Brutal Machete Attack Victim on an Autopsy Table

You’d almost think this guy was put on a butcher’s chopping board to get cut up this badly and all over his body. I don’t know much about this video other that a young man was killed with multiple blows from a machete and pathologists filmed his slashes while on an autopsy table in a … Continue reading “Brutal Machete Attack Victim on an Autopsy Table”

Unclaimed Corpses Used for Medical Research in Honduras

Best Gore member and supporter Vladimir aka Zarqawi sent me these videos he took back in October of last year. A morgue at the university in Tegucigalpa where he studies receives unclaimed corpses on which they conduct medical research or use them for students to practise on. Honduras, as you may recall is by a … Continue reading “Unclaimed Corpses Used for Medical Research in Honduras”

Video of Full Autopsy Performed on Young Male

This is a 25 minutes long video which shows a full process of autopsy start to finish. We already have a video of a woman being autopsied (that one had English commentary, this one is in some weird language) so now here’s a video of a man undertaking the same. I don’t know if it’s … Continue reading “Video of Full Autopsy Performed on Young Male”

Axe Murder Results in Shattered Skull

Russian man was murdered with several blows to the head with an axe. His skull shattered as a result and brain swell and filled up with blood clots. The photos show an aftermath of this extremely brutal murder taken in a morgue during an autopsy. The photo of blood clots is particularly juicy. That is … Continue reading “Axe Murder Results in Shattered Skull”

Dead Amanda Todd in Morgue, Waiting for Autopsy

Amanda Todd committed suicide by hanging. In her life story slash cry baby video she alleged that she’d tried bleach before, but it didn’t kill her – which is not surprising given that she bragged about it, aka she probably sniffed bleach solely to have a story with which to draw attention to herself and … Continue reading “Dead Amanda Todd in Morgue, Waiting for Autopsy”

Strangely Bloated Corpse on a Bed in Thailand

What the hell? Did post mortem gases bloat this man’s belly like that or is this his actual beer gut he had while alive? Some bloating definitely set in, but why does his belly look like he died from medicine ball swallowing? The Thai medical examiner team, aka professional pointers with a thing for photos … Continue reading “Strangely Bloated Corpse on a Bed in Thailand”

The Caption This Photo Contest #67

Caption this photo if you can… Best Caption Abstract topography: Above the equator, the flapper. South of the equator, smells like a crapper. – LadyLazuras Runners-up The worst part about Rattlesnake bites is not making the incision… It’s sucking out the venom. – drccoco Mom, grandma is trying to Facebook again – 1cehouse Get acupuncture … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #67”

Selena Quintanilla Perez Death and Autopsy Photos

Drccoco sent me these pics saying that they are the hard to find autopsy photos of Selena. And I’m like… who? Selena who? Who the fuck is Selena? I had to do some digging and asking around to find out that Selena Quintanilla Perez was a famous Latina singer that was shot and killed by … Continue reading “Selena Quintanilla Perez Death and Autopsy Photos”

Murder and Dismemberment of Yoki Foods Owner Marcos Matsunaga

42 year old Marcos Kitano Matsunaga was an owner of a billion dollar worth Brazilian food giant Yoki Foods. On May 19, 2012 Marcos Matsunaga went mysteriously missing. His decapitated, dismembered body was later found in Cotia, outside of Brazil’s largest city – São Paulo. His widow, 30 year old Elize Araújo Matsunaga Kitano was … Continue reading “Murder and Dismemberment of Yoki Foods Owner Marcos Matsunaga”

Medical Legal Autopsy 1979 Video – Part 1

This is a Part 1 of the 1979 US Army Medicolegal Pathologists Instructional Video, Part 2 of which we already have on Best Gore. Unlike Part 2 which elaborates on the causes of death, Part 1 focuses a lot on proper crime scene management and on determination of the manner of death during autopsy. As … Continue reading “Medical Legal Autopsy 1979 Video – Part 1”