Thumb Severed During Bull Taming Event in India

In India, they call these events Jallikattu. In English they are known simply as Bull Taming Events. While they are done differently from Bullfighting or Running of the Bulls events in Hispanic countries, in principle they are the same – the bull gets… well, bullied. I’m sure Indian bulls go through as much hell during … Continue reading “Thumb Severed During Bull Taming Event in India”

Bull’s Hoof to the Skull = Instant Rodeo Death

Today is officially the Bulls Own the Hispanic Ass day. This video is not a compilation, but the ownage the bull delivered puts the entire set of before to shame. Funny thing is – they put bandages on the bull’s horns, but horns are not the only instrument of death a full grown bull sports. … Continue reading “Bull’s Hoof to the Skull = Instant Rodeo Death”

Compilation of Idiots Owned and Gored by Bulls

What could be more enjoyable than watching a bunch of idiots get their assholes stretched with bull horns and then walk away limping cause you can tell they feel blood mixed with shit flowing down their thighs? You mess with a bull, you get the horn up the rectum. I only wish these bulls would … Continue reading “Compilation of Idiots Owned and Gored by Bulls”

The Caption This Photo Contest #51

You have totally killed me with the latest Caption Contest – scores of winner captions made it incredibly difficult for me to narrow it down to just a few top ones. Let’s see if you can do just as well with this one. Best Captions Crow: “I’ll fit myself inside this carcass and fly this … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #51”

Jabbed in Hand by Stingray Barb

Unfortunately, this video was filmed by an Iphone retard. Iphone retards are Apple fangirls too fucking dumb to understand that humans have horizontally oriented eyes and monitors are also horizontally oriented. Other than that, the jab he got in the hand by a stingray barb is pretty impressive. Speaking of stingray impalements, one immediately thinks … Continue reading “Jabbed in Hand by Stingray Barb”

Botfly Larvae Removed from Woman’s Breast with Tweezers

The maggots that infested this woman’s breast are botfly larvae. They’re dirty little parasites the eggs of which get into the bloodstream after an infected mosquito bites a human and live there, feeding off of your cells until they hatch and continue with their larval development by enjoying the warmth of your body under the … Continue reading “Botfly Larvae Removed from Woman’s Breast with Tweezers”

Bitten in Hand by Rattlesnake

I came across a recent story about a farmer in Brazil who died having been bitten by a rattlesnake. The article referred to the snake as “Cobra Rattlesnake” – not sure what that is all about but who cares. Photo above is not of the incident, but it was used with the article for illustration … Continue reading “Bitten in Hand by Rattlesnake”

Mentally Ill Man Mauled by Bear in Swiss Zoo

Mentally ill man decided to have a picnic with a European Brown Bear named Finn at Bern Park in Switzerland but the bear was in no mood for that shit. Instead, he thought it’d be fun to maul the intruder to his pen and had himself his way with him. 25 year old man scaled … Continue reading “Mentally Ill Man Mauled by Bear in Swiss Zoo”

Gored Bullfighter Pisses Blood from Ruptured Femoral Artery

The best part of this video takes place at a 1:00 mark when a victorious bull enters the camera view with that awesome look on his face. All one would need is a text bubble to display bull’s thought. I think it should say something like: “Yo dawg, you messed with a bull, you got … Continue reading “Gored Bullfighter Pisses Blood from Ruptured Femoral Artery”

Compilation of Classic Gore Videos

This video is a compilation of good ol’ gore classics. Many have already been posted on Best Gore, but it’s always good to have them compiled into one consecutive sequence. The video could also be titled “Top of the food chain on planet Earth” – an educational video for the aliens. The compilation about sums … Continue reading “Compilation of Classic Gore Videos”