Best Gore 3.1 – Forums

After our recent update introducing redesigned activity streams and a new feature allowing for editing of comments, we’re back after an overnighter to finish a major addition to the site – forums. But more about it after the important reminder: Spammers Now that the website has several avenues for members’ expression, it has become easier … Continue reading “Best Gore 3.1 – Forums”

Best Gore v3.0.1

Today we have released the latest set of updates to the website we’ve been working hard on since the switch to the responsive design. There have been many changes and improvements done, but the most notable are the complete redesign of the profile and activity stream pages, and the ability to edit comments. The profile … Continue reading “Best Gore v3.0.1”

Best Gore Inspired Art by Polish Painter Features Murdered and Raped Women

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Polish artist Adam Kowalczyk, also known as Best Gore member @zeiT92. Adam is a 5th year student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland. In an interview with me, Adam disclosed that at home, he has a collection of animal skulls. … Continue reading “Best Gore Inspired Art by Polish Painter Features Murdered and Raped Women”

Best Gore v3.0 – Update 1

Even though some considered Mark’s move to plead guilty to thought crimes in Canada questionable, fact is that the plea untied Mark from years of legal battle, and freed him to get quickly involved with Best Gore again. Granted, he’s still in Canada where having opinions that don’t match those of the majority is a … Continue reading “Best Gore v3.0 – Update 1”

Guro Art – Tribute to Mark and the Golden Days of Best Gore

Ah nostalgia. Remembering the good old days. That’s the purpose of this post. A tribute to the man who started it all and the days when Best Gore was a tight, tight community of freaks and fiends and friends. This is a tribute to the old timers, who remember the Guro art posts by our … Continue reading “Guro Art – Tribute to Mark and the Golden Days of Best Gore”

Guro, Responsible Gun Owners and Open Platform Reminder

Since winter is almost upon us here in my neck of the woods, I’m gonna pull one more disappearance stunt before snowfall locks me out. It’s quite a bit colder now so it’s my hope that I won’t lose a litre of blood to mosquitoes each time I bend over to pick up a blueberry, … Continue reading “Guro, Responsible Gun Owners and Open Platform Reminder”

Paper Doll Torture by On

A few months ago I introduced Paper Doll Gore Art by a Hong Kong artist who calls himself On. Everything would suggest that On is a male artist, but human hands used in his paper doll art look very girly so he either has girly hands, uses a female model or is a male wannabe … Continue reading “Paper Doll Torture by On”

Best Gore Art by BlindMag

I wanted to share this masterful artpiece by Best Gore member BlindMag which I believe deserves its own post. The drawing speaks for itself and needs no explanation. Human bodies in various states of gore are posed to form the name of the website and BlindMag even went as far as to include boobies everywhere … Continue reading “Best Gore Art by BlindMag”

Paper Doll Gore Art by Hong Kong Artist On

This is not our typical Best Gore material, but I thought it was amazing and well worth the sidetrack from our regular programming. Hong Kong artist by the name of On (that’s all, that’s his name – On) makes these gore themed paper doll series which expand on the traditional Japanese Guro Art by adding … Continue reading “Paper Doll Gore Art by Hong Kong Artist On”

Impaled Girl by Hiroaki Samura plus Note on Age Restriction

Since it’s Easter, here’s a picture of a girl impaled on a spear. It’s a drawing by an amazing illustrator from Japan – Hiroaki Samura. From what I’ve seen so far, Hiroaki Samura is hands down best guro illustrator on the planet. Not only is he amazing illustrator, he also has all these amazing ideas … Continue reading “Impaled Girl by Hiroaki Samura plus Note on Age Restriction”