Chile – Man Survives Electrocution and Fall from Power Pole

Chile - Man Survives Electrocution and Fall from Power Pole

Video from Chile shows a man reduced to smoke after his power pole climbing adventure turned sour. Filmed from a distance by a person in a car, the video doesn’t show much detail, but rising smoke makes the electrocution look rather deadly. Later on, the electrocuted man drops from the power pole free falling good 6 meters or so.

You would think there was no way he could have survived brutal electrocution followed with a fall, but he allegedly did and was taken to a hospital where he was treated for burns. 35% of his body was burned.

Can anyone who speaks Spanish help translate what the reporter is saying? Why was he on the power pole anyway? Was he trying to steal electricity or was he a worker on a job? If the latter, then perhaps he may need to take the course on power line safety again.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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29 thoughts on “Chile – Man Survives Electrocution and Fall from Power Pole”

  1. I am truly amazed that man lived. Thank the guy who climbed the pole and saved him. Holy fuck, that crackle of electricity sound really is awful.

    Too bad we didn’t get to see the rest of it, I have to wonder why that woman chose that particular spot that blocked the camera.

    As crappy as my Spanish is, I did catch a spectator saying ‘oh man’.

    1. What the reporter is saying is: the man was trying to remove a kite that was stuck in the wires but for his lucky the electrified cable reached him and he could not escape from the electricity but he survived thanks to the assistance of the people around the area.

  2. Resume : White smoke is from an extinguisher used by a neighbor. He was trying to rescue a kite caught in the wiring.

    I think this probably happened in spring, mainly because the grass is still green, and is time of kites or “volantines”.

  3. Hey Jose’ he is still living !
    Hurry Pedro, get him off of it !

    So they used a pole to knock him off of the transformer and give him a 6 meter fall on his head !

    What a rescue team !

    Sometimes death seems like the better option.

  4. What a shocking video … I thought for sure it was another story that began with, “While attempting to steal some wire…” . I don’t understand Spanish but one girl was saying to another he was a really “hot” guy.

  5. TRANSLATION: (summary)

    Neighbors watch in amazement as a man is being electrocuted 6 meters above ground.

    As the man catches fire neighbor tries to help with a fire extinguisher.

    The high voltage does not allow anyone to get near the man as he’s being electrocuted.

    The situation unfolds for various minutes until finally a neighbor manages to release the man from electrocution and he falls to the ground several meters..

    He is taken to hospital where he is being treated for 35% burns to his body.

    The man had gotten up the pole to let lose a kite that had gotten entangled on the *(street lamp?) when he got too close to the high voltage cables.


  6. Ok it’s my turn..


    Reportero: Decenas de vecinos que pasaban la tarde en la población del castillo de la pintana no podían creer lo que estaba pasando la imagen de un hombre atascado y electrocutandose a mas de 6 metros de altura los llenaba de impotencia uno de los vecinos intento apagar su cuerpo con lo que parece un extinguidor pero no podían hacer mucho mas Eduardo don toño quinteros morava de 29 años recibía múltiples descargas eléctricas y cualquiera que se acercara demasiado podría correr la misma suerte la situación se extendió varios minutos hasta que los vecinos logran moverlo y cae sobre el pavimento desde varios metros de altura Eduardo quinteros se encuentra internado en el hospital “soto del rió” según informaciones preliminares con el 35% de su cuerpo quemado al parecer intentaba sacar un volantín que se había atascado en el alumbrado publico cuando se acerco a los cables de alta tensión las próximas horas serán cruciales en su evolucion.


    Reporter: Dozens of neighbors who spent the afternoon in the neighborhood of castillo of the pintana could not believe what was happening the image of a man stuck and electrocuted to over 6 feet high filled with helplessness one of the neighbors tried to put out his body with what looks like a fire extinguisher but couldn’t do much more Eduardo don toño quinteros morava of 29 years old received multiple electric shocks and anyone who approached too close could suffer the same fate, as the situation lasted for several minutes until the neighbors were able to move him and falls on the pavement from several feet Eduardo Quintero is in the hospital “soto del rió” according to preliminary information, 35% of his body burned apparently trying to remove a kite that was jammed in the street lighting when he got close to the power lines the next few hours will be crucial in his development.

  7. Dude, he sure loved his kite. Reminds me of the Moroccan man who risked his life to save his sheep. This one gets himself electrocuted for a damn kite. But at least witnesses knew they could get electrocuted too if they got too close to the power lines, unlike that other video from Brazil where a man friend himself pulling friend away from power lines.

  8. Seems the Latin community does not know about high voltage wires. The just don’t get it. This shit will kill you! Steal wire, cut trees with a wire close, and last and not least kite rescue. I guess we need to have warnings on public television. Oh wait they are doing it. What the Hell?

    1. In Chile there’s a mafia who buys copper and other metals to “wash” them an re-sell to the stores. When you don’t have many job offers, and you need to feed a sum of children, this is one of the last options.

      Anyways, rescuing a kite wasn’t a good idea at all. You can buy another quite cheaper than paying the hospital weeks after being electrocuted

  9. This is awesome footage. In Chile, once police officers arrive, its not like other countries where the bodies stay dead on the street, they’re quick to cover it up and make sure nobody gets footage or pictures of accidents that have happened. I remember when I was very little in Chile, I was shopping with my parents and the next door store caught on fire with people inside. The second police got there they shooed everyone away and threatened to arrest anyone caught videotaping the accident. They even yelled at my father for having his photo camera pointing at the accident.

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