Three Christian Teenage Girls Beheaded by Muslims in Indonesia


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It’s that Religion of Pus again… I mean Piss. I mean… fuck that! There is a fake story about these photos circulating the interweb claiming that the girls were state beheaded after being caught masturbating one another. It may sound … Continue reading

Remains of Decapitated and Dismembered Twin Brothers Discovered in Shallow Grave


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Remains of twin brothers, both decapitated and dismembered were discovered in a shallow grave on the banks of a reservoir known as “Açude do Estado” in Mari, state of Paraiba, Brazil. The remains were discovered after one body was partially … Continue reading

Dismembered and Decapitated Man Going Loco in Acapulco


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They’re always going loco in Acapulco – the world’s execution central. If I were to make a list of the most dangerous cities in the world, Acapulco would top it with ease. It’s one of those cities you enter on … Continue reading

Murder Parolee Almost Decapitated Woman with Sugar Cane Machete


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Great job parole board. That sure was the right murder convict to release from prison. It only took him 2 months to kill again and as before – he killed using the same tool – a type of machete modified … Continue reading

Decapitated Body Found Sitting in a Street in Aleppo, Syria


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Got to love Syria – random headless corpse is sitting in a random street. The bad news is that the corpse looks to be of a young person. Probably not older than early teens – though I’ve never been very … Continue reading

Head on the Hood, Limbs on the Roof, Body in the Trunk = Mexico


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These pictures are from – you guessed it – AcaFuckingPulco in Guerrero, Mexico, the world’s execution central. Like a day could possibly go by without someone getting executed in Acapulco. Also – what is it with narco sicarios abandoning body … Continue reading

Eleven Dismembered Bodies Found Inside GMC Yukon in Caborca, Sonora, Mexico


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On June 4, 2009 bodies of eleven men were found decapitated and dismembered inside a GMC Yukon that was abandoned on the road between Caborca and Sonoyta in Sonora, Mexico. The SUV had Arizona plates and was reported stolen in … Continue reading

Daughter Holds Mother’s Severed Head After Traffic Accident Decapitation


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This video was posted on LiveLeak and other sites but nobody had the backstory. I do have the backstory because Best Gore Members Rock! The accident happened at the Periyamulla traffic lights in the city of Negombo in Sri Lanka. … Continue reading

Young Mother Decapitated in Horrible Car Accident


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Horrible car accident from Spain – young mother was driving a car with her child inside and crashed. The crash turned the car upside down and threw the mother into a guardrail the impact with which decapitated her. Her head … Continue reading

Remains of Dismembered Men Discovered in Valle de Chalco, Mexico


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Residents of the Real de San Martin village in Valle de Chalco county, Estado de México reported the discovery of human remains near the cemetery. Two men had been beheaded and dismembered. Narcomensaje was found next to the remains, but … Continue reading