Three Babies Burned to a Crisp in Comayaguela, Honduras

Three Babies Burned to a Crisp in Comayaguela, Honduras

These were three babies of a single mother – I don’t know what single mothers are like in Honduras so I’m not gonna comment.

Her name was Leonila Berríos, she lived in a modest house in the Villa Cristina colony in Comayagüela, Honduras where she made modest living cutting firewood. Must have been quite a shock for her to return home and find her house burned down and all three babies fried to a crisp.

Leonila left her house minutes after noon on December 7, 2012 to find firewood to sell and help parents to support her brothers and her three children – 2 year old Carlos Roberto Arrazola Ramírez, 3 year old Génesis Natalia Arrazola Ramírez and 6 year old Daysi Marilí Berríos Ramírez. The children died in the kitchen, near a fire burning stove which is believed to have been the cause of the fire.

The slum she lived in does not have electricity, water or sewage plus her house was on a very steep hill which all made the delivery of water to put the fire out slow and coming. Children may have been sleeping when the fire broke out because the door was not locked so they could have gotten out if they had noticed the fire before it got too large.

Props to my Honduran gore connection Zarqawi for the video:

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  1. I remember this one time when I was 10 years old a lady lived behind me *crappy apartments* of course so she was cooking beans and her 7 year old son like other American born kids suffered from child hood obesity was hungry and was curious of what she was cooking so he goes to the boiling pot and accidentally spills it all over himself o.o the beaner lady takes the kid to the bathroom and showers him with cold water which made everything even worse .. One learns alot when you live in the ghetto many stupid and good life lessons for our fun we would play this game we made up where one had to cross the street where the speed limit is 30 and see how fast you were ^_^ if you get run over you loose. like that kid game where the frog crosses the street

    1. Yeah, I think all kid’s do stupid shit, that when you look back on it as an adult you think to yourself, how you ever lived through it?

      On another note,that’s so sad, she leaves her children and goes out to try and make some money to put food on the table, to come back to all of her children are dead and everything in ashes!

        1. XD I used to lay down in the middle of the streets untill a car passes by then stand up and run like shit there is nothing fun in California it’s amazing how those stupid commercials of California shows how great it is it only shows the places where only rich whites visit they don’t show the crappy gang infested parts mixed with depression and ignorance -.- I used to live next to the cementery so I was never afraid of jumping over and walking around in the night alone never had a ghost encounter o.o there there was a creepy bastard running around paranoid looking like he was going to get mugged XD I love dark creepy cementaries especially in a foggy night (: < 3

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