Thief Punished with Gunshots to Hands Cries in Hospital

Video from hospital in Bahia, Brazil depicts a group of thieves that were caught assaulting people, and punished on the spot the Brazilian way – by having their hands shot with a gun. In this aftermath video, the thieves are shown after being taken care of by medics – with hands bandaged. One of them … Continue reading “Thief Punished with Gunshots to Hands Cries in Hospital”

Indonesian Man with Severe Shoulder Wound

Video from Indonesia depicts a man on a hospital bed with a severe shoulder wound. He’s in obvious agony, and prays to Allah to help him. I was told that he was a victim of an accident, but that’s a very broad term that can mean many things.

Cambodian Man with Guts Coming Out Through Abdominal Wound

Making sense of what happened out of the translation from Khmer was not particularly easy, but it would appear that the man came to see his estranged ex wife, in an attempt to iron things out and get back together again. But the woman played hard to get and turned him down. The fellow apparently … Continue reading “Cambodian Man with Guts Coming Out Through Abdominal Wound”

Motorcyclist Seriously Injures Leg Colliding with Car

Pictures allegedly from Indonesia depict the damage to the leg caused by the motorcyclist colliding with a car. Walking will never be the same for the chap. It looks as though the biker clipped the car as the two were moving in the opposite direction from each other. Some of the damage to the car’s … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Seriously Injures Leg Colliding with Car”

Cambodian Man in Rough Shape with Nasty Leg Break

No real background info to speak of here, but the pics are from Cambodia. They depict a man in rough shape with a nasty leg break. It’s possible that the pics are of a motorcycle crash aftermath. The victim had tourniquet applied to his leg, but blood loss seems quite significant, and in some pics … Continue reading “Cambodian Man in Rough Shape with Nasty Leg Break”

Woman with Severe Forearm Injury Waits for Care in Hallway of Hospital

In Nova Iguaçu – a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a woman with severe forearm injury walked to a hospital, but instead of receiving prompt attention, was left waiting in the hallway. She filmed the video allegedly to lament the lacking emergency health care in Brazil.

Young Man Shot in Head and Back Rests on Road Surrounded by Death Cheer Team

Video from an undisclosed location, but appearing to be from Brazil, depicts the aftermath of a shooting on a street. A young man is shown resting on the road after being apparently shot once in the face and twice in the back. He’s living the Brazilian dream – surrounded by a death cheer team while … Continue reading “Young Man Shot in Head and Back Rests on Road Surrounded by Death Cheer Team”

Guy Tries to Cut Melon in Half with Machete, Cuts His Hand Instead

The video shows a guy trying to show off his machete skills by attempting to slash a water melon in half with a single stroke. Right off the bat he looks awkward with the blade, emitting the feeling of believing there is nothing to it, because he saw actors do it in movies and it … Continue reading “Guy Tries to Cut Melon in Half with Machete, Cuts His Hand Instead”

Brazilian Man Survives Being Stabbed in Face with Kitchen Knife

In Brazil, a family feud between two brothers ended in a stabbing. The elder brother buried a kitchen knife in the junior’s face. Miraculously, da Silva Jr. survived giving nosejob to the blade.

Teenage Boy Loses Three Fingers Playing with Firecrackers

A 17 year old boy had three fingers mangled when a firecracker he was playing with exploded in his hand. The incident happened in Tanah Merah, Malaysia. According to local reports, Redzuan Nik Azman was playing with firecracker with his sister in a neighboring house went things went wrong for him. Nobody else was injured.