Dead Syrian Man Eaten by Wildlife Down to the Bone

I actually don’t know for sure whether it was wildlife that munched on his flesh, but what else could it be? This corpse was discovered in the field. Head and lower legs were vastly untouched, but upper legs and entire torso were stripped of all flesh, only the skeleton remained. Propaganda spreaders jumped on the … Continue reading “Dead Syrian Man Eaten by Wildlife Down to the Bone”

Baby in a Box

Background crying sound is pretty irritating in this video. I’m not sure whether the editor of the video added the cries in digitally of whether it’s somebody’s kid off camera making a scene. The baby in the box looks like it’s new born. It misses chunks of skin and flesh because it attracted rats that … Continue reading “Baby in a Box”

Death by 5,000 Bee Stings

It’s hard to believe that this could be true, but it is. The strength of the bees is in their numbers. You don’t even have to be allergic to bee stings, but when 5,000 of them inject you with their venom, you’re gonna die. That’s what happen to the fellow in these photos. 31 year … Continue reading “Death by 5,000 Bee Stings”

Pitbull Attack in Brazil – Man in Pool of Blood

In Brazil, it’s not only the da Silvas who are after your ass, it’s also the dogs. Since most Brazilian dogs don’t undergo proper training, they become formidable street killers. The dude in this video could tell you all about it. It’s a recording of a vicious pitbull attack. No info on whether it was … Continue reading “Pitbull Attack in Brazil – Man in Pool of Blood”

India – Man Scalped in Leopard Attack

Four people were injured in an animal attack in the city of Guwahati in north-eastern India after a full grown leopard strayed into city’s residential area on January 7, 2012. Before the leopard was tranquilized, the cat ran into a house on Nabagraha Road in busy neighborhood of Silphukhuri where it struck a man in … Continue reading “India – Man Scalped in Leopard Attack”

Group of Fish Living Inside a Cadaver of Drowned Man

Hey Grammar Nazis, is “group of fish” the right way to put it? I don’t think it was a school of fish but since the video is from Brazil, we could probably call it a “catch”. Someone surely had himself a nice fish for supper that day. Whether the fellow in the video drowned by … Continue reading “Group of Fish Living Inside a Cadaver of Drowned Man”

India – Tiger Mauls Zookeeper and Devours His Arm

Video from a Zoo in India shows images of a tiger devouring a human arm. Its former owner (arm’s, not tiger’s) is then seen badly mauled, with severe facial wounds and parts of scalp peeling off. That’s one bad Bengal kitty right there. Zoos are dumb anyway. A beast in a cage is the most … Continue reading “India – Tiger Mauls Zookeeper and Devours His Arm”

Two Guys from Uruguay Beat a Dog to Death with 2×4

I hate animal cruelty more than anything which is why I’m sharing this video with you all. This is easily the most despicable act of violence against an innocent animal since Kenny Glenn, except that unlike Dusty, the dog in this video didn’t make it. Be warned, the video is extremely difficult to watch, especially … Continue reading “Two Guys from Uruguay Beat a Dog to Death with 2×4”

Explain This Image

Can somebody tell me what happened here? I’m assuming the fellow was munched on by wildlife – perhaps homeless dogs? – but why are all his innards and half of rib cage gone while face and an arm were barely touched? Or has this been photoshopped (fake)?

The Original Faces of Death – 1978 Movie

Let’s take a break from our regular programming and reflect back to the gore of the past. The 1978 movie Faces of Death is one of the original gore compilations that became widely available to public. The producers of the movie marketed it with a slogan that the movie was banned in over 46 countries. … Continue reading “The Original Faces of Death – 1978 Movie”