Man Found Burning Outside a Miami Cemetery

Man Found Burning Outside a Miami Cemetery

Motionless body of a man was found burning in front of a cemetery in Miami. He’s leaning comfortably against a tree as the flames slowly consume him.

There isn’t a whole lot of info about this at all at this time, but as is apparent, people in Florida are just about as eager to help a someone who could be dying as people in China. There’s a person on fire and the woman asks her fuck buddy to get out of there cause she’s scared.

Props to Best Gore member Hugsthemuffin for the video:

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        1. Over here a bloke still isn’t safe from being dragged over those coals when he’s dead. There’s been more historical cases this last couple of years than most have had hot dinners.
          The left are the instigators of this of course. They overlook the fact that society and what was acceptable in it 40 years ago, was very different to today.
          And boy oh boy, have some unscrupulous women jumped on the bandwagon.
          What gets me is, if the so called perpetrators were known to have been wantonly breaking the law back then, why has it taken so long for people to accuse them !?. Could it be that now those accused are dead, they can no longer defend themselves !?
          The whole sordid scenario is sick.
          And by the way. I do believe a couple of the perps in question were guilty of being somewhat perverted, but dragging it up so long after just doesn’t sit right. If guilty they should and could have faced justice back then.

          1. @ewestomper,

            In cases of historical sexual abuse it is important to separate them into the appropriate groups before the question of why it took so long to report it gets addressed and verdict is passed.

            Low level celebrity sexual assault allegations against the likes of Travis lee Davis, Jim Davidson etc are obviously the actions of gold digging hussies looking to financially benefit from the media led witch hunt being constantly driven without regard towards any real, actual evidence to support those allegations.

            However, there are also some real fucking perverts who did a lot of terrible things and got away with it because they had influential and powerful friends.

            The likes of Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith etc never feared prosecution because of their connections and many of their victims did inform the police at the time but the police made all the evidence and reports disappear and so only in death did they get vilified because at that point they could no longer drop any of their rich pervert friends in it.

            The media led witch hunts are just a smoke screen to appease the public?s lust for blood whilst hiding the real bastards.

            As they used to say in times of public upheaval, find someone and hang him, it doesn?t matter if they are guilty or not just hang the bastard and the public will be appeased.

            In the meantime Leon Brittan?s Paedophile dossier still hasn?t turned up, nor the police services copy, nor the secret services copy. Elms guest house as been whitewashed, Same with the Welsh care homes, so on and so forth.

            Oh well, at least that evil bastard Jim Davidson was forced to face justice for slapping a twenty five year old woman?s bottom some twenty odd years ago.

          2. Cyril frigging Smith ! , Christ all mighty @Empty, what a sick world when a big self indulgent pig like him can get away with such debauched behaviour.

            And now of course, we have the latest case, involving a certain member of the Royal family.
            I’m sure he’s done far worse things than shag a seventeen year old girl in his time. We’ll never know though, he’s a member of the aristocracy, he’s immune to such allegations !
            What an embarrassing toss pot he is.

          3. Oh ok stomp ,but have you’ve not forgotten of the acused and should our ,gvmt allowing,the UK and any other contries to justice bitches who raped and killed innocents…. stomp I may bark up the wrong tree ,ive pissed on it already ,ill wait for your comment ,I may have conscerwed .everything ,at times I dont understand your point of view,but about 69% I do ,either way love bro,,,..Tx

          4. @danielray.
            Our governments ought to hang any piece of shit found, beyond doubt, guilty of perverted acts on innocents.

            However, there are many cases suddenly appearing from out of the woodwork, that are decades old and frankly ought to be chucked out without hesitation.
            Dragging a man over the coals for being a bit loose with his hands over 40 years ago, is downright pathetic.

            If it was a level playing field and all cases were treated the same, it would be half alright. Unfortunately, the upper crust use their connections to enable them to avoid the justice that the common man usually faces.

