Indian Female Teachers Light Themselves on Fire in Protest

Indian Female Teachers Light Themselves on Fire in Protest

27 year old Kiranjit Kaur, a female teacher from Kapurthala in Punjab, India set herself on fire in protest of Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS). She was one of four Indian women who had climbed the water tower to draw the attention of the government to their demands. After her self immolation, Kiranjit Kaur originally of Faridkot district died of critical burn wounds to nearly 90% of her body in a private hospital in Ludhiana.

The EGS teachers were seeking admission to the elementary teachers training and regularization of their services. After being ignored for the longest time, the self immolation incident landed them with written assurance from district officials on behalf of the education minister that their demands will be met.

I find the mental strength of the self-sacrificial lamb astonishing. These women were demanding something and were being ignored, so one of them took her own life by enduring unimaginable pain so others can see their demands met.

Props to Best Gore member @Buffsmom for the video:

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89 thoughts on “Indian Female Teachers Light Themselves on Fire in Protest”

    1. She definitely regretted it, you can tell how she ran down the stairs to get help instead of waiting it out like a champ, or jumping off the fucking tower like Denethor jumped off Gondor, which is what I would have done.

      1. or if she’s even consciously thinking when engulfed in flames like that – it would seem like your primal survival point kicks in. though the other girl stood there… But i’m sure once the fire was out and some kind of consciousness came back to her, she would’ve thought ‘maybe a few more normal protest or petitions would have been better’.

        1. I can’t agree. Irony has noting to do with relation to a subject. Irony is the unexpected, normally disconnected outcome of the hypothesis of an event. Coincidence is the word you’re looking for.

  1. I don’t know what they had planned buy she only caught on fire because the fuel was on the deck from pouring it on the scarf. when they lit it the fuel on the deck lit and spread and caught her clothes on fire. She never intended to be on fire. Looks like maybe all they wanted to do was light the scarf. They would have poured the fuel on their bodies if they wanted to burn. This was an accident.

      1. i think there’s a perception thing. I think it was an accident now that i look again. she hangs the scarf on the railing and then they douse it – so from the ground it looks like she’s dousing herself. But, perhaps at first they started dousing the scarf before throwing it over the railing to light it and then POOF. Kind of hard to tell. The girl running down the stairs tho seems to really not be into it.

  2. Burns are awful. Worst pain on earth. A thousand times worse then childbirth. I was ejected on I95 approx. 40-50 ft and had severe road rash burns among my other injuries. The dressing changes had to be done every 12 hours but took 3-4 hours to do (the time in between was the only few hours of relief).

    Even though I had a Fentanyl patch and IV Diluadid I was still screaming in pain when they gently peeled off the bandages because each time it felt like they were peeling off my skin and every nerve was on fire.

  3. I think this was definately an accident, you can see the woman remove her scarf, then pour the fuel on it. Woman next to her pours more on, and I don’t think they realise that they have spilled onto thier own clothes and the deck : (

    I don’t think they intended to set themselves on fire, just the scarf ( although I wouldn’t have thought fuel was necessary to light a scarf on fire, a match would have done, surely??)

    Very sad.

      1. No dude I think they just wanted to light the scarf on fire to put on a show. Just by her body language and the way the fire started you can tell she didn’t intend to burn herself. The monks from Tibet who actually do this on purpose fearlessly have the real balls. This chick just fucked up.

  4. I love how initial attempts to put the fire out were to put it out with a breeze, like adding fuel to a fire is going to put it out… i wonder what they would have done if the blanket thing they first put on her lit up on fire, they would have only had that scarf thingo which wouldn’t have done shit

    And i assume that since schooling is so fucked up these days that her death wouldn’t have changed a single thing

  5. These women I guess are trying to protest for their rights. I don’t think it’s a good representation of women when the chick clearly set herself on fire by accident just by trying to light a scarf up and put on a good show.
    women should be left alone to do whatever the fuck they want without having to deal with harassment and dipshits who can’t get poon the honest way. However, I think this video clearly displays that most women shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches.
    There’s a difference between a honest girl just trying to get by in this world as a woman, and a cunt who wants to power trip. Big fucking difference.

  6. That was brutal to watch. I can stand the blood, guts, brain splatter, but this one got me. The roaring of the flames and the knowing that intense burning is doing soooo much damage every single second she stays lit up and even after. Just holy ouch! At the end, she looks so helpless and her arms look like frail tree branches. Sad.

  7. Bittersweet video.
    It’s nice that they eventually got their demands met but now aside from the horribly painful death, the self-burner won’t be alive to know anything was done about it.
    I don’t know whether or not there is an afterlife, but I assume that once you’re dead that’s it and even if you can witness life after death you can’t do anything about your past life.

  8. This is why America is falling behind in education…Indian teachers are burning themselves alive to be able to teach and teachers in the U.S. are sleeping with their students and complaining about their stupid fucking salaries and who should get paid more cops or them.

  9. Yeah this was clearly an accidental death. You can see the scarf is put on the railing, set on fire and then the fire spreads via the ground to the woman holding the bottle.

    That’s what you get for wearing those highly ignitable clothes who drag over the ground through a puddle of gasoline i guess. The fact that she walked down the stairs also proves she didn’t want to die. She could have jumped like a fireball otherwise.

  10. If you look closely at the video, you will see that the intention was for the second girl on the left to be put on fire but the fire engulfs that woman and spreads to the one on the far left. So, I don’t think that girl intended to light herself on fire and you can see by her immediate dash down the stairs.

    1. I’m pretty sure the one on the far left had already been doused in the flammable liquid. She did indeed catch flames from the other woman, but surely she wouldn’t go up in flames that fast without the help of some petrol-doused clothes.

  11. I think the women running down was accidentally burning. I think the flames jumped to her as she was pouring lighter fluid onto the other one, helping her. Either way, horrific. I never want to die by burning.

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