Man Burns to a Crisp in His Chair as Fire Engulfs His Apartment

Man Burns to a Crisp in His Chair as Fire Engulfs His Apartment

Don Rafael Villagómez de Ita, aged 84 was burned to a crisp while sitting in a chair inside his apartment after it was engulfed by the flames.

It happened on #113 Avenida Veracruz, near the corner with Avenida Oaxaca, opposite the España park in Distrito Federal, Mexico. What started the fire is not known.

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49 thoughts on “Man Burns to a Crisp in His Chair as Fire Engulfs His Apartment

  1. When your 84 you deserve to die peacefully. Being burned to death is the worst way to die, when the grand kids find out about the life insurance and you’ve been showing them your swizzle stick, gramps turns to toast.

  2. He’s surrounded by pots and pans and has some type of electrical wire wrapped round his arm which is attached to the wall.

    Also, his facial expression suggests that he was aware of the fire ( unless he normally sleeps with a terrified look on his face) . Looks to me like he either was aware of fire but couldn’t escape/ move, or he woke up to find himself actually on fire.

    The wire round his wrist is disturbing. And why was his chair surrounded by pots and pans?

    Very odd.

    Horrible way to die.

    • That was my first guess too, especially since SHC seems to happen to the elderly alot more than any other age group. When SHC happens it usually only burns the body and whatever surrounding area the body is touching whether it be a bed or chair, leaving everything else untouched. SHC fires appear to always start from within the torso and many times all that remains of the victim is their feet which are left intact and untouched by the fire. SHC victims also seem to always combust in resting postions such as in bed or sitting down. They’re also thought to be alive before combustion begins but for some reason they don’t ever put up a struggle. As much as I would like to belive this is a case of SHC he is sitting in a kitchen which is most likely the cause of the fire.

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