3 Year Old Girl Mauled by Dog Chained to a Tree in Texas Heat

Amanda Anderson and her 3 year old daughter Tatiana live in San Antonio, Texas where Amanda works as a nanny. One day, Amanda took her daughter with her to work and left her to play with another child in the backyard of her employer’s house. Uncle of Amanda’s employer was to keep an eye on … Continue reading “3 Year Old Girl Mauled by Dog Chained to a Tree in Texas Heat”

Elderly Woman Bitten by Starved Pet Dog

Elderly woman in her 60’s came to an hospital emergency room complaining that she was bitten by a pet dog who was behaving uncontrollably because she was only feeding him twice a week. WTF? You have no business owning a pet if you’re not gonna provide it with food as often as it needs. Hope … Continue reading “Elderly Woman Bitten by Starved Pet Dog”

Ronald Poppo aka Mr. Eaten Face Photos

Ronald Poppo is that poor old man whose face was eaten by a would be zombie Rudy Eugene. According to the latest reports, no human flesh was found in the stomach of the Miami Zombie, however he did have chunks of it between his teeth. So Rudy Eugene wasn’t a zombie after all. He was … Continue reading “Ronald Poppo aka Mr. Eaten Face Photos”

Bloody Bear Attack Pictures

It doesn’t happen often for a bear to be in a predatory mood (except for Polar Bears), but this one looks like he was. Bears have very fine sense of smell – I’ve heard they could smell sugar in a toothpaste you used to brush your teeth with before leaving for the wilderness, if you … Continue reading “Bloody Bear Attack Pictures”

Man Mauled to Death by Royal Bengal Tiger at a Zoo in India

A century ago, there were more than 100,000 Royal Bengal Tigers roaming freely through South Asia. Now, there are barely 5,000 of them left. One of these rare big cats is kept at a zoo in northern Indian city of Guwahati, state of Assam (yeah, that’s where those bombings took place). The incident in the … Continue reading “Man Mauled to Death by Royal Bengal Tiger at a Zoo in India”

Man Eaten Down to the Bones by Dogs

A body of a man partially eaten by dogs was found in a shack on a farm. The man was identified as 69 year old Francisco Tomas. He was a miner and lived alone in the shack. Neighbors said that he was last seen a week prior feeding the dogs. Nice way to repay him … Continue reading “Man Eaten Down to the Bones by Dogs”

Reconstruction of Jaw Destroyed at San Sebastián de los Reyes Bull Running

The almighty bull hoof – a force not to be messed with. Yet each year a Running of the Bulls event is held in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain during which daredevils try they luck evading running bulls. Sad and pathetic event, but it’s part of Spain’s cultural heritage so it’s not gonna … Continue reading “Reconstruction of Jaw Destroyed at San Sebastián de los Reyes Bull Running”

Fuck With the Bull, You Get the Hoof

Rodeo is a pathetic sport (I’m using the moniker “sport” loosely) because it’s all about inflicting unspeakable pain on bulls’ genitalia by crushing the balls with tightly squeezed rope. Bulls have no hands to get the rope off their testicles but the squeeze causes so much pain, it forces them to kick their legs about … Continue reading “Fuck With the Bull, You Get the Hoof”

Hungry Dog Eats Dead Owner’s Face

Man lived with his dog but died. Dag had nowhere to go and with no one to feed him, he turned to the flab of meat that gave off that irresistible rotting flesh odor. As is typical of dead humans getting eaten by animals, the dog munched on his former owner’s face, leaving other body … Continue reading “Hungry Dog Eats Dead Owner’s Face”

Girl Kicked in the Face by a Horse

Unlike is the case of bullfighters taking a hoof to the head, if horse handlers get kicked, it’s usually because the horse was playful and got a bit frisky. Still, taking a horse kick to the kisser is bound the hurt like all hell and leave a mark. This girl could tell you all about … Continue reading “Girl Kicked in the Face by a Horse”