The Caption This Photo Contest #71

Simple Comparison

Simple Comparison

Best Caption

After careful consideration Mohammed said: “Bring me the one on the right” – d.i.y.


Okay class. Today’s lesson we will learn how to tell the difference between whores and horse – roholl

Oh jeez, will someone please tell Sarah Jessica Parker to put her tail down – UgFeedsSlugs

Before and after shots of meth addicts – Arsehole

You’ve received a new Farmville request! – Semaj Reipan

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212 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #71”

      1. Okay…pic on the left shows Debbie at 25 just getting started in porn…pic on the right shows Debbie at 50 just after filming her last movie entitled “Three niggers and a bottle of Viagra”.

  1. Come on in pussy lovers, we’ve got pink pussy, yellow pussy, black pussy, we’ve got silk pussy, velvet pussy, we’ve even got horse pussy, you want pussy, come on in pussy lovers.

  2. There once was a man named Hercules.
    Who dreamed that he fucked two different pussies.
    He felt something weird.
    It was his biggest fear.
    A greater path he hath chosen was free.

  3. Pic on the right shows what the girl in pink to the right of our screen will look like if she does’nt call it quits soon.
    If she has’nt had an orgasm by now I doubt she ever will.

  4. The two pictures are a advertisement for a new Russian Vodka,

    It will have the slogan, “If you can still tell the difference (between the photos) we will give you your money back.

  5. You know, when I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was the same pussy, but the one on the right was some guy taking a picture before he fucked that dead pussy until he had a dick that was in the last caption this contest…

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