    1. is the most stupid filming of ‘rescuers’ who called urgent pussy fucking bad oh god why are so scared to get out of here, instead of out of the car with a fire extinguisher and put it out on the poor man. what idiot

    2. Is there any scenario,at all, where it would’ve been ethical to intercede on this man’s behalf? He was, after all, an autonomous human being. Is there any freedom more sacred than the freedom to voluntarily opt-out? As a viewer, I feel comfort; this man radiates a new-found air of acceptance. This maladjusted outsider, who perpetually struggled in life, was able to find serenity in death.

    1. I see him moving….I see him moving….I swear !!!!!
      Is he still alive ??????….hope so….
      He must deserve it…..
      Let’s have a piss on him……yeah…!!!!
      It’s gonna hurt more…….golden shower miracle..that burns like fuck……..who’s black
      Now huh!!!!!
      white man turns black within a few minutes.!#[email protected]$$$??$&? .!!!????..
      Should make the news … least local.
      The libs would burn themself for that shit.!!!!
      Till they drop….smokin dead.

    2. Dre, who are we to decide if this man should live? It looks like he did it to him self, the life he would have from surviving this is gonna be worst. Maybe this is how he committed suicide and doesn’t wanna deal with this world, we always talk about over population so he was just taking care of business.

      Now if this was a bad car accident or a house burning. I’m sure people would try to help this man.
      And if they don’t. Then they would be fucken assholes

      1. Yea, i hear ya! But what if he was a good person that went through horrible, personal tragedies, and stupidly took some weird drug, and acted completely out of character. For all we know, this could be the case. But, i have to agree with you, that ya,,, it,s probably too late for him to regain any normalcy in his troubled life, if he was to survive, that is. πŸ™

  1. That woman was absolutely pathetic. ” oh boo hoo, let’s get out of here it’s scary ”
    Stupid useless bint. The epitome of the mollycoddled.
    Get out of the car and assess the situation you dumb ass. Don’t just wash your hands and pretend you never saw it.
    Off to Starbucks you go you plastic twod.

  2. Man on fire! Ha! Ha! He got the discount on his cremation, for all to see.
    That or somebody dug him up set him up then set him on fire. Enbalming fluid is highly flammable.
    The ladies reaction is fucking hilarious! To top that off I would of been even more hysterical if the body just got up and started walking, that would’ve made my day! πŸ™‚

  3. Clasical citizen care….
    That idiot who was filming was in his car…isn’t it mandatory to carry a fire extinguisher in your car??? oh i know that fire extinctor it must cost like five bucks and that ammount has become something to die for especialy in one of more and more savage civilised western country

  4. I can’t not believe this cunt! And what about her “man”? He just backs up!!? Wtf! No one thought to get out and help in anyway? Who knows at this point of it was a suicide or someone doused him in gas a lit it. We here at BG know now how sick people are and know that people do that to other human beings all the time. I wish we knew who she was. I bet if it was leaked and we could figure out who this lovely couple is, they would say some flowery excuse to the liberal media. This made me so fucking mad. I hope her cunt rots out. Even though he obviously could not be helped after her, for them not even to rush over when they first saw this and at least see what if anything they could do, just shows what kind of stupid, sheep they both are. Her attitude just sent me over the top. Stupid bitch

    1. Very possibly. It would have been good to have found out whether it was a real person or not, but unfortunately, the silly woman in the car almost pissed her nickers and got the hell out of there before her little mind could be etched with such a terrifying gruesome image.

  5. I would not have helped him, either. I don’t know who he is or what his circumstances are. What CAN be done, anyway? Just call 911. It’s a motionless guy under a tree on fire. If you think you can be some sort of hero upon coming up on a scene like that, then go for it Superman. Good luck.

  6. I could understand attempting to help if he ran past you, on fire, but you could clearly tell the guy was dead. All you might possibly do by trying to extinguish the fire is disturb the crime scene. We on here are somewhat desensitized to seeing things like that, the woman in the vid obviously isn’t, so I can’t fault her for expressing an honest emotion like fear.

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