Harlem Shake Fail Goes Terribly Wrong As Gasoline Explodes

Harlem Shake Fail Goes Terribly Wrong As Gasoline Explodes

For the longest time I was hesitant to publish this video but since people keep sending it to me, here it is.

I know absolutely nothing about Harlem Shake. I don’t read mainstream media and don’t follow internet trends so it’s something that’s avoided me. I watched this video and the music just about made me fucking puke. It’s right up there with that Indonesian vomit.

In this fail video, Harlem Shake goes terribly wrong. But since I’ve never seen any other Harlem Shake video, I don’t know how it’s supposed to go. Gasoline kind of exploded and nobody had effective means to put the fire out so it made a woman off camera scream bloody murder. I wished for a Godzilla to shove his dick up her mouth so she would just shut the fuck up already. God!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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98 thoughts on “Harlem Shake Fail Goes Terribly Wrong As Gasoline Explodes”

      1. ” We’re not all complete morons, I swear ! ”

        That’s it………… It’s just fucktards like that which make people think like that.

        Speaking of retards, what am I missing here which makes anyone think this is from down under ??

        @Kazzak……. where do you live ?………… I’m in Ballina N.S.W πŸ™‚

  1. I disagree, this was not a failure, this is how all Harlem Shake antics should end.

    Now if only that vomit inducing Twerking video had ended in a similar manner I might have been less harsh in my review.

  2. I was really laughing at this. Everything they used to try to put the fire out caused it to become worse. Where are cell phones when you need one? Oh hang on that would have also made the fire worse – oh well they were doing a good job of that anyway.

  3. That woman screaming is like the chick who always falls while being chased by a monster in the movies through the woods. Partying and tempting fate seems to be the only thing that this generation of kids are good at. There never seems to be enough casualties.

  4. Damn! ALMOST a happy ending! That was frcking hilarious! Stupid ass wanna-bees trend following. IF all of these type vidoes that play that type of music and show the monkey dancing blew up literally the US would be one step towards a better future. Haha golden when they kept trying to throw WATER on a gasoline fire!! Dumb asses! Throwing liquid on a liquid fire (i.e. Grease fire anyone??) simply serves to spread the liquid already on fire. What dumbasses and someone throw water in that annoying screaming girl.

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