Nasty Fall Leads to Head Crack and Blood Spillage in Philippines

Motorcycle accident occurred on November 23rd, 2015 at a Petron Gas Station in Babak, Samal Island, Philippines. Not much info other than that. Victim received medical treatment at the scene despite most of his blood exiting the crack in his head. Optimism! Props to Best Gore member, Chocorawr, for the images and info.

Hardcore SOB Bites Hole in His Hand

Welcome. Today’s edition of Best Gore member’s Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, sidthebandit. Hello, this is something I did to myself. When I’m stressed or anxious, I cut or bite my skin. Holy shit, now that is some hardcore self-inflicted brutality right there. Mad props to you for sharing, sid. You … Continue reading “Hardcore SOB Bites Hole in His Hand”

Syrian Man Torn Up After Airstrike

I am of the firm belief that gore should be a part of your daily diet. So open up, here come the airplane. Info I got along with this brutal imagery describes this as a Syrian..well, previously, Syrian man who was taken out during a recent airstrike. Ripped apart but he manages a pointer. Also … Continue reading “Syrian Man Torn Up After Airstrike”

Man Struck by Car Near Hospital in Paraguay

Not a whole lot of info but a good amount of blood from the city of Hernandarias, in Paraguay. A man was riding his motorcycle near a hospital when he was struck by a car and killed, suffering a nasty neck wound. Look at the dent in that door, holy shit. Props to Best Gore … Continue reading “Man Struck by Car Near Hospital in Paraguay”

Old Man Fearlessly Fights Knife Wielding Robber

In Zemun municipality in Belgrade, Serbia, a knife wielding robber jumped the gate of a small convenience store, and proceeded to snoop around for valuable merchandise and/or money. Unbeknown to him was the fact that in the store’s backroom, there was an old man. Whether the old man was the owner, or an employee, I … Continue reading “Old Man Fearlessly Fights Knife Wielding Robber”

Many Civilians Dead in Assault After Police Officer is Killed

Fortaleza, Brazil, the death of police officer Valtermberg Chaves Serpa during the early hours of November 12th, 2015, while he was protecting a woman from an armed robbery, is believed to be the catalyst which set off a large scale assault on the Grande Messejana neighbourhood in Fortaleza. The assailants are unknown at this time, … Continue reading “Many Civilians Dead in Assault After Police Officer is Killed”

Video of the Four Bank Robbers Gunned Down in Itupeva, Brazil

Dropping in with this video that came into my possession featuring the four men gunned down in Itupeva, metropolitan area of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, Brazil after their failed bank robbery. To get up to date, the original post can be found here. Mad props to Best Gore member, Hugsthemuffin, for the video.

Police Raiding the Bataclan, Survivor Speaks Out

Last set of videos shows news coverage of Police storming the Bataclan and a man talking about surviving the suicide bombing at the entrance. I hear a suicide bomber was actually denied access to the building and that’s when he detonated. The survivor is obviously speaking in French, so any French members who could offer … Continue reading “Police Raiding the Bataclan, Survivor Speaks Out”

25 Year Old Brazilian Killed While Fleeing Crime Scene

Incident occurred on November 14th in the Jardim Panorama neighbourhood of Caruaru. The dead man was identified as 25 year old Francisco Mário Ferreira dos Santos, aka “Daniel”, who was married, lived on a farm and cared for animals. Investigation has found that there was another man with him on the back and that the … Continue reading “25 Year Old Brazilian Killed While Fleeing Crime Scene”

Man Burns Shin Falling from Motorcycle

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, Perath. Go ahead, brother: My friend and his buddies accidentaly crashed his motorcyle while teaching his one of his friend how to drive. His two friends were not seriously injured just a concussion. He is in the back and this … Continue reading “Man Burns Shin Falling from Motorcycle”