Mentally Ill Man Mauled by Bear in Swiss Zoo

Mentally ill man decided to have a picnic with a European Brown Bear named Finn at Bern Park in Switzerland but the bear was in no mood for that shit. Instead, he thought it’d be fun to maul the intruder to his pen and had himself his way with him. 25 year old man scaled … Continue reading “Mentally Ill Man Mauled by Bear in Swiss Zoo”

Gored Bullfighter Pisses Blood from Ruptured Femoral Artery

The best part of this video takes place at a 1:00 mark when a victorious bull enters the camera view with that awesome look on his face. All one would need is a text bubble to display bull’s thought. I think it should say something like: “Yo dawg, you messed with a bull, you got … Continue reading “Gored Bullfighter Pisses Blood from Ruptured Femoral Artery”

Compilation of Classic Gore Videos

This video is a compilation of good ol’ gore classics. Many have already been posted on Best Gore, but it’s always good to have them compiled into one consecutive sequence. The video could also be titled “Top of the food chain on planet Earth” – an educational video for the aliens. The compilation about sums … Continue reading “Compilation of Classic Gore Videos”

Syrian Two Face

Who would have thought Syrians were such big movie fans. Two men on the truck, but only one and a half face. How the one with the two-face visage came by his unique appearance is unknown – he could have been munched on by wildlife for all we know. If he was Libyan, we could … Continue reading “Syrian Two Face”

Headless Corpse of a Child Eaten by a Dog Near Ganges River, India

Starved pooch found himself a bit of a treat next to the Ganges River in India. He probably thought to himself – hmmm, tastes like chicken. It’s… well… different to see a human body recycling itself by feeding something other than a bunch of maggots. Headless body of a human child was spotted soaking its … Continue reading “Headless Corpse of a Child Eaten by a Dog Near Ganges River, India”

Boy Mauled by Mastiff Mutt

Today’s edition of “Best Gore Members Rock” is brought exclusively to you by CandytheSkunk. Her little brother was just mauled by Mastiff Mutt and this is what it looked like. The incident happened in Ohio, USA. In CandytheSkunk’s own words: The neighbor who saw the whole thing told me that he’d pulled up in his … Continue reading “Boy Mauled by Mastiff Mutt”

Dead Syrian Man Eaten by Wildlife Down to the Bone

I actually don’t know for sure whether it was wildlife that munched on his flesh, but what else could it be? This corpse was discovered in the field. Head and lower legs were vastly untouched, but upper legs and entire torso were stripped of all flesh, only the skeleton remained. Propaganda spreaders jumped on the … Continue reading “Dead Syrian Man Eaten by Wildlife Down to the Bone”

Baby in a Box

Background crying sound is pretty irritating in this video. I’m not sure whether the editor of the video added the cries in digitally of whether it’s somebody’s kid off camera making a scene. The baby in the box looks like it’s new born. It misses chunks of skin and flesh because it attracted rats that … Continue reading “Baby in a Box”

Death by 5,000 Bee Stings

It’s hard to believe that this could be true, but it is. The strength of the bees is in their numbers. You don’t even have to be allergic to bee stings, but when 5,000 of them inject you with their venom, you’re gonna die. That’s what happen to the fellow in these photos. 31 year … Continue reading “Death by 5,000 Bee Stings”

Pitbull Attack in Brazil – Man in Pool of Blood

In Brazil, it’s not only the da Silvas who are after your ass, it’s also the dogs. Since most Brazilian dogs don’t undergo proper training, they become formidable street killers. The dude in this video could tell you all about it. It’s a recording of a vicious pitbull attack. No info on whether it was … Continue reading “Pitbull Attack in Brazil – Man in Pool of Blood”