Indian School Teacher Self Immolates in Protest

Indian School Teacher Self Immolates in Protest

In Bathinda, Punjab, India, contract based teachers gathered round to ask for permanent spots in schools, and increase in wages (contract based teachers only get about 7000 Rupees, which is about $112 US per month).

It was a peaceful gathering, until one teacher stood up and set himself on fire.

The teacher has necessary degrees and meets the requirements for a decent paying teaching job, but as just a contractor earning pocket change, he was unable to support his family.

40% of his body was critically burned, but he survived. He is now in hospital, receiving treatment.

Best Gore member @GGEK explains:

Here in Punjab, if someone dies in a workplace accident or in a protest, his family member gets a permanent government job. I think this may have been one of the reason for the man to self immolate.

I know it sounds dumb to do that, but there is no other way. Either you live your miserable life on 112$ a month, or die and let your family members have a decent job and live a decent life.

There are more teachers unemployed in India, then all the teachers with a teaching job. There are also many schools in Punjab where there is only one teacher in whole school.

My mother is also a contract based teacher and she is given more work then a regular teacher. Just imagine spending your life with just 112$ per month with everything getting expensive day by day.

There is a lot I want to say but….. FUCK GOVERNMENT.

Thanks a lot for the pics and the insights from India, @GGEK. I remember before being Canadianized, there was a video of Indian female teachers self immolating:

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61 thoughts on “Indian School Teacher Self Immolates in Protest”

  1. 112$ a month huh? I’m getting 0$ a month here in the states, I’m professionally certified in working metal. Spent years getting the training and experience ive gathered. But I’m always passed over so that companies can stay politically correct and hire some foreign jerkoff that can’t do math right. I could light myself on fire over and over and it would amount to jack shit. So yeah, I can imagine 112$ a month. It would be great. If I were to die the only thing that will happen is that my kids will starve even more. No fall backs for us over here. 🙂

        1. Furthermore, I didn’t blame anyone for anything, you missed the point. The point is, why do such a thing when no difference will be made aside from more hospital bills to tack onto that juicy 112$ a month.

      1. We have to fucking start taking blame. We were extremely unsuccessful at making our countries better and we migrate to western countries like fucking parasites. We, the foreigners, should have made our countries better that we have to go to other countries and still act like they owe us. Fuck you and this fucking attitude.. Quit migrating to White people’s land and work in your own damn country or quit bitching about it.

        1. I agree with your statement. This is why I hate a lot of Indians because they are willing to leave their country for some place more developed. I personally would not immigrate to the West because I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself like that. I want to make my own country better but sometimes this place just seems hopeless.

          But blaming a non-white person is not always right. Maybe the foreigners he claims that are taking his job are simply more qualified?

    1. It’s the same all over the world Flynn, it’s all about the bottom line.

      The current global economic model furthers the above by allowing businesses to off-shore industry to poorer, less regulated countries. To use child labour, to avoid taxes, to import workers using external agencies in order to get around the wage and working regulations of their own country.

      Add to the above the ever popular zero-hour, agency enforced contracts which means the worker is not an actual employee but is “technically” self-employed thus disallowing them sickness and holiday pay, pension rights etc and the fact that technological advancements make people more and more redundant all the time and of course uncontrolled immigration which increases competition for work meaning that the supply of workers often exceeds the demand for them which of course creates an employers market where wage levels get pushed down more and more and you are left with an economy that serves the few at the expense of the many.

      The winners are those who use and exploit the system making those simply relying on that system automatically losers. In such a world it is not what you know but who you know that opens doors.

    2. By the images, the guy doesn’t appear to be too close to imminent death. He’s seen dragged away, still seemingly rather unburnt, by another man. Even the close-ups, with white cream all over him, don’t look too awfully bad. We’ve all seen plenty worse burn victims on BG.

    1. Degrees have lost some of their importance, as there are so many of them now. Universities can be a place of learning with interesting subjects, but also of countless wasted hours. I can tell I have had many subjects which seem to be put in there just to fill in the timetable, so you spend dozens of hours studying to do well in the test and learn the stuff, and after you’re approved you never hear of or use more than 99% of the things you learn, and end up forgetting most of them. I wonder if I should have steered towards a more technical education as opposed to a theoretical one, as you have at Uni, with the former preparing you better for the job market with a practical knowledge and taking less time, going directly to the point.

  2. he should have used more petrol. the man next to the burning fuckwit, looks like he is jabbing a pencil into his face or playing a flute. there’s a lady about to puke and some cool indian dude is smiling in the background. that’s some damn fine photography.

    1. Kittens, I truly wish I was. It’s hard always fighting with a gender that you also desire. If something did happen to husband, yeah, I’d want another one. It would be awesome to not care but I actually like men a lot. Maybe that’s why their opinions on women bother me to an extent. I want harmony with a mate and men and women are so messed up now. Sad. Oh well.

  3. Instead of burning himself, he should have obtained a fake passport and traveled to Brampton, Ontario Canada. It is also known as Bramladesh or New Khalistan. Lots of Sikhs. He could give the authorities a “sob story” and claim asylum. He could bribe a clerk at the motor vehicle office and get a truck driving license. No need to burn his body before death. Silly gandu.

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