Explain This Image

Can somebody tell me what happened here? I’m assuming the fellow was munched on by wildlife – perhaps homeless dogs? – but why are all his innards and half of rib cage gone while face and an arm were barely touched? Or has this been photoshopped (fake)?

The Original Faces of Death – 1978 Movie

Let’s take a break from our regular programming and reflect back to the gore of the past. The 1978 movie Faces of Death is one of the original gore compilations that became widely available to public. The producers of the movie marketed it with a slogan that the movie was banned in over 46 countries. … Continue reading “The Original Faces of Death – 1978 Movie”

California Man Dies of Heart Attack, Mice Chew on His Flesh

South California man died in his home of a heart attack and local mice gathered round to have themselves a feast on the corpse’s flesh. When local ambulance entered the house, they saw the mice nibbling on the dead man’s flesh but disturbed by their presence, the mice ran for cover only to resume nibbling … Continue reading “California Man Dies of Heart Attack, Mice Chew on His Flesh”

Newborn Baby Girl Ditched After Birth and Bitten by Dogs

There are women who would like to have babies but are unable to because of whatever issues they may be having. Then there are women who do not respect their fitness and ability to bear children and treat them like garbage. Mother who bore this little girl felt no connection with the child and threw … Continue reading “Newborn Baby Girl Ditched After Birth and Bitten by Dogs”

Mauled to Death

Best Gore fan who sent these pictures in thinks the man was mauled to death by some vicious animal. However that may not have been the case as it’s just a guess but by looking at the pics I understand where his thinking was coming from. This definitely could be an animal attack but I … Continue reading “Mauled to Death”

Nasty Shark Attack Picture

Sharks rule the seas supreme. They don’t give a shit about your dick being tucked tightly into your skimpy pair of Speedos. You enter their waters, start twitching like a fucking seal, you’re gonna get your flesh tasted. Those are some pretty nasty shark bikes the guy took. Should have stayed in his room, playing … Continue reading “Nasty Shark Attack Picture”

Crocodile with Hand in Mouth Introduces Support for Mobile Browsing

I’m assuming you have all seen the photo of the crocodile with human hand in his mouth. This photo has been around for a while and unless you are new to teh interweb, you would have seen it already. There’s ongoing speculation whether the picture is real or whether the hand was photoshopped in. I … Continue reading “Crocodile with Hand in Mouth Introduces Support for Mobile Browsing”

Terrorists, Killers and Middle East Wackos – Full Video

Terrorists, Killers and Middle East Wackos video is basically a 54 minutes long compilation of some pretty good gore, war and ownage videos. It doesn’t have any commentary, unless the original video came with one. Otherwise it’s an ongoing compilation of one video pasted after another. It also contains videos we already have on Best … Continue reading “Terrorists, Killers and Middle East Wackos – Full Video”

Woman Hacked and Eaten by Wildlife

Let’s play a guessing game with this one. The picture came with no background story whatsoever. Your guess is as good as mine. What the hell happened to her? I was thinking that maybe she was murdered with a blow to the head, which would explain that open skull. Once knocked unconscious, she was hacked … Continue reading “Woman Hacked and Eaten by Wildlife”

Man Mauled by a Lion in a Cage – Video

I remember this video very well. This was the first video I have seen on LiveLeak. A couple of years back when LiveLeak has just started and only had a few dozen videos uploaded, this video of a man mauled by a lion in a lion cage somewhere in the Middle East (not sure if … Continue reading “Man Mauled by a Lion in a Cage – Video”