Girl Brutally Beaten and Slashed by a Group of Women in Ecuador

In Guayaquil, Ecuador, several women ganged up on one girl outside a salsa club in Zona Rosa, and beat her until she was a bloody mess. The attackers smacked the victim brutally in the head with a high heel shoe, and when her ass crack flashed, they sliced her cheeks with a blade. The aggressors … Continue reading “Girl Brutally Beaten and Slashed by a Group of Women in Ecuador”

Gunshot to Right Lung (Surgery)

Small set here showing surgery on a man who had been shot in the chest, through the middle lobe of the right lung. Also caused a cardiac injury as well with the bullet passing through and hitting the atrium. Entry wound and exit wound are shown post op, sutures. Pretty interesting stuff.

Chinese Man Has Hand Ripped Apart by Accidental Firework Explosion

Video out of China showing a man who had an accident letting off fireworks, leaving him with a mangled stub. I don’t have much information on it except that the man, M Siwan, had his left hand ripped apart, while also suffering injuries to his eyes, right hand, chest, abdomen and knee. People in China … Continue reading “Chinese Man Has Hand Ripped Apart by Accidental Firework Explosion”

Brazilian Gets His Leg Removed in Brutal Accident

Aftermath of a brutal motorcycle accident in Teotônio Vilela, state of Alagoas, Brazil in which the man involved lost most of his leg. Looks like a relatively clean cut but still left a mess of a foot underneath him. We have our obligatory Brazilian death cheer team who no doubt feel cheated that the poor … Continue reading “Brazilian Gets His Leg Removed in Brutal Accident”

Man Lynched by Mob Takes Brutal Kicks to Head

Brutal video here shows a man attacked and beat down by an angry mob. The one dude delivering the brutal kicks to his head and face. I don’t know what this man did, but the people in that mob are sure convinced that he did something. Mad props to Best Gore Contributor, MrsPink.

Man Impaled with Stool

Ok, boys and gores, can anyone tell me just how the fuck this happened? A man somehow got a stool imbedded in his back. You can actually see one of the legs under his skin and probably breaking ribs. It’s s good thing he is at the hospital safely as i’m sure they are gonna … Continue reading “Man Impaled with Stool”

Thai Shot Dead Trying to Escape Assailants on Motorcycle

A 26 year old man was found shot dead in the grass next to his crashed motorcycle in the Yala District of Thailand near the Malaysian border. Reports state that he was leaving a tea shop when he was ambushed by as of yet unidentified assailant(s). The “skirts” the men in these areas are called … Continue reading “Thai Shot Dead Trying to Escape Assailants on Motorcycle”

Sudanese Man with Huge Knife in His Head

Wanna see something cool? How about a man with a huge knife jammed into his skull? I thought the dude was dead at first, but his wrinkled, raisan face starts grimacing in pain. This happened in the Sudan, North Africa. But I don’t know the circumstances of the attack…but I think that it’s safe to … Continue reading “Sudanese Man with Huge Knife in His Head”

Man in Underwear Smashing Windows Gets Lynched

Crazy video here of an afro-sporting monkey going ape shit in the street, smashing out car windows and threatening the general populace of the area. My guess is that drugs are most likely the leasing cause but, any possible defense this man has for his actions goes straight out the (car) window as he is … Continue reading “Man in Underwear Smashing Windows Gets Lynched”

Neglected Injuries Lead to Rotting of Hand and Foot

Video from an undisclosed location in the Middle East captures a man who had suffered traumatic injuries to his hands and feet. Despite the nature of the wounds, he either could not or would not have them treated and as a result they became so infected that necrosis has set in. Eating away most of … Continue reading “Neglected Injuries Lead to Rotting of Hand and Foot”