Burning People Compilation by Liiy

Burning People Compilation by Liiy

Best Gore member Liiy made this compilation of people burning to the tune of some really irritating screaming bitch. Liiy said this:

You probably know this song called Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys. Every radio station plays it at least three times a day, as it’s about “a girl who was first shy and now she’s awesome and everyone loves her and she’s pretty OMG”.

Just like you, I hate songs which are about “sensitive, shy and quiet girls who grow up to be pretty and all” as they’re overhyped and everyone seems to love those songs, but bullies girls at their school who are actually sensitive and shy.

Also, the whole lyrics don’t make any sense! What sick fuck would write lyrics about a girl who’s on fire? So, I took the title literally, and made this little burning people compilation.

Thank you for the video Liiy. Music that’s this fucking annoying should be illegal:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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75 thoughts on “Burning People Compilation by Liiy”

  1. I make it a point of avoiding pop music in general, its over hyped manufactured shit personified by phoneys like Lady Gaga who sell this shit not through musical talent but through character creation, image sells apparently.

    Anyone who refers to themselves as out there and a little bit kooky are nothing of the sort, they are usually just everyday boring people because anyone that did have those characteristics would not have to tell people about them, it would be self evident and not necessary obvious to the person who embodies them.

    Nice compilation though, always nice to see people burn, but not cakes though, I always hate it if I burn my cakes, and meat products in general, never trust a man who abuses his meat.

      1. I think Alcia Keys is in a different league. There are lots of styles of music that aren’t my cup of tea but I can appreciate someone with talent. She writes and arranges her music, she’s a talented songwriter. Just listen to ‘If I ain’t got you’ or ‘you don’t even know my name’ they’re beautifil songs.

        1. @mama…’New York “Empire State of Mind”‘ and “No One” are nice too…Cant stand “This girl is on fire” but thought Liiy still made it fit nicely…..
          @killa…that was well said my man.

          1. @doc,
            the funny thing is, men on thier own don’t usually listen to ‘girlie’ music. But when their around a women it;s amazing how quickly they go straight to your music collection and pick out a girlie album.

      2. @empty
        I will have to agree with wicked mama on this. She writes a lot of her own music. Cool, that’s awesome. But FUCK! From what I’ve heard, id probably extract my own urethra if forced to listen to her for any extended period of time. My musical knowledge of Ms Keys is limited though due to my lack of shit givings. But maybe I should change that to be certain of my distaste.
        @juicy pshhhh duh girl, you know I got mad love.

  2. The way humans behave makes me sad at times, actually more often than not. I think stealing is bad, however the fact that in the U.S. a grown man can tongue punch a kid’s fart box and get a short stay at club fed, and in africa you steal a peanut and you get lynched? Not right. I did laugh at the dumb cunt @1:22 who tries the charlie brown punt.

  3. Damn, it only took these music video stars one video to beat Michael Jackson in changing their skin color. It took MJ at least 3 of his videos! Well, I guess it is harder to go from black man to Puerto Rican woman, instead of the other way around…

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing, but that lady really got me. I don’t know why- but i watched it over and over again and felt really bad for her! Especially when she was holding her hands up to the man for help, like a child. Not many things get to me anymore- but that one did!

  4. there were one or 2 in there that I didn’t understand. That one white woman – did she just spontaneously combust? There were police there to put her out – she was getting arrested or something? Also the dude in black just lights himself, he erupts in flames, and squirms like mad as if he didn’t know what soaking himself in something and lighting it wouldn’t catch him on fire. Crazy stuff

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