young dead girl?
    They had been doing that for some time, but since I can’t post the link you’ll have to look for it, below is all I can post.

    Cannibalism in Pakistan

    (Punjab Province, Pakistan) Two brothers, Muhammad Arif, 40, and Farman Ali, 37, have been accused of desecrating a grave after allegedly being found cannibalizing the body of a 24-year-old female cancer victim, Saira Parveen.

    Police in Pakistan have arrested two men for allegedly digging up a newly buried corpse and eating its flesh in a curry.

    The two brothers are said to have cut the legs from the body of a 24-year-old woman and cooked the flesh in a steel pot.

    Some of the gruesome dish had already been eaten when police raided the brothers’ home in a remote part of Punjab province.

    Police say the two men have been eating corpses for a year.

    1. @Phil I wonder if cancer/diseased human ‘meat’ tastes worse/different than a healthy bodies ‘meat’ I mean all the disease fighting drugs etc must taint the ‘meat’ somehow. I use the word ‘meat’ cos Im sure no-one could tell the difference by looking once its cooked or in a stew/casserole etc. A healthy human might even be nutritious ‘gag’

  5. This is amazing.

    We had my dad cremated 10 years ago. He’s almost six feet and about 170-180 lbs. It took him 2 1/2 hours to be completely consumed by fire. After he was taken out of the ‘oven’, there were pretty big bone fragments still left and some dudes working on the crematorium just kind of powderized ( lol lack of a better term) it right before in front of us. The ashes look like cement, the unprepared one fresh from the sack. Then they kinda placed the remains in a metal casing. Damn ashes are extremely hot and quite heavy. It didn’t cool down, considerably cool to touch, until a few hours later.

    I understand cremation isn’t a choice for most people. It’s kinda hard to fathom the thought, at first, that you or your loved one will be consumed by fire to become almost nothing in a period of a few hours. It’s like, ‘wow, I spent a decade with this guy and he’s now this’. That was pretty much it.

    Sorry for the lengthy post. Just thought I should share. 😀

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