Beheaded Man Found on Beach in Tamandare, Brazil

TamandarĂ© is a town on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. Yes, Pernambuco is where infamous Caruaru is located. Being a coastal town, TamandarĂ© is home to beautiful beaches – if you can overlook an occasional corpse here and there. One of them is in the video below. Apparently, … Continue reading “Beheaded Man Found on Beach in Tamandare, Brazil”

Man Decapitated on the Job in Rural Pernambuco, Brazil

No info on exactly how this happened, but a 39-year-old man whose identity has not been released was killed during a freak accident on a farm in Lajeiro, rural Pernambuco, Brazil, on Friday, February 5th, 2016. He was unloading cassava (you may know it as Yuka root) from a truck when he was decapitated by … Continue reading “Man Decapitated on the Job in Rural Pernambuco, Brazil”

Petty Career Criminal Hacked, Decapitated and Dismembered

In Coruripe, South coast of Alagoas, Brazil, a mutilated body of a petty career criminal was found in a mangrove land on Sunday February 7, 2016. The victim was decapitated, had both his feet and one hand cut off, and there were additional machete slashed across his body. He was also shot several times. He … Continue reading “Petty Career Criminal Hacked, Decapitated and Dismembered”

Plane Maintenance Worker Decapitated by Propeller

33 year old Ivaldo Alves de Barros Filho (Ivaldinho), of Nova Xavantina in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, was helping in the maintenance of the spray nozzles of agricultural aircraft in Fazenda Nova Viana, when he apparently got too close to a spinning propeller and never heard the rest of it. The propeller struck … Continue reading “Plane Maintenance Worker Decapitated by Propeller”

Saudi Executioner Casually Walks Away After Beheading Man

Saudi Arabia, the great ally of Israel and its puppet nations, continues to lead the world in the number of beheadings carried out in the name of its regime. Saudis are clearly scared that the dissent will spread and the Saudi royal family’s days of ruling by birthright will end. Video below shows one of … Continue reading “Saudi Executioner Casually Walks Away After Beheading Man”

African Woman Beaten, Interrogated and Beheaded by Muslims

Video from from undisclosed location, possibly West Africa, captures a young woman who has been captured, bound and beaten. She is then interrogated by men before being beheaded in an uncensored and effective manner by Muslims. The victim is accused of a heinous crime such as adultery or other such (Muslim) felony to warrant this … Continue reading “African Woman Beaten, Interrogated and Beheaded by Muslims”

Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Train at Station

At a train station in India, a woman nervously walks up and down the platform. As a train approaches the station, she jumps in front of it, and lays her neck on the track. Most other commuter respond to the sound of decapitation by instinctively moving further away from the train, but the guy with … Continue reading “Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Train at Station”

Public Beheading of Three Men in Saudi Arabia

Video from Saudi Arabia shows an executioner wielding a sword publicly beheading three men kneeling down and blindfolded. The beheadings take place on the side of a road with active traffic. Despite its abysmal human rights record, the Kenyan recently OK’d a

Man Beheaded by Taliban Child Soldiers

An older video released by the Taliban shows their child soldiers beheading a captured man. The victim seemed pretty resigned to the inevitable. The beheader couldn’t find a way to cut through the spine, but found a way to chop through it. Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

Iraqi Soldiers Try to Behead Dead ISIS Mujaheddin

The video depicts Iraqi soldiers trying to behead a dead ISIS mujaheddin. They need lessons from this guy on how to do it. The corpse they are beheading has his hands tied behind his back. This pretty much suggests that he’d been executed. Cause you don’t die in battle with your hands cuffed. Props to … Continue reading “Iraqi Soldiers Try to Behead Dead ISIS Mujaheddin